Kylie and Kendall Jenner at Golden Globes After-Party

Kylie and Kendall Jenner at Golden Globes After-Party

kylie-kendall-golden-globes-3 - Kylie and Kendall Jenner at Golden Globes After-Party

The Jenner sisters put on their leggiest dresses and stepped out on Sunday night for the Golden Globes after-party. Kylie, who does not have breast implants (they are big because she is on her period) and Kendall, who does not have lip injections (her lips are just over-lined by Kylie), posed together and separately for the delight of the photographers on the red carpet.

How do you like their looks on this glamorous occasion?


rehost_2016_9_29_5d723d3e-946c-4af2-97c5-75c650e44bfd - Kylie and Kendall Jenner at Golden Globes After-Party

kylie-kendall-golden-globes-9 - Kylie and Kendall Jenner at Golden Globes After-Party

More of the Jenner sisters at the after-party inside!

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Gisele Bundchen’s Body Transformation: Then & Now

Gisele-Bundchen-before-after - Gisele Bundchen's Body Transformation: Then & Now

At high request, here is a Gisele Bundchen before after comparison – on the left, Gisele and her trademark thin and fit figure back in 2014 and on the right, a much curvier Gisele posing in an electric blue swimsuit with mega cleavage earlier this week.

Playing around between shots, the 36-year-old Brazilian model did a shoot with famous photographer Mario Testino in Rio this week, both in swimwear and bright outfits.

See more recent photos of Gisele posing up a storm by the beach next!


Gigi Hadid on Her Runway Walk: “Obviously I’m not the best”


Gigi Hadid has transformed herself in the past years from a bubbly and more athletic-looking model that mostly did sexy photo-shoots to a high-fashion, much skinnier model. And this week, the blonde beauty opened up about her runway walk and how it definitely needs work.

On her career as a runway model:

Before I started modeling, I was more into photographers. I studied a lot how models made pictures in the sense that you have to be a positive part of a picture and make it better. And that’s what is really important for me on set. There’s some people that are bad at looking at monitors and some people that are good looking at monitors. And monitors really help me because I’m able to look at a picture and see where I fit into it, see what I can add to the picture instead of just being a person that’s on the page.

“But the runway thing, it’s funny because obviously I’m not the best on the runway. But what do you do? When you’re the face of a brand you show up to the show. My first show people were already expecting a lot more from me than I [was capable of at the time]. I never was taught how to walk on the runway. And maybe that’s because it moved really quickly for me, that people just assumed that that was something I knew. So, you know, a year and a half later, I’m still learning. I got some compliments on my Tom Ford show, so I’m getting better. I’m working on it, but I’m human. I still get insecure on the runway, but it’s really exciting for me because I want to get better. I love being on the runway.

… says Gigi.

People’s response? Check below:

From the Fabulous Over 50 Club: Sharon Stone


From the Fabulous Over 50 Club: 58 year-old Sharon Stone, who looked great in a two piece swimsuit this week. The blonde actress was spotted by the photographers as she had some fun playing volleyball on the beach in Miami while wearing a red bathing suit and a messy side braid.

Remember this (very old) post? Back in 2008, then 62 year-old Helen Mirren broke the internet (more than Kim Kardashian) when she also wore a red bikini to the beach and looked fantastic while doing so.

More of Sharon’s fabulous over 50 bikini body next


Size 12 Model Iskra Lawrence: “So you don’t think I’m good enough unretouched?”

Size 12 Model Iskra Lawrence: “So you don’t think I’m good enough unretouched?”


Size 12 US model Iskra Lawrence stars in Aerie’s latest campaign, where beauties of different sizes are unedited – and recently, the blonde model opened up about a past experience that destroyed her confidence:

‘I tested with a photographer about a year ago and loved the pictures at the shoot. He sent me the pictures two weeks after and he retouched the hell out of them. I said to him, “I don’t feel like I can use these. Can you send me the raw files?” and he was like, “No, I’m not comfortable with that, and I was kinda of like, “Oh OK, so you don’t think I’m good enough unretouched?” After so many years of being rejected and having my body scrutinized…. for Aerie to come along and basically say, “we accept you, we don’t care about your size.” To see those pictures on a Times Square billboard and they were completely unretouched, I just was like, “Wow. I finally feel good enough!

… says Iskra.


See more!

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Tom Hiddleston & Taylor Swift fly into LAX: is Tom ‘tired’ of all the photo-ops?


The Great & Glorious Tiddlebanging of 2016 has NEW PHOTOS. And they are pretty great photos, let me tell you. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were photographed at LAX last night, flying into LA from the East Coast. Tom and Taylor presumably were flying in from Rhode Island, which is where they were for the Taymerica Fourth of July celebrations.

What’s interesting about these photos… well, SO MUCH is interesting. Reportedly, they are en route to Australia, where Tom will be filming Thor: Ragnarok. There were some theories floating around that The Glorious Tiddlesbang party would be over as soon as Tom left for Australia. But look! Tay-Tay is coming with him, maybe! She doesn’t have anything to do this summer, honestly. Her tour is over, she doesn’t have an album to promote, all she has to do is write and record music, which she’s probably doing as we speak anyway. They have recording studios and producers in Australia!

What else is interesting? Tom does seem protective of Taylor, in that boyfriend-esque way. This is their airport debut, and their body language seems fine. He even put his arm around her as they made their way through LAX (with her bodyguards in tow).






Chelsea Clinton did a royal-esque photo op with her parents & baby Aidan


Here are some photos of Chelsea Clinton leaving a New York hospital following the birth of her second child, baby boy Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky. Chelsea gave birth on Saturday, and I guess she stayed at the hospital two nights and left the hospital on Monday. Chelsea, her husband Marc and her parents, Bill and Hillary Clinton, all left together. I guess Marc’s parents don’t get to be included in the photo-op! As many have already noted, there’s sort of a royal flavor to this photo-op, like Chelsea is pulling a Duchess Kate. In Chelsea’s defense, I think it’s more like the photographers were already waiting for her to leave the hospital and she just made the most of it, probably with Hillary’s help. It’s a nice photo-op, is what I’m saying.

Incidentally, people are loving Chelsea’s baby-name choices because they make her seem like a die-hard Sex and the City fan. Charlotte was one of the main characters and Aidan was Carrie’s fiancé. If Chelsea has another baby, the name will probably be Sam! Because you can’t name a baby “Mr. Big.”

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s stay in New York has been incredibly productive, and by that I mean she raised a ton of money last night at a star-studded fundraiser thrown by Harvey Weinstein. Hillary is raising money hand over fist, and she currently has more than $42 million in her campaign war chest, and that’s just for her campaign. If you include her superpac, she has more than $100 million on-hand. Donald Trump, meanwhile, is the human embodiment of a sad clown noise. He keeps lending his campaign money, his campaign leadership is in shambles, and he only had $1.3 million on hand at the end of May. Which has led to #TrumpSoPoor trending on Twitter. It’s glorious.