Justin Bieber breaks down in tears talking about Billie Eilish

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Billie Eilish shared an emotional Justin Bieber clip on her Instagram account this weekend.

In it, Justin tells Beats 1 interviewer Zane Lowe (full interview here) how he has an intense need to “protect” Billie from all the fame traps that nearly did him in.

“Yeah, so um, yeah — I just want to protect her,” he says, wiping away tears, taking deep breaths and sniffing loudly in a the clip.

“I don’t want her to lose it. I don’t want her to go through anything I went through,” he told Lowe, having admitted elsewhere that his path of self-destruction from finding fame so young almost killed him.

“I don’t wish that upon anybody. So um, yeah, if she ever needs me I’m just a call away,” said Bieber, now 25.

It’s really very sweet.

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stream changes

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Amanda Bynes new fiance revealed!

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Hey, before we get started with the fun, can we just discuss that Amanda Bynes isn’t verified on Instagram? How is that possible. She’s got 260k followers.  Anyway…

So Amanda decided to share her boyfriend turned fiance with the world.   She got engaged on Friday.  She has a face tattoo of a heart, too.  But I don’t know when that nonsense happened.

And now the identity of her new man has been revealed, with The Blast confirming his name is Paul Michael and the couple have reportedly been dating for two or three months after meeting at AA classes.

I feel like this is just not a good idea and it’s certainly not what AA would recommend, but I really do with Amanda all the happiness she can handle.

So here’s the gorgeous ring.

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Engaged to tha love of my life

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And here’s Paul!

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Modern Family cast share photos from final taping

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Modern Family has been a major success for the ABC network for 11 seasons and it’s all been leading up to this last episode!

On Wednesday several cast members felt the need to share various moments from the tearful final table read. ‘Final table read of an 11 year show. Episode 250,’ Eric Stonestreet captioned a video of himself on selfie mode filming the room around him to the song You’re Gonna Miss This by Trace Adkins.

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Final table read of an 11 year show. Episode 250. #modernfamily #season11 #thefinalseason

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The cast of the hit comedy, including Sofía Vergara, Julie Bowen, Sarah Hyland, Nolan Gould and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, came together with their scripts for the last time ahead of the series finale in April on Wednesday.

Sofia noted on her instagram that she would miss Gloria’s trailer.

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Going to miss Glorias trailer!!?? #11years?

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Sofia also shared this super cute pic of her three boys on set.

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Ariel Winter, who began playing uber-intelligent Alex Dunphy at 11, posted photos of herself three days prior and revealed there were only nine more days of production.

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Only 9 more production days left until we wrap filming Modern Family forever?

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And Nolan Gould, who was just 9 when the show began, shared some hints about the upcoming final shows.  “Alex and Luke didn’t make it to Paris in last night’s episode, but I was surprised to see two French extras in the background of the Notre Dame scene who bare a striking resemblance. *hint hint*”

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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas expecting first child?

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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas expecting first child?

They’ve been married less than a year, but newlyweds Joe and Sophia are already members of the bump club.

A source told Just Jared, which first reported the news, that the couple is keeping things “hush hush,” but “friends and family are super excited for them.”

The couple attended the Grammy Awards together in January, and were spotted in London days later with Turner wearing a baggy sweatshirt.  Which doesn’t guarantee anything, but when it comes to pregnancy, the rumor mill is rarely wrong.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas in London on Jan. 30

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Multiple Celebs left out of Oscars Memoriam Tribute!

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Multiple Celebs left out of Oscars Memoriam Tribute!

Luke Perry died in March of 2019 and absolutely belonged to mentioned among the movie industry people who passed in the last year.   Not mentioned.   Not only was Luke in the best vampire movie ever, “Buffey the Vampire Slayer,” he was in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”!!! A movie nominated for best picture!!!

Other users noted that Disney star Cameron Boyce, who died in July at the age of 20, was also missing. He was in Disney movies. Really popular ones, like Descendants.

“Cameron boyce we miss and love you sm,” wrote a fan of his. “Sorry they didn’t even acknowledged [sic] this. love you angel.”

And comedy legend Tim Conway died in May.  That dude was in the God Damn Apple fucking Dumpling Gang! I mean the man has been making movies since the shit was still black and white.

No word on WHY these people weren’t mentioned, but I anticipate a statement because fans are pissed.

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Complete Red Carpet Gown Review

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Complete Red Carpet Gown Review

As always I am merely remarking on the clothing people have chosen to wear.  Not the character of the person or whether they have value in the world.   It’s not that deep.

Thanks to Gettyimages, Wireimage, Redcarpet-fashionawards and many more.

Here we go…

Caitriona Balfe was in the movie Ford vs Ferrari. I’m telling you because I had no idea who she was. Her dress is Valentino Couture and it’s sure to end up on lots of worsts lists because people hate anything that doesn’t seem like everything else.  I love it.  To me she looks like she could be in one of those old French Champagne posters.  The hair and make up for it are perfect.

Janelle Monae is cooler than most mortal beings and that’s about the only requirement to wearing a completed bedazzled, draping hood dress.  She’s like Grace Jones, only I don’t tremble with fear when I look at her.  If you don’t know who Grace Jones is, do yourself a favor and look.    Oh, and not with 100 guesses would I have said she was wearing Ralph Lauren.  But she is.

Sandra Oh is destined for a lot of worst dressed lists, I am sure.  She’s in Elie Saab couture and that’s great and all, but this dress has sooooo much going on. I do take joy though, in knowing she’s loving it.  You could just tell.  And that’s the most important thing.

Jesus. Colin Jost doing his best American Gothic pose.  Scarlett Johanson looks gorgeous. That dress… the way it drips with crystal strings looks really luxe.

So this chicks name is Aurora and she was the woman who sang with Idina Menzel.  Sang the haunting high notes in the Frozen song.  Anyway, I’m going to assume this outfit is steeped in the culture of her homeland and I’m just going to let it go.

This is a cheat I’m sneaking in because my friend Gabriel Union wasn’t at the Oscars, but she was at the VF after party and she was in freakin Giambattista Valli couture and I know that cost her stylist some real favors so get it, girl.

Lea Seydoux was born in Paris, so her birthright allows her to wear anything and I can’t make fun of it.  Even though I reaaaallly want to note that you look like your skirt is falling down and it’s really awkward.

Margot Robbie is wearing Vintage (1994) Chanel couture.  I love this. Love.

Penelope Cruz is ALSO in Vintage Chanel (1995).   This is classic Chanel. Classic early 90’s too.  All that taffeta and tulle.  String of pearls. So good.

Ok. I’m just going to name Lily Aldridge my fav this far.  A bonified smoke show. This white Ralph Lauren dress with the single red flower… I could die. ded.

Ok this is Julia Butters from Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.  She’s 10.  I see them talking to her on the red carpet and listen…. I’m not about to make fun of some kid, but I was just surprised at how … wild her dress was.  Then I find out she drew a picture of it herself and sent it to Christian Siriano who then made it exactly as instructed and now I’m obsessed with it.  She said I was tiered sleeves and an oxford shirt and a big ol sash and I want it in pink tulle and Christian Siriano said “you’re the boss”.   Amazing.

Also. In her adorable pink ball purse was a turkey sandwich!!! How is she that cool????

My bestie, Regina King.  We go way back and I send her all my heart. She was so good last night.  She looks like the poised star she is.

Sigourney Weaver looked every bit the Hollywood royalty that she is in this amazing emerald Dior Couture dress. Just statuesque.

You know what, fuck it. I like Anthony Ramos’ (Hamilton) suit.  I was all ready to bash it, but I kind of dig that hunk of metal around his neck. Looks Shakespearian.

Billie Eilish did a wonderful rendition of “Yesterday” for the Memorium segment.  Here she’s wearing vintage Chanel.  The vintage trend is no coincidence.  It’s a deliberate move by some stars to <gasp> reuse beautiful pieces and stop over producing.  Billie intentionally looks like a slob so it’s hard to rag on it. I’d bite those nails off with my own teeth though. drive me nuts those long nails.

Kaitlyn Dever was the gun-toting youngest daughter on Last Man Standing till she broke free and never looked back.  Now she’s in a hit movie (Booksmart) and she’s on the Oscars red carpet representing “Green Dress”.  A women-led global change-making organization that promotes ethical and eco-responsible fashion.  This Louis V dress she has on? All sustainable materials.  Which is amazing because it’s kind of fire.

Beanie Feldstein is also in Booksmart. She’s the sister of Jonah Hill and she’s wearing Miu Miu.  It’s a pretty dress and it’s flattering on her.  I guess I just feel meh about it.

Julia Louis Dreyfus is wearing Vera Wang and while it’s not fabulous it’s Uh-mazing for her. She’s usually very drab. This jewel tone slinky number is not only beautiful, it’s showing off her impressive figure for someone turning 60 this year.

What the hell…  Olivia Colman is wearing Stella McCartney, which… honestly explains a lot, but wow.  There is a lot to unpack here.  I can support modesty in fashion, but this is practically sharia law territory.  Also velvet is so heavy for something … with this must coverage.  And I can’t quite explain how, but my brain keeps assigning human characteristics to the upper half.  Like the shoulders are trying to tell me something.

Seriously. Greta Gerwig in Dior.  I mean at best this is a bridesmaid dress.  And bridesmaid hair.

STOP! OMG! Rebel Winson you look bomb, girl!!!!  Holy cow. I saw pictures of her weight loss but she decided to really show it off tonight in this sexy ass dress.  Who made this…. oh, Jason Wu made it. Nice work, Wu.  Looks amazing.

Her name is Chelsea Winstanley, she’s in JoJo Rabbit and say what you want, I freaking love her.  I want fly to LA, track her down and follow her around observing her till I understand how to become her.

hey what can you say about Molly Sims in Zuhair Murad.  Skin tone matching dresses are risky, but this dress can carry the burden.

Maya Rudolf is the best.  She was asked about her dress on the red carpet and said “I just found out Beyoncé wore them once and I like that…we like to share things.”

Saoirse Ronan is in Gucci.. I don’t like this dress… at all… but I don’t know why. I mean I do, I guess I just can’t even figure out what direction they were going in. It’s looks like the pages got stuck together and they made the top of one dress and the bottom of another.  She’s darling though.

Florence Pugh is wearing Louis Vuitton.  I like it. It’s cute. She’s 24, it’s a youthful dress.  Not a whole lot to say here. I think I also like that it gives me 80’s vibes?  Would have been nice if she did hair and make up, but that’s up to you.

Cynthia Erivo is just a fucking warrior in this dress. I am so crazy about her buzz white hair and this Versace dress is stitched to within an atomic level of her amazing brown skin.

Lucy Boynton is in Chanel and looks adorable. It’s frilly but elegant.  The red lips were big on the carpet this year and I love it paired with the black and white.

Ok, Kristen Wiig is in Valentino and despite giving everyone vaginal vibes, she is actually a fashion fox and some how pulls it off. I’m not sure how the dominatrix gloves fit in and yet I’m ok with them. I kind of think I’m afraid to tell her no.

Timothée Chalamet looks like the man who murdered the family down the street and then escaped in plain sight dressed as one of the EMT’s on the scene.

Gal Gadot is in Givenchy. She looks flawless.  She’s got that red lip going. Love the lace. It’s all good.

Not sure who Rita Wilson is wearing.  I just wish her and Tom would let me come live with them and have breakfast with them and maybe watch Jeopardy in the evenings.   She looks flawless. And I hate bringing age into it, but the woman is 63 and just stuns.

I loove Zazie Beetz. I am bonkers over that hairdo. I love natural black hair and how it’s up in a statement. That dress is fierce (people still say that?) that necklace is bananas.  She’s perfect.

Ok.. damn. You know who gets my best dressed?  Julia Butters. She made her own dress and owned the hell out of it and she perfectly accessorized it with a turkey sandwich.

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Coronavirus causes Art Basel to cancel Hong Kong fair

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Coronavirus causes Art Basel to cancel Hong Kong fair

Those who know me know I live for Art Basel Miami each year.  But I don’t talk as much about the original fair in Basel, Switzerland or it’s other chapter in Hong Kong.  Each is every bit has important to the art world as our branch here in the states.  No one is off the 2020 roster.

Art Basel canceled the HK show in March because of the city’s ongoing protests and the coronavirus emergency.

“Our thoughts are with those affected by the recent coronavirus outbreak around the world,” Basel global director Marc Spiegler said in a statement, calling the decision “extremely difficult.”

“We explored every other possible option before” canceling, he said. The fair has promised it will return in 2021.

The Hong Kong Art Gallery Association released a statement in January encouraging Art Basel to hold the fair, but a number of international galleries had called for its cancellation.

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