The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Yachts of Fun

The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Yachts of Fun

The O.G. of the O.C. is back! But did Vicki Gunvalson manage to win the ladies back after all the insane drama she put them through?

That was her plan on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 Episode 1, but it may prove easier said than done for Vick …

Gunvalson, ostracized for Brooks Ayers faking cancer last season, was on the outs and looking to get back to being the ultimate insider.

First, though, The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 Episode 1 brought us up to date on what the other wives are doing.

In Tamra Barney’s case, that would be Eddie Judge. A lot.

“I scream, ‘Oh, God!’ at least 20 times!” she claimed.

So her sex life is going well. Meghan King Edmonds, meanwhile, was looking to get her baby-making on with Jim … IVF style. Not as hot.

You do what you gotta do though, are we right?

New Housewife Kelly Dodd has also been through IVF, just like Meghan’s mom and Heather had been, so she has that support system.

Shannon Beador was excited to tell viewers that since David Beador’s affair was discovered, they worked things out and are doing great!

Now for the elephant in the lavishly-decorated room …

Heather Dubrow was throwing a party and debating whether to invite Vicki, who wants to move on and be part of her friends’ lives again.

She swore she hadn’t suspected Brooks was lying, and Heather finally invited her; Vicki brought former co-star Jeana Keough as backup.

“I definitely know Jeana will have my back,” she said.

Jenna yes. Everyone else was a question mark.

At the party, Tamra and Kelly got along great, and Kelly seemed happy to see Vicki … because they share an aesthetician. Good times.

Talking to Meghan, Kelly responded that she “seems like a lovely lady.” Meghan wasn’t having it, telling her friend to keep her guard up.

“‘Seems’ is the key word here. Be careful.”

Heather then revealed, during a toast, that Terry had endured a health scare which made them take stock of what really matters in life.

That means inviting everyone they love to celebrate living … even Vicki? That was the implication, but the two had yet to discuss things.

Finally, Gunvalson told Dubrow that she wanted forgiveness for last year, though she still refuses to admit she knew Brooks was lying at all.

Time will tell how long they drag THIS out.

What did you think of the premiere? To see it in full, follow the links above to watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online.


In Touch: Jessica Simpson is ‘hell bent on landing a Vegas residency’

Jessica Simpson partners with Budget Car Rental
When you think Jessica Simpson you think platform shoes, farts, and bags with needless fringe right? You don’t think “singer” at this point, but that’s how she got her start in the business. That and being ditzy on TV. According to In Touch, which would have little reason to make up a story about Jessica Simpson because it’s not like she’s a huge draw, Jessica wants to return to music for the next stage of her career. She wants a lucrative deal in Vegas like Britney, Mariah and Celine. Nevermind the fact that she hasn’t put out an album since 2010′s Happy Christmas.

Watch out, Britney Spears! Jessica Simpson is looking to revive her singing career by seeking out a Vegas residency, In Touch has exclusively learned.

“She’s hell-bent on landing a Vegas residency,” a source reveals, explaining that Jess recently built a recording studio in her LA home and began working with top songwriter-producers like Linda Perry.

“With state-of-the art technology and backdrops paired with her sex appeal, she thinks she can give the other headliners a run for their money,” says the source.

“After 20 years in the music business, Jess is excited to follow her dreams and become a Vegas legend.”

Quick name one song by Jessica Simpson. You can’t, can you? The only thing that comes to mind is a video she did with Eva Longoria which involved roller skating. I can name more Paris Hilton songs (one) than I can Jessica Simpson songs. Googling “Jessica Simpson hits” brings up her remake of “These Boots Are Made for Walking” and such singles as 1999′s “I Wanna Love You Forever” and 2006′s “A Public Affair.” I guess that’s the video with Eva Longoria, but the song is completely forgettable. I just listened to it again and am reminded that it’s a ripoff of Madonna’s “Holiday.” If this is true, and Simpson wants a Vegas residency, she has to have songs that people want to hear, it’s not enough to be able to writhe around on stage. None of her music videos have over 5 million views on YouTube. This isn’t happening for her.

Jessica’s last venture was a commercial for Budget rent-a-car. Is her clothing line not doing well? Last week The Enquirer reported that Jessica and her husband, Eric Johnson, spend $50,000 every month on food and drinks and “have cases of the finest wines and champagnes delivered to their home every week,” eat at expensive restaurants and “get deliveries from places like Little Dom’s or La Poubelle.” So maybe their spending is a issue.

Jessica Simpson partners with Budget Car Rental


Star: LeAnn Rimes’ friends think Eddie Cibrian will leave when she’s broke



The problem isn’t just that LeAnn is more known for the affair, it’s that she’s known for being a crazy Single White Female and a Twitter-stalker and all of that. And that means no one is really interested in hearing her sing. It’s a weird, LeAnn-specific conundrum, really. There are plenty of C-listers able to find revenue streams through social media, club appearances, random promotional work and guest appearances. But I get the feeling that A) LeAnn thinks a lot of that stuff is beneath her and B) no one is offering those deals to LeAnn anyway.

What makes this story extra-funny is that Eddie’s rep went to Gossip Cop to deny it! Did you know Eddie still has a rep? He hasn’t worked in a year, and even then (as Star points out), it was just a minor guest spot on basic-cable. How does he still afford to have a publicist, hm? Well, Eddie DOES have a rep and the rep says: “Their marriage is fine… their finances are fine.” CASE CLOSED!

Also, LeAnn posted this on her Instagram. I have no words

Wendi Deng, 47, is apparently getting ‘serious’ with Pres. Vladimir Putin


When Rupert Murdoch married Wendi Deng in 1999, it was controversial. Murdoch was then a spry 68-year-old and Wendi was 31. At the time, it was his third marriage and her second. Deng has always been accused of trading in lovers and husbands for more money and power, and many side-eyed the fact that Deng had been the “homewrecker” two times in a row, breaking up her first husband’s marriage and then being the “other woman” in Murdoch’s second marriage. When the Deng-Murdoch marriage fell apart back in 2014, there were once again widespread rumors that Deng had already moved on to another more powerful lover, this time the very married Tony Blair. I don’t know what happened between Deng and Blair, but if it was ever something, it’s probably over now. Because Wendi Deng is reportedly dating… Vladimir Putin.

How’s this for a new couple alert? The rumor circulating around the corridors of power — from Washington, D.C., to Europe and Asia — is that Vladimir Putin and Wendi Deng, Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife, are dating. Reports of the pair have been floating around for years, ever since their respective divorces in 2014 and 2013. One insider close to the powerful leader tells Us Weekly the relationship is “serious.”

The controversial Russian president, 63, was previously married to Lyudmila Putina for 30 years, with whom he shares daughters Maria, 30, and Yekaterina, 29. The Kremlin confirmed their divorce in April 2014. The politician rarely discusses his children, but during an annual news conference in December 2015, he boasted about his daughters to thousands of reporters, before shutting down more personal questions.

“They studied only at Russian universities. I am proud of them. They continue to study and work. My daughters speak three European languages fluently. One of them can even speak one or two Oriental languages. They are making their first steps and are successful,” he told the crowd during the rare moment, before stating: “I never discuss questions related to my family. They are not involved in business or politics. They are not pushing for this.”

Following Lyudmila and Putin’s split, the president was rumored to be dating Russian gymnast Alina Kabaeva. Putin was often featured in European gossip sites after Kabaeva stepped out in early 2015 looking “fuller,” igniting pregnancy rumors. Swiss newspaper Bild then reported that Putin had missed appearances because he had traveled to Switzerland to be by Kabaeva’s side, where she allegedly gave birth to their child at a Swiss hospital in March 2015. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied the rumors.

Deng has yet to be spotted looking romantic with the Russian leader, but was seen boarding her pal Roman Abramovich’s yacht in St. Bart’s on Monday, March 28. Abramovich also happens to be friends with Putin. (According to the Daily Mail, the billionaire Chelsea Football Club owner reportedly gifted the president with a $35 million yacht in January.)




2016 Golden Globe TV nominations: who got recognized & who got snubbed?


Note: I’m splitting up today’s Golden Globe nominations into two posts, one for the TV nominations and one for the film nominations. These are the TV nominations.

Unlike the SAGs, which recognized the same-old, same-old people with only a couple of new names, the Globes actually recognized a slew of new people and shows. Some surprise nominations: Lady Gaga, Maura Tierney, Silicon Valley, Casual, lots of love for Outlander (which surprised me because while the show is well-executed, it’s a MESS). Here’s the list of TV nominations:

Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy
Mozart in the Jungle
Orange Is the New Black
Silicon Valley

Best TV series, drama:
Game of Thrones
Mr. Robot

Best TV movie/limited series:
American Crime
Flesh and Bone
Wolf Hall

Actor, TV musical/comedy:
Aziz Ansari
Gael Garcia Bernal
Rob Lowe
Patrick Stewart
Jeffrey Tambor

Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical

Rachel Bloom
Jamie Lee Curtis
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Gina Rodriguez
Lily Tomlin

Best Actress in a Drama
Viola Davis
Caitriona Balfe
Eva Green
Taraji P. Henson
Robin Wright

Best Actor in a Drama
Liev Schreiber, “Ray Donovan”
Wagner Moura, “Narcos”
Bob Odenkirk, “Better Call Saul”
Rami Malek, “Mr. Robot”
Jon Hamm, “Mad Men”

Best Supporting Actress for TV
Regina King, “American Crime”
Uzo Aduba, “Orange is the New Black”
Joanne Froggatt, “Downton Abbey”
Maura Tierney, “The Affair”
Judith Light, “Transparent”

Best Supporting Actor for TV:
Alan Cumming – The Good Wife
Damian Lewis – Wolf Hall
Ben Mendelsohn – Bloodline
Tobias Menzies – Outlander
Christian Slater – Mr. Robot

Best Actress in a Limited-Series or TV Movie
Lady Gaga – American Horror Story: Hotel
Sarah Hay – Flesh and Bone
Felicity Huffman – American Crime
Queen Latifah – Bessie
Kirsten Dunst – Fargo

Best Actor in a limited series:
Idris Elba, Luther
Oscar Isaac, Show Me a Hero
David Oyelowo, Nightingale
Mark Rylance, Wolf Hall
Patrick Wilson, Fargo


Debbie Reynolds had her bottom groped by Prince Philip & Bobby Kennedy

Debbie Reynolds has co-written a memoir about her long Hollywood career. The book is called Make ’Em Laugh: Short-Term Memories Of Longtime Friends and it’s out November 10th on Amazon. Over the weekend, the Daily Mail had some excerpts from the memoir and if you like vintage Hollywood gossip plus a dash of vintage royal gossip, this may be the book for you. Debbie Reynolds once got goosed by the Duke of Edinburgh! And she knows how Richard Burton and Jean Simmons once had an affair behind Jean’s husband’s back. Some assorted stories:

The Prince Philip story: “The comedian Bob Hope was a friend of mine, so I was happy to take part in a special event to celebrate his 82nd birthday. Because he’d been born in England, this took place in London in 1985. And that’s when I got groped by the Queen’s husband…At the end of the show at the Lyric Theatre, Prince Philip came on-stage to honour Bob for his many achievements, and we all joined him for the curtain call. The Queen hadn’t come along that evening, which may explain what happened to me next. I chatted with Prince Philip a bit after the show and spoke to him again at the reception. He was very charming. He put one arm around my waist, then held my hand. Almost immediately, he was holding more than my hand. He caressed my backside. I had heard that he was famous for his ‘admiration’ of the ladies, but I didn’t expect him to be handling my booty. As handsome as Prince Philip is, I wasn’t sure if he was making a pass or just exercising some royal rights to squeeze the foreigners.”


Bobby Kennedy did the same thing: “Once, [the U.S. Attorney General] Robert Kennedy made a similar move on me while we were dancing — but his grope was less charming than the royal one.”

Shirley MacLaine was a sex goddess: “Shirley MacLaine was a sex goddess. All the boys who kissed the actress, on-screen and off, said she was the best. Her brother, Warren Beatty, also excelled in this department, having dated many of the world’s most beautiful women.”

Regrets: “A few years ago, a reporter asked me if I had any regrets. Aside from the obvious ones — my bad choices in husbands — I told him that I wished I’d had more sex.”

Vintage Hollywood gossip: “Jean Simmons once had a fling with Richard Burton while her husband, Stewart Granger, slept upstairs in their bedroom. MGM was abuzz with gossip about this, so everyone knew that Burton had climbed through the basement window to meet Jean.”


Morena Baccarin is four months pregnant & plans to marry Ben McKenzie

Morena Baccarin is four months pregnant & plans to marry Ben McKenzie


On Friday, we discussed the hot mess that is Morena Baccarin’s romantic life. Morena married Austin Chick (seen in the photo above) a few years ago and they have a 1-year-old son together. Austin filed for divorce in late June, and as we now know, it was because Morena was bangin’ her Gotham costar, Benjamin McKenzie. Not only did Morena cheat on her husband with her costar, she also got pregnant by McKenzie when she was still very much married to Chick. In fact, it’s looking more and more like her pregnancy is one of the big reasons why Chick filed for divorce in the first place. Morena was photographed last week with her bump on full display, and hand to God, she looks about four to five months along. Do that math!

Anyway, the side story to all of this is that Austin Chick and Morena still aren’t divorced and they’ve been fighting over custody of their son. Now that the McKenzie Baby is out of the bag, Chick is using Morena’s affair in the custody dispute:

“Gotham” star Morena Baccarin is rubbing her estranged husband’s nose in her affair with co-star Ben McKenzie, to the point the husband came home and found Ben freshly showered, playing with his son. Baccarin and Austin Chick have been locked in a custody battle over their 1-year-old son. Chick says the boy is in a confusing, unhealthy environment, pointing to an incident in August — 2 months after he filed for divorce — saying he came home to get his stuff and found Ben “had just taken a shower and he was playing with my son.”

Chick says Morena has told him she’s 3 1/2 months pregnant, and he says in the legal docs, “This places the moment of conception right in the first week of June, 2015, the time she was telling me she wanted to work on our marriage and well before we stopped sharing a bed.” In previous legal docs, Morena has claimed they were already talking about separating in March.

[From TMZ]

Letting your jumpoff shower in your husband’s bathroom? Yikes. I think if Chick really wanted to go to war with Morena, he has more than enough ammo. But for now, the judge says that Morena and Austin will have joint custody, with Morena taking over primary custody of the kid in New York City for now.

Oh, and Morena has now told the court that she’s moving on with her new baby-daddy and they plan to marry. On September 11, Morena informed the court: “Today, I am in a new committed relationship. I am planning to re-marry. Also, I am three-and-a-half months pregnant.” Entertainment Tonight’s sources also say that Morena’s affair with Ben has been going on for a while, and that Ben visited Morena in Vancouver in March-May while she was filming Deadpool. I kind of wonder… do you think Ben is down with Morena telling the court that they will be getting married? It’s moving pretty fast, I’m just saying. So messy.