Blac Chyna’s Look at the 1Oak Nightclub – Wow or Eww?

blac-chyna-style-3 - Blac Chyna's Look at the 1Oak Nightclub - Wow or Eww?

Blac Chyna, who gave birth to her second child two months ago, hosted a party at the 1Oak Nightclub in Las Vegas the other day, while wearing a super tight dress with lots of cleavage. As for her hairstyle, the curvy star went all white, straight and braided.

How do you like her chosen outfit?

Blac Chyna’s Look at the 1Oak Nightclub – Wow or Eww?

Celebrity Instagram Roundup August 29 – September 04

Celebrity Instagram Roundup August 29 – September 04

Check out this week’s roundup of social media snaps, full of your favorite celebs.

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“Megan Fox called out Will Arnett for having really young girlfriends” links


Megan Fox says that Will Arnett brought so many really young women to the TNMT set that she offered the young ladies some Lunchables.


Jennifer Aniston throws shade on Manic Panic: ‘Pink & green hair could go away’


Jennifer Aniston gave yet another interview about economic policy, Brexit, international relations and the strength of Euro. Just kidding! She gave an interview about her hair. Aniston is currently promoting Mother’s Day, although you wouldn’t know it from this interview because she’s just shilling (endlessly) for Living Proof, the haircare company she partially owns. There is, I believe, a lot of junky non-science in here. Like, Aniston is about two seconds away from suggesting that women rub healing crystals on their split ends. Some highlights:

Her new favorite haircare product: “The newest, coolest thing I’ve discovered from Living Proof and its scientific world is the Timeless Treatment. It’s a hair color protector. It goes on and looks like a cream conditioner, but you put it onto your hair from the roots down to the tip. You let it sit for five minutes and then shower and shampoo, which activates the product to seal and protect the color. Then you condition. The concept allows you to keep the richness of your color longer. It’s kind of amazing.”

Don’t wash your hair with hot water: “Hot water is never good for your hair or skin, so I wash in warm water. It also depends on what day it is. If I’m working then I usually do wash it, because it has to have continuity, but if I’m not working I try to give my hair a break for as many days as possible. After the gym, if I have to be somewhere, I usually just throw some heat on it to dry the sweat and then do a little dry shampoo and a little Night Cap, and I’m fresh as a daisy. I can last a good three or four days without washing my hair, and all of this stuff just kind of keeps it fresh and alive and smelling great.”

Her workout hairstyle: “I just wrap it up into whatever rubber band or clip I can find and it usually gets thrown on top of my head.”

Her favorite hair trends: “I love a cut from afar, but I’m pretty classic and like to stick to what feels good for me. I don’t usually follow hair trends. I wish I could, but I always feel like I’m trying to be something I’m not. I love seeing these ’70s shags, though. They’re all super cute! And I always love a good highlighted head of hair.”

Her least favorite hair trends: “Pink and green hair could go away. I don’t understand that to be honest, especially the green!

Her hairstylist’s best advice: “His big advice is the less you mess with your hair, the better. Less is more, don’t touch it, don’t wash it every day, and just let it be. That way, it saves up your hair’s energy for when you have to go to work and be on camera and put it under the hot lights and driers and rollers. It’s really just about doing less and using good products to maintain its health.”




DM: The Queen ‘quietly advised’ Duchess Kate to get a more ‘appropriate’ hairstyle

LOL, I chuckled at Kate “not wanting to admit defeat quickly.” Is that how she sees it? Being advised by the Queen and being told to make changes is “admitting defeat.” Kate waged a war to wear miniskirts and have flyaway hair and she lost. Also: the Queen reads our comment section, I think. How many years have we been giving Kate free styling advice? We’ve said for years that she needs to stop wearing her hair so long. We’ve said that she needs to stop with the sausage curls (and she has severely cut back on the sausage curls, so yay us). We’ve said she needs to wear her hair back more often. We’ve said she needs to make an effort to look more professional. And the Queen was listening and agreeing with us. The Queen was also credited (back in 2014) with finally ordering Kate to stop with the “Marilyn Moments,” short skirts and cheap jewelry.



“Adele’s long-awaited third album might be coming out this November!” links

“Adele’s long-awaited third album might be coming out this November!” links



Sophie Hunter wears orange Osman for ‘Hamlet’ opening night: fug or fab?

Sophie Hunter wears orange Osman for ‘Hamlet’ opening night: fug or fab?


Let me just unload. I dislike dresses with only one sleeve. I dislike orange dresses. I dislike asymmetrical hemlines. I dislike obvious wrinkles on expensive dresses. I dislike “undone” hairstyles combined with “polished” ensembles. And even with all of the minuses piling up, I actually think Sophie Hunter looks pretty good here. Yes, the orange dress is fugly, but she wears it well. Yes, her hair needs something, even a loose chignon would be better than this, but still… it’s not awful. Yes, everything is sort of awkwardly wrinkled, but… she looks okay.

These are photos of Sophie at the big opening night for her husband’s opening night. As I said yesterday, Benedict’s endless previews are now done and all of Hamlet’s kinks have been worked out. Maybe it was the endless “previews” or maybe there’s some lingering Cumber-exhaustion, but the opening night red carpet was pretty weak. Benedict didn’t even walk the carpet – the carpet consisted of Sophie, Mark Gatiss, Allen Leech and Dan Stevens and that’s about it. Sophie really was “the star” of the carpet. Too bad her ugly dress clashed with the carpet.

Her dress is by Osman, which is a label we haven’t seen on Sophie before. We’ve seen her wear a lot of Erdem and some notable Valentino (her wedding gown was Valentino) and Lanvin (the red dress at the Oscars). Her shoes are Valentino Rockstud slingbacks. Not my style, but whatever.

Deadline had an interesting review of the play – go here to read. They say that a lot of money went into this production but there are some real fru-fru moments that are slightly ridiculous. They say Bendy is good though.



Some photos of Sophie & Bendy at the after-party:

Photos courtesy of Getty, WENN.


Special thanks Cele Bitch