Tracee Ellis Ross: “I am small for people and big for an actress”

Tracee-Ellis-Ross-weight - Tracee Ellis Ross: "I am small for people and big for an actress"

44 year-old Tracee Ellis Ross, who stars in Black-ish, recently opened up to People Magazine about weight fluctuations, style and not being Hollywood thin.

The full story from People:

“I’ve always been connected to the narrative of clothing,” she says. “My mom taught me that you can spend money on nice things if you’re going to use them. For example, I have an Alexander McQueen jacket that I wear with everything, even sweatpants.”

One of the things she has also learned over the years is stop obsessing over her size despite not being Hollywood thin.

“You know, I am not a sample size,” she says. “I am not a model size. I am small for people and big for an actress. My weight fluctuates a lot and I move with it. It is what it is. That’s why I try not to have a relationship with the size that I am.

And she deals with the change in her own unique way. “I actually own my favorite jeans in three sizes—28, 29 and 30,” she explains.

“Depending on how I feel, I always start with the big ones and if I get to go down, great,” she says. “It’s the same thing with dresses and clothing. I want to wear something that makes me feel gorgeous, not that makes me feel self-conscious about my body. Hiding insecurities or putting attention on the stuff that feels good is really the key…”

Ultimately, though, when it comes to picking out her looks, she says “there’s no real method to my madness.” All she does, she says, is “ask what is the best thing out of my closet or the best thing on the rack that makes me feel good and fits.”


Harrison Wagner: Jack Wagner Asks Twitter To Help Find His Troubled Son

Sometimes social media can be used as a force for good.

Jack Wagner Son Harrison Pic

Melrose Place‘s Jack Wagner, 56, took to Twitter on July 10th in an attempt to locate his 21-year-old son, Harrison.

Harrison had been missing five days when Wagner sent out the tweet.

“I’m going to ask those who want to share their fears, addictions & struggles to do so w me via Twitter. We can face them 2gether, I’ll start,” Wagner wrote.

“I fear for my youngest sons safety. Harrison has struggled w drugs & alcohol just as I did when I was younger. He’s relapsed & is MIA 5 days.”

Wagner was inundated with tweets of support, and stories from fans who themselves were struggling with addiction.

Whether or not the tweet caught Harrison’s attention, Wagner updated those concerned that he had be able to connect with his son.

“Harrisons been in touch, he’s 21 & in charge of his life, ty for the lv & prayers, please continue to share your struggles, it helps us all,” Wagner wrote earlier today.

Wagner didn’t stop there.  He continued to listen and respond to others’ stories, thanking them for sharing.

Zac Efron Talks Life Post Rehab

Harrison is Wagner’s son with General Hospital‘s Kristina Wagner (they are divorced, but remain “great friends”).  The couple have another son, Peter, 25.

Earlier this year, Kristina was featured on Oprah’s Where Are They Now?

“I realized that I really needed to figure out what was going on with me in order to move forward,” Kristina said of their divorce (filed first in 2001, then 2005 after an attempt at reconciliation).

“It’s easy to lose yourself when you’re only in your young 20s and you’re just doing what’s expected of you and not really thinking about your own needs… The divorce was the best thing that could have happened to me and for my children, as well, because I don’t think I was being a very good mother at the time.

“I had to deal with myself, first, because we ultimately have to take care of ourselves before we can help others.”

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Becky Hayter: Who is Kailyn Lowry’s New Love Interest?

The ongoing soap opera that is Kailyn Lowry’s love life took an unexpected turn recently, when the the world learned that Lowry might be dating a woman.

Kailyn Lowry and Becky Hayter

Sources close to the Teen Mom 2 star indicated that ever since she officially separated from Javi Marroquin, Kailyn has been spending a lot of time with a female friend named Becky Hayter.

At one point, a video of Kailyn and Becky kissing surfaced on Lowry’s Instagram page.

It was quickly deleted after the comments section exploded with speculation about Kailyn’s sexual orientation.

But though the video wasn’t online for very long, Lowry replaced the clip with the image below and has not denied that she’s romantically involved with Hayter.

Kailyn Lowry At Gay Pride 2016 in New Jersey

Insiders have confirmed that Lowry dated several women during her adolescent years and earlier today the mother of two seemed to confirm her sexual fluidity, tweeting, “Do I have to be gay or straight? Can’t I just love people?”

Little is known about Hayter, but she seems to be even less shy than Lowry about confirming that the romantic rumors are 100% true.

In addition to re-tweeting Kailyn’s coming out tweet, moments ago Becky re-tweeted a fan who wrote, “I have to say @KailLowry & @hayter25 would make a bangin couple tho.”

It’s not a direct confirmation, but it certainly seems Hayter is implying that she and Lowry are far more than just friends.

Though she’s new to the public eye, Hayter doesn’t seem the least bit bothered by the, well…haters.

She’s wisely opted not to engage with them on a one-to-one basis (Never feed the trolls, kids!), and she instead dismissed the more critical comments she’s been receiving with a tweet reading, “Do people not understand calling me a lesbian is not offensive?”

Based on her Twitter page, Hayter seems like a woman who knows how to party and a staunch advocate for LGBT rights.

In a word, she seems cool, which is more than can be said about most of the dudes that have come and gone from Teen Mom 2 over the years.

It’s official: We’re ‘shipping these two. Long live Kaiter!

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Madonna ‘insisted’ on having the Met Gala carpet to herself for photos

Madonna ‘insisted’ on having the Met Gala carpet to herself for photos


I’ve never been a die-hard Madonna fan. I liked her for many years, and if I have a reason to defend her, I will. But this current incarnation of Madonna is just really uncomfortable. Her appearance at the Met Gala was really messy, and when she tried to speak to the reporters, her face could barely function because she’s had so much work done. She’s clinging to her youth, absolutely. But even more than that, it’s like she’s clinging to this idea she has of herself, that she’s always going to be the most important, the most notable, the most scandalous and the most discussed person in the room. And is that the reality? People were discussing her Met Gala appearance, absolutely. But did she “scandalize” anyone? Or were we just like, “Oh, God. Please put it away”? Page Six says that Madonna and her people demanded that all other celebrities clear off the gala red carpet while Madonna strutted her butt cheeks. Ugh.

A-listers, make way for Madonna. The Queen of Pop, squeezed into a peculiar posterior-baring bondage outfit, halted the red carpet at the Met Gala for her arrival.

A source tells us, “Madonna cleared the red carpet to make her big entrance, even though she was not really dressed. All these A-listers had to wait for Madonna, who insisted on having the carpet to herself, to have her pictures taken.”

Those held up and forced to wait on line while Madge did her thing included Katy Perry, Kim and Kanye, Naomi Campbell, Solange and all the designers. The source added that things got funny when Perry got impatient and started yelling out at limelight-loving Madonna, “Are we ready now? Can we go?”

[From Page Six]

Madonna making Kanye West wait is… appropriate. But pulling “rank” like that at the Met Gala is just so cheesy, especially in Madonna’s situation these days (her Sad Clown act) and especially considering her Givenchy ensemble was absolutely ridiculous.

Oh, and Joan Collins (of all people) had some mean words to say about Madonna:

“I thought it was a costume party, Halloween look, but it’s the Met Ball which is supposedly one of the most glamorous and fashionable events and I thought that the bottom thing coming out was a bit over the top… I am the least ageist person… if you want to do that, be prepared to be made a figure of fun because I don’t know anybody who hasn’t been laughing about it.”

[From Express]

Is this how Madonna “scandalizes” these days? By being the joke, by being laughed at, by being thought of as out-of-touch? It’s almost enough to make me feel sorry for her. But then I look at these photos – where Madonna looked like she was soaking up the flashes – and I don’t feel sorry for her.



Photos courtesy of WENN.


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Chris Evans isn’t ruling out running for political office: ‘I would never say never’

evans esquire

Captain America fans be damned, I’ve never really been a huge Chris Evans stan. I don’t have a problem with him, it’s just that he sometimes (SOMETIMES) seems like a neurotic whiner. But he’s not like that in his interview with the new issue of Esquire Middle East. He comes across well and almost sort-of Captain America-like. Before now, I had no idea that his uncle is currently serving in the House of Representatives. His uncle is Rep. Mike Capuano. Do they call him “Cap” too?! Anyway, Chris talks about politics and more. Some highlights:

I didn’t see Before We Go, but I remember that the reviews weren’t bad or anything. He didn’t embarrass himself and he’ll probably be given another opportunity to direct, because Hollywood loves rewarding white guys. I’m just saying… if a black, Asian or Hispanic actor had made the jump to directing and made so little impact with their first film, would they be given another opportunity? As for what he says about possibly running for political office… I actually like that idea. He doesn’t carry around the kind of personal baggage that many “political” actors have – as in, I know less about Chris’s personal life than George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, etc. And I think it’s cute that he’s already planning ahead for when he’s married and has kids

‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’: what did you think? (spoilers)


Avengers: Age of Ultron arrived as one of this weekend’s big events (other than the royal baby) with the most character-packed Marvel installment yet. Around 800 actors filled the movie, yet it still managed to overflow with CGI effects. The movie shall easily be Marvel’s biggest moneymaker yet. Before this weekend, the film earned $201 million overseas. In North America, the film pulled in around $84 million on Friday, and the comic nerds will probably make multiple visits throughout the weekend. I imagine it will hit well over $200,000 total for the weekend.

As a whole, I didn’t enjoy this film as much as The Avengers, but it was a strong entry and pushed several individual storylines into progression. I still dug this movie a lot, although the opening fight scene was so relentlessly action-packed that I feared Marvel would deliver a hollow cartoon. Luckily, Age of Ultron was peppered with moments of humor, humanity, and character development. Here are my thoughts on several of the storylines:

* Black Widow and Hulk’s romance didn’t feel shoehorned into the film at all. Their attraction, mutual respect, and respective vulnerabilities felt very organic. In the context of how the Marvel films portray the MCU, this relationship makes a lot of sense. And no, Black Widow wasn’t wh*ring around in any sense of the word.

* Tony Stark still drives me insane. He’s the douche Avenger. Ultron is an annoying, smug extension of Tony’s megalomaniacal personality. Stark couldn’t help himself from messing with artificial intelligence. Unlike the other characters, Stark’s insufferable persona overwhelms his Iron Man alter ego. I was glad to see him depart at the end, but we’ll see him again in Cap 3: Civil War.

* Captain America and his Boy Scout image mostly served as a punchline in this film, which is fine. Joss Whedon always writes worse dialogue for Cap than what he receives in his standalone movies. Cap will get his due again. Thor and his gregarious, Asgardian manner of speaking were also nice comic relief.

* Hawkeye got his backstory and the homelife that Cap has always wanted. The surprise of seeing Hawkeye’s civilian family lent a nice respite from the movie’s otherwise frenetic pace. The various characters’ interactions with the children and down-home country life were very reflective of their personalities.

* The Twins (“He’s fast, and she’s weird”) were a lovely addition, especially Scarlet Witch. They were orphans in search of a family, and in the end, only one made it out alive. Poor Quicksilver went out for a greater cause. Scarlet Witch held her own amongst the group, and Hawkeye’s recruitment speech was pretty awesome.

* Vision was … a vision to behold. Paul Bettany delivered a fantastic, enigmatic performance (worth of Thor’s hammer). I especially liked the part where he was mesmerized by his own reflection.

* The film contained a zillion cameos from various MCU characters. Jane and Pepper Potts received shoutouts, but we saw many other characters. Nick Fury, Agent Carter, Maria Hill, Falcon, Heimdall, Professor Selvig, and others enjoyed appearances. No Loki and no Bucky Barnes. I was okay with no Loki because his presence is so huge (sorry, Dragonflies!), and this movie was already jam-packed. Bucky (by nature) is supposed to be “in the wind,” so we’ll see him next in Cap 3.

* The New Avengers team assembled at the end. War Machine, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, and Vision joined up with Cap and Black Widow to keep on avenging. This changing of the guard will switch things up nicely, and some people see this new team as Marvel’s overdue nod to their ongoing diversity problem.

* The mid-credits scene carried vast implications in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanos (the mad titan) grabs an Infinity Gauntlet and vows to collect the stones. This is a different gauntlet than the one that Thor’s father, Odin, possesses … so now we know that more than one gauntlet exists in the MCU. *Cue soap opera stare face*






Jennifer Aniston on the tabloids: ‘I think everyone knows it’s all B.S.’

Jennifer Aniston on the tabloids: ‘I think everyone knows it’s all B.S.’


Just before Christmas, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux made their annual pilgrimage to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Cabo is Aniston’s favorite (and one of her few) vacation hot spots. This year’s Cabo trip seemed slightly different though – in years past, the paparazzi have gotten tons of varying-quality photos of Aniston lounging around in bikinis (while Justin wanders around in jorts), but this year there aren’t that many photos. Hm. I don’t really have a conspiracy about that, I’m just pointing it out.

Justin and Jennifer have been vacationing with the same couple-friends they always spend time with: Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly, Howard & Beth Stern, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. Interestingly enough, George and Amal Clooney are also in Cabo with the Gerbers. So… both vacationing groups ended up meeting and partying together. According to Us Weekly, everybody went to George’s house for dinner on Sunday and “George’s chef cooked for everyone and they had a ton of wine and tequila.” Obviously. And a source couldn’t wait to drop this to Us Weekly: George and Jennifer “are talking about making a movie in Cabo. Jennifer is really excited about it and wants to do it. They stayed for hours and didn’t get back to their house until very late.” A movie in Cabo? The Days of Tequila & Jorts.

Meanwhile, Jennifer gave an interview to CBS’s Sunday Morning (which will air on January 4). She was asked about her tabloid queen status and all of the pregnancy/wedding/breakup rumors that constantly swirl in the tabloids. She told CBS that she deals with the rumors by not paying attention:

“Just don’t pay attention. I think I used to really, there was a period where I was hell bent on saying, ‘That’s not true, that’s not right, that’s not fair.’ And now I just think you have to let it roll off your back and you realize, I think everyone knows it’s all B.S. and like a soap opera on paper. The main thing is to try to just keep refocusing back on what you know is true and what makes you guys happy. We know what our truth is. That’s all just static.”

[From E! News]

Yeah… I mean, some of the tabloid stuff is just straight-up nonsense, obviously, but Aniston and her publicist do so much work to keep her position as the #1 Tabloid Queen (see the Us Weekly story about Jennifer and George Clooney, above). And her publicist is always directly commenting on all of the “rumors” too, so it’s not like “oh, I’m not even paying attention.” She’s paying attention. As is her publicist.

Aniston also sort of pretends like she’s not waging one of the most aggressive Oscar campaigns in recent memory by pretending all of her nominations came out of nowhere. She told CBS: “We were a little teeny weensy movie made for four dollars and we poured our hearts into it and everyone worked so hard, so that this is happening on top of that, it’s just like a huge giant juicy cherry on top.” She was asked if Cake proves she’s more than just a rom-com star and she said: “A little part of me saying, ‘I told you so?’ Maybe a teensy one.”


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.


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