Gal Gadot and Isla Fisher Make a Pretty Team


31 year-old Gal Gadot and 40 year-old Isla Fisher looked lovely together as they posed for the cameras at the Keeping Up With The Joneses event at The Rose Garden at The Fox Lot in Century City, California.



Bastille Day Attack: Truck Crashes Into Crowd in France, 75 Killed

Bastille Day Attack: Truck Crashes Into Crowd in France, 75 Killed

Horrifying news out of France today:

At least 75 people were killed late when a man driving a large truck drove into a large crowd in Nice that had gathered to celebrate Bastille Day.

truck crash

According to The Associated Press, via a witness who was on hand for the heinous act, a driver plowed directly into a throng of citizens prior to getting out of the vehicle with a gun, firing away in all directions.

The culprit was shot to death, authorities have confirmed. 

At least 100 people were injured in the slaughter, the same authorities have also said.

“There was carnage on the road,” Wassim Bouhlel, a Nice native, told The Associated Press. “Bodies everywhere.” 

Another individual who was present told Fox News that cops did, indeed, shoot and kill the gunman; his name has not yet been released.

Various photos, meanwhile, depict police trucks riddled with bullets, a result of a gunfight between the suspect and police.

France attack

CNN reports that the tractor-trailer drove for two kilometers along the pavement of the Boulevard des Anglais, the main street in Nice, taking out pedestrians along the way.

Regional President Christian Estrosi says police discovered firearms, explosives and grenades in the truck after the shooter was taken out.

“This is the worst tragedy in the history of Nice with more than 70 victims already reported,” Estrosi Tweeted this evening.

Another person on the scene told the Telegraph that the area was “absolute chaos” and that there were cops “flooding the streets, including anti-terrorism officers.”

And then there was a local reporter who also spoke to The Telegraph, stating the following:

“People ran, there was panic. He drove onto the promenade and plowed into the crowd. There is a huge amount of blood and without doubt a lot of people have been hurt.”

Awful, scary, incomprehensible stuff.

Bastille Day marks the storming of the Bastille in 1789. It is a bank holiday in France, with restaurants and hotels especially crowded with revelers.

Soon after news of the tragedy went public, President Barack Obama issued a statement condemning the attack, saying:

“We stand in solidarity and partnership with France, our oldest ally, as they respond to and recover from this attack.”

We’ll update this sad story as more news breaks.

Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of the victims.


Stacey Dash: Jesse Williams is a ‘perfect example of a Hollywood plantation slave’


Just know, I was looking to avoid covering this, but it’s the Friday before a long holiday weekend and there isn’t much else going on. I’d actually like some commenter-thoughts on this one: in the future, is it smarter to simply avoid Stacey Dash stories completely, no matter how hard she’s trolling? Or should we cover those stories because we need to say (repeatedly) that Stacey Dash is a terrible person filled with terrible ideas?

The BET Awards were held last Sunday, and one of the best moments from the show was Jesse Williams receiving an award for his humanitarian work, and his work with Black Lives Matter and the Advancement Project. Here’s his speech again:

It was a powerful speech that touched on many issues, from police brutality to the exclusion of black women from the narrative of civil rights movements, from savage inequalities in education to the systemic appropriation of black art and talent. Many were moved to tears by Williams. But not Stacey Dash, master troll and Fox News idiot. Dash got on her Patheos blog to complain about Jesse’s speech and insult him for daring to be a black man at an awards show recognizing diversity in the arts and making a speech about the racial problems we still have in this country. How dare he, right? Here’s part of what Dash wrote (I’m leaving her typos):

A few points. You’re not your. Cognitive dissonance not cognitive dissidents.

As for the rest of it… I don’t even want to waste my energy trying to figure out the pretzel of logic she uses to claim that Jesse William is the one ghettoizing people and stereotyping people. How is Jesse Williams a “plantation slave” for working with black activists and making a speech about how much work is left to be done? Who can tell anymore? A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.



David Duchovy on The X-Files: it’s romantic when a man & woman are equals

David Duchovy on The X-Files: it’s romantic when a man & woman are equals

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have an long enjoyable joint interview over on Deadline. This is in the Awardsline section, so it must be part of the Emmy push for the X-Files reboot. Apparently the first round of voting closes June 27th, so please if we have any Emmy voters reading consider the new X-Files (and also Master of None and Bates Motel) on your ballots.

Ever since I heard David Duchovny promoting his new book on Fresh Air I’ve had a renewed appreciation of just how smart and insightful he is. He has a masters in English literature from Yale and his undergraduate degree is from Princeton. I’ve always found Gillian Anderson a joy to listen to as well, so it’s a treat for me to have this interview to report. The problem is that they both say so many interesting things that I don’t know what to cut. Reading the interview is like having a great meal. If you’re an X-Files fan like me I would recommend that you read the interview at the source, but here are my favorite parts. The good news is that the show is such a hit and that they’ve both expressed an interest in returning, so we’ll probably get more X-Files at some point. Anderson says that no one is is talks yet, though.

The second movie was a problem for them as they wanted to do three
Duchovny: But after the second movie opened against The Dark Knight, and it was kind of a doomed enterprise in that way, I think we assumed it was dead. As television rearranged itself over the last 10 years, the idea of a season changed from 24 episodes, to 6, 8, 10, 12, or whatever. It became apparent that we could exist there, at least temporarily.

Anderson: In my head, at least, was the fantasy of maybe doing three movies. I don’t know where that came from, but it was a shame the second was handled in the way it was. We knew we wanted to continue the conversation and try and trump that experience.

They both say that a shorter series arc allowed the show to come back
Duchovny:As television rearranged itself over the last 10 years, the idea of a season changed from 24 episodes, to 6, 8, 10, 12, or whatever. It became apparent that we could exist there, at least temporarily.

Anderson: But the idea of doing a small pack, and realizing that our series works best when we have an opportunity to show all the elements of it, which you can’t fit into a single feature, suddenly it could be allowed to be all those things it is at its very best.

On their gag on Kimmel about how technology has changed, and how that affects the show
Duchovny: I honestly think the writers’ time is best spent not even concerning itself with the kind of questions about how the show exists now, because I feel like every 10 years or so people like to run around proclaiming that the world has changed and technology has changed us. And the fact is: we’re still humans. Our human nature is exactly the same as it was 500 years ago, let alone five years ago. And that’s really what the show concerns itself with; human nature, and possibility and the freedom to wonder and wander.

On their chemistry on screen
Duchovny: What exists in the writing, as well, is that these two people are true partners and they complete one another intellectually and emotionally. I do think that’s very romantic, when you have a man and a woman treating each other as equals. And not just as equals, but as necessary components of one another. Without the other, they fall as people, as entities, as investigators. It’s highly romantic and yet not sexual, though there’s a lot of tension.

Anderson: They have a clear depth of caring about one another, and that’s what really gets people. They care about one another’s welfare, and so even if they’re at odds in their beliefs, their caring transcends that, through all nine seasons.

On how they had chemistry when they first met
Anderson: We didn’t know each other at all, but for some reason there was something in the room between the two of us that wasn’t there with others. To a degree, you can manufacture that as actors, and you have to most of the time, but for some reason there was something tangible and palpable that existed between us, right then.

On if we’ll get more X-Files
Anderson: I’m open to the conversation, though they haven’t come to us yet. I have no clue when they’re going to. I’m getting on with the rest of my life and I’m booking other jobs, so if it is indeed something that they would like to continue, then that conversation will need to be had. And I have no idea when that will be able to take place at this juncture.

[From Deadline]

I love how Anderson is very blunt and matter-of-fact about her busy schedule and the fact that she’s not waiting around for producers to come to her about doing more shows. She’s putting producers on notice, which she did before by revealing that she was initially offered half of what Duchovny was for the reboot. You know he’s the one who told her that, and that he has her back. Their rapport has always been palpable, which is so much of why the show works. I do think they had something more happening recently but so many of you have told me that’s wishful thinking on my part.

As for Duchovny’s thoughts on how technology should be written into the show in the future, I disagree that it shouldn’t be a consideration. The tech-heavy episodes in the original series were some of my favorites and I absolutely loved The Lone Gunmen.




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Jennifer Garner isn’t dating her accountant, which is just too bad

Jennifer Garner isn’t dating her accountant, which is just too bad

Last week, photos came out of Jennifer Garner out with a handsome tall dark-haired man, which seems like her type judging by her two husbands, who was said to be her accountant. The Daily Mail ran a story trying to cook up a romance between the two, but I didn’t mention it because it seemed like there was nothing there. She looked very happy, but she often looks happy when she’s papped for whatever reason. Plus, it was already established that the guy was her accountant. Maybe he just told her how to save a ton on taxes or something. One simple trick. The US Government hates him!

Star ran the story this week in their current edition and Gossip Cop got a denial. The guy wasn’t her accountant, The Daily Mail got that detail wrong and then Star ran with it, he’s the husband of her manager, who was out with them at the time.

Garner was “spotted with the finance fox outside of office hours on June 4 at SoHo House in Malibu,” writes Star. A so-called “spy” is quoted as saying, “They were with a friend, but Jen didn’t seem to care. She had on the biggest grin, batting her lashes and giggling at all of his jokes. She just melted.”

The magazine even describes Garner as “acting more like a googly-eyed teen” than a mother of three. And what about estranged husband Ben Affleck? “Ben knows he doesn’t have a leg to stand on, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t jealous,” a supposed “pal” claims. “He’s got his eye on this guy.”

Uh, actually, he doesn’t, and he doesn’t need to. There is nothing going on between Garner and the man Star can’t even identify by name. Gossip Cop has exclusively learned that the guy in question is actually the husband of Garner’s longtime manager. What’s more is that he isn’t even the star’s accountant.

Basically, Star took a photo of Garner, ignored the fact that the aforementioned “friend” with her was her manager, and tried to make it look like she was dating someone who is very much married. And that means the Affleck quotes are either made up or from a very misinformed “pal.” In any case, the tabloid couldn’t be more wrong here.

[From Gossip Cop]

Garner does look kind of thrilled to be out with that guy, you can see why the tabloids would assume there’s something going on. In the photos that Daily Mail ran you couldn’t even see that there was another person with them, although it was mentioned. However I’ve seen other photos of Jennifer Garner out with people, like the one of her with a friend last week (below), and she beams at her female friend like that too. I would love it if Garner dated someone new and pulled a Taylor Swift complete with a pap rollout. That would tell Ben she’s over it. Alas, it’s not to be.

Earlier this week, Radar Online reported that Ben was delaying the divorce because he didn’t want to pony up and part with a large chunk of his fortune. That actually makes sense to me, because it’s got to be complicated and expensive to divide their assets. However GC also got a denial on that one. Their source used some curious wording though. They said “there’s real love and admiration” between them but they’re not planning to reconcile. From all that we’ve seen of their back and forth in the celebrity-friendly press, it sounds like they’re still unsure when and if they’re going to divorce.


Exclusive... Jennifer Garner, Violet Affleck & Seraphina Affleck Out In LA

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“Megan Fox called out Will Arnett for having really young girlfriends” links


Megan Fox says that Will Arnett brought so many really young women to the TNMT set that she offered the young ladies some Lunchables.


Muhammad Ali: Mourned, Remembered by Stars Everywhere

Muhammad Ali: Mourned, Remembered by Stars Everywhere

The most influential athlete of all-time has passed away.

On June 3, 2016, Muhammad Ali died at the age of 74.

A humanitarian and a boxing Hall of Famer, Ali was known and beloved for his outspoken opinions, unique vocabulary… and enormous heart.

Here is a look at how a large swath of celebrities reacted to his passing:

1. Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle union pic
Rest in Peace and Eternal Glory #muhammadali Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

2. Peter Facinelli

Peter facinelli image
The Greatest of All Time.Rip #MuhammedAli.

3. Matt Lauer

What matt lauer worry
The Greatest is gone. @MuhammadAli changed the world as a fighter, humanitarian, teacher and force for peace and understanding. A champion.

4. Nick Lachey

Nick lachey visits fox and friends
Not many people can claim the title of legend. #Ali was one!! Blessings to he and his family. His legacy will live forever. #champ.

5. Donald Trump

Trumped up
Muhammad Ali is dead at 74! A truly great champion and a wonderful guy. He will be missed by all!

6. Josh Gad

Josh gad
In a year where many greats have passed, the greatest of all has just left us. Goodbye champ. Fly like a butterfly.

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