Rihanna Bares It All – Wow or Eww?

Rihanna Bares It All – Wow or Eww?

Rihanna Bares It All   Wow or Eww? | wow or eww rihanna

Here’s Rihanna in a dress that rivals Rose McGowan’s famous and almost-non-existant dress (see here) at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards at Alice Tully Hall in New York City. Too much or perfectly sexy?

Rihanna Bares It All – Wow or Eww?

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Blake Lively – 1 Girl, 2 Outfits

Blake Lively – 1 Girl, 2 Outfits

Blake Lively   1 Girl, 2 Outfits | blake lively 1 girl 2 outfits

Blake Lively was spotted the other day in 2 very different outfits in New York City – casual and comfortable for a morning walk and glamorous and all dolled up in the evening.

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Ladbrokes World Cup 2014

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Iconic celebration – We celebrate the homecoming of the #WorldCup2014 — as football returns to its roots — and fans gather for the most amazing football event in many years. This iconic celebration is Ladbrokes’ tribute to the passionate and the dedicated — we salute all

Melissa Etheridge and girlfriend Linda Wallem got married!

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melissa etheridge linda wallem

Melissa Etheridge had been friends with Nurse Jackie creator Linda Wallem for a decade before they started dating in 2010, and they’ve now taken their relationship to the next level by getting married! The ladies had a lovely ceremony at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California on Saturday night, and plenty of stars were in attendance, including Rosie O’Donnell, Chelsea Handler, Whitney Cummings and Jane Lynch. All four of Melissa’s kids were part of the ceremony, as well. Cute!

From People:

“They were so happy,” says a guest. “It was really beautiful.”

In the course of the intimate outdoor ceremony, Etheridge sang Wallem a new song she wrote especially for her and which Etheridge had never performed before – not even to Wallem.

“It was such a magical moment,” says the guest, who added that Etheridge wore a grey suit, while Wallem was in a white dress.

“The ceremony was such a beautiful start to the night,” says the guest. “The setting was perfect. It was something Melissa and Linda wanted early on. It was as perfect as they envisioned.”

Sunday morning, the newlyweds will leave directly for their honeymoon. Working closely with a personal vacation advisor, Etheridge planned to surprise Wallem at a secret location.

I’m not one for weddings, as you know, but I’m a softy for happy lesbians – what can I say? Congrats to the happy couple! (more…)

Jonah Hill Apologizes for Homophobic Slur

Jonah Hill in 22 Jump Street

Jonah Hill hurled a homophobic slur at photographer, and apologized the next morning on Howard Stern by saying he’s “not good at being a famous person.”  He could have dropped the famous bit. Seriously, I was buying his apology right up until he insisted the f-word isn’t part of his “vernacular.” If that were true, he wouldn’t have said it. Also, 22 Jump Street even has a whole scene about how bad the f-word is. Irony attack!

-Just when you thought the Indiana Jones franchise couldn’t get worse than that time they cast Shia LaBeouf comes rumours that Robert Pattinson may be the new Indy.

Brad Pitt has given a statement about Vitalii Sediuk’s red carpet attack: “the nutter was trying to bury his face in my crotch.” Nutter is such an old man word. He should have just yelled “get off my lawn, you crazy kids” and left it at that.

Angelina Jolie wore another pair of those ugly custom Louboutins inspired by Maleficent.

Rihanna’s see-through dress at the CFDA Awards last night was trashy as hell, but dammit if she didn’t make it work. All the negative backlash surrounding it just makes me like it more.

-Meanwhile, Blake Lively wore a very Blair Waldorff headband last night to the CFDAs. Step off, Serena!

Keri Russell’s CFDAs outfit confuses the hell out of me. That skirt! That pageant-y sash! What? How? Why?

-Also, I know Lupita Nyong’o’s pants length is very on trend right now (she wasn’t the only one to do it last night), but I’m still not cosigning that look.

Solange and Rachel Roy crossed paths last night for first time since their Met Gala drama and no one was kicked in the shins. Progress!

-Speaking of progress, Avril Lavigne actually allows fans to be in the same room now during their paid photo opps.

-It’s really hard to link to this without being spoilery, but the guy who plays the character on Game of Thrones that everyone’s talking about right now imagines the aftermath of Sunday’s episode. This video gave me lots of feelings. Which I can’t really describe without being spoilery. Just watch it already!!

-Despite trying really, really hard, the Hamptons couldn’t prevent the Kardashian infection.

-I actually really like the bright yellow dress Shailene Woodley wore to the Fault In Our Stars premiere. I mean, she’s probably wearing those rubber barefoot running shoes underneath, but I’ll take it.

-On Fallon this week, Ryan Lewis asked clueless Macklemore fans about himself.

John Oliver‘s amazing net neutrality video got such a giant response that commentators crashed the FCC website.

-Scrub fans: you’re going to wanna watch Donald Faison and Zach Braff reprising the song “Guy Love” live.

-Speaking of singing TV stars, Megan Mullally rapped a very explicit love letter to hubby Nick Offerman on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Lena Dunham read a little bit from her upcoming book Not That Kind of Girl — and it was great.

Justin Timberlake‘s ‘Not A Bad Thing’ video stars a whole lot of Instagram users.

-The only guy I liked on House of Cards before I realized that it’s a terrible show and stopped watching has joined the cast of Homeland — another terrible show I stopped watching.

-Humans: they’re what’s for dinner in the trailer for Eli Roth‘s brutal The Green Inferno.


Evan Rachel Wood is NOT hooking up with Michelle Rodriguez

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evan rachel wood michelle rodriguez

Today is shaping up to be a pretty gay day here on Evil Beet – my apologies (except not) to everyone this might offend, but we have IMPORTANT NEWS to report. This time around, the rumour mill is concentrating on Evan Rachel Wood and Michelle Rodriguez. Evan just split with husband Jamie Bell because she cares about her baby too much, and last we heard from Michelle, she was doing it with Cara Delevingne… but are they now hooking up with EACH OTHER? That’s the word on the street, anyway… but alas, it’s untrue.

Well, that settles that, I guess. I do think it’s ridiculous that just because two people are openly gay/bisexual/whatever, they’re automatically dating. Here’s a clue to idiots everywhere: just because you happen to like the same sex doesn’t mean you like EVERYONE of that sex. Just like straight people don’t automatically like everyone of the opposite sex. It’s pretty simple.

Anyhow, keep doing you, EVR. (more…)

Lindsay Lohan is planning to move to London

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lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan has raised enough hell on both coasts of the United States – from Los Angeles to New York, she’s destroyed everything in her path. Now she plans to bring that same… er, joie de vivre (?) to London as she’s planning to buy property there with all of her no money.

From The Sun (via Radar Online):

“Lindsay’s really enjoying being in the U.K. and has told her pals that she’s staying here for good,” an insider says of the six-time rehab alum, who was also recently spotted clubbing at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

The OWN reality star, 27, has reportedly already begun looking for a London home, and is telling pals she thinks a move could revive her flat-lined acting career.

“Lindsay has also started investigating getting acting work in London,” the source says.

Okay, I hate to point out the obvious here, but how in the hell is Lindsay going to pay for a house in London? She couldn’t even pay for one in New York – Oprah bankrolled her apartment in SoHo, so she’s got no chance. Yet another pipe dream, just like the whole “reviving her acting career” thing.

I’m sure some of her partying friends will put her up on their couches for a while, but let’s be honest – this is never going to happen, and if it does, it’s pretty much guaranteed that she’s completely flushed her life down the shitter. She’s already back to her drugging and drinking, so it’s all downhill from here.

Special thanks to Evill Beet Gossip