Elsa Hosk’s Latest Skinny Model Snaps

elsa-hosk-skinny-model-snaps-3 - Elsa Hosk's Latest Skinny Model Snaps

Skinny model snaps: She may not have been the skinniest model to walk the runway during the 2016 VS show last month, but Victoria’s Secret beauty Elsa Hosk recently shared a few snaps on her Instagram page that showed off a very thin figure. The model took a few photos while on a job in Miami, where she modeled lingerie, then shared a bikini snap while tanning.

elsa-hosk-skinny-model-snaps - Elsa Hosk's Latest Skinny Model Snaps



Izabel Goulart’s Model Workout Routine


31 year-old Victoria’s Secret beauty Izabel Goulart is known for her ultra toned physique and low body fat percentage that she flaunts on the catwalks while wearing nothing but sexy lingerie – and recently, the gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio-lookalike beauty detailed her model workout routine:

On her favorite types of exercises:

Often, I’ll do a quick workout in my hotel room consisting of exercises for the legs, glutes, abs, and arms with my own body weight.

On her model workout routine while traveling:

I always have a jump rope, a medicine ball I can inflate, and a band in my suitcase. It’s a great kit to have for travel.

On the craziest place where she’s ever workout out:

I was flying with my brother and he challenged me to work out on the airplane. He thought it was funny—and I did it!

… says Izabel.



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Ashley Graham Does Self Magazine


At 17, Graham signed with Wilhelmina Models and moved to New York City on her own. She quickly discovered the industry’s uglier aspects—for one thing, that even within the niche of plus-size modeling, body diversity has its limits. After one agent waved a wad of cash in her face and said, “You can make a lot more of this if you lose more pounds,” her body image took a dive. Graham began trying every diet under the sun, from cabbage soup to 10-day juice fasts.

But nothing stuck. “All of a sudden, Mom wasn’t cooking for me; Mom wasn’t there being like, ‘Lets go work out!’ ” Her confidence plummeted, and so did the control she felt over her body. “I went from a size 12 to a size 18,” she says, trying to keep up with the constant partying and networking that seemed effortless to the other models and agents around her. “It was a dark place.” At the time, Graham couldn’t see herself as beautiful at a size 18, but more than that, “It was the way that I was treating my body. I didn’t understand the health aspect of it.” The former high school basketball and volleyball player stopped exercising, losing her tone and definition. Within a year of moving to New York, “I looked at myself in the mirror and said, ‘I hate you. You’re so gross,’ ” Graham recalls. “I’m looking at my cellulite and my back fat and thinking, I have to go shoot lingerie tomorrow and smile, and I am heinous. How can I get through this?”

Celebrity Instagram Roundup August 29 – September 04

Celebrity Instagram Roundup August 29 – September 04

Check out this week’s roundup of social media snaps, full of your favorite celebs.

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A Bikini / Lingerie Treat from Plus-Size Model Tara Lynn

A Bikini / Lingerie Treat from Plus-Size Model Tara Lynn

You can be a work in progress AND celebrate your own body as it exists right now. Don’t wait to live your life.

… says plus-size model Tara on Instagram, next to a bikini shot.


See more social media snaps featuring Tara in bikinis next!

Read the rest of A Bikini / Lingerie Treat from Plus-Size Model Tara Lynn (1 words)

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Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk got into a public tiff at Wimbledon on Sunday


Several of you guys wanted to talk about this, so you better click & comment! Because when I saw this story earlier this morning, I didn’t give a crap. Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk were in London for a week to attend Wimbledon games. They were spotted nearly every day, mostly at the men’s matches. They attended Andy Murray’s final on Sunday, and Bradley and Irina were seated just next to Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter.

Suddenly, everything seemed to go wrong for B-Coop and Irina. She turned stone-faced at one point, even though Bradley was trying to make her laugh. She ignored him when he spoke to her. Some even thought she was crying at one point. What was this all about? Did Bradley say something rude to her? Was Bradley’s ex-girlfriend Suki Waterhouse – who was also in attendance – an issue in the fight? Was there some kind of breakdown in (alleged!) contractual negotiations?

Hours after their Wimbledon fight, Irina and Bradley were holding hands in London. So…? Whatever happened between them, everything’s fine now. Until we learn two weeks from now that they actually broke up and suddenly Bradley is with some new swimwear/lingerie model.

Rihanna Releases Crazy Hot New Music Video

WARNING: The following music video may cause you to get drool all over your keyboard.

Proceed with caution.

And maybe with a cold shower at the ready.

Rihanna has dropped the official music video for the track “Kiss It Better” … and let’s just say it’s pretty clear after viewing just why Kim Kardashian doesn’t want Kanye West to be talking to Rihanna any longer:

Because she’s really hot!

The footage features Rihanna writhing under a sheet, only for a pair of dice to direct the audience to the part ths artist apparently wants kissed better.

And these parts are not always the superstar’s lips. If you know what we mean!

The video was shot in black and white, which adds an artistic element to the sexy element, and it was helmed by director Craig McDean.

At various points, Rihanna switches from her birthday suit to some VERY revealing lingerie, along with a black-and-white pinstriped suit.

She’s never looked better, to be honest.

Go ahead and check it out for yourself, but take heed of our warning above. Gentlemen may not be able to stand up straight for a few minutes after taking this in:

Rihanna kiss it better music video hot stuff