Anna Kendrick Does The Edit and Brings Today’s Quote


On looks and aging in the industry:

“I know that things will be more complicated as an older actress, in ways that I can’t anticipate, but I would really enjoy getting to the point where the reason I’m getting roles or not isn’t based on if somebody thinks I’m hot enough. I feel like I’ve always been a character actress, and this is a blip in my career where I’m playing the ingénue. I’ll be a lot more comfortable and get excited when I’m playing women who aren’t supposed to be pretty.”

… says Anna in The Edit.

“Michael Fassbender went surfing with Alicia Vikander in Australia” links


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Benedict Cumberbatch’s wolf got beaten by Katniss. [PopBytes]
This is Jimmy Kimmel’s Christmas song. [Seriously OMG WTF]


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Jennifer Aniston covers Bazaar, hustles for an Oscar & promotes Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston covers Bazaar, hustles for an Oscar & promotes Justin Theroux


Jennifer Aniston covers the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Finally, a decent cover subject. No disrespect to Allison Williams and Anna Kendrick, but I have no idea why they are noteworthy enough for December magazine covers. We like to complain about Aniston’s PR machinations, but can we all agree that she’s deserving of a major magazine cover? Especially when she’s actively hustling for that Oscar nomination. HA. Anyway, this was a really good read – she doesn’t shy away from talking about tabloid rumors, Justin Theroux, etc. You can read the full interview here. Some highlights:

She loves home renovation projects: “It’s what I love to do,” she says. “It’s a great outlet for me, a hobby, if you will.” The next plan is to renovate Theroux’s apartment in downtown Manhattan. “I’ve got to get my hands on something because I can’t sit still.” She adds with a verbal wink,”I mean, I haven’t done anything since June, for Chrissake.”

The tabloid narrative (which she helped create): “I think people are starting to feel like, Are we that stupid?… Seriously. How many times can I be out there in the world, enjoying my life, and yet the narrative is ‘Poor, Sorry, Sad in Love Jen’ … whatever the stupid headline is.” Aniston, frankly, doesn’t “give a sh-t.” She pauses. “It’s the detachment from it. There was a part of me that used to get very upset. I was guilty of getting too up in arms about stuff that wasn’t real, phantom boxing with something that’s not even there. Now I’d rather just focus on people and things that are here, happening, and what’s yet to come. My friends, my family, wonderful people I work with. We know what the real is.”

The idea that she would do rom-coms forever: “Ha! That sounds like a terribly boring existence. I love doing comedies, though. It takes skill to bring that joy.”

Wanting to “punch” someone: “Ah, there are some people I would punch. I’d do that to a paparazzo probably.”

But she’s “a forgiving person”: “I absolutely am. I think it’s extremely important to forgive. Otherwise it just builds up like toxic waste. There’s nothing worse than holding a grudge. Listen, people can do unforgivable things, but you have to let it go and say, ‘Look, we’re all human beings. We make mistakes.’ To hold any kind of resentment is like taking rat poison and waiting for the rat to die.”

Who is her creative crush? “Justin Theroux. Not only is he a great actor but he’s one of the best comedy writers out there. And he directs and paints murals. And I just think it’s so attractive to be that good at so many things and to have no ego. He’s one of the most humble, decent human beings. He’s not an ass. He’s not like some of our friends who are young and up-and-coming and they hit celebrity, and all of a sudden you’re like, ‘Oh! You’re different. Now you don’t say hi to people?’ ”

She’s never bored with Justin: “It’s almost impossible to get bored with one another. We’ve tried so hard! And even that’s interesting because his eyes are so pretty, but we can entertain ourselves and talk about endless things, which is pretty great.”

Justin doesn’t mind being with The Jennifer Aniston: “He’s just been doing it so graciously and gracefully, and it’s a strange ballpark to walk into. He’s in his body, for sure. He’s a pretty realized person. But he’s been doing this for 20 years.”

On her 40s: “When am I supposed to freak out? When am I supposed to feel like, ‘Oh, my knee! Oh, ouch!’ I don’t feel any of those things! I feel like our aging marker needs to be rejiggered. I heard Halle Berry refer to her pregnancy at 47 as a ‘geriatric pregnancy,’ which is ridiculous! It’s insulting. Obviously, as women we’ve evolved. My eyesight is sh-t, though. I already was nearsighted, but now I can’t see anything.”

Her pre-Theroux life: “It really helped me get to a place where I was more comfortable with myself, truly ready for love and for a partner. The past wasn’t ‘less than.’ It was extremely important to my growth as a woman. But if you take the law of attraction, if you only love yourself 70 percent, that’s what’s going to come back to you. So you fill up that 30 percent, then all of a sudden there’s this pure, good love standing right in front of you. Then you realize, ‘Oh, this can be easy! It doesn’t have to be so hard.’ ”

Her amethyst earrings: “These are Ted Muehling that my sweetheart got me.” Theroux, he of the storied motorbike and leather, has great taste. “He can buy me jeans! I’ve never had a man be able to buy me jeans.” Theroux’s urbanity plus Aniston’s sunniness equals “ebony and ivory, or tawny and ebony! That’s another song altogether.”

[From Harper’s Bazaar]

There are actually way more interesting/noteworthy quotes in there, but I was running out of space and the whole interview is worth a read. She keeps bringing the conversation back to Cake and how it’s “the most challenging part I’ve ever done” and how “horrific” it was to go outside without makeup, wearing prosthetic scars. As for all of the Justin stuff… it sounds like she’s promoting her relationship just as much as she’s promoting Cake! No, clearly she adores him. But I have my doubts about what he feels for her. And I think it’s fascinating (!!!) that she wants to renovate his NYC apartment. That’s the same apartment he shared with Heidi Bivens. That’s the same apartment he’s called home for much of the past year and a half.


Photos courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar.


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Anna Kendrick: If you grow up middle class, you feel you always have to work

Anna Kendrick: If you grow up middle class, you feel you always have to work


I’m saying this with zero shade-attempt, but I’ve been looking at the December magazine covers, and I’m sort of surprised by how bland they are and how really weird cover subjects were chosen for what should be one of the bigger issues of the year. Like, Allison Williams is on the cover of Allure, and it’s utterly boring. And now Anna Kendrick covers the December issue of Marie Claire and I’m just not feeling it. Now, don’t get me wrong – I like Anna. A lot. She’s super-talented and she’s got a big part in the anticipated musical Into the Woods. But there were ways to make a December cover with Anna Kendrick more appealing, and I’m not sure if Marie Claire followed through. This cover is extraordinarily underwhelming. Here are some highlights from her cover story:

On her role as Cinderella in Into the Woods: “The character is thoughtful and complicated. You see what happens after she marries the prince, when you start to face problems in seemingly perfect situations. The interesting thing about her is she overthinks things, she’s uncertain – we don’t see that in most versions. In a lot of ways, I think it’s this incredibly brave story. She’s neglected and abused her entire life she finally gets love and it’s not the kind of love she was looking for, and she stands up for herself.”

On taking a short break: “The whole going-movie-to-movie-to-movie thing, I’ve been living that way for three years. Like I need to be a person and, you know, maintain relationships.”

On insta-fame following her 2010 Oscar nomination: “It was insane. Like really groovy and exciting. [But] there was a lot of ‘Why me?’—that sort of thing.”

On the celebrity hacking scandal this fall: “I’m so infuriated on behalf of those girls. And bummed out that people feel like that’s something they can do.”

On having her looks scrutinized: “The most common thing that I get is, ‘Am I the only one who doesn’t think that Anna Kendrick is pretty?’ And you’re like, ‘No, you’re not the only one. Arguably, all of the boys in my high school agree with you.’”

On ambition: “Mostly it’s the fear that the wolves are always at your heels and you’re going to be tossed out into the street. If you grow up middle class, you just always feel like you’ve got to be working, because otherwise you won’t be able to pay the rent.”

[From Marie Claire]

Did anyone else chuckle a little bit when she said “If you grow up middle class, you just always feel like you’ve got to be working…” I guarantee that working class and working poor people feel the same way, it’s not just a middle class thing, Anna! But she wasn’t throwing shade, she was just talking about her work ethic, which in my opinion is different than talking about ambition. Or is it? Is her ambition simply to work, to work in diverse and challenging projects? I think it probably is – she doesn’t want to be a Movie Star, she wants to do interesting stuff and be a hirable actress. Not the worst play.

Oh, and here’s the trailer for Into the Woods. I don’t know, you guys. This looks like a hot mess.


Photos courtesy of Tesh/Marie Claire.


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Anna Kendrick: “I’m happy I’m not supposed to be on the 50 Most Beautiful list”

Anna Kendrick: I’m happy I’m not supposed to be on the 50 Most Beautiful list | celebrity quotes

On her looks:

“The thing is, my appearance – that’s never been my moneymaker. I’m fine being small. I’m fine being all the things I am. And I’m happy I’m not supposed to be on the 50 Most Beautiful list all the time, because that would be super f**king stressful.”

… says Anna.

the actress said something similar a while back – check out this post!

Read the rest of Anna Kendrick: “I’m happy I’m not supposed to be on the 50 Most Beautiful list” (0 words)

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Anna Kendrick Poses In Bikini, Claims No One Hits On Her

Anna Kendrick bikini

Anna Kendrick covers Elle’s inaugural social media issue, in which she claims she hasn’t been hit on since Up In The Air came out. I’m guessing that’ll change once everyone gets an eyeful of her sexy photo spread.

-Also, she tweeted “The character I’m channeling for my Elle cover shoot probably killed her 1st husband.”

-Speaking of cover girls, how far along is Mila Kunis? Five months? Six? ‘Cause I think I’m already at the saturation point when it comes to her pregnancy talk. I certainly didn’t need to hear about how her vagina is going to be shredded.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks might fine in the new Sin City 2 trailer.

-Also looking fine is Tom Hardy on the set of his new movie. I saw Locke last night and might be a officially obsessed.

-Yikes. Harrison Ford was injured by the Millennium Falcon on the set of Star Wars and airlifted to a local hospital.

Jennifer Lopez and the angry dude from Dancing with the Stars may be dating which means A) he’s not dating that cute figure skater chick who looks like a Disney princess come to life, and B) she’s still slumming it with dancers.

Bill Murray crashed a random couple’s engagement photoshoot because he’s a goddamn national treasure.

-Is Nina Dobrev dating James Marsden? That’s so…weird!

Louis CK is really unhappy with TMZ for posting the Tracy Morgan video.

Kim Kardashian posted the most sullen wedding photo ever. Why so serious?

Nikki Finke just launched her new Hollywood gossip website and all is right with the world.

-Speaking of Hollywood gossip, Molly Bloom takes us inside the high-stakes poker game that drew in A-list stars “Tobey” “Leo” and “Ben.”

Adam Levine is doing some weird 12-stepish atonement process with his exes before his wedding. That guy.

-Fox has slightly restored my faith in humanity by canceling I Wanna Marry Harry.

-There are not enough eyerolls in the world to respond to the news that Robin Thicke is naming his new album Paula.

Adrianne Palicki and Stacey Oristano are the cutest Friday Night Lights costars of all time.

-True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto says he “can’t imagine” making more than three seasons, which is promising.

-Reading Rainbow’s LeVar Burton has called upon his Star Trek colleagues for a series of live readings. Among them: Patrick Stewart and William Shatner!

James Franco and Seth Rogen are recruited to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in the trailer for The Interview.  I hate myself for laughing at this. I blame Lizzy Caplan.


Jennifer Lawrence Squashes Her “Beef” with Jimmy Fallon

Jennifer Lawrence was adorable on Fallon last night, calling him out for leaving her hanging with Jennifer Lopez before playing “Box of Lies.”

-This is nuts: an unidentified man was dragged away by security after crashing the Cannes red carpet and hiding under actress America Ferrera’s dress. I love how Cate Blanchett jumped into protector/comforter mode, while Kit Harrington just stood there.

-I love Blake Lively’s hair in Cannes. At least something’s going well there. Her hubby’s attempt to mount a comeback certainly isn’t.

Anna Kendrick says she took Aubrey Plaza with her to be “bad cop” when she bought a car.

Prince Harry sent his very first tweet ever. Surprisingly, it wasn’t to weigh in on Jay Z and Solange‘s elevator fight.

Helena Bonham Carter says she once drunkenly asked Prince William to be her child’s godfather. “He wisely said no.”

Tom Hardy is going to star in Kathryn Bigelow’s adaptation of True American. I’m anticipating a lot of drinking while yelling out the names of presidents.

-I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy anymore, but the general consensus is that Sandra Oh deserved a better sendoff.

-Scandal’s Columbus Short pleaded not guilty to the felony charge from his alleged restaurant brawl. What a charmer.

-The guy from Chuck and Sesame Street want you to get off Facebook and go outside.

-Is Ashley Benson even old enough to remember Baywatch?!

Kanye West says Kim Kardashian is his muse: “I consult her on elegance and what I wear.”

-Meanwhile, despite all those rumours about Paris and Versailles, Kimye are actually getting married in Florence.

-I’m glad AMC picked up Chris Hardwick‘s celebrity bowling show. The YouTube videos with the casts of Mad Men and Breaking Bad are hilarious.

Barbara Walters‘ last day on The View featured surprise visits from Hillary Clinton and Oprah.

-The first cast photo for This Is Where I Leave You makes me want to re-read the book immediately

-Even though they made him a star, Viggo Mortenson is quick to criticize the “senseless” scripts for End of Violence and The Lord of the Rings.

Jon Hamm and Naomi Watts posed in dramatic photos for Bulgari’s Save the Children campaign.

-Speaking of Hamm, I really liked Million Dollar Arm. It’s schmaltzy and predictable but sweet. Critics are more into Godzilla this weekend, though.

Johnny Depp as a balding man with blond hair is terrifying (more so that usual).

-Matthew McConaughey takes The McConaissance to space in the trailer for Christopher Nolan’s shrouded-in-secrecy new movie, Interstellar.

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