“The new ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ trailer has more James Spader” links

“The new ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ trailer has more James Spader” links

The extended trailer for The Avengers: Age of Ultron has more James Spader. [Pajiba]
In Touch Weekly says Matt LeBlanc is cheating on his girlfriend. [Wonderwall]
Charlie Hunnam thinks he would have been a disaster in 50 Shades. [Evil Beet]
Blind Item: I’m assuming this is Jonah Hill? [CDAN]
Real Housewife Emoji stickers are now a real thing. [Starcasm]
Elle Fanning’s new role has her playing a transgender teen. [ICYDK]
Casey Wilson is knocked up! Yay. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Kelly Brook is still thirsty. [IDLY]
Here’s the tragic Amanda Bynes story of the day. [Bitten & Bound]
Rooney Mara in Givenchy… blah. [RCFA]
Should the word “feminism” be banned? No. [The Frisky]
Jinkx Monsoon covers Radiohead’s “Creep.” [PopBytes]
Christoph Waltz, before he was famous. [Seriously OMG WTF]


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Kim Kardashian in Ralph & Russo at the GQ UK event: budget or sexy?

Kim Kardashian in Ralph & Russo at the GQ UK event: budget or sexy?


The GQ UK Men of the Year Awards were held last night in London and we have so many good/interesting photos from the event. This post is just about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. This is the reason why Kanye and Kim flew to London yesterday – I covered those photos, with Doc Martens-clad North West. Kim and Kanye appeared at this event because Kim won GQ UK’s “Woman of the Year” gong.

I’m assuming Kanye dressed Kim. Just because that seems to be their M.O. and Kanye does treat Kim like she’s his very special (sex) doll. It’s all very My Fair Lady. So, Kanye told Kim to wear this Ralph & Russo gown which… eh. I never know what to think of Ralph & Russo as a label. The designs can veer into “matronly” but sometimes their churn out some old-school glam. This is neither. This just looks like a drowsy hooker wanted to wear something sparkly. Apparently, this isn’t technically a dress – Kim paired a leather bodysuit with a glittery skirt. Was that the designer’s intention? Eh. Anyway, there’s too much fabric and heaviness being added to Kim’s mid-section which (guess what?) adds weight.

Kim also “cut” her hair recently. I’m using sarcastic quotes because I think she just took out some of her extensions, but for what it’s worth… I like this length on her. I also like that she’s trying out some volume and wavy bedhead styles rather than that dated, pin-straight, center-part hair she usually does.

Oh, and Kim posted an Instagram photo of the place settings for her table at this event. She and Kanye were seated with Sam Smith (poor, poor Sam Smith!!), Lewis Hamilton, Jonah Hill (!!!) and Pharrell Williams. Pray for all of them, because you know Kanye was dropping some Yeezus truth-bombs on all of them.

PS… I LOVE the photo of Kanye fixing her skirt. Hand to God, I love it.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.


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Amy Poehler’s Book Cover and Synopsis Revealed

Amy Poehler book Yes, Please

Amy Poehler’s memoir-esque book Yes, Please will be released Oct. 28, 2014.

Amy Poehler is releasing a book in October called Yes, Please (also known as “what I’m getting every single person I know for Christmas.” You’re welcome.).

-Sadness: Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell have split after nearly two years of marriage. I like them both and wish them well!

-A new video clip shows One Direction’s squeaky clean Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik smoking pot on their way to a concert. And so it begins…

Hayden Panettiere is reportedly expecting her first child with fiance Wladimir Klitschko. She’s actually the best thing about Nashville (which pains me to say when Tami Taylor is also on that show, but it’s true.)

-Instagram took down a photo of a sweatshirt Scout Willis designed that features naked women, so she protested the social network site by walking around New York topless.

-The Hollywood Reporter asked Robert Pattinson if he still talks to Kristen Stewart“Oh, yeah,” he said blithely.

Tom Cruise’s new Edge of Tomorrow movie is tracking soft in the US. Should Johnny Depp start making space for him in Hollywood jail?

-Not tracking soft is Angelina Jolie‘s Maleficent, which I’m seeing tonight. Something tells me I’m going to walk out of that thing with a cheekbone complex.

Gwyneth Paltrow says that being a celebrity who faces online criticism is like being in a war. Oh god. She just makes it so easy, doesn’t she?

Katy Perry has scored Cosmopolitan’s first-ever global cover, which means she’ll be gracing the July cover of all 62 editions.

-I really like this article about how Seth Rogen proved Washington Post writer Ann Hornaday’s point about Elliot Rodger. Yes, Hornaday could have chosen a better example of misogynist pop culture than Neighbors (how about Mixology, which I stopped watching after one episode when it became clear the main character’s catchphrase would be “I’m going to smash her out!”), but Rogen’s knee-jerk reaction on Twitter was bad form. Also, as a Washington Post editor tweeted today, “Dear celebrities criticizing WaPo: Your objections would seem more sincere if you accepted our offer to respond in more than 140 characters.”

Levar Burton has started a Kickstarter to bring back Reading Rainbow. Get on that, parent types.

Monica Lewinsky‘s full essay in Vanity Fair is now online, if you were too cheap to buy the print issue.

-An Australian newspaper offered a ridiculous justification for publishing Kate Middleton‘s butt photos. As Jezebel states, “At parts, it reads like Ayn Rand does upskirt photography.”

-Here’s a good article examining the fascinating racial component of Louie. I was both confused and impressed by last episode’s flashback, in which his wife was white.

George RR Martin‘s tweet about Kimye’s wedding made me laugh out loud.

-This Ant Man news just keeps getting worse. More details about Edgar Wright’s exit suggest “Ant-Man’s tone might have been too quirky for the Marvel universe.” Um, have they not seen the Guardians of the Galaxy trailers?!

Benji Madden is reportedly madly in love with Cameron Diaz.  I’m sorry, but I just can’t take anything about a guy called Benji seriously.

Rick Ross got a new face tattoo on his chin that says “Rich Forever.” It’s about as attractive as you’d expect.

Taylor Kitsch seems to be the only person alive who is sad that a John Carter sequel will never happen.

Jonah Hill told a hilarious story about shooting a film with Morgan Freeman, who didn’t talk to him at all between takes — unless it was to banana song his name.

Tom Ford thinks Rihanna‘s Instagram account wields more power than any fashion magazine. Guess who’s about to be flooded with (even more) free stuff?

Amy Schumer‘s skit on a bachelorette disaster is beyond priceless.

-Finally, here’s our first glimpse of footage from FX’s The Strain. I’m already terrified.

Tina Fey and Jason Bateman figure prominently in the first trailer for This is Where I Leave You (though it also stars every other actor you love).

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Emma Watson’s Magical Graduation Selfie

Emma Watson graduation

Photo: twitter.com/EmWatson

Hermione really is the smartest witch that ever was. Proof: Emma Watson graduated from Brown and tweeted a celebratory selfie.

Christina Ricci‘s rep confirmed she’s expecting her first child, just in case this photo didn’t already convince you.

James Franco posted (and then quickly deleted) another gross selfie, but the internet forgets nothing!

Sofia Vergara has split from creepy fiance Nick Loeb yet again. Let’s hope this time sticks.

-This has been a damn great week for TV (The AmericansHannibal, LouisOrphan Black) but last night’s Mad Men may have just topped them all.

Charlize Theron thinks gluten-free diets “are bullshit,” which makes me love her.

-The New York Post’s report of Kimye’s wedding is hilariously bitchy.

-Meanwhile, Lena Dunham joked about missing the wedding — and then had to explain that she wasn’t actually invited because the internet doesn’t understand sarcasm.

Joss Whedon is clearly standing in Edgar Wright‘s corner following the Ant Man blowup, judging by his Cornetto response.

-Speaking of departures that are leaving fanboys (and girls) in tears, Drew Goddard has left Netflix’s Daredevil.

-Arcade Fire’s Win Butler has responded to the criticism surrounding their new video, which features Andrew Garfield in drag.

Casey Wilson got married this weekend and all of her Happy Endings costars attended, which makes me so very happy.

-House alum Lisa Edelstein also tied the knot this weekend.

-Vulture picked the Top 10 SNL sketches from this season. I wish they included Josh Hutcherson’s Josie song (which might have made me laugh more than any else on SNL in years), Tina Fey’s Girls parody, and Lena Dunham’s Scandal spoof. Kerry’s Washington‘s “What Does My Girl Say?” was great too, but it probably doesn’t age as well.

Emmy Rossum and Michael Buble became plane buddies on a recent flight.

-Speaking of unlikely pairs, watch Jonah Hill and Julie Andrews plan their future honeymoon in this adorable clip from The Graham Norton Show.

-Finally: a positive story about Justin Bieber. He made his time spent in Cannes a little more acceptable by donating $545k to charity.

-Slightly less positive news: he’s set to appear on So You Think You Can Dance.

-I really liked the new X-Men movie, but my first thought when it ended was “did that just negate the movies that came before it?” EW does a deep dive into the ramifications.

Patrick Stewart on the advice he’d give his 20-year-old self: “Oh, that’s so easy. I would say, “Patrick, cheer the f— up!’”

-I could watch Seth Rogen and Snoop recap Game of Thrones every week. It’s almost as good as the Gay of Thrones recaps.

-When David O. Russell texts Jennifer Lawrence at  4 in the morning offering her film roles, she says yes.

Norm Macdonald has been campaigning hard to replace Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show, and last night he showcased all his skills in a one-minute audition on Conan.

-Another day, another shot of Rachel Bilson baring her baby bump in Barbados.

-Meanwhile, her Hart of Dixie costar Jaime King says the actress has been wanting a baby “badly” for quite some time.

Jim Carrey is the latest star to get in on the commencement speech action.

Keira Knightley looks lovely on the new cover of Beach, where she talks about making peace with her career choices.

Denzel Washington takes on the Russian mob in the new trailer for The Equalizer.

-Every clip and trailer for 22 Jump Street makes me LOL like a crazy person. I’m going to be really annoying at the theatre…

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“Gwen Stefani will replace Christina Aguilera on ‘The Voice’” links

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani will replace Christina Aguilera on The Voice. Good fit? [Evil Beet]
Sarah Silverman joins Michael Sheen on Masters of Sex. [LaineyGossip]
Rihanna‘s very NSFW shoot. You can see every tan line. [Dlisted]
Stephen Colbert is not impressed with the Star Wars cast. [Pajiba]
Julie Bowen wears Marchesa & it isn’t awful. [Go Fug Yourself]
You may want to change your iPhone privacy settings. Crikey. [Buzzfeed]
Stacy Keibler shows off her hot pink bump. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Jonah Hill doesn’t mess around with his frozen yogurt. [A Socialite Life]
Gwyneth Paltrow is a backup singer now. So horrible. [Bitten & Bound]
Tila Tequila‘s pregnancy is already a damn trainwreck. [The Blemish]
Blake Lively makes goofy faces on the Adaline set. [Celebslam]
Dean McDermott claims he was suicidal after his “affair.” [Starcasm]
Gisele Bundchen can still rock a bikini anytime. [Popoholic]
Nene Leakes hopes she inspired you on DWTS. [Reality Tea]
Maitland Ward wears a tacky dress for Mom’s Night Out. [Moe Jackson]

Gwen Stefani

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Joe Pesci Put His Finger Up Jonah Hill’s Ass

Joe Pesci Put His Finger Up Jonah Hill’s Ass

jonah hill jimmy fallon

Sometimes on talk shows it seems as if celebrities aren’t quite sure what to say, so they start telling stories that never needed to be aired publicly. Such was the case with Jonah Hill, who hit up Jimmy Fallon‘s show on Thursday night and spun a yarn about that time Joe Pesci stuck his finger up Jonah’s ass. Oh yeah, fun times all around!

You don’t often hear about Joe Pesci these days (though I think of him fondly whenever I watch Home Alone), and I doubt this is the association he’d like you to make when his name is mentioned, but here we are. The general gist of the story was some advice Joe was giving Jonah about staying true to himself or not getting to big-headed – which, by the way, doesn’t seem to have sunk in as he’s apparently a bit of a jackass, but whatever.

Watch the interview below and then try to erase it from your memory altogether:

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Rihanna Poses Topless on a Boat

-Rihanna posted a bunch of Instagram photos of her frolicking topless on a yacht. You do you, RiRi. -Justin Bieber went to a strip club and spent $75k . The craziest part of this story? It was all dollar bills. … Continue reading

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