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Tefi Pessoa wore her dress incorrectly, which just shows you that it was a stupid design anyway? Why are people criticizing her for this? [JustJared]

Virginia Democrats are ambivalent about Terry McAuliffe but they’ll still vote for him. (Because the other guy suuuucks.) [Buzzfeed]

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Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is about to buy the majority stake in her billion-dollar business

Jessica Simpson with daughter Maxwell and mother get ready to leave NYC

For years now, there’s been a lot of misinformation about Jessica Simpson’s business, her eponymous fashion and shoe line. I’ve seen comments on this very blog claiming that Jessica doesn’t own her business, that she just licensed her name out and other people do the work. That’s not the case. What is the case is that Sequential Brands Group owned a majority stake in Jessica’s brand, but she and her mother still owned 37.5% of the label. Considering Jessica was one of the first singer-celebrity-designers to have a big, successful mass-market label, Jessica has made A LOT of money from her brand, even without the majority stake in the company. And now… she and Tina are about to gain a majority stake, if not the whole company:

Jessica Simpson and her mother, Tina, are about to pull off the ultimate mother-daughter power move as they plot the next chapter for their billion-dollar brand, which has defied the odds and become one of fashion’s longest-running success stories.

For the past several months, Jessica and Tina, who currently own 37.5% of the brand they founded in 2005, have been negotiating with Sequential Brands Group Inc. to buy the remainder of the business. (The Simpsons declined to comment on whether the deal had been completed. Sequential bought the majority share from Camuto Group in 2015 but filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in August and has been rapidly selling off its portfolio.)

“It means the absolute world to me to be able to take over complete ownership of my brand,” Jessica told FN last week. “After 16 years in business I feel ready to meet this next exciting phase with open arms. I know the sky is the limit when my mom, our incredible team and I lock into our customers completely.”

The watershed moment also brings a sense of pride to mom Tina, who said this has been the team’s main goal for some time. “For all of our hard-working, talented, amazing licensing partners, to know Jessica is at the helm gives them strength and belief in the future. And for Jessica to regain control of her namesake brand, it allows her and I, alongside our amazing team, licensing and retail partners to build the legacy brand to carry on to her children and family,” she explained.

Currently, the Jessica Simpson women’s footwear line is licensed through Camuto Group as part of a long-term partnership, and will remain intact no matter who is the majority owner.

[From Footwear News]

I’m happy for her! I wonder if she and Tina have the money to buy it outright or if they’ve getting money from silent partners or investors. In any case, Jessica’s label is the most successful part of her portfolio, and in recent years, that’s where most of her efforts have gone too, towards designing and building the business. People make fun of Jessica’s line for not being high-class or high-fashion, but she makes cute, affordable things and I know there are a lot of people who quietly swear by the quality. Like, Jessica’s shoe line is supposed to be particularly good for the price range, and Jessica really cares about making cute, affordable, wearable things. She’s not trying to be high-fashion!

Jessica Simpson continues her tour book in NY

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Charlene Wittstock royals

Princess Charlene posted another IG from South Africa, she’s still not in Monaco

About two weeks ago, Princess Charlene had what was described as her “final procedure” in the long-running medical saga of her ENT infection. Charlene managed to travel to South Africa while in late April/early May, and she’s been there ever since. She’s had multiple hospitalizations and multiple surgeries. At one point in September, she reportedly collapsed and had to be hospitalized again, just after Prince Albert visited with their kids. Albert has only gone to South Africa to see his wife a few times, and each time, he’s come out of the visit saying that Charlene is on the mend and she’ll be back to Monaco as soon as possible. Charlene’s timeline for returning to Monaco has been “late October.” We’re getting closer, but it really doesn’t seem like Charlene is making many moves to return.

Charlene posted the above Instagram over the weekend. The man beside her is Misuzulu kaZwelithini, the reigning king of the Zulu nation. While she’s been in South Africa, Charlene has been getting involved in local Zulu politics, which I think is a bad idea but whatever. The thing most people were talking about is her appearance, and words like “frail” and “sick” appeared in headlines around Europe. I think… she looks like a woman who is still recovering from six months of medical drama.

Is anyone interested in a friendly wager? I don’t think she will be back in Monaco by Halloween. I’ve got ten bucks on it.



Photos courtesy of Charlene’s IG.

katie couric

Katie Couric: ‘What I realized is that there was a side of Matt I never really knew’


Katie Couric’s memoir, Going There, has been leaked out in dribs and drabs, and all of the excerpts are appalling. There are layers to the offense: Couric’s words are genuinely offensive, as she seems to still be an out-of-touch Mean Girl who hates women and capes for sexual predators like Matt Lauer. The other layer of offensive is that as she was writing the book, she didn’t seem to understand how bad she sounded and how people would be appalled by her “story.” Her promotion for the memoir thus far has been Couric trying to do damage control on her own words, because clearly it’s too late to rewrite the damn book. So we’re supposed to forget about how Couric actually admitted (in the book) that she had knowledge of Lauer sexually harassing women in the NBC offices, and she’s trying to change the subject about how she was super-stunned to learn that Lauer is actually this vile predator. So… Couric was on the Today Show this morning and she said many words:

(I enjoy the fact that Savannah Guthrie seems to be SEETHING in that video.)

Here’s part of what Couric said to Today:

Tuesday, reflecting on when the news broke of sexual harassment allegations against her on-air partner of nine years, Couric said on Today that it was “really, really hard, and it took me a long time to process what was going on.”

“The side of Matt I knew was the side of Matt I think you all knew. He was kind, generous, considerate, a good colleague,” she said. “As I got more information and learned more about what was going on behind the scenes. And then I did some of my own reporting, talked to people, tried to excavate what had been going on. It was really devastating and also disgusting.”

“I think what I realized is that there was a side of Matt I never really knew. I tried to understand why he behaved the way he did, and why he was so reckless, and callous, and honestly abusive to other women,” Couric said, adding that they have “no relationship” today.

[From People]

On one side, it’s not Katie Couric’s “fault” that Matt Lauer was and is a predator who raped, harassed and abused women. That is his sh-t. And on that side, Couric is right about the “permissive” atmosphere – NBC News, like all newsrooms, is a boys club set up to protect men. Lauer was long considered “the reason” why people tuned into Today, so NBC News gave him implicit permission to do whatever he wanted. But on the other side of all of that… Couric had knowledge of some (not all) of Lauer’s predatory behavior. And instead of using HER power to protect her female coworkers, she did nothing. And then gloated about Lauer’s victims’ humiliation in her book. And now she’s trying to rewrite her own appalling memoir as she does promotion.

Jessica Simpson continues her tour book in NY

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, screencap from Today.


First look at the new The Munsters!

Rob Zombie was the obvious choice to bring back the wonderful Munster family and invite us all into their home at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.   Now we’re getting a little preview.

The rocker shared some pics on this insta, including a shot of the cast (Jeff Daniels as Herman, Sherri Moon as Lily and Daniel Roebuck as Grandpa) sitting in front of the famous set.

In the past Rob has also shared insight into the costume design of the film, teasing sketches of what Lily and Herman Munster wear to bed. While the costume designer has not yet been revealed, the detailed look included a description of Herman’s nightgown, complete with skull buttons, while spiderweb embroidery finishes Lily’s floor-length robe. Zombie wrote, “What do Herman and Lily wear to bed? Perhaps something like this! Check out some wardrobe designs by our amazing costume designers.”

So excited!!!

Kate Middleton Prince William royals William Hague

William Hague is leaving the House of Lords to work on the Cambridges’ foundation

Britain's Prince William, left, speaks to William Hague upon arriving at a joint meeting of the United for Wildlife task forces for the financial and transport sector to combat illegal wildlife trade at the Royal Geographical Society in London, Tuesday, M

I remember William Hague from back in the day, when he was the British Foreign Secretary, a member of David Cameron’s government, and he was very friendly with Angelina Jolie. Jolie and Hague did good work together, and they organized the London summit on sexual violence in war and conflict. In 2015, Hague even stepped down from his parliamentary seat because he wanted to do more work in that area, preventing rape and violence against women in conflict. He was eventually given a title – Lord Hague of Richmond – and he was then a member of the House of Lords. Except he’s giving up that position now, because he wants to spend more time working on The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Royal Foundation. Interesting. This whole Eden Confidential column is fascinating:

Let no one be in doubt over the scale of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s charitable ambitions. I can reveal that one of Westminster’s most experienced figures has been inspired to quit politics to concentrate on his work for their Royal Foundation.

William Hague, who was Foreign Secretary and de facto deputy prime minister for four years, as well as being an ex-leader of the Conservative Party, has vacated his seat in Parliament.

‘I’m taking a leave of absence from the House of Lords,’ he tells me, confirming that he will be ‘working on charitable things including with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’.

Prince William and Catherine appointed Lord Hague of Richmond as chair of their foundation’s board of trustees a year ago. But at the time, it was assumed by many that he would simply be a heavyweight name to add to their charity. In fact, he’s determined to play an active role in helping our future king and queen achieve their ambitions for the foundation, which enjoyed a surge in income last year, to a staggering £11.78 million.

That’s almost double the £6.68 million raised in 2019, when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were still involved. Some royal watchers had predicted that the foundation would struggle after Prince Harry and Meghan quit in 2019 to create their own charitable organisation. They called their new foundation Sussex Royal but were ordered to drop the name by the Queen after they quit royal duties last year. They have created a new body, Archewell, which has been seen as a rival.

Lord Hague, 60, doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to don his ermine robes again, telling me: ‘I do not feel sorry at all that I’m not involved in politics.’

He formed a warm relationship with Prince William and Kate while he was Foreign Secretary, working with them to combat the illegal wildlife trade. As chair of the foundation, Hague replaced Prince George’s godfather, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, who was William’s right-hand man for 15 years.

[From The Daily Mail]

Going into full-time work for the royals is something people tend to do at either the start or the end of their careers. They’ll start their careers working for the royals and then use those connections to leave royal work for better pay and better jobs. Either that or people – like Hague – will go into royal work at the tailend of a successful career so that they can be a professional “wise man” and consigliere in a position with a fancy title. That’s what this sounds like: Hague wants to influence the future future king, become a trusted advisor and help beef up William and Kate’s charitable bonafides. Plus, it’s always interesting to see the revolving door between Kensington Palace and the Conservative Party. I don’t think anyone working for the Cambridges has ever come from Labour or left to work with Labour. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Now, as for the money stuff… William and Kate have gotten more donations because of the National Emergencies Trust. The NET was launched in 2019, but William didn’t become patron of NET until 2020. Which is when he and Kate got access to the private NET donor list. They’ve been using the donor list to fundraise for their foundation, promising donors that they would parcel out money to worthy causes. I will keep saying this: something very shady is going on with their foundation’s finances. I’ve also felt like the Duchess of Sussex saw some sh-t at the foundation and she realized how scammy it was/is, and that’s one of the big reasons why she and Harry wanted to set up their own foundation.

The Duke Of Cambridge Hosts The Signing Ceremony Of United For Wildlife's Financial Taskforce Declaration

The Duke Of Cambridge Hosts The Signing Ceremony Of United For Wildlife's Financial Taskforce Declaration

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.


‘La Brea’ on NBC is getting high viewershup, but it’s a disappointment


Mild spoilers for La Brea below

NBC just released their streaming numbers for their fall shows and the new show La Brea, with Natalie Zea, Karina Logue and Ione Skye, is the number one new show in the 18 to 49 demographic. The viewership is so big it’s smashing records for NBC. That could be due to the success of the Peacock streaming platform, and also the publicity that NBC has invested in this show. La Brea takes place after a giant sinkhole opens up in Los Angeles near the La Brea tar pits, causing people and cars to get sucked in. People on modern day earth assume they’re all dead, but they’re actually transported to prehistoric times at the same location. This is the setup for a character driven survival show, including encounters with prehistoric predators. Some on modern earth sort-of believe the lost people are alive, based on some sketchy details given by a guy who has psychic visions, and are setting up a rescue mission. I’ve seen the first 2.5 episodes and have some thoughts on it which you can likely predict from the title. First here’s Deadline’s writeup on how well this show is doing.

The premiere episode of the series, which stars Natalie Zea, has more than doubled in total viewers since its September 28 launch, from 6.4 million viewers, per Nielsen overnights, to 15.6M. The latter figure includes live and delayed linear viewing as well as digital viewers on Peacock.

The show, from David Appelbaum, has become the best launch of any new NBC show on the network’s sister streamer, though the company didn’t break out the stand-alone digital figures.

While NBCUniversal is evidently happy with its total performance, both on linear and digital – it is the No. 3 new show of the season in total Live 3 viewers after NCIS: Hawai’i and FBI International – it is particularly pleased with its performance among younger viewers…

The premiere has more than tripled in the 18-49 demo from 0.77 to 2.72 — growth of more than 250% — and it is the No. 1 new show of the season in that demo across overnights, L 3 and Live 7.

The show, originally pitched as Lost-meets-Land of the Lost, comes from Keshet Studios in association with Universal Television. Keshet Studios president Peter Traugott told Deadline that he was pleased with the amount of marketing support surrounding the show, which took a long time to make it to air as a result of the pandemic — it was in the middle of producing its pilot when Covid hit and was picked up straight-to-series in January 2021.

[From Deadline via JustJared]

The fact that this was pitched as Lost meets Land of the Lost makes so much sense. I’m sure it will be as satisfying as Lost too. Right now I’m midway through episode three, having given up because I find it frustrating. When three characters tried to outrun a saber tooth tiger instead of taking shelter in a giant vehicle they were standing next to, I started questioning this show. I love stupid shows with ridiculous premises putting people in impossible situations (see: 911 and 911: Lone Star) but this just takes it a little too far. Dustin at Pajiba agrees with me! I should probably stop watching La Brea before I get mad at it, but at least I know there will likely be a second season. Will they answer the mystery at the core of the show? Doubtful.

photos via Instagram/NBC