From the Fabulous Over 50 Club: Felicity Huffman & Sarah Jessica Parker

over-50-actresses - From the Fabulous Over 50 Club: Felicity Huffman & Sarah Jessica Parker

From the Fabulous Over 50 Club: Felicity Huffman & Sarah Jessica Parker both attended the Golden Globes last night and looked the part in front of the cameras on the red carpet.

While 51 year-old Sarah opted for youthful braids and a very ample white gown, 54 year-old Felicity showed off her very thin and toned frame in a sparkly jumpsuit.

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From Our Fabulous Over 50 Club: Yasmin Le Bon

supermodel-eighties-2 - From Our Fabulous Over 50 Club: Yasmin Le Bon

From our Fabulous Over 50 Club: old school supermodel Yasmin Le Bon, who was extremely popular in the 1980s and who looks amazing at age 52. The mom-of-three stunner recently launched her own Fall line for Winser London and she starred in the campaign shots rocking her cashmere, tweed and knitwear designs.

Yasmin about her collection:

‘I have designed a capsule collection which is wearable and luxe – pieces that I really want myself. Yes, I know – completely selfish!’

The old school supermodel, who apparently hasn’t aged a day since her prime in the 1980s looks positively younger than her years even when posing with her 27 yer-old daughter:

yasmin-le-bon-daughter - From Our Fabulous Over 50 Club: Yasmin Le Bon

Yasmin in her prime:

supermodel-eighties - From Our Fabulous Over 50 Club: Yasmin Le Bon


From the Fabulous Over 50 Club: Sharon Stone


From the Fabulous Over 50 Club: 58 year-old Sharon Stone, who looked great in a two piece swimsuit this week. The blonde actress was spotted by the photographers as she had some fun playing volleyball on the beach in Miami while wearing a red bathing suit and a messy side braid.

Remember this (very old) post? Back in 2008, then 62 year-old Helen Mirren broke the internet (more than Kim Kardashian) when she also wore a red bikini to the beach and looked fantastic while doing so.

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Duchess Kate in blue Roland Mouret at the SportsAid gala: lovely or boring?


At least Kate gave us a new gown to examine, which is nice. I was getting tired of the repeats, mostly because she was repeating some of the worst pieces in her closet and styling those looks in the same old way. Her gown for this SportsAid reception was by Roland Mouret. She’s worn Mouret’s gowns before, to decent results. I like this gown for the most part. I have an issue with the bust though. Mouret is known for beautiful structure, and many of his gowns have an almost origami-like feel which needs proper tailoring. So is it the tailoring that’s off, or does Kate need a different bra? Am I the only one seeing that?


I was going to write some republican diatribe, but I’ll save it for another day. This is your future queen, Great Britain. I hope you can picture the hair tosses when you read the words “I love cheering on teams and athletes that I am passionate about.”

People Magazine also had a lengthy write-up about this event, complete with sugary quotes from some of the people in attendance about how wonderful it is that Kate is so “curious about sport” and how amazing it was that she asked the young athletes if they were nervous. The CEO of SportsAid also made sure to mention that Kate is very “keen.” Yes, very keen.




Ramona Singer, 59,: ‘Most girls my age have had a face lift’

The Daily Mail has a new interview with Real Housewives of New York’s Ramona Singer, 59. Her quotes reads like a drunken bragging session about how gorgeous she is. I don’t watch RHONY and my opinion of this woman is based on the handful of times I’ve paid attention to her, but she sounds just about as sheltered and clueless as most of the real housewives. They become sort-of interchangeable at times.

Ramona, 59, had breast augmentation two years ago and she’ll tell you about it. The Daily Mail has a comparison photo of Singer in a bikini before and after her new boobs and she looked better “before” to me, but I’m smaller on top and I like it that way. I hear so many horror stories from my friends with big boobs (like Kaiser) about how it’s hard to exercise or find clothing that fits right. At least that’s what I tell myself because bigger boobs are not in my future. Singer has surely had a ton of Botox and fillers in her face, but she’s proud of the fact that she hasn’t had invasive plastic surgery, which sounds just like what her co-star Bethenny Frankel said recently, although Frankel was probably lying. Here’s what Ramona told the Daily Mail:

says she looks better at 59 thanks to carefree new outlook, strict fitness routine, hair extensions and a boob job.

‘I’m feeling really good. A weight has been lifted off me and that’s reflected in my face and my spirit and my body,’ she tells

The Bravo star said she had her breasts enhanced because she wanted to ‘feel sexier,’ but she has no intention of going under the knife again.

‘Why would I have anything planned? I look the best I’ve ever looked,’ she said. ‘I think I look great, I’m very happy.’

The star revealed that her plastic surgeon was reluctant to perform the boob job on her and tried to talk her out of it.

‘I’ve always had great breasts,’ she revealed. ‘My legs and my breasts have always been great features.’

‘In fact my doctor, she thought I was nuts, she didn’t even want to touch my breasts.

‘She was like, ‘Are you kidding? You have gorgeous breasts and your breasts are better than most 25-year-olds. What are you doing?…’

‘I did it for me… I wanted to feel sexier,’ she said.

‘I wanted to be able to look just as good with a brassiere as without one.

‘And before, because I am over 50, let’s face it gravity hits. It wasn’t hitting that badly, but I wanted to look perkier. I wanted to be perky the way I was in my 30s.’

‘And it made me feel good,’ she added.

The reality star said she saw no issue with getting plastic surgery over 50.

‘Most women have had their breasts done two or three times already,’ said Ramona.

‘There are girls getting their breasts done at 17,18,20 – it’s crazy. So for me to wait until after 50, so be it. Why not?’

Ramona denied having invasive work done on her face.

‘Most girls my age over 50 have had the complete facelift, the neck lift and I don’t really need that,’ she said. ‘I’m into working out and staying fit.’

[From The Daily Mail]

No, most “girls” her age have not had a complete facelift or multiple boob jobs. Maybe most of the women she knows have. Maybe in their group of moneyed women and reality stars they’re so used to looking at frozen faces that they become normal, but they’re still noticeably different to the rest of us. I know maybe 3-5 people who have had work done to their faces, and maybe 10 people who have had Botox. It’s still rare in my part of the country. It’s kind of scary to think that there are places where teens are getting new boobs in high school and are stopping by strip malls to get their lips plumped but I know those places exist and it happens. When you put it in that context, it’s easy to say “Oh this boob job is no biggie, this Restylane and Botox is nothing, you should see what Sharon had done. She got a whole new face.”



From the Fabulous-Over-50 Club: Elle Macpherson in a Bikini

From the Fabulous-Over-50 Club: Elle Macpherson in a Bikini


From the Fabulous-Over-50 Club: 51 year-old ‘The Body’ Elle Macpherson, who looked fit and flawless in a yellow bikini while yachting across Europe.

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Photoshop Alert: Mariah Carey’s Album Cover

Photoshop Alert: Mariah Carey’s Album Cover


Photoshop Alert: Mariah Carey on her album cover, looking like a Victoria’s Secret model thanks to Photoshop.

Below, Mariah on stage recently:


More of real Mariah next!

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