Blac Chyna’s Look at the 1Oak Nightclub – Wow or Eww?

blac-chyna-style-3 - Blac Chyna's Look at the 1Oak Nightclub - Wow or Eww?

Blac Chyna, who gave birth to her second child two months ago, hosted a party at the 1Oak Nightclub in Las Vegas the other day, while wearing a super tight dress with lots of cleavage. As for her hairstyle, the curvy star went all white, straight and braided.

How do you like her chosen outfit?

Blac Chyna’s Look at the 1Oak Nightclub – Wow or Eww?

Gisele Bundchen’s Body Transformation: Then & Now

Gisele-Bundchen-before-after - Gisele Bundchen's Body Transformation: Then & Now

At high request, here is a Gisele Bundchen before after comparison – on the left, Gisele and her trademark thin and fit figure back in 2014 and on the right, a much curvier Gisele posing in an electric blue swimsuit with mega cleavage earlier this week.

Playing around between shots, the 36-year-old Brazilian model did a shoot with famous photographer Mario Testino in Rio this week, both in swimwear and bright outfits.

See more recent photos of Gisele posing up a storm by the beach next!


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“Liam Hemsworth says he & Miley Cyrus have not gotten re-engaged” links

“Liam Hemsworth says he & Miley Cyrus have not gotten re-engaged” links


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Ariel Winter: Boobs and Booze on Instagram!

Ariel Winter is gaining quite the following on Instagram these days, but we’re guessing her newfound popularity doesn’t have a whole lot to do with her acting skills…

That’s a photo Ariel posted yesterday, and as you might’ve guessed, most of the comments are about two things.

Yes, obviously we’re talking about the margaritas.

Ariel captioned the pic, “Legal frozen margarita with the sister.” She’s only 18 but she’s in Paris at the moment, so there’s no need to obsess over this photo, everyone!

We kid, of course. The real reason this pic has racked up 56,000 likes is Ariel’s boobs.

In the wake of her breast reduction surgery, the Modern Family star has been favoring a much more cleavagey look, and the Internet has responded the way it always responds to breasts.

This one hasn’t gone as viral as the photo of Ariel in a low-cut dress on Easter Sunday, but don’t worry – the comments section is still filled with grown-ups having serious discussions about an 18-year-old girl’s boobs.

Hey, if you’re a celebrity, creepy attention is better than no attention.

Even if your show is a hit, it can be tough to make the jump from actress on an ensemble sitcom to household name.

We’re guessing Ariel doesn’t mind getting a little help from her girls.


Ariel Winter: Flawless Photos of a Modern Family Star All Grown Up

We know what you’re thinking – favorite Modern Family star? Isn’t the entire Internet still obsessed with Sofia Vergara?

It certainly is – but at this point, the show has been on so absurdly long that the torch is now being passed to a new generation, and no one in the cast has had a bigger year than Ariel Winter.

In addition to continuing to be a fan favorite in her role as Alex Dunphy, Ariel made news in 2015 for speaking publicly about her breast reduction surgery and courageously taking a stand on a number of issues faced by women and young people in general in the 21st Century.

While many of us shy away from online haters, Ariel puts body-shaming trolls in their place and offers a positive example to her 1.4 million Instagram followers by regularly posting messages of hope and inspiration.

And, of course, she remains a gorgeous young woman. So in honor of her recent 18th birthday, please enjoy a gallery of Ariel’s most flawless photos:

1. Ariel Winter Cleavage Photo

Ariel winter cleavage photo
Ariel Winter put her huge boobs on display in her latest Instagram photo. You’re welcome, Internet.

2. Ariel Winter in a Black Dress

Ariel winter in a black dress
Ariel rocks a classic look. The actress is known for her red carpet style.

3. Ariel Winter in a Low-Cut Dress

Ariel winter in a low cut dress
The girl knows her best angles. She’s spoken publicly about recently undergoing breast reduction surgery.

4. Ariel Winter on the Red Carpet

Ariel winter on the red carpet
Ariel on the red carpet. We don’t know what she’s wearing, but she’s making it work.

5. Ariel Winter on New Year’s Eve

Ariel winter on new years eve
Ariel posted this pic on New Year’s Eve. Based on the devil Emojis that accompanies it, we’re guessing she had a good time.

6. Ariel Winter in People Magazine

Ariel winter in people magazine
Ariel was recently interviewed by People magazine. 2015 was the year fans began to take a real interest in her personal life.


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