PGA & LPGA players show their support for Tiger in Red

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Since Tigers horrible accident last weekend there have been a lot of people sending their love and support in various ways.  The most touching, and best group effort, is all the players showing up to their Sunday tourny wearing red shirts and black pants.  The outfit is long known as Tigers Sunday (final play day in golf tournaments) uniform.

Even Tiger himself found the outpouring touching, taking to Twitter to say, “It is hard to explain how touching today was when I turned on the tv and saw all the red shirts. To every golfer and every fan, you are truly helping me get through this tough time.”

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2021 Golden Globes “Red Carpet” Review

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2021 Golden Globes “Red Carpet” Review

This was, as we know, the strangest red carpet ever.  Not because actors came in Bjork level dresses or gave drunkin commentary to E!’s pesky news crew.  But rather the red carpet itself stretched from the Beverly Hilton Hotel, to dozens of celebrity homes around Los Angeles, where everyone pretended, for the evening, that they’d actually been quarantining.  (then it’s off to St Barts again)

I couldn’t bear to watch the cringy show itself.  What with its glitch muted acceptance speeches and confused zoom guests.   We’ll just evaluate based on what we see here.  Remember, nothing said here speaks to the character of the person, or reflects on anything more than the clothes they wore.  So get over it.

In no special order:

Anna Taylor Joy from Queens Gambit was one of the few looks done in the People Mag studios and so the whole look is flawless.  But there’s no denying this Japanese influence Dior gown is a statement piece.

Get a load of this… Rosamund Pike wore this Courtney Love fantasy dress by Molly Goddard.  It’s obvious she loves it and is totally feeling herself in the baby doll punk look.  And why not.  It’s fun as hell.

But… what is this?  Nicola Coughlan of Bridgerton is wearing the same good time gown in buttery yellow.  How on EARTH did that happen. Molly Goddards people don’t talk to one another?  

This is literally the visual representation of the phrase “flaunt it if you got it”.  Good gravy that’s a midriff!  Zuri Hall, I don’t know who you’re wearing, but make sure this isn’t the only time you wear it.  I’d food shop in this thing.

Sofia Carson is a Disney star (27 now) so it feels sort of apropos that she appears dressed like a Disney Prince.  I think it’s the one from Snow White.

Margot Robbie.  Naturally beautiful.  But just because a dress is from Chanel doesn’t mean it’s a red carpet dress.  This is a summer maxi dress at best.  See you poolside.

I love Amy Poehler to the very marrow in her bones.  That said… she looks like an adorable blonde nutcracker.

Angela Bassett… As fierce as the year she played queen Tina Turner on film.  She got her fancy on and I have nothing else to say about it.

Tina is dressed bleh, but can I just say… She never looked better than she did tonight. Like she is part of that group of women who look better every year, ya know? Ya know those bitches?  Honestly and you know Tina isn’t doing tricks and stuff.   She looks like Sandra Bullock did 15 years ago. (Sorry, Sandy, love you)

I didn’t even recognize Tiffany Haddish.  This chainmail dress from Alberta Ferretti and just the smooth bare skin. Lady, you look dynamite.

Susan Watson… No one can tell who you’re wearing!  That thing is interesting as hell.  If you’re not from Philly you may not know what Mummer is, but this is a Fancy Brigade Mummer.   Hide this when you get home, because Gaga’s coming for you.

Awkwafina is one of my closest friends and I was with her when she found this dress in an old beat up Louis Vuitton trunk by the side of the road in Beverly Hills. It was wrapped in newspaper from 1967, beneath stacks of old Twiggy headshots and Petula Clark records.

Kaley Cuoco did the red carpet from home.  Honestly, I didn’t even know she was still acting.  That dress is pretty boss though.


Clearly Gillian Anderson was also photographed by the folks at People.  The overexposure nonsense is the worst for admiring gowns.  Which is a shame because this Dior Haute Couture looks amazing.

Maria Bakalova is seen sitting in her Armani gown.  I assume because the waist on that dress doesn’t allow for the blood flow required to stand.   I wouldn’t sip that drink either. Lest that zipper embeds in your spine.

I’m sorry, did you hear that? I screamed.   Viola Davis… who, btw, could make an audio book reading the phone book and I would listen to it in zenful peace… is drop dead GO-OR-JUSS!   The dress is Lavie by CK (not Calvin Klein) and I seriously recommend you google him and see the amazing gowns he produces.

Get the F%#k out of here.  I guess this is Tina Fey’s future, because Jamie Lee Curtis looks better than ever.  “No Cap” as the kids say.  And I’m sorry to all of my feminist friends but oh my god look at those titties!  Devine.

This one too.  Stop with this perfection.  That suit is gorgeous.

Emma Corin in Miu Miu looking like a Marionette doll.  Somehow adorable. Also somehow terrifying.  By the way, I’m pretty sure she’s floating.

Kristin Wiig is my age and while I might feel this Prada dress work better for a girl attending her bat mitzvah party, I stand by my initial assertion that she looks amazing.

Jo Ellen Pellman, I don’t know you, but I’m going to have a dinner party this summer and I want you there and in this dress.  Raise my cred with friends.  You’re clearly cooler than me.

Regina King…. I mean what do you say?  Statuesque and powerful looking.  Don’t drink too much. This LV dress looks like a real rubics cube to get out of.

Jared Leto is the only male I included because you can not include him.  Always interesting. Always Gucci.  Never get in his van.

I like to crown my personal winner each year, but this is the hardest carpet to judge in a long time.  With great thought and tired eyes, I choose…

How do you not pick Viola in this dress??  It’s like falling into a kaleidoscope!

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Cara and Poppy Delevingne selling super fun house

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Cara and Poppy Delevingne selling super fun house

Cara and sister Poppy are models extraordinaire.  That means there are bound to have been some killer parties in this modernish boho home Studio City.  And the place is certainly set up for it.

Besides a the chic decor and ample bedrooms for guests to spend the night, the place has a full on party area.

Look at this: “The lower level continues with a gaming room that features 2 separate bars and an additional room that can be used as a recording studio. Double doors from the lounge open to beautiful outdoor space for seamless entertaining and includes a pool, spa, fire pit, built-in BBQ, and waterfall.”

Whhaaa?? I want it!!!!

Asking $3,750,000   4 beds, 4 baths, pool and party lounge

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Weird CGI version of Rugrats coming to TV!

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Weird CGI version of Rugrats coming to TV!

It’s been 17 years since the babies took over and Rugrats was the go to show for all your Tommy Pickle nonsense.

Now it’s been announce that a new CGI version is being made to bring laughter to kids and occupy our nightmares.

For real tho, it’s pretty freaky.

Good news is, the original cast (E.G. Daily (Tommy), Nancy Cartwright (Chuckie), Cheryl Chase (Angelica), Cree Summer (Susie) and Kath Soucie (Phil and Lil)) will be reprising their roles.

Speaking at ViacomCBS’ investor day, Nickelodeon bosses unveiled a first look at the Rugrats reboot that showed Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Angelica Pickles, Susie Carmichael and Phil and Lil DeVille following their CGI makeover.

It’s just the latest childhood favourite the streaming service are bringing into the modern age, following news that revivals of iCarly and Dora The Explorer are also in the works.

Ramsey Naito, president of Nickelodeon Animation said:  ‘Having the voice cast behind these special characters come together is one of the essential pieces to making the show recognisable and we can’t wait to watch this talented group bring them to life again.’

I’m in.

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Beyonce’s foundation sending help for Texans

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Beyonce’s foundation sending help for Texans

It seems only fitting that the worlds most famous pop star come to the rescue of millions of Texans in midst of one of the worst natural disasters in a decade.  After all she hails from Houston.

Beyonce has teamed up with Adidas and Bread of Life, a Houston disaster relief organization to provide grants of up to $1,000 for those in need due to winter storm Uri.

BeyGood is reaching out to those in need via twitter and letting them know where they can go to get food and necessities as no sign of weather relief is in sight.

Freezing temperatures are expected to last into this week, and many Texas residents have been without electricity and heat for days, though power is beginning to come back on. There is also a shortage of food and water in the state, and 13 million residents have been advised to boil their water before drinking, if they even have water service. At least 38 people have died as a result of the storms across the country, the New York Times reported.

Our hearts go out to those affected.  I am especially concerned for all the abandoned pets that I see on the news.

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Gigi Hadid shows baby’s room in series of unseen pics

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Gigi Hadid shows baby’s room in series of unseen pics

Gigi Hadid spent the last year tucked away in New Hope Pennsylvania on her mothers lavender farm with boyfriend Zayn Malik, mom Yolanda and sister Bella.   And while they were almost constantly posting photos of daily shoots in the lavender fields, they apparently held a bunch back.  And they show baby Khai’s play area and nursery.

Last week, Gigi took to Instagram to express how much life has changed in the last year.

“Who would have thought I’d be feeding my baby girl her morning bottle as we share my first @voguemagazine solo cover?!” wrote the first-time mom on Instagram.

“I am emotional and honored to take my first professional step, in this new chapter of womanhood, with this dream come true!” she added. “Khai is now rockin’ in her Nemo bouncer so I can type this, and I’m reflecting on all the people, memories, flights & fittings, early mornings, late nights, laughs & tears, mishaps & miracles that have made up my almost-decade in fashion.”

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John Travolta’s classic Maine Mansion for sale

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John Travolta’s classic Maine Mansion for sale

Listed at a cool $5,000,000, John Travolta is selling the home that he and deceased wife Kelly Preston purchased way back in 1991, just a few months before they married.

In the 30 years since buying the home, John lost both his son Jet and wife, Kelly, and presumably feels 10,000+ home on the exclusive island of Islesboro is just too much.

The elaborately decorated home boasts 20 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms and 48 acres of land.  Wait till you see the classic furnishings and ornate bar area.  It’s really like something out of Downton Abbey.

Asking: $5,000,000   10,830 square feet,  20 bd – 7.5 bath, pool, bar, private dock and 48 acres of land.

Images courtesy of listing.

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