Gigi Hadid Was ‘Not Thin Enough, Not Tall Enough’ for Tommy Hilfiger

gigi-hadid-poncho-tommy-hilfiger-2015-fall-runway-not-thin-1 - Gigi Hadid Was 'Not Thin Enough, Not Tall Enough' for Tommy Hilfiger

In the past year and a half, Gigi Hadid has lost a significant amount of weight, fact which we’ve documented in our previous posts. Turns out that around one and a half year ago, Gigi was considered too short (she is 5’10” / 179 cm) and too fat to model anything else than an oversized poncho for Tommy Hilfiger.

Here are more details from People:

Gigi Hadid seems to have it all: more magazine covers than any other model this year, every major catwalk under her belt, a standing invitation to walk the Victoria’s Secret runway and pose for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, a killer squad of fellow models, a cute boyfriend who lets her wear his shoes … we could go on. She’s even moved into the role of muse for Tommy Hilfilger, collaborating with him on a clothing line and serving as the face of his fragrance. But things weren’t always so golden for the model and the designer.

For Hadid’s first turn down the runway for Hilfiger in February 2015, Hilfiger recalls a casting dilemma. “Our casting director said, ‘She doesn’t really fit because you know she’s not quite as tall as the other girls, she’s not quite as thin. So they put a red, white and blue poncho on her, it covered a lot of her body unfortunately, but it received millions of hits,” he told Yahoo Style’s Joe Zee. “So I said, you know, why don’t we ask her to design a line with us. So I said, Gigi come design this with me, we’ll do a Gigi x Tommy couture line.”

Although Gigi was considered too fat to model regular clothes, the brand chose her to rock bikinis:

It’s worth noting that, though Hadid was deemed “not quite thin” enough for any non-poncho apparel in February, by September, Hilfiger had her in a crochet bikini leading a cabal of models down a beach-inspired runway. And a few months after that, their clothing collaboration was announced. And though it may serve as small comfort for being publicly poncho-shamed by your design partner, Hilfiger did deliver her a compliment, saying she’s an “All-American girl next door with an exotic twist to her look.”

Gigi these days:

too-fat-to-model-gigi - Gigi Hadid Was 'Not Thin Enough, Not Tall Enough' for Tommy Hilfiger


Ashley Graham: “I have cellulite. I have back fat. I’ve got a thick stomach”

Ashley Graham: “I have cellulite. I have back fat. I’ve got a thick stomach”


On being the hot girls in DNCE’s music video:

“I didn’t think the video would have the impact it did. I just thought it was going to be cute. But the comments have been so positive. These girls are like, ‘OMG, thanks for putting “real women” in a music video.’ I don’t believe in that term, but, you know, bravo to DNCE for stepping out of the box and really taking it there by having a girl who typically isn’t represented.”

On her body:

“You know what’s so funny? I think women think I’m inspirational because I’m unapologetic. I have cellulite. I have back fat. I’ve got a thick stomach. But I work my body like I don’t because I don’t know any other body. I don’t know how to feel thin. I just know how to feel like Ashley.”

On how muscly guys love bigger girls:

“Those were muscle guys, and those are the types of guys you don’t think like curvy women, but they love them. Girls my size are like, ‘Oh, I could never get a guy like that.’ Actually, you could, girlfriend! I’m living proof that you can have whatever you want in spite of what people say is a ‘flaw.’ Whether it’s a race thing or not being smart enough or pretty enough—there are so many things that are hanging over women’s heads, but you have to fight through it.”

On the fact that there’s no such thing as the Perfect Body:

“I’ve been a size 12, and I thought I was so hot. But now I’m a 14 to 16, and I honestly couldn’t be happier—I’m just content. Of course, I look at my body and think ‘Oh, I want to tighten up my arms a bit, or I wish my ass was lifted higher.’ But nobody has the perfect body. There’s no such thing.”

… says Ashley.

More of her Elle spread next!

Read the rest of Ashley Graham: “I have cellulite. I have back fat. I’ve got a thick stomach” (0 words)

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“What do you think the Fall Out Boy cover of the ‘Ghostbusters’ song?” links

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Bella Thorne: ‘Girls are just mean and so competitive — it’s so crazy’

Bella Thorne: ‘Girls are just mean and so competitive — it’s so crazy’

bella galore

For my money, Bella Thorne is the new Lindsay Lohan. I don’t mean that Bella is a cracked-out trainwreck. I mean that Bella, who turned 18 years old last October, reminds me strongly of Lindsay when Lindsay was that age. And yes, Bella is gingery and thirsty and she loves it when she’s photographed in various stages of undress, so there is that Lohan vibe to her too. Bella also has a knack for talking sh-t and giving pretty good interviews, so there’s that too. Bella covers the new issue of Galore Magazine, and she talks about real-life mean girls, #AskHerMore and beyond. Some highlights:

Girls are so mean: “I don’t get offended because girls are really mean. I will say — no matter where you go in life, it’s high school everywhere. I’m sure in the work office, for you, there’s high school [drama], and there’s one girl who’s bitchier than everybody. Girls are just mean and so competitive — it’s so crazy.”

She prefers hanging out with guys: “I’m very chill in that way. Other girls sometimes get really, really like, competitive and catty and ‘Who likes who? You like him? Too bad. I like him. We’re going to have a problem now.’”

She is friendly with Mae Whitman & Chloë Grace Moretz though: “They’re all just such homeys. When somebody has a lower vocal range, it’s great because then I’m not the only one that sounds like a man. It’s the girls that are tomboys that I’m so down, any time of day, because I like to get my hands dirty. Germs don’t freak me out, and so I’m really just down to chill, you know, and watch movies. Anybody that can do that, any girls who can do that, you’d be surprised that like, everybody just wants to chill. But it’s not all the time. Girls ask me, ‘Let’s go out? Let’s go to this party? My friend’s famous and we should totally go there.’ And I’m always just like, ‘No! I’m tired, dude. I’m so tired. I just want to go home, watch a movie, sit on Netflix, and eat Top Ramen or order food.’”

She works out all the time:
“I work out every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. I only really work out my core, abs, and legs, and butt is included in that. I don’t really work out my chest or shoulders all that often because I personally don’t love that look. But what’s really good is jumping squats—really good.”

She doesn’t diet: “I eat whatever I want all day long. I eat anything spicy, greasy, fried, with carbs, literally, everything. My skin doctor told me, ‘You need to cut out this, this, this, this.’ I’m like, ‘Shut up! No, I don’t. You just want to make me miserable and dependent on you, and I’m not going to because I’ll eat whatever I want.”

She doesn’t believe in #AskHerMore: “When I watch The Oscars, my boyfriend and I have an Oscar party, and they’re like, ‘Okay, we need to record the first part since everyone won’t be here till later.’ And he’s like, ‘Why do you need to see the carpet? You do that all the time.’ And I’m like, ‘OMG bitch, I’m not on the Oscars carpet!’”

[From The Daily Mail & Page Six]

Of course I was rolling my eyes throughout this piece, but I’d like to say… I think there are many teenagers just like this. This self-absorbed and self-aware, this obsessed with telling you what they’re like and how cool and how chill they are and who’s in their clique and what they think about gender politics because OMG that girl was so bitchy to me. Maybe many of you know some great, amazing, inspiring 18-year-olds, but from what I’ve seen, a lot of them are like this. All I’ll say is that I’m really “over” young women telling people that they’re more of a hang-with-the-guys kind of girl, that all girls are so mean and catty, etc. You don’t sound cool. You sound like the mean, catty person.


Photos courtesy of Galore.

bella galore

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Tom Hiddleston poses shirtless, in boxers for W Mag: thirsty or sexy?

Tom Hiddleston poses shirtless, in boxers for W Mag: thirsty or sexy?


You know it’s a good day when you can snort-giggle your way through a never-before-seen W Magazine editorial and say to yourself, “OMG WHY DID YOU AGREE TO THIS?” Tom Hiddleston *might* need to fire his publicist, his manager, and anyone else who gave the go-ahead for these photos – go here to see W Magazine’s NSFW, glorious Hiddlesdong editorial. The photos were taken back when Tom was in LA, although I don’t know if these are from his last visit a few weeks ago or from a few months ago. I do know that I cringed. It’s one thing to do a shirtless photoshoot for an artsy magazine. It’s quite another to strip down to your tight, white boxers and let everyone see the specifics of your bulge. I mean… Tom. Please. Don’t do this. I know it’s too late, but this was a trap and you fell into it, dong first. (And now I’m making myself laugh to the point where I can barely type.)

Even more hilarious? W Magazine posted these photos with an article called “Everything You Need to Know About Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift Boyfriend.” Obvious PR is Obvious. Even though I think Tom seemed a bit surly and overwhelmed, maybe he’s not. Maybe this is exactly what he wanted. He does tell W Magazine: “I’d make a terrible spy, because everybody knows who I am.” O RLY? A lot of people knew Tom Hiddleston, but now that he’s with Taylor Swift, everybody will know his name. And maybe that was his goal in the first place. But the thing about it is… he just seems super-thirsty. Like, “please, look at me, I’ll wear white boxers and everything!!”


Photos courtesy of Mona Kuhn/W Magazine.


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“Serious question: did Cate Blanchett lose her style mojo?” links


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