Calvin Harris believes Taylor Swift started up with Tom Hiddleston in February


This weekend, The Sun had an interesting and insider-y story on Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris. Think back for a moment to the glory days of early June. When Taylor and Calvin first split up, most of us gossip-watchers knew that there be would drama, because Tay and Calvin are equally petty and juvenile. But back then, did we know that it would get THIS bad? Did we know that Calvin and Taylor’s teams would be sniping back and forth at each other over whether Taylor cheated, etc? I don’t think anyone could have predicted this. The gist of this Sun piece is that Team Calvin says Taylor was likely screwing around with Tom for months before they went public. Team Taylor says Calvin was a sh—ty boyfriend anyway, so what does any of it matter?

Before a flame war starts flaming, let me just say that I think both sides (Team Calvin and Team Swifty) were well-represented in this piece, meaning that both Calvin and Taylor’s PR people and friends are engaging a thorough tit-for-tat. It’s not a case of “poor Taylor, Calvin is being so mean!” Nor is it “poor Calvin, Taylor is so powerful!” They’re both fighting. They both care. They both have an axe to grind. I do think the fact that Calvin didn’t come to the Grammys with Taylor was the beginning of the end for their relationship. I also think that there was overlap between the “the end of Calvin and Taylor” and “the beginning of Tiddles.” And as I keep saying… Calvin and Taylor are so well-matched, it really is a shame they couldn’t make it work.




People Mag writer calls out celebrities & publicists in a hilarious resignation letter

People Mag writer calls out celebrities & publicists in a hilarious resignation letter


Sara Hammel may be my new hero. Hammel was, up until recently, an award-winning entertainment journalist working for People Magazine. Hammel had been working for People Mag for 14 years as a freelance writer, and she had covered some really big entertainment stories, like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Rome wedding. Well, after 14 years, she had enough. Enough of the celebrities, enough of their bats—t crazy publicists, and enough of the not-so-subtle changes with how People Magazine functions as an entertainment news source. So when Hammel resigned, she did so in a letter which is being called “bridge-burning” and “scorched earth.” And not only that, she made the letter public, so anyone can read it. Here you go:

Dear People Magazine,

I quit. It’s not me, it’s you. It’s been a wildly dysfunctional 14 years, and you’re an entirely different magazine than when we first got together. I swear half the current staff doesn’t know my name, despite my contribution to something like fifteen hundred stories in your celebrity annals, so here’s a refresher: I worked inside your London, Los Angeles and New York bureaus, covered breaking news in nine countries, and dealt with too many celebrities to remember (I know this because I was cruising through your archives recently and found my name on files I had no recollection of writing, and interviews with people I have no memory of meeting, like Ellen and Portia together, plus both leads in Nip/Tuck and that guy from Burn Notice). My first celebrity assignment for you was Spice Girl Geri Halliwell in 2002. My last was Robert De Niro in April 2016.

In between, there were memorable encounters galore, including making the gorgeous and empathic Mariska Hargitay ugly-cry (turns out she cries at like every charity-related event, phew), enduring an Oscar winner’s public bullying over an intimate dinner, facing a personal crisis at Tom Cruise’s wedding in Rome, getting basically, kind of spat on by a snotty J. Lo (okay, it was like a very wet pffttt in my general direction, really obnoxious), having fun with endless lower-key celebs like Rosario Dawson and Kyle MacLachlan and Michael Douglas, observing just how stiff and awkward George Clooney is around kids, insulting Sheryl Crow’s baby, and getting groped/harrassed by an A-list [omitted] performer in New York and Paris (that’s not to be flip—it was violating as hell. I’m still pissed I didn’t jab him in the balls with my pen).

This is just what the entitled stars and their bat—t crazy publicists put me and many other talented, hard-working reporters through. You people, as it turns out, are worse. Stupidly, we expect loyalty and support from you after years of service. We are naïve. Despite your nicey nice, glossy and chirpy veneer, some of us think of you more as the Leo DiCaprio of magazines, using up every beautiful model that crosses your path (“beautiful model”= “award-winning journalist” in this scenario), discarding them, and pretending you leave no wake behind you.

I’m oddly surprised my tenure here is ending not with explosive hatred stoked by a cold dismissal from an insensate behemoth (i.e. you)—a fate I watched ashen-faced friends and colleagues endure before my eyes during the Los Angeles bureau’s 2008 culling—but with a slow fade-out and a final venting of my gossip-weary spleen. Then again, that’s why I’m happy being freelance. I’ve survived something like eight rounds of layoffs where talented colleagues were bitch-slapped into oblivion and, I hope, will never give their nights, weekends, relationships and sanity again to keep up with an email chain about whether Jennifer Aniston is pregnant at 47 because of those tummy photos and what kind of mom will she be, when really she just had an extra burrito at lunch; but oh, wait, the rep says it’s just a rumor so there’s no story this week after all.

Read the rest in my mini-memoir. I will say, what happens after that is that my debut teen mystery, the one I spent my adult life making into a reality, but which, despite the schlock regularly featured in its pages and online, People decided to ignore—more to the point, they ignored me entirely—even after I toiled away for them for 14 years. They wouldn’t even give me a digital post that I wrote, sourced, and agreed to remove the name of my book from (LOL). That book is called The Underdogs.

I’ll leave you with the kicker: As I was crafting this letter, a Tweet came through from one of your top editors, Kate Coyne, crowing about her full-page People feature promoting her brand-new book, accompanied by a colorful screenshot. “Don’t ask how, but I got in touch with someone at @people—now I’m in the new issue. So grateful!” You should be, Kate. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Sara Hammel

[Letter via the NY Post]

That’s some good dirt! I want to know the identities of those two blind items: who is A) the Oscar winner who publicly bullied Hammel over an intimate dinner and B) the A-lister who groped and harassed her? I love all of the named shade too – while I love J.Lo, I have no doubt that she’s spat/phlegm’d on reporters. And I think the whole idea of Clooney being really awkward around children is HILARIOUS. Granted, I’m awkward with kids too, but I’m not George Clooney! As for the email chains about Jennifer Aniston’s burrito baby… that’s a very “how the sausage is made” story about editorial decisions, isn’t it? That People Mag reporters are email-chaining about Aniston possibly being pregnant at 47 is… sad, I think.



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Does Taylor Swift even care about Kanye West’s gross ‘Famous’ video?

Does Taylor Swift even care about Kanye West’s gross ‘Famous’ video?


As we discussed on Sunday, Kanye West dropped his music video for “Famous” late Friday night. He premiered it like a movie, then streamed it on Tidal. You can see the very, very NSFW clip here. The video included wax-figures or look-alikes of everyone from Donald Trump to George W. Bush to Taylor Swift and Rihanna. It was and is a huge mess. But something funny happened after the video dropped… beyond internet commenters, no one really cared. Kanye even went on Twitter and begged people to sue him. But there’s barely been any reaction besides a lot of shrugs.

It’s been more than 36 hours since Kanye West debuted his anticipated “Famous” music video and the rapper has so far been met with mostly silence from the celebs he included in the NSFW clip. He had premiered the clip Friday night at a massive fan event at the L.A. Forum, where he was joined by wife Kim Kardashian and other family members and friends. Both he and Kim are also featured nude in the video, lying in bed with naked people resembling former President George W. Bush, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, Rihanna, her ex Chris Brown, Kim’s ex Ray J, Kanye’s ex Amber Rose, Kim’s mom’s ex Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby and yes, Taylor Swift .

As of Sunday morning, neither have most of the stars shown in the clip. Chris Brown, however, who doesn’t appear to be bothered by it.

“Why I gotta have the plumbers butt / crack showing WAX figure?” he wrote on Instagram, adding a string of smiley faces. “This n—a KANYE CRAZY, talented, but crazy.”

In addition, an aide for Bush told Us Weekly, “That’s not him.”

Meanwhile, Kanye took to Twitter Saturday to post, “Can somebody sue me already #I’llwait.” He later deleted the tweet.

[From E! News]

Amber Rose didn’t even say anything! And while “sources” claim that Taylor Swift is beyond pissed about her “inclusion” in the video, she still hasn’t said anything about it, nor has she leaked any quotes to People, Us Weekly or E! News. The only site claiming to have some insight on what Taylor is thinking is Hollywood Life! So take it with a grain of salt:

“Taylor is livid. Taylor is horrified [by the ‘Famous’ music video]. Taylor didn’t know what to do when she heard about what Kanye did. She is bewildered, feels betrayed and is beyond frustrated with Kanye. It is like a complete nightmare. Taylor is pissed to say the least!”

[From Hollywood Life]

While I imagine Taylor is horrified, along with the rest of the people included in Kanye’s art project, I do think it’s smart that no one is engaging Kanye. That’s what will hurt him more than any lawsuit or statement: ambivalence. Apathy. A shrug. When no one even cares enough to sue, that’s a problem on Kanye’s end. You can’t be a provocateur if no one cares enough to be provoked.


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Scott Disick Calls Out Kourtney Kardashian on Justin Bieber Fling!

Scott Disick Calls Out Kourtney Kardashian on Justin Bieber Fling!

It's been a few months since the rumor mill began churning out notions that Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber were hooking up, but for the most part, that scuttlebutt has since died all the way down.

While Kourtney denied the rumors and Justin played coy, the reality star's ex Scott Disick now has something to say about it.

In the preview clip below for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the family plays a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity during a ski vacation in Vail, Colorado.

It's Kourt's turn, and she pulls a card that reads, "Why am I sticky?"

According to the rules of the game, each player must submit a card from their hand with the funniest – or most appropriate – answer to the question.

The submissions included some real zingers, and Kourtney reads them aloud.

"A Fleshlight," she reads from the first card.

"Your weird brother," reveals a second response.

But we think Scott's contribution kinda took the cake.

"Justin Bieber," Kourtney reads, to which Kendall releases a toe-curling noise we never knew she was capable of.

"I put that one," Scott finally admitted.


Kourtney remains pretty cool and collected throughout, as she has during the entire Biebergate phase.

But we think the best reaction may have come from Khloe:

When reports of Kourtney and Justin's "arrangement" first surfaced, Scott was reportedly super pissed.

But it seems now he has a sense of humor about it – and why wouldn't he? It's one of the few things that's keeping him relevant these days.

Scott disick calls out kourtney kardashian for justin bieber fli

Julia Roberts laughed at ‘image-obsessed’ Amal Clooney: ‘She’s so absurd’


As previewed yesterday, this week’s tabloids are full of interesting/funny/untrue speculation about George and Amal Clooney’s marriage, based solely on their appearance at the Cannes Film Festival last week. For the record (since we’re on the record!), I kind of think George and Amal are fine. Their first year of marriage was a whirlwind of craziness, but they seem to have “settled down” quite a bit in 2016. Still, I always enjoy some good Amal gossip. In Touch Weekly had the longer story full of deliciously bitchy details. Some highlights:

Amal’s posing. An insider says: “Cannes has strict rules about a non-movie member posing for obligatory cast photos – it’s a big deal and very rare for a spouse to join. But Amal, with George’s blessing of course, barged right in. Amal wore a look-at-me bright yellow gown amid the cast’s sea of black, she had trouble adjusting her long train in the wind so she also held up the entire process, which meant all eyes were on her.”

Julia was pissed. “Julia was stunned that Amal tried to steal her show and her thunder, and that George actually let her.” So in retaliation, Julia flirted with George, and the source says, “Amal felt like Julia was flirting with George and she was seething!”

Amal hates Julia. Amal hated how friendly George and Julia were on the set of Money Monster and “Amal can’t stand how Julia monopolizes her husband’s time.” After the Cannes red carpet, Amal pulled George aside and told him that Julia was being “disrespectful.” Julia “was so mad that she had a mini-meltdown about it and was overheard complaining about Amal’s rude move and George should have known better.”

Julia hates Amal too. After spending some time with Amal and George in Como, Italy last summer, “Julia left with a very bad taste in her mouth.” Julia would “mock image-obsessed Amal behind her back after seeing how Amal constantly had her hair and makeup touched up and wore glamorous gowns during a casual weekend.” A source says: “Julia laughed at her because she thinks she’s so absurd.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

While I think this whole thing is being overblown, I do believe that there’s some shade and gossip going on at the core. Like, Julia was pissed that Amal was being so showy and look-at-me. And Amal was pissed because Julia was goose-honking all over George. I also sort of believe that Amal is severely image-obsessed? That’s just my gut-level reaction to seeing her pap strolls and red carpet posing.

Meanwhile, Star Magazine claims that Amal and George looked like they were having serious problems at Cannes. A Cannes tipster reveals that after George and Amal walked the Cannes carpet together, they stopped pretending to be all lovey-dovey.

“Once inside, it was obvious to everyone there that George and Amal had been fighting all day. I don’t think either one of them wanted to be there.”

Arms crossed and scowl fixed, it was clear the human rights lawyer wasn’t happy with her husband. In fact, eyewitnesses say the two barely said a word to each other during dinner that night at Le Michelangelo in Antibes and cast a frosty chill over the afterparty at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc.

“It looked like George truly regretted bringing Amal out. Just imagine what it must have been like when they got home!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Sure, but WHY were they fighting? Was it because of Julia? Or something else?



Blac Chyna is pregnant & pissed off at the Kardashians for leaking that info


Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna got engaged back in April. At the time, it seemed like a sudden move. And while I would never dare suggest that this is just a reality-show version of a shotgun marriage, that’s exactly what it looks like. On Friday, Blac Chyna and Rob confirmed that they are expecting their first child together. The baby will be Rob’s first overall, and Chyna’s second – she’s also mom to son King Cairo, whose father is Tyga (Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend). Chyna’s rep confirmed the pregnancy far and wide, telling media outlets: “I can confirm she’s pregnant and of course she’s happy.”

But of course there’s already drama. People Magazine also noted in a later post that Chyna and Rob were not expecting to announce the news on Friday – they wanted to do it today, Sunday, for Mother’s Day. Chyna’s rep once again went to People and said: “She would have preferred to have announced it on Mother’s Day herself, but her hand was forced.” Who was “forcing” her hand? The Kardashian clan. Apparently, someone (or multiple someones) leaked the pregnancy info to media outlets on Friday, just to get at Chyna… maybe. I find it interesting that her rep is going on the record to People Mag just to stir the sh-t. As it turns out, Chyna has been a Kardashian all along, you know? She fits right in with the K-klan.

People Mag also ran several positive, exclusive stories about the pregnancy and how Rob is elated about becoming a father, especially considering he lost his own father at such a young age. There’s also some insidery info about how the Kardashian-Jenner clan reacted to the news – go here to read. Apparently, Kris Jenner is not thrilled, and the Kardashian sisters are just sort of shell-shocked. Sources also say that Kim is already coming around, basically because she doesn’t see the point in starting a war with Rob and Chyna.

Interestingly enough, in this week’s Life & Style, sources note that Rob is getting a bigger paycheck for Keeping Up with the Kardashians this season. For several seasons now, Rob has been in the wind, barely making appearances and not really engaging with the various storylines of the show. But if you’ve been watching this new season (currently airing), you might have noticed that Rob’s storyline is really dominating the show. So let me ask you… was that the plan all along?


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Kelly Ripa ‘livid’ Michael Strahan left without telling her, she hasn’t returned

Kelly Ripa ‘livid’ Michael Strahan left without telling her, she hasn’t returned

Kelly Ripa honored at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Michael Strahan has co-hosted Live! with Kelly Ripa for nearly four years now. Kelly has been on the show for fifteen, since Kathy Lee Gifford left and she co-hosted with Regis Philbin, who retired in 2011. (He’s still kicking at 84, I just checked.) So you would think that Kelly would be one of the first people to learn that her longterm co-host was leaving the show to join Good Morning America. According to outlets including TMZ, E!, and People that wasn’t the case and Ripa found out via a memo to the entire network like everyone else. No one at her workplace, not even Strahan, gave her a heads up and she was understandably “livid.” According to E! Strahan couldn’t tell Ripa because network execs told him not to.

About an hour after LIVE! With Kelly and Michael aired Tuesday, an internal memo at ABC revealed he would be leaving the show by summer’s end to work on Good Morning America full-time. His co-host, Kelly Ripa, did not receive a heads up. In fact, E! News has learned that executives broke the news to her just after the show finished taping—around the same time everyone else first heard about it. “She was livid,” a source says exclusively. “It wasn’t pretty.”

Strahan joined Ripa and others in the meeting. “He wanted to be there. He didn’t have to be, but he didn’t want to have her hear it and not be there,” the source says. “He tried to do the stand up thing.” Strahan, who replaced Regis Philbin in 2012, has been a correspondent on ABC’s Good Morning America since 2014. When executives decided to move him to the news show full-time, they intentionally kept Ripa and others key staff members in the dark to prevent leaks. “That was a network decision,” the source says, adding that it was a carefully executed plan. “It wasn’t an overnight decision and took some time to put it in place.”

Strahan didn’t have a say in the matter.

“He’s not the boss,” the source tells E! News. “He is an employee of the network.”

[From E! Online]

That’s a weak excuse that network execs they were worried about leaks. They could have at least told Kelly, that would have only been fair. People confirms E!’s version of events and adds that Kelly “went crazy.”

TMZ is reporting that while it’s true that Strahan was under orders not to tell Ripa, “Kelly and Michael don’t get along” and Ripa feels like “he’s disrespectful to her and is full of himself.” In an earlier story, TMZ revealed that ABC is considering canceling Live and adding a third hour to Good Morning America, which is facing stiff competition from The Today Show.

Ripa did not host Live! on Wednesday and was replaced by Ana Gasteyer. Sources tell US Magazine that Ripa took a sick day. Strahan had some nice things to say about her, and about his time on Live, at the end of the show, but who knows if he’s paying lip service.

People has a source close to Strahan who says that “He very much wanted to do the right thing” by telling “her in person and [giving] her months notice” but that he couldn’t. Strahan is said to be “hurt by her reaction” and “the very public way she’s handling this.” Their source added “You can’t not show up for work. If you’re going to have a meltdown you don’t do it publicly.” It’s not public! Kelly didn’t show up for work. She didn’t tweet or Instagram anything. She may have gotten mad at work but she didn’t make her response public, she just took time off, as is her right.

It looks like this show is about to get canceled and like they put off telling Ripa until it was absolutely necessary. People is reporting that it’s unknown when Kelly will return to the show. A source tells them that Kelly plans to stay out this entire week. Additional stories have come out stating that Kelly is on a 20th anniversary vacation with her family and husband, Mark Consuelos, in Turks and Caicos. Apparently the trip was planned already and she was supposed to be out on Friday and Monday, but left early when she was blindsided by the news of Strahan leaving the show.

The 86th Annual Oscars - Red Carpet Arrivals

2013 CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute

'Live! with Kelly and Michael' filming

Kelly Ripa honored at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame
2013 CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute
The 86th Annual Oscars - Red Carpet Arrivals
Channing Tatum during an appearance on ABC's 'Live! with Kelly and Michael.'
'Live! with Kelly and Michael' filming
'Live! with Kelly and Michael' filming

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