Jennifer Lawrence: “I Don’t Want To Constantly Be a GIF”

Jennifer Lawrence Marie Claire

-I’m not in love with this Jennifer Lawrence cover, but the interview is great. She says she’s ready for the inevitable backlash (“Nobody can stay beloved forever. People are going to get sick of me”), talks about how she makes it work with Nicholas Hoult, sounds off on her GIFification, and says fame made her “closed off” and “rude.”

-Remember those cute photos of Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss  walking around NYC last week? Of course they immediately led to some ridiculous rumour about them hooking up. They are not.

-Damn you and your irrepressible adorableness, Tom Hiddleston! That’s not even the comic book character you play!

-Just like Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith thinks it’s no big deal that her 13-year-old daughter took a photo in bed with a shirtless 20-year- old actor — though she was a lot more defensive about it. The phrase “covert pedophiles” was thrown around.

-There are some unconfirmed reports that Chris Martin and Alexa Chung were spotted having dinner in NYC, which should do nothing to quash those rumours that she was the reason behind his conscious uncoupling.

-Meanwhile, Gwyneth Paltrow got defensive in this week’s issue of GOOP, suggesting her working mother quote was taken out of context.

Terry Crews has been named the new host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, which is great because everyone in the world should know his name — and his dance moves.

-Surf’s Down: Gerard Butler bailed on that ill-advised Point Break remake due to “creative differences.” Who wants to bet those differences were with the gym?

-This might be the first trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s A Million Ways to Die in the West that made me kinda sorta maybe not want to avoid it at all costs. Possibly — and only because it features Sarah Silverman explaining vaginas.

Seth MacFarlane could use the support. His terrible show Dads was just canceled (deservedly so). Less deservedly, the awesome Enlisted also got the axe. So did Surviving Jack, which I didn’t watch but heard only  great things about.

-In other TV news, The CW just renewed Hart of Dixie and Beauty of the Beast (really?!), but cancelled Star-Crossed and The Carrie Diaries. They also picked up four new dramas, including Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas’ iZombie, and the Arrow spinoff The Flash — which I’m excited about because it means Tom Cavanagh will be back on our TVs! Also because Arrow has been having an absolutely killer season.

-In other TV news, Debra Messing is returning to NBC, as is HIMYM’s Mother.

-Did Shia LaBeouf just burn those terrible, terrible pants of his?

Ellen Degeneres grilled Julia Roberts on George Clooney’s engagement.

Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce go head-to- head in an intense new clip from their Cannes entry The Rover.

-Last week I mentioned I could never see the point of paying for a photo opp with a celebrity (except for maybe the cast of Being Human, ’cause those freaks be crazy). Avril Lavigne fans learned their lesson after paying nearly $400 for these super awkward photos.

Kimye‘s issue of Vogue didn’t sell nearly as well as “projected.” Prayer works!

-The Clueless cast was rollin’ with the homies earlier this week.

Reese Witherspoon swears like a trucker in Cara Delevingnes’ Instagram videos: “If you force me to say your last name, I’ll be f**ked…I love you Kara, Cara, I don’t know what your f**king name is.”

Billy Eichner’s reaction to LA’s earthquake was the goddamn best: “IS EMMY ROSSUM OK”

Billy Eichner is on a roll this week. He also played a game with Sean Hayes called “Who Is The Most Famous Person You Can Get On Your Phone?

-Ruh roh. Elizabeth Banks is being sued over Walk Of Shame.

Paula Patton opens up about her recent separation from Robin Thicke: “There’s a deep love there.”

Piers Morgan went after Larry King hard on Twitter today.

-Lost’s Michael Emerson tried to use Pharrell’s “Happy” to prove he’s not as evil as he looks. It didn’t work.

Pink’s hubby Carey Hart laughed off those pregnancy rumors with a really gross joke.

-Fun: Allison‘s musical in Orphan Black is based on real show that debuted in Toronto.

Ben Affleck was banned from a Vegas casino for card counting during blackjack. I really could have used him last weekend…

Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour critiqued men’s fashion at the Met Gala on Seth Meyers‘ show — and said only one guy got it right.

-Also, Amy Poehler finally returned Seth Meyers’ credit card.

Bryan Cranston was on Fallon this week, where he learned that words are hard.

Jason Dohring is shooting a Hallmark movie in which he plays a single dad and I want it in my eyeholes immediately!

Amber Heard looks as uncomfortable about being held by Johnny Depp as we feel about seeing it.

Seth Rogen can’t stop slamming Justin Bieber. God bless him.

Sarah Chalke and Donald Faison have a secret handshake, which makes me miss Scrubs even more.

-Here’s the international trailer for 22 Jump Street.

-In other movie news, the final trailer for Disney’s Maleficent is here.

Brangelina have started promoted the movie, and they look amazing. I’m glad his hair situation is finally under control.

-The new trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is actually kinda great. Gary Oldman and Keri Russell FTW!

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Rolling Stone details the symbiotic relationship between celebs & paparazzi

Rolling Stone details the symbiotic relationship between celebs & paparazzi


Rolling Stone published an absolutely amazing story about the paparazzi, celebrity culture in LA and the multi-billion-dollar industry of photographing celebrities. There’s way too much to include in one post, and I would definitely suggest anyone with even a passing interest in celebrity gossip, money, the paparazzi and entertainment media should read the piece. GO HERE to read it. The basic story is that a Rolling Stone reporter rode shotgun with Vlad, a paparazzo in LA for several days. But the article also includes a bunch of quotes from players in the photo agency and media game, plus some interesting details about how all of this really works. Some interesting parts:

*None of the paps have any respect for Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell “pedorazzi” thing: “It’s hilarious,” says Rick “Top Hat Rick” Mendoza. “Kristen comes up with a new hate word – pedorazzi – and goes on this campaign just as her movie Veronica Mars is coming out. What a coincidence! Now who’s manipulating who?”

*Any celebrity that takes their kid to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood knows that their kid is going to get pap’d. Halle Berry, one of the celebrities who instigated the anti-paparazzi legislation, used to take Nahla there.

*TMZ completely changed the way the paparazzi operate, and not for the better. TMZ pays off pretty much everyone for info, from hotel managers to cops to airline employees (TMZ gets the passenger lists) to waitresses and salesclerks.

*Photos of Kylie Jenner pay a lot more than photos of Mark Wahlberg.

*What Vlad has to say about Kylie Jenner hiding her face: “Bitch, stop covering up. Let motherf–kers shoot you and get it over with,” mutters Vlad. “All this f–king attitude – ‘Ooh, I don’t wanna be shot.’ Someone like Angelina Jolie would just give us the shot – she’s beautiful.” Vlad doesn’t mention that Jenner is 16 and Jolie is 38.

*But celebs know where to go to get pap’d. RS writes: “Celebs that hit the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills quadrant and places like the Urth Caffé are not exactly trying to keep a low profile; it’s sort of like if LeBron James went to an ESPN Zone and then whined about being hounded for autographs. Probably 90 percent of pap shots in L.A. are taken in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and where Vlad trawls – the London, Urth Caffé, Sunset Boulevard Equinox, the playground near Coldwater Canyon – resembles a magical place called Pappyland, where the stars’ makeup is always perfect and their kids are freshly scrubbed and immaculate in brightly colored clothes.”

*In 2007, when Britney Spears was breaking down hard, she would tip the paps to her whereabouts. Kim Kardashian would tip the paps in her early days. Denise Richards and Tori Spelling still do it too.

*Tom Cruise’s publicist would tip the paps as to Tom and Katie Holmes’ whereabouts in the early days of their romance. The co-owner of Fame/Flynet says: “Sometimes publicists tip off the paps without telling their clients. They think their client needs the hit, but the star might think it’s beneath them, so they just leak the information without telling them.”

*Angelina Jolie used the paps to rewrite her narrative. RS writes: “Before Angelina Jolie became a humanitarian, she was best known for wearing a vial of blood around her neck and kissing her brother. After she adopted seven-month-old Maddox from a Cambodian orphanage, Jolie carefully orchestrated a photo shoot with an approved pap that repositioned her image from troubled goth to responsible adult. After she started dating Brad Pitt, it was leaked to a photo agency that they would be taking their first big vacation at Kenya’s Diani Beach, not exactly a pap hangout. The pictures rocked the tabloid world. (Now the couple are among the toughest celebs to snap, vacationing where paps can’t get to without an AmEx black card and a helicopter.)”

*Some celebs get paid to get pap’d: Lindsay Lohan has tipped off paps about her next stop in return for a gratuity. Ryan Reynolds is known to have an antagonistic relationship with the paparazzi, but recently he has been “captured” eating Chobani yogurt, carrying a Burger King bag, smiling at a Nespresso cafe and caressing a Can-Am motorcycle, all in apparently preplanned shots.

*Figuring out what will sell: A good Gerard Butler shot earned Vlad only 60 bucks, but a crummy photo of Jessica Alba scored him $900 last month. Why? Alba is carrying a Christian Dior bag, and Christian Dior bought the picture. Other photos, like Jessie J, have almost no value in the States but will be huge sellers overseas, maybe worth a few thousand dollars.

[From Rolling Stone]

That Angelina Jolie stuff is interesting, although I’ve heard something like that before. Well, I’d never heard the thing about her arranging for photos of Maddox right after she adopted him, but I had heard that Angelina made the call to get pap’d with Brad on the beach in Kenya in 2005. Brad later bitched about that, like the paparazzo had tracked him to Kenya, but not so much. I also found the Ryan Reynolds stuff fascinating – when he was with Scarlett Johansson, he never would have gotten pap’d doing that kind of brand promotion. But I guess marrying Blake Lively really changed him.

Mostly, I find it fascinating to see who the paps like (Angelina always gives them good shots, and Vlad adores Olivia Wilde for never hiding her face) and whom they don’t like (Halle, Kristen Bell, etc).



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.


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Michael Fassbender’s definitely dating Gerard Butler’s ex, Madalina Ghenea


Back in November 2013, there were some rumors and photos floating around, and some people thought Michael Fassbender was dating/hooking up with Madalina Ghenea, better known as the exotic beauty who dated Gerard Butler for the better part of a year. Madalina has always reminded me of the kind of woman that George Clooney would like – she gives me Elisabetta Canalis vibes, and by that I mean Madalina sometimes seems like an international “party girl,” dating high-profile men for fame.

Well, even though the Fassy-and-Madalina rumors have been around for months, Madalina only recently confirmed her breakup with Gerard Butler. I suspect Gerard dumped her months ago, for what it’s worth, but it was only made official recently. So to celebrate… Michael Fassbender took her to Italy. Seriously. There are photos – go here to see. That’s definitely Fassy and that’s definitely Madalina. Huh. Just Jared theorizes that Madalina and Fassbender met at the Toronto Film Festival and that’s where this crazy train began. I have no idea.

So, I’ve gotten tweets and emails from the Fassloonies about this, asking me if I’m going to keep my promise. I promised to breakup with Fassy for good if he was really dating Madalina. Well… you have to realize, I was already half-way there because of Fassbender’s asinine refusal to “campaign” for an Oscar. Fassbender was and is acting like a child who got told “NO” one time and now he’s sitting in a corner in a self-imposed huff. His petulance is the whole reason Jared Leto is now the front-runner for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. So, I’m actually more pissed about that than I am about Madalina. But Madalina might be the final straw. Conclusion: Yep, I’m breaking up with him. I’m sorry, Fassy, but I just can’t with you anymore.



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Step Right Up, Ladies: Bradley Cooper Wants Kids

Step Right Up, Ladies: Bradley Cooper Wants Kids

bradley cooper

Bradley Cooper was apparently the fifth hottest actor of 2013, so he should have no problem fulfilling his desire to be a dad. His own father died two years ago, but he thinks having kids would make his dad proud of him and that he’d learn a lot from the experience.

From Look Magazine:

“I would love to be a father! And I know my own dad would have been very proud of me if I start a family.

“Raising me and my sister Holly was his greatest joy in life and I know that’s my next step.”

Well, good for him! Last I heard, he was perhaps maybe sorta dating Rachel McAdams but I think that ship has sailed since she’s obviously reuniting with Ryan Gosling so they can live their real life Notebook romance. I dunno, maybe Bradley can adopt with Gerard Butler? LOL.

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Melissa McCarthy Gets Trimmed in The Heat Poster

-Melissa McCarthy is the latest victim of a Photoshop fail (again!), with her face apparently slimmed down and blurred for The Heat‘s UK poster. To be fair, the US poster is terrible as well, but at least Sandra Bullock also … Continue reading

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Miranda Kerr Instagrams a ‘just woke up’ makeup-less selfie: cheesy or lovely?

Miranda Kerr Instagram’d this photo ^^ yesterday morning. Presumably, she had just woken up, grabbed her phone and decided to take this makeup-less selfie? Do you think that’s really what happened? Granted, I’m an old fart and I don’t understand the young’uns choice to document EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of their lives on social media, but for a major model to just wake up one morning, roll over and say, “Yes, selfie time”?? It seems random, self-absorbed and shady.

That being said, it’s a gorgeous photo and I’m jealous. I don’t really think Miranda is all that “sexy” but I do think she’s pretty in a doll-like way, but seeing her all bedhead-y and makeup less… yeah, she’s sexy. Just think, this is what Leonardo DiCaprio Gerard Butler Orlando Bloom wakes up to occasionally!

Miranda is something of a compulsive Instagram-er, so I’m including some additional photos from her feed. The black-and-white image of a topless Miranda looking into the camera is from her photoshoot for her skincare range, Kora Organics. Miranda said:

“KORA Organics is a reflection of my passion for living a healthy, balanced organic lifestyle that I want to share. I wanted to develop a range of products that bring together the very best in skincare ingredients that are designed to nourish, replenish and hydrate the skin. The range is exactly what I wanted for myself but was unable to find anywhere in the world. The products represent my healthy/balanced lifestyle, my beliefs and love of organics.”

[Via The Mirror]

Apparently, the Kora skincare line includes ingredients like aloe vera, nosehip oil and ‘noni juice’. The Mirror says most of the stuff is in the £32.00 range… more expensive than Oil of Olay, but not as expensive as La Mer. So… Miranda is becoming a Goop/Jessica Alba-type lifestyle brand, it seems. And Miranda’s marketshare is aimed at middle class and upper middle class women who love all-organic skincare stuff. Not a bad business plan at all.

Photos courtesy of Miranda’s Instagram.


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Gerard Butler, Rachel Zoe spotted at Cinema Society Great Gatsby cocktail party

Gerard Butler, Rachel Zoe spotted at Cinema Society Great Gatsby cocktail party

Gerard Butler was spotted having fun at the Cinema Society Great Gatsby cocktail party at Lamb’s club sponsored by Caliche Rum. Guests at the event, including Miranda Kerr and Gatsby director Baz Lurhmann, enjoyed music from The Great Gatsby soundtrack and enjoyed speciality Caliche Rum cocktails renamed for the movie.

Rachel Zoe and her husband Rodger Berman made a stylish arrival at the Cinema Society Great Gatsby cocktail party.

Photo – Nicholas Hunt /