Diane Kruger slams ‘drunk’ Peter O’Toole: ‘He wasn’t the most pleasant person’

Diane Kruger slams ‘drunk’ Peter O’Toole: ‘He wasn’t the most pleasant person’

Remember the movie Troy? Brad Pitt starred as Achilles, Orlando Bloom was Paris, Eric Bana was Hector (ROWR), Peter O’Toole was Priam and Diane Kruger was Helen of Troy. It actually did have a great cast and it did well at the box office, but the film was not all that great. Apparently, it wasn’t a great experience for Diane Kruger either. Diane and Norman Reedus interviewed each other for Buzzfeed to promote their new movie, and Diane ended up throwing some major shade on the late Peter O’Toole. Keep in mind… O’Toole was 71 years old around the time that they were filming Troy, and he had been a life-long hellraiser and drunk. And Kruger was somewhat surprised to find him drunk and exhausted.

Diane on her worst costar: “You know who wasn’t very pleasant, was Peter O’Toole…It kind of sucked. He’s dead, so I can say that. But he wasn’t the most pleasant person. He was just a drunk, and Peter O’Toole. You know, he had a two-day part, and I played Helen of Troy and he was Peter O’Toole, and he just wanted to make sure that everybody knew that he was Peter O’Toole. And he could barely make it up the stairs. We were on a set that was – you know, you have to climb, like, I don’t know, 100 steps to go up. He was just – first of all, everybody thought he was gonna die right there and then. Because it was, you know, 120 degrees, and he had to walk up 100 stairs. And he was very old, and very drunk.”

Reedus on her story: “It’s kind of like the story of Elvis on the toilet with a peanut butter sandwich, like, I don’t wanna hear it.”

Diane: “You just asked me!…He was great. You would’ve loved him! You guys would’ve, like, been drinking together and it would’ve been great.”

[From The Daily Mail]

I think less of Kruger for talking this way about A) someone who is dead and B) an acting legend. First of all, when someone dies, that’s not when you should slam them! O’Toole was a notorious drunk/alcoholic, as he discussed at length in his memoirs and interviews. My guess is that he didn’t really take the Troy gig seriously (very few people did, judging from the acting) and decided to just phone it in, half-drunk. Was it unprofessional? Sure. But still, I feel like complaining about it after the man is dead is sort of uncool too. O’Toole was acting poorly on a two-day job, in 120-degree heat, while half-in-the-bag. A lot of people would have dined out on that story for years!



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In Touch: Is Angelina Jolie pissed because Brad Pitt & Marion get along?


For months/years, there’s been a steady stream of split rumors about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Sometimes we talk about the rumors, but for the most part, we ignore them. I actually feel a little bit sorry for the tabloids because “Brangelina Split!” just doesn’t have the same kind of urgency that it once did. Sure, if you want to gossip about how By the Sea was a total failure and their relationship might be strained because of it, let’s do that. But we don’t have to pretend that Angelina and Brad still get crazy jealous about costars or whatever. Anyway, as we discussed a few weeks ago, Brad Pitt & Marion Cotillard are working together on the World War II-era espionage film Five Seconds of Silence. According to In Touch, Brad and Marion are getting along really well. So well that Angelina is so, so jelly.


Things are going a little too well on the set of Brad Pitt’s upcoming flick ‘Five Seconds of Silence’ – and Angelina Jolie is not happy about it!

“Brad it really bonding with his co-star Marion Cotillard,” a source tells In Touch. “They’re flirting and sharing jokes between takes.”

That’s troubling for Angelina, with a source claiming: “Brad has become Marion’s one-man fan club. He comes home raving about how classy and talented she is and how much he loves her French accent. Angelina can’t stand it!”

Even though there’s no romance between Brad and Marion, recently Angelina became so furious, she walked out.

“She went to see Jack O’Connell in a play 140 miles from their home in London. She knew it would get under Brad’s skin.”

It worked, and now the pair – who were already having marital issues – are more at odds than ever.

“They have both been pushed to the brink. It’s heartbreaking.”





Brad Pitt’s ‘youthful’ new look is the result of diet, skin treatments & IV drips

Brad Pitt has been looking oddly “youthful” for a few months now. I noticed it first at the premiere of The Big Short in November, but a lot of people commented on his “freshened” look at the Golden Globes. I think it’s probably a combination of factors, some of which are rather harmless. Like, Brad had facial hair on and off for years, but these days he’s rocking a clean-shaven look, so he automatically looks different. He’s also got a haircut (that looks like a ‘90s wiglet), which changes his appearance. But there is something else going on. Aggressive facial peels? Botox? A facelift? Life & Style says no – their sources claim Brad’s new look is the result of a new diet, skin care treatments and IV vitamin drips.

Brad Pitt is turning back the clock! An insider close to Brad reveals in the new issue of Life & Style Weekly that for the past several months, Brad has been on an intense antiaging regimen that includes a new diet, expensive skin care treatments and even IV vitamin drips!

“He’s been telling friends about his new antiaging plan,” an insider tells Life & Style. “He’s been doing it with the help of a nutritionist and a personal chef.”

The insider reveals the details of his new diet to Life & Style, on newsstands now. It’s heavy on salmon, walnuts and chia seeds, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids to combat wrinkles, plus lean meats and eggs, which provide amino acids to help repair damaged skin cells, according to the insider. Other staples in Brad’s strict regimen are brown rice and beets, since they are high in phytoceramides, which many people take as supplements to keep skin hydrated and plump.

“What you put in your mouth shows on your skin,” says Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban, who does not treat the father of five. “His diet will help Brad’s skin repair itself.”

The insider tells Life & Style that he’s also been supplementing the diet with “collagen smoothies and antiaging IV vitamin drips,” as well as going to get regular facials.

“Brad’s working hard to keep his youthful looks,” the insider says. “The transformation has been nothing short of amazing.”

Here’s the thing: I believe Brad Pitt is vain, but do I believe he’s THIS vain? I don’t. I think he would go in for some facial peels and some Botox. I don’t believe he would completely change his diet and get IV drips full of anti-aging vitamins. I just don’t believe he cares THAT much. But he does care, and we can see it all over his (new) face.

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First look at Tom Hiddleston in AMC’s ‘The Night Manager’: hot or not?

hiddles night manager

Tom Hiddleston had a mostly quiet 2015. He was everywhere in September and October, but the rest of the year was spent quietly working on back-to-back projects. He spent months filming The Night Manager in Europe earlier this year, and it will likely be one of the big highlights for the Dragonflies/Hiddlestoners in 2016. The Night Manager airs in America and the UK in April – here in America, it will air on AMC, and in the UK, it will be on BBC One. So, a little advanced promotion then? In this week’s “preview of 2016” issue (with Benedict Strange on the cover), EW published the “first look” at The Night Manager – that’s the above photo. Plus, some quotes from Hiddles:

From the moment John le Carré’s The Night Manager was published in 1993, producers have tried to bring the spy master’s tale about arms dealing to the big screen. Robert Towne (Chinatown) penned an adaptation for Sydney Pollack to direct, and in 2009 Brad Pitt’s company, Plan B, optioned the novel. But a film never materialized, and for good reason: time constraints. “This is a fabulous book,” says le Carré’s son, Night Manager exec producer Simon Cornwell. “It’s got a vast scope to it. It just doesn’t fit into two hours.”

The story is finally getting what it deserves as a six-episode miniseries that will air on the BBC in the U.K. and on AMC this April, starring Tom Hiddleston as MI-6 field agent and strong-silent type Jonathan Pine and Hugh Laurie as Richard Roper, a morally ambiguous weapons dealer whom Pine is tasked with bringing down.

“The best way I can describe the story is the thriller equivalent of a bromance,” says exec producer Stephen Garrett (Eastern Promises).

That isn’t to say that The Night ­Manager is female-free — updating the story for 2016, the pro­ducers gender-flipped the role of Pine’s MI-6 handler, Leonard Burr, into Angela Burr (Olivia Colman). Interestingly enough, after Colman won the role, she informed producers that she was pregnant and would be throughout filming, but instead of hiding the baby bump or potentially recasting, the scripts were retooled to make Burr a mother-to-be.

Fittingly, Hiddleston and Laurie formed a bromance of their own ­during the project’s development and over the course of the intensive 75-day shoot, which took them to Morocco, Majorca, Switzerland, and London.

“[Laurie] can’t address me by my real name,” Hiddleston says. “I sign off emails to him as ‘Pine,’ and he addresses me as ‘Pine.’ I don’t know why, but it makes us laugh.”

[From EW]

I really enjoy John le Carre adaptations – I think le Carre’s work shows the realities of diplomatic and espionage work, unlike the Jason Bournes and James Bonds of the world. That being said, I’m expecting The Night Manager to be really complicated and hard-to-follow. Also: Game of Thrones is coming back in April, right? God, I hope The Night Manager isn’t trying to go head-to-head with GoT.

Hopefully, March/April will bring us another flurry of activity and press from Hiddles. We know I Saw the Light will finally be released in March. Maybe High Rise will get released around that time too. Perhaps Hiddles will agree to do a big American magazine cover? American GQ? Esquire? PLEASE?


Star: Brad Pitt ‘can’t stop cringing’ & ‘feels humiliated’ over By the Sea’s failure


As we’ve been discussing this week, By the Sea is pretty much a bomb. No, let’s be real: it’s totally a bomb. The only reason Angelina Jolie hasn’t been excoriated completely is because she didn’t make any money off of it and the studio isn’t going to lose a lot of money off of it either. But it was an “ego bath” and a “vanity project.” The promotion has been driven by free media, in the form of Angelina’s confessional interviews. The interviews are infuriating and interesting: interesting because I do love all things Brangelina, and infuriating because OMG, the media coverage does not match the total failure of the film. In any case, Star Magazine claims that Brad Pitt is crying and cringing about this whole big mess. The Leg of Doom will not be pleased.

Now that ‘By the Sea’ has bombed with critics, Star has learned that life is starting to imitate art for Angelina Jolie and her husband, Brad Pitt.

“Brad can’t stop cringing,” says a source. “He feels humiliated. He never wanted to do this film, but Angie kept twisting his arm.”

Worse yet, the once tight-lipped couple are stuck on a lengthy promotional tour, forced to deny that the script is autobiographical in nature while also offering unprecedented access into the struggles they face within their own marriage.

“Brad thinks Angie has let the fame go to her head,” says the source. “The last thing he wants to do is air their dirty laundry, but that’s what they spend their days doing now, and it’s starting to spill over at home.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Eh. Do I think that Brad is probably cringing a little bit privately? Maybe. Perhaps. I mean, he really only did By the Sea to support Angelina. Plus, Brad is a powerhouse producer these days – I hate when he’s portrayed as the long-suffering husband to The Leg of Doom. Brad knows his own mind, and he wanted to do By the Sea just for the hell of it. Is he slightly embarrassed by how things turned out? As I said, maybe. But I seriously doubt that BTS’s failure is destroying their marriage or whatever.



Angelina Jolie says she & Brad Pitt ‘have fights & problems like any other couple’

Angelina Jolie says she & Brad Pitt ‘have fights & problems like any other couple’

Angelina Jolie’s By the Sea got a limited release this weekend, and once all of the reviews were in, I can sort of understand why she didn’t want to do a wider release. Even the Daily Beast branded the film “boring as f—k” and “the most depressing two-hour luxury perfume ad of all time.” Vulture made a half-hearted attempt to claim that the film might be an Oscar contender, but even they couldn’t keep up the ruse. Still, with these two, the hustle never dies. The Daily Mail has some exclusive photos of the Jolie-Pitt clan at the airport – go here to see. And Angelina gave another wordy interview to The Telegraph. Some highlights:

The working honeymoon filming ‘By the Sea’: “There were a few days when we thought it wasn’t the best idea. There were days during filming last year when we were really worried and it was hard. If we had married and were just starting a relationship it would have been a disaster, but because we have been together so long we wanted to see how far we could push our relationship and our love and see if we can work together under very intense circumstances and with very complex issues and see if it would make us better. But at the end we came out of it thinking, ‘This was the best honeymoon,’ because the film says, ‘Whatever you go through, weather the storm and stick together.’ So it was kind of a message to each other that we are going to stick together whatever comes.”

She & Brad have issues? “Brad and I have our issues, but if the characters were even remotely close to our problems we couldn’t have made the film. To be clear: we have fights and problems like any other couple. We have days when we drive each other absolutely mad and want space, but the problems in the movie aren’t our specific problems.”

Working on Mr. & Mrs. Smith: “When we first worked together it was very different because we didn’t really know each other and we were young and, it was really a fun film, so we thought, maybe By the Sea was going to be that kind of fun, but realised very quickly that it wasn’t. Then we joked that this is what happens after 10 years of marriage.”

She knows Brad’s triggers: “Our first few days were quite tricky because no matter what I say, he knows me so well and knows every little gesture when I get impatient, or when I am not really happy. And I was nervous about not being able to have the right direction for him, to see him stuck and not being able to push him. So it was challenging, but we made a private pact that we were going to try to be as open and honest and emotive as possible and give to each other as much as we could and, succeed or fail, we would just lay it bare. These were very sensitive themes and I know Brad’s triggers and what he can do and what he is thinking about so I had to step away and just be very careful in how he was directed. I tried to give him a safe space and tell him to trust me and I would do my best to protect him in the editing room if he would be as open and give me as much of himself and his emotions and his honesty, and he did. I think he worked very hard.”


Turning 40: “I turned 40 this year and I am so happy. Most women in my family start to get sick and start dying in their 40s and I am going to be very happy to become 50 and 60. I love getting older.”

Taking the kids to Cambodia: “Maddox is working with me in production so when I have my production meeting he is sitting right next to me and we go though our notes. Pax is going through the photography and Shiloh is sketching the sets. It has to be with family and they have to be a part of it now.”

She hopes she keeps getting directing work: “I love directing and I would love to be allowed to do more films and I hope I’m a good enough director to keep getting jobs. Most of my films are based on a history that’s important to me. I don’t have the same connection with By the Sea although it’s important because humanity in life is important. But I think I am


Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt took Vivienne & Knox to a NYC Barnes & Noble

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt took Vivienne & Knox to a NYC Barnes & Noble

Yesterday, I wrote this about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: “Every time they step onto a red carpet, or step out for a pap stroll, every single blog and magazine in the world will run the photos. Why spend money on advertising when you can get all of it for free?” Lo and behold, Brad and Angelina have a movie to promote and they stepped out in New York on Tuesday afternoon for a nice family pap stroll. These photos are already all over the blogs and news outlets. Every time Angelina and/or Brad step out with their kids, it’s a headline. So… seriously, why spend the money on commercials for By the Sea?

Anyway, Angelina and Brad took their two youngest children, twins Vivienne and Knox, out to Barnes & Noble in Manhattan. Angelina and Brad don’t seem like the kinds of parents who get their kids the big, expensive toys every other month – most of the time, when we see the kids out with their parents, they’re going to a book store or an arts & crafts store or maybe to a fast food joint. For this trip, they seemed to have loaded up on books too – they left with at least three bags full of stuff. As for Vivienne and Knox… these kids are so cute. I like that Vivienne has permanent bedhead, like she always looks like she just woke up from a nap. Knox seems very quiet, but like a deep thinker. And Knox is getting more strawberry blonde/gingery as he gets older too!

Last night, Angelina and Brad walked the the red carpet for a screening of By the Sea, their first red carpet together since… the Unbroken premiere in Sydney, last year, I think? We’ll have those photos in a separate post, so please no threadjacking. Tomorrow night, they’ll be in LA for the AFI Fest premiere, and I’m excited to see what Angelina will wear (ten bucks says it will be a ‘70s style sack dress) and how much energy they bring to shilling their film. What I forgot was that Brad’s film The Big Short will also be premiering at the AFI Fest days later. Will Angelina walk that carpet too? Hm. Variety also did a rundown of how the AFI Fest has become a mixed bag of forgotten films and awards contenders, with no real rhyme or reason – go here to read.