Celebrity Instagram Roundup August 29 – September 04

Celebrity Instagram Roundup August 29 – September 04

Check out this week’s roundup of social media snaps, full of your favorite celebs.

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Derek Jeter, 42, married model Hannah Davis, 26, in St. Helena, California


Do people genuinely care about Derek Jeter? Let me ask that another way: besides Yankees fans, do people care about Jeter? Well, in case you care, Jeter is married! The 42-year-old retired Yankee married 26-year-old swimsuit model Hannah Davis this weekend. Yes, I’m still rolling my eyes at the age difference too. Jeter was actually one of New York’s most famous bachelors, and over the years, he romanced everyone from Mariah Carey to Jessica Biel (remember that?) to Minka Kelly.

Hannah and Derek had gotten engaged last fall after dating for a few years. Surprisingly, the wedding didn’t take place in New York. Or the Hamptons. It took place in St. Helena, California, at a Napa Valley resort. Hannah wore a custom-made Vera Wang gown and from what I’ve seen, the Daily Mail has the best pics – you can see them here. The gown is sleeveless, with a high lace neck. Not my style, but she looked lovely. Wedding guests included Yankees Jorge Posada, Andruw Jones and Tino Martinez, as well as Jeter’s family and some of Hannah’s modeling buddies. There were less than 100 guests and Hannah had said in past interviews that she was trying to keep the wedding pretty simple.

What else? In all of the media coverage of the wedding, people are noting that Hannah bought an Italian Mastiff puppy for Jeter for Christmas. The puppy’s name is Kane. Oh, and all of this time I thought Hannah was from somewhere like Pennsylvania, but she was born and raised in the US Virgin Islands. Sources also tell Page Six that Jeter is “definitely ready to be a dad” and that he and Hannah plan on starting their family quickly. Honeymoon baby?

jeter wedding


Star: Evan Spiegel wants Miranda Kerr to sign a Draconian prenup


This might be the feel-good story of the week. Not all golddiggers are equal! For every Jerry Hall – who managed to get her billionaire down the aisle in less than seven months – there is a Miranda Kerr, who toiling away for something like 10 months… and still no ring! I personally think this is Miranda’s second Golddigger Fail – she was trying to land James Packer back in the day, but it fell apart. And now Mariah Carey has landed Packer, and Miranda is trying to play it like she’ll just wait out her young billionaire boyfriend for however long it takes. Star Magazine says that Evan Spiegel is thinking marriage. But he’s also thinking “ironclad prenup.”

After months of marriage talk, Miranda Kerr was expecting a ring from her boyfriend, Evan Spiegel, but the world’s youngest billionaire, 25, gave her an early draft of an ironclad prenup to read over instead.

“Evan’s lawyers are advising that Miranda walk away with nothing if they get divorced,” dishes a source, noting that the Snapchat CEO is worth a staggering $2 billion compared with the model’s $38 million fortune.

“Miranda started laughing when she heard what Evan was proposing. Then she realized that he was dead-serious. I can only imagine the look on her face!”

And no matter how persuasive Miranda might be, her future fiancé isn’t budging.

Explains the source: “The way Evan sees it, if they’re really going to spend the rest of their lives together, she’ll always be taken care of.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Hey, at least she’s got him on the hook! He wants to marry her, he just wants to make sure that she doesn’t get her hands on all of that Snapchat money in a few years. Personally, I think that if Evan is making such a big deal about the prenup, she just needs to give in a little bit. I’m not saying she should sign something Draconian, but she needs to play up the idea of wanting to have his babies and doesn’t he want his children taken care of no matter what? Of course, maybe that wouldn’t work on a 25-year-old bro like Evan Spiegel. Which is why I do kind of wonder if this whole relationship hasn’t been a waste of Miranda’s time, if her ultimate goal was “marrying a billionaire and getting that cash money.”


Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.


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Kanye West on his Taylor Swift drama: ‘It’s like, I want the best for that person’


Kanye West flew out of LA on Wednesday and he managed to not throw a hissy fit, even though paparazzi and videographers (or whatever they’re called) swarmed him and asked him a million questions about the crazy month he’s been having. They even asked him about Kylie Jenner’s Puma deal and how he originally claimed Kylie wouldn’t take the deal because of his deal with Adidas. Kanye explained his tweets saying: “She already signed. And I was mad for a little bit. I’m really happy for her, though.” Kanye was also asked about Taylor Swift and their on-again beef. Someone asked if Taylor Swift should show him more respect, to which he said “No.” Then he said:

“It’s like, I want the best for that person, but there’s people going through real issues out here. There’s people out of work. There’s people in debt that can’t make it out of the debt. There’s people that’s in debt that don’t have a shoe. There’s people that are in debt that don’t have a hit album out also — you know what I’m saying? … I don’t think people care about me or her in that way. People care about their families, their kids. If you like my music, listen to it. If you like her music, listen to it.”

[From Us Weekly]

“There’s people that’s in debt that don’t have a shoe. There’s people that are in debt that don’t have a hit album out also.” Won’t anyone think about the people without a hit album? What of those people?!

Meanwhile, if you’ve been paying attention this week, you might have felt the reins tightening a bit around Kanye’s relationship with the Kardashian clan. There were some strategic leaks and quotes which basically made it sound like Kim has one foot out the door. And now this gem from Page Six:

Kanye West is so out of control, family matriarch Kris Jenner is worried that “he’s damaging the Kardashian brand” and has ordered he get some crisis p.r. to reign him in. West’s team met with a host of top publicists within the last few months — but nobody is brave enough to work with him. A source said, “His Twitter rants are out of control, and Kris fears that he’s taking the family down. Kris wants Kanye to hire someone to handle all the noise and drama so he can focus on being an artist.” But the response from the p.r. world was deafeningly silent.

One top publicist who was approached told us, “You couldn’t pay us enough to represent Kanye. He’s too much to handle.”

[From Page Six]

While I believe that Kris is worried, I don’t believe that there isn’t some high-powered, masochistic publicist who would love to take Kanye on as a client. I mean, Madonna has a publicist. Mariah Carey has a publicist. Like Kanye would be the first self-destructive, crazy, uncontrollable mess ever? No.

Last thing, these quotes from unnamed sources to People Magazine: Kim is still supporting Kanye “from everything I’ve heard…They’re incredibly supportive of one another, not only publicly, but privately as well. Kim has a unique understanding of him, probably in a deeper way than anybody else in the world. She’s understanding of the way that he operates….[Kim] will do whatever to make this work. I don’t know what they talk about on private about this stuff, but contradiction is very often Kanye’s calling card.”

FFN_STOIANOV_WEST_K_2172016_51973639 (more…)

Mariah Carey almost capsized a yacht because she tried to walk down stairs

Mariah Carey almost capsized a yacht because she tried to walk down stairs


Mariah Carey & James Packer have taken their Yacht of Love to Formentera and Ibiza, in Spain. These photos are from Wednesday, and as you can see, Mariah did several costume changes for the paparazzi. She even wore a wetsuit again, for what looked like the quickest ocean dip ever. But my favorite photos – other than the ones of Mariah trying to balance in heels on sand – are the ones of Mariah falling down the yacht stairs as she tries to gracefully meet her lover in the smaller boat to take them to shore. This is what happens when you make Mariah walk on her own! SHE ALMOST FELL!! And she almost took down that yacht employee too! That poor bastard saw his life flash before his eyes.

Mariah is in the new issue of Us Weekly – she did their “25 Things You Don’t Know About…” feature, which is one of my favorite magazine features. Mariah’s 25 Things were all pretty amazing, but I’m just going to do some highlights. You can read the full piece here.

She was a smoker: “I smoked quite frequently from the time I was 12 to when I was 18. I gave up smoking in one day and never went back. I absolutely detest cigarette smoke now.”

Toxic lighting: “I have an extreme aversion to overhead lighting. In my opinion, elevator lighting is toxic!”

Nails: “I have totally natural nails.” [Editor’s Note: ME TOO!]

Birthdays: “I do not observe birthdays. I do, however, celebrate the anniversary of my birth [March 27] every day at 3:27 a.m., p.m., EST, PST, and ST!”

Her spare time: “I arrange flowers in my spare time. Well, when I have spare time, that is.”

She’s a cook! “I can make a mean gluten-free lasagna and an even meaner pecan pie.” Also: “I make incredible food every Christmas Eve.”

The worst pain ever: “I dislocated my shoulder two years ago, and it was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. I had to wear a glove for a while because it affected my hand as well. Thanks to physical therapy, I’m finally glove-free!”

Time: “Time is irrelevant to me. I never wear a watch.”

Swimwear: “I swim in evening gowns and heels.”

When she throws a fit: “I hate mascara. I never wear it. Whenever a makeup artist tries to put it on me, I throw a fit.”

Serenity: “The bathtub is my place of serenity. Any tub, really — bathtub, hot tub or whatever. As long as there is water.”

She’s not good at math: “I was a mathlete. Just kidding — I even failed remedial math!”

I’m side-eyeing all of the stuff that involves Mariah actually moving of her own accord. Do you think she’s actually in the kitchen making pecan pies and Christmas cookies? I do not believe it. But I am shocked to see that I have some similarities with Mariah – I love bathtubs, water, showers. I don’t wear a watch either, but that’s because I’m not crazy about wearing anything on my wrist (except I’m actually compulsively early for everything, not late). I never wear mascara either and I’ve always had natural nails, never fake. Mariah and I are kindred souls. Thankfully, when I fall down, I tend to be a bit more graceful (JK, I’m a mess).




Photoshop Alert: Mariah Carey’s Album Cover

Photoshop Alert: Mariah Carey’s Album Cover


Photoshop Alert: Mariah Carey on her album cover, looking like a Victoria’s Secret model thanks to Photoshop.

Below, Mariah on stage recently:


More of real Mariah next!

Read the rest of Photoshop Alert: Mariah Carey’s Album Cover (3 words)

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Star: Ariana Grande is as insane, nightmarish diva who loathes Mariah Carey

Star: Ariana Grande is as insane, nightmarish diva who loathes Mariah Carey


I didn’t realize until now that Mariah Carey actually said something about little Ariana Grande earlier this year. Apparently, Mariah was being interviewed on some radio show and she was asked about Nicki Minaj (“who?” Mariah asked), Beyonce (Mariah claimed she hadn’t heard “Drunk In Love”) and Ariana. Mariah threw subtle shade at Ariana, saying: “I wish everybody all the best of luck and if this is the career path they choose, hope that they can achieve longevity.” OUCH. That was Mimi’s way of saying Ariana is a flash-in-the-pan.

I bring up the Mariah stuff because it plays into this story from Star. Apparently, Ariana is already a crazy diva and everybody behind-the-scenes hates her guts because of her obsession with her left side and her toddler drama (she should totally get with Justin Bieber). And it seems like Ariana HATES Mariah. Watch out, girl.

While filming a TV special in mid-August, Ariana Grande was impossible to work with! “She was a total nightmare,” explains a source on the set. “She demanded to be shot only on her left side and told the lighting crew that if they used red light, she would ‘kill herself’.”

Producers at the venue were so disgusted with the way she treated everyone, they almost pulled the plug!

“They were saying that she is, hands down, the most difficult person they have ever had to work with,” adds the insider.

And don’t even think of comparing her to another famous diva. “Ariana was mad that Mariah Carey dissed her in an interview and it makes her furious to even hear Mariah’s name,” snipes the source. “Ariana insisted that Mariah’s name never be brought up in her presence.”

Ariana’s awful attitude wasn’t a one-time thing – on the set of a recent photoshoot, “She arrived hours late, with no explanation, and refused to do anything the photographer asked. She was acting like a crazy person. One minute she was all sweetness… then she’d storm out, only to come back two minutes later, all smiles.”

She also refused to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge because she didn’t want anyone to see her without layers of makeup and her hair extensions. An insider said: “She doesn’t care. Her skin is a big problem for her and she absolutely does not want to be seen barefaced.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I lol’d at “she told the lighting crew that if they used red light, she would ‘kill herself’.” She is literally the most hyperbolic person ever. Literally. And if you don’t believe she is literally the most sardonic, driest, funniest, most fabulous hyperbolic diva ever, then I will kill myself. I did feel bad for her about her skin concerns too – that might be why she wears so much makeup, to the point where she looks like a toddler hooker. But that’s the cycle of bad skin – wearing so much makeup probably contributes to her breakouts too. Time to see a dermatologist.


Photos courtesy of WENN.


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