Celebs and Outfits at the Art Of Elysium Charity

FFN_vcv_52275908 - Celebs and Outfits at the Art Of Elysium Charity

Hailey Baldwin, Chrissy Teigen, Kristen Bell, Amber Heard and Emmanuelle Chriqui (guess her age!) all glammed up and attended the star-studded Art Of Elysium Charity event held at Red studio in Los Angeles the other night.

FFN_vcv_52275899 - Celebs and Outfits at the Art Of Elysium Charity

Who looked best?

See the other ladies in their fancy frocks inside!


Ginnifer Goodwin: people roll their eyes when I get on a plane with a baby

Los Angeles Premiere Of Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Zootopia"
Ginnifer Goodwin of Once Upon a Time is pregnant with her second baby, with her husband and co-star, Josh Dallas. I would assume that she’s due around May, since the announcement was made last November. Goodwin voices one of the lead characters in the upcoming animated movie, Zootopia. She talked to US Magazine at the premiere about the challenges of being pregnant and raising a two year-old. It sounds like she considers air travel to be difficult, but not because her son is unruly on the plane, but because she feels judged by other passengers:

Once Upon a Time actress Ginnifer Goodwin and her costar husband, Josh Dallas, aren’t exempt from toddler-shaming when they travel with their 20-month-old, Oliver.

“People will look at us and they’ll roll their eyes when we go on an airplane,” the actress told Us Weekly on Wednesday, February 17, at the L.A. premiere of her new animated Disney film, Zootopia. “We’re like, just wait. We’ve got a pretty cool kid.”

[Goodwin] admitted she was thinking of her son while she walked the red carpet with Kristen Bell, Katie Lowes and Shakira. “He’s amazing,” she gushed. “I miss him right this second.”

Goodwin, who is having a baby boy, also said she’s been feeling tired. “Someone just told me that being pregnant is like, you put your body through what it is to run a marathon every day,” she told Us. “That made me feel a little better about being winded while chasing a 2-year-old around!”

“He does at least 50 percent of all the parenting, and I really don’t know how people do it when they don’t have a partner who’s not supportive,” she revealed. “It’s so hard. It’s beautiful. But it’s hard!”


Ginnifer Goodwin and family arrive at LAX


“Chris Hemsworth’s costume for ‘The Huntsman’ is shiny, leathery” links


Chris Hemsworth in leather on the set of The Huntsman.



“Emily Ratajkowski is the only brunette at Paris Fashion Week” links




Rolling Stone details the symbiotic relationship between celebs & paparazzi

Rolling Stone details the symbiotic relationship between celebs & paparazzi


Rolling Stone published an absolutely amazing story about the paparazzi, celebrity culture in LA and the multi-billion-dollar industry of photographing celebrities. There’s way too much to include in one post, and I would definitely suggest anyone with even a passing interest in celebrity gossip, money, the paparazzi and entertainment media should read the piece. GO HERE to read it. The basic story is that a Rolling Stone reporter rode shotgun with Vlad, a paparazzo in LA for several days. But the article also includes a bunch of quotes from players in the photo agency and media game, plus some interesting details about how all of this really works. Some interesting parts:

*None of the paps have any respect for Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell “pedorazzi” thing: “It’s hilarious,” says Rick “Top Hat Rick” Mendoza. “Kristen comes up with a new hate word – pedorazzi – and goes on this campaign just as her movie Veronica Mars is coming out. What a coincidence! Now who’s manipulating who?”

*Any celebrity that takes their kid to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood knows that their kid is going to get pap’d. Halle Berry, one of the celebrities who instigated the anti-paparazzi legislation, used to take Nahla there.

*TMZ completely changed the way the paparazzi operate, and not for the better. TMZ pays off pretty much everyone for info, from hotel managers to cops to airline employees (TMZ gets the passenger lists) to waitresses and salesclerks.

*Photos of Kylie Jenner pay a lot more than photos of Mark Wahlberg.

*What Vlad has to say about Kylie Jenner hiding her face: “Bitch, stop covering up. Let motherf–kers shoot you and get it over with,” mutters Vlad. “All this f–king attitude – ‘Ooh, I don’t wanna be shot.’ Someone like Angelina Jolie would just give us the shot – she’s beautiful.” Vlad doesn’t mention that Jenner is 16 and Jolie is 38.

*But celebs know where to go to get pap’d. RS writes: “Celebs that hit the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills quadrant and places like the Urth Caffé are not exactly trying to keep a low profile; it’s sort of like if LeBron James went to an ESPN Zone and then whined about being hounded for autographs. Probably 90 percent of pap shots in L.A. are taken in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and where Vlad trawls – the London, Urth Caffé, Sunset Boulevard Equinox, the playground near Coldwater Canyon – resembles a magical place called Pappyland, where the stars’ makeup is always perfect and their kids are freshly scrubbed and immaculate in brightly colored clothes.”

*In 2007, when Britney Spears was breaking down hard, she would tip the paps to her whereabouts. Kim Kardashian would tip the paps in her early days. Denise Richards and Tori Spelling still do it too.

*Tom Cruise’s publicist would tip the paps as to Tom and Katie Holmes’ whereabouts in the early days of their romance. The co-owner of Fame/Flynet says: “Sometimes publicists tip off the paps without telling their clients. They think their client needs the hit, but the star might think it’s beneath them, so they just leak the information without telling them.”

*Angelina Jolie used the paps to rewrite her narrative. RS writes: “Before Angelina Jolie became a humanitarian, she was best known for wearing a vial of blood around her neck and kissing her brother. After she adopted seven-month-old Maddox from a Cambodian orphanage, Jolie carefully orchestrated a photo shoot with an approved pap that repositioned her image from troubled goth to responsible adult. After she started dating Brad Pitt, it was leaked to a photo agency that they would be taking their first big vacation at Kenya’s Diani Beach, not exactly a pap hangout. The pictures rocked the tabloid world. (Now the couple are among the toughest celebs to snap, vacationing where paps can’t get to without an AmEx black card and a helicopter.)”

*Some celebs get paid to get pap’d: Lindsay Lohan has tipped off paps about her next stop in return for a gratuity. Ryan Reynolds is known to have an antagonistic relationship with the paparazzi, but recently he has been “captured” eating Chobani yogurt, carrying a Burger King bag, smiling at a Nespresso cafe and caressing a Can-Am motorcycle, all in apparently preplanned shots.

*Figuring out what will sell: A good Gerard Butler shot earned Vlad only 60 bucks, but a crummy photo of Jessica Alba scored him $900 last month. Why? Alba is carrying a Christian Dior bag, and Christian Dior bought the picture. Other photos, like Jessie J, have almost no value in the States but will be huge sellers overseas, maybe worth a few thousand dollars.

[From Rolling Stone]

That Angelina Jolie stuff is interesting, although I’ve heard something like that before. Well, I’d never heard the thing about her arranging for photos of Maddox right after she adopted him, but I had heard that Angelina made the call to get pap’d with Brad on the beach in Kenya in 2005. Brad later bitched about that, like the paparazzo had tracked him to Kenya, but not so much. I also found the Ryan Reynolds stuff fascinating – when he was with Scarlett Johansson, he never would have gotten pap’d doing that kind of brand promotion. But I guess marrying Blake Lively really changed him.

Mostly, I find it fascinating to see who the paps like (Angelina always gives them good shots, and Vlad adores Olivia Wilde for never hiding her face) and whom they don’t like (Halle, Kristen Bell, etc).



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.


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Shailene Woodley Talks Sexuality in New Interview

Shailene Woodley talks sexuality with the Hollywood Reporter

-Divergent star Shailene Woodley says she doesn’t necessarily identify as straight: ”I fall in love with human beings based on who they are, not based on what they do or what sex they are.”

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard faced off against the paparazzi on Extra last night, and it got INTENSE.

Anna Kendrick wrote about her Oscar weekend for Vogue.com, and it’s hilarious. She talks about sweat pants, Jennifer Lawrence’s boobs, and how Jared Leto’s hair “smells like a damn meadow.”

-When Lupita N’yong’o tossed her lip balm into the hat when Ellen was collecting pizza money at the Oscars, she probably didn’t mean to cause mass hysteria about Clarin’s $24 HydraQuench.

-Meanwhile, how awesome would it be if Lupita really was dating K’naan?

-Do you want to hear Big Boi rap about Game of Thrones? Sure you do.

-This album preview from Julian Casablancas + The Voidz intrigues me.

-Thank god Andrew Garfield has been exonerated. Those rumours about him standing up Batkid at the Oscars were giving me the sads.

-Meanwhile, a new featurette on Amazing Spider-Man 2 starring Andrew and Emma Stone has arrived.

Mary-Louise Parker is trying her hand at TV again in a new NBC sitcom. I like her a lot (she’s the reason I stuck with Weeds way longer than I should have), though I wonder if she’s a bit too brittle for network TV?

-It’s official: no one does Twitter than Sir Patrick Stewart.

-Have you ever wondered what James Franco thinks about Twin Peaks? Well, wonder no more! (What’s that? You’ve never wondered? Too bad, he’s going to tell you anyway.)

-Prepare to feel old: Cruel Intentions is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary.

-Tonight’s episode of Reign is steamy, but not as steamy as the unedited version so the network will stream the sexier, uncensored version online.

Lindsay Lohan will continue her valiant battle against irrelevance with a guest spot on 2 Broke Girls.

-The nominations for the MTV Movie Awards were announced this morning.  Jennifer Aniston makes a surprising amount of appearances in that list. (more…)

Emilia Clarke Is Pretty In Pink For Flare

-Bow down to the Khaleesi! Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke looks amazing on the new cover of Flare. -Here’s what happens when you ask Kevin Spacey the typical questions female stars get asked on the red carpet. (Spoiler alert: it ends … Continue reading

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