Gisele Bundchen’s Approach to Halloween Candy

very-restrictive-diet - Gisele Bundchen's Approach to Halloween Candy

Supermodel queen Gisele Bundchen is known for opting for a very restrictive diet, one that is mostly raw and void of sugar. The mom of two implements almost the same diet when it comes to her kids, which is why she is very much against Halloween candy.

More details on this story from People Magazine:

Forget eating her kids’ Halloween candy, Gisele Bündchen not only didn’t steal any of her children’s haul, but she gave it all away! The supermodel mom made an appearance at the grand opening of the Under Armour Boston Brand House in the Prudential Center on Wednesday evening, and explained that son Benjamin and daughter Vivian (who dressed as Mario and a pony, respectively) were so uninterested in their Halloween haul, they let their mom give it away.

“We don’t really have that a kind of sugar in our house,” Bündchen told PEOPLE. “I let them try one (piece), but they really only had one bite and then they didn’t want it anymore. So I told them if they didn’t like it I was going to give it away to other kids and they actually let me give their candy away,” she added of her and Tom Brady‘s kids.

But don’t feel bad for Bündchen’s kids; they still get to eat dessert every day.

“It’s a little different kind of sweets, so they’re not used to it,” said Bündchen. “I said to them, ‘You know, there are so many kids that don’t get candy and you guys got so many, some kids don’t even get one! And they’re like, ‘Oh mom, okay you can give it to them if they don’t get any.’”

What do you think of Gisele’s very restrictive diet approach? Moderation is better or perfectly reasonable?


Super Skinny Celebrity Files: Tara Reid


Super Skinny Celebrity Files: 40 year-old actress Tara Reid, who looked quite frail as she attended the Maxim magazine Halloween Party in Los Angeles, where she wore a racy Greek-inspired costume.

A few months back, the thin actress was tired of being criticized for her trademark super skinny celebrity status, so she clarified a few things:

I feel great about my body. People always tell me to eat a burger — I love burgers! If I were to gain 10 pounds, I’d be asked why I got fat. I’m thin — and I’m good with that. People need to stop with the body shaming! I won’t let what anyone says stop me from enjoying my life. I truly feel I need to constantly prove myself in this business. I’ve done 46 movies, and it’s still tough to get roles when you’re misunderstood and judged.


Madonna ‘insisted’ on having the Met Gala carpet to herself for photos

Madonna ‘insisted’ on having the Met Gala carpet to herself for photos


I’ve never been a die-hard Madonna fan. I liked her for many years, and if I have a reason to defend her, I will. But this current incarnation of Madonna is just really uncomfortable. Her appearance at the Met Gala was really messy, and when she tried to speak to the reporters, her face could barely function because she’s had so much work done. She’s clinging to her youth, absolutely. But even more than that, it’s like she’s clinging to this idea she has of herself, that she’s always going to be the most important, the most notable, the most scandalous and the most discussed person in the room. And is that the reality? People were discussing her Met Gala appearance, absolutely. But did she “scandalize” anyone? Or were we just like, “Oh, God. Please put it away”? Page Six says that Madonna and her people demanded that all other celebrities clear off the gala red carpet while Madonna strutted her butt cheeks. Ugh.

A-listers, make way for Madonna. The Queen of Pop, squeezed into a peculiar posterior-baring bondage outfit, halted the red carpet at the Met Gala for her arrival.

A source tells us, “Madonna cleared the red carpet to make her big entrance, even though she was not really dressed. All these A-listers had to wait for Madonna, who insisted on having the carpet to herself, to have her pictures taken.”

Those held up and forced to wait on line while Madge did her thing included Katy Perry, Kim and Kanye, Naomi Campbell, Solange and all the designers. The source added that things got funny when Perry got impatient and started yelling out at limelight-loving Madonna, “Are we ready now? Can we go?”

[From Page Six]

Madonna making Kanye West wait is… appropriate. But pulling “rank” like that at the Met Gala is just so cheesy, especially in Madonna’s situation these days (her Sad Clown act) and especially considering her Givenchy ensemble was absolutely ridiculous.

Oh, and Joan Collins (of all people) had some mean words to say about Madonna:

“I thought it was a costume party, Halloween look, but it’s the Met Ball which is supposedly one of the most glamorous and fashionable events and I thought that the bottom thing coming out was a bit over the top… I am the least ageist person… if you want to do that, be prepared to be made a figure of fun because I don’t know anybody who hasn’t been laughing about it.”

[From Express]

Is this how Madonna “scandalizes” these days? By being the joke, by being laughed at, by being thought of as out-of-touch? It’s almost enough to make me feel sorry for her. But then I look at these photos – where Madonna looked like she was soaking up the flashes – and I don’t feel sorry for her.



Photos courtesy of WENN.


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Elsa Pataky & Chris Hemsworth ‘dressed up’ like Native Americans for NYE


Usually this kind of thing happens around Halloween. Like, I expect “dressing up as other races like race is a costume” at Halloween. I wasn’t expecting it for New Year’s Eve. But it happened. Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth threw a NYE party and it involved “costumes.” The theme seems to be “Wild West” so people were dressed up like cowboys (fine) and Native Americans. As you can see in this Instagram posted by Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth and his wife were both “in costume” as Native Americans.

Do we even need to say words at this point about how wrong this is? Cultural appropriation is not cool. Someone’s race is not a costume. You could say “oh, but Elsa and Chris aren’t American, maybe they didn’t know.” Chris is Australian, and Australia has their own (similar) history of racism towards Australian Aborigines. I just don’t get why, in this day and age, celebrities don’t understand that this is NOT COOL. And not only that, why Elsa felt the need to post it on social media. Awful.

Incidentally, after Chris Hemsworth failed to launch himself as a stand-alone movie star outside of Marvel films, his asking price per film has gone down to $6-$8 million (after an asking price of $12 million). Maybe moving back to Australia wasn’t such a great idea after all?

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LeAnn Rimes dressed up as a Victoria’s Secret Angel for Halloween, of course

LeAnn Rimes dressed up as a Victoria’s Secret Angel for Halloween, of course


Here are some photos of LeAnn Rimes hosting a party for Life & Style. A few things. One, this “costume” is basically just lingerie with wings. Like, I guess she’s supposed to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but who does that? Who dresses up like a Victoria’s Secret Angel for Halloween?! Second thing: I wonder if LeAnn hosted this party for L&S for a nice paycheck. Back in July, we heard something about how LeAnn and Eddie have borrowed $350,000 from friends and they haven’t paid it back yet. I would totally believe that LeAnn and Eddie’s finances are in shambles and that LeAnn takes these kinds of gigs (or any kind of gig) just to keep herself and Eddie afloat.

Now, all that being said… LeAnn doesn’t look bad here. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen photos of her in a while or something, but she looks… good. Slightly different? Like, maybe she got some subtle tweaking? LeAnn spoke to the Daily Mail at this event about how she works out every day. The Mail also refers to her at one point as a “pin up.” Gag. Some highlights:

Why she works out: “I love food and I literally work out so I can eat what I want. Because I love food and wine and I love tequila and that’s what I want. I want to be able to eat and drink.. That’s what it’s about, it’s pretty simple.”

She enjoys her workouts: “I’ve learned to enjoy it. I’ve learned to find workouts that I really enjoy. I do everything from boxing to Pilates. I think it’s about consistency. Really, for me, it’s so hard to work out when I’m on the road because it’s like you’re in a different city every night and you’re trying to find the energy or the time, or whatever it may be. I’ve learned those moments when I really don’t feel like doing it are the moments I have to do it. That’s what keeping healthy is all about. To me it’s consistency. It’s really about getting your butt up when you really don’t want to and doing it. It’s about being healthy, I eat well. I don’t eat bad food. I eat well.”

Moving to a new label: “I was at the same label for 20 years and now I’m moving ahead in a completely new direction and I’m only 33 so that’s still a good thing. I’m very young after being in this business for that long so I’m hoping that this is a brand new start and I’m really excited about it.”




“Seriously, why does Jimmy Fallon keep having all of these accidents?” links

“Seriously, why does Jimmy Fallon keep having all of these accidents?” links


Jimmy Fallon busted his other hand at Harvard because “some random girl kneeled down in front of him abruptly as he was turning around and he tripped over her because he didn’t see her.”


Comic-Con: Ben Affleck is a ‘burn out’ in new ‘Batfleck v. Superman’ trailer

Comic-Con: Ben Affleck is a ‘burn out’ in new ‘Batfleck v. Superman’ trailer

Your regularly scheduled Gatfleck drama will continue with CB tomorrow, I’m sure. For today, I’m trying to do some of the big highlights from the past three days of Comic-Con, which sounds surprisingly good. I read one preview that made it sound like this year’s Comic-Con was going to be crap because Marvel wasn’t doing anything, but in Marvel’s absence, Warner Brothers and Disney really brought the dramz.

On Saturday, Warner Brothers did a big panel for all of their upcoming properties, like The Man From UNCLE, Pan, Suicide Squad and of course, Batman v. Superman. This was Ben Affleck’s first scheduled/work appearance since he and Jennifer Garner announced their split two weeks ago. Ben made sure to wear his wedding ring, because obviously that kind of BS matters (not really), and he was part of a panel that included Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg and director Zack Snyder. They introduced the newest trailer, which I’ll discuss in a moment. Ben was asked why he decided to become The Batfleck and he told an obviously pre-rehearsed story about meeting Christian Bale and getting his blessing:

“If I thought too hard about the actors who played the part before, I couldn’t take the job. George Clooney did great, Christian Bale … I talked to Zack and I was like are you sure, you know? And he said I have this vision, I have this idea for the guy and you’re perfect for it. What do you mean? [He’s at] the end of his rope, he’s a burn out [laughs] … The truth was that he took me through he process of creating this character that I quite almost didn’t see and at the end of it I was astonished … That was exactly what you pitched me and I wasn’t sure I was doing it. Before I started the movie I was getting my kid’s Halloween costume and my son is really into Batman and we went to a costume store in Los Angeles and it was pretty empty and I was in the aisle and I hear this ‘Oi.’ I turned around, it’s Christian Bale who’s the sweetest guy ever and there he and I are standing in the Batman [aisle]. I said look man you’re the best, what do you think? [He said] ‘Make sure you could piss in that suit.’ Christian Bale was also buying his son the suit. He doesn’t just hang out [in the Batman aisle].”

[From People]

“He’s at the end of his rope, he’s a burn out…” Yep. What is it about directors instinctively knowing the truth of Ben Affleck’s character these days? First David Fincher and now Zack Snyder.

As for the trailer… God, it’s SO DARK. I mean, DC Comics insists on having the darkest, most morose superheroes ever. Everything has to be about Christ-figures and violent anarchy and NO ONE CAN EVER SMILE. I will say this – Ben as Bruce Wayne is actually fine. I believe Ben as Bruce Wayne. But no, I will never really be on board with The Batfleck. And do we really need to see Bruce Wayne’s parents get killed in yet another movie? Also: this is our first real glimpse of Holly Hunter’s senator (YAAYYYY Holly Hunter I love her), Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor with hair and Amy Adams playing Lois-with-great-hair again. We also get a glimpse of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince and Wonder Woman.

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