Joe McKnight, Former NFL Running Back, Shot and Killed

Joe McKnight, a former NFL running back who also starred at the University of Southern California, was shot and killed in a road rage incident in New Orleans on Thursday.

He was 28 years old.

Joe McKnight Picture

The fatal incident took place at 2:43 p.m., with many witnesses actually on the scene.

One of them told TMZ that McKnight tried to apologize to the other man involved in some kind of altercation, only for the man to pull out a gun and shoot him.

“I told you not to f-ck with men,” the shooter allegedly said to McKnight while standing over his body, prior to firing another shot into the ex-New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs player.

Police say they have apprehended a 54-year old suspect named Ronald Gasser.

He surrounded to authorities at the scene.

Cops also say McKnight was NOT armed at the time he was killed.

“At approximately 2:43 p.m. today we received a call of a shooting that occurred here at Holmes [Boulevard] and Behrman Highway (in Terrytown),” Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said via statement.

“Our officers arrived on the scene and immediately began giving CPR to an individual who was shot and lying on the ground, with EMS and others assisting at this location.

“The individual who was shot and ultimately expired has been identified as Joseph ‘Joe’ McKnight.”

Joe McKnight

Added Normand:

Mr. Gasser did, in fact, shoot Mr. McKnight. We will be releasing additional details as we get through these interviews with these witnesses. Mr. McKnight did not have a gun in his possession.

The tragic news has spread quickly around the sports world.

Those who played with McKnight or knew of him from Louisiana mourned the loss on social media:

mcknight tweets

McKnight was born in River Ridge, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans, and starred at John Curtis Christian High School.

He was selected by New York in the fourth round of the 2010 draft.

“Joe McKnight was a loving father and a genuine, kind-hearted person,” the Jets said in a statement, adding:

“It is sad when life is taken in what appears to be such a senseless act of violence. Joe, you will be missed.”

McKnight – the second former NFL player to be killed in a road rage incident in 2016, following the shooting of Will Smith. played in the CFL this season, with the Edmonton Eskimos and Saskatchewan Roughriders.

He was still listed on their active roster at the time of his murder.

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May Joe McKnight rest in peace.


Plus-Size Model Rosie Mercado Received Death Threats for Losing 240 lbs


The full story from Daily Mail:

Plus-size model Rosie Mercado who shed 240lbs said she was targeted by ‘fat activists’ who told her to kill herself after her dramatic weight loss.

The mother-of-three from Las Vegas said she does not ‘miss anything’ about being 410lbs but that she has received hate mail directed at her transformed body. The 36-year-old, who used to be a size 34 and is now a 12/14, was told to ‘jump off a bridge and kill myself’ by people who objected to her weight loss, she claimed in an interview with TMZ.

I got hate mail…Not so much from the other models, just fans that hated on me. They told me to go jump off a bridge and kill myself for losing weight. Fat activists, there you go. Yeah fat activists, they just hated the thought I was really public about my weight loss and I was losing weight,’ she said.

While Rosie, who now weighs 170lbs, ‘loves’ her slimmer physique and the ‘freedom’ it has given her, she said some people reacted negatively to it.

She said: ‘Because I guess everybody loves to be happy in their own weight. Some people love being overweight, some people don’t. I think it’s a personal choice and you’ve just got to take it, there’s good and bad that comes with any life choice and changes so you know what? You’ve just got to let it go and not pay attention to the negative remarks.’

Rosie said her critics did not like her being ‘authentic and open’ about the changes to her body and her subsequent tummy tuck and skin removal.

Despite losing almost half her former body weight she said she is still plus-size, adding: ‘I love it.’


Eugenie Bouchard: Taylor Swift ‘portrays herself as the victim a lot’


Canadian tennis pro Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard is seen by many as one of the future stars of the game. She’s got “the look” of a tennis star – she’s blonde, adorable and bouncy, and she gives off a puppy-ish energy that is definitely endearing. She’s currently ranked 40th in the world, but many expect her to really step up to the plate in the coming years. And like so many youngsters (Genie is just 22 years old), she’s very in tune to pop culture. I mean, so is Serena Williams, but Genie is still so young, she’ll talk on the record about celebrity gossip in the middle of her press conferences. Case in point: Genie was playing the Citi Open this week in DC, and at her press conference on Wednesday, she was asked about the ongoing Kimye-Taylor Swift controversy. Genie has previously professed her love of all things Taylor Swift, and has even met Swift backstage at one of Swift’s concerts last year. But Genie is tired of Swifty’s perpetual-victim shtick. Oh, Genie! I heart you. Start around the 5:55-minute mark.

A tennis star with a HUGE backhand directed at Taylor Swift — says she’s sick of the singer always portraying herself as the victim … just like she’s doing in the Kanye West feud. The tennis star is 22-year-old Eugenie Bouchard — who’s a huge pop culture fan — and was asked about the Taylor vs. Kanye situation after she was knocked out of the Citi Open this week.

“This is probably the hardest question all day,” she said. “I love Taylor Swift and I went to her concert and I love her songs and everything, but I feel like sometimes she portrays herself as the victim a lot and she did this time around, and that she said she wasn’t aware of that specific line. The B.I.T.C.H line. But she heard the other line about having sex so, I’m like really, what’s the huge difference? You approved the thing where Kanye said he’d have sex with you, but you didn’t hear the time he said b****? Come on. It’s all the same thing for me. I think she just way overreacted. I think she just tried to get attention by saying she didn’t approve of that. But it’s the celeb world, and it’s just entertaining. It entertains me when I’m on my own in D.C.”

Dear Taylor Swift: when your core audience – white women in their teens and 20s – turns on you, it’s time to pack it up and go silent for a few months. No more emails to TMZ. No more implicit racism to People Magazine. No more words. Just drop it, take some time off, get a massage, go for a run and regroup. I mean, half of the #Taymerica squad won’t even publicly defend her!! And now her high-profile fans are saying that Tay is just acting like a thirsty liar with the Poor Innocent Blonde Child act.

wenn23548353 (more…)

Johnny Depp wants Amber Heard silenced with a confidentiality agreement

Johnny Depp wants Amber Heard silenced with a confidentiality agreement


Remember when we thought this summer was going to be full of drama and tragedy from Johnny Depp and Amber Heard? While there was a solid month of drama, by the time their hearing was postponed back on June 17th, the craziness had started to die down. They’re scheduled to appear in court on August 15th to give testimony about the abuse, the restraining order and more. Since mid-June, there’s been relative quiet, which I suspect has been the goal of the lawyers and the court anyway. I’ve been hoping that Depp’s lawyers and Heard’s lawyers have been quietly negotiating some kind of comprehensive settlement. But now I don’t know. Depp’s team has filed new documents aiming to keep Amber and her team silent. Depp’s lawyers are asking the court to put a confidentiality agreement in place so that they can turn over Depp’s financial records without it leaking. Here’s part of the filing:

“Johnny does not dispute that Amber is entitled to the majority of the information sought in her discovery requests and subpoenas. He willing to produce the documents necessary for Amber’s evaluation,” the docs read. “He has asked, however, that a confidentiality agreement be executed prior to the production of documents in order to protect the parties’ privacy. This case has been extraordinarily public since its inception. There have been daily articles in the domestic and foreign press about this proceeding and the parties’ lives. Every detail of this action has been chronicled by the media and it has become one of the most heavily publicized celebrity divorces in recent memory.”

Thus, Depp’s team argues, “Amber’s need for financial information to resolve this case is distinct from the public’s appetite for information about celebrity divorces. Yet Amber has inexplicably refused to sign any agreement to maintain confidentiality in this action. Johnny has proposed two different versions of a confidentially agreement and has expressed his willingness to consider revisions and/or an alternate agreement drafted by Amber’s counsel.”

The documents reveal that Depp—to no avail—asked Heard to sign a confidentiality agreement on May 27, 2016, noting that many media outlets have sited “sources close to Amber” in their coverage of the divorce. In fact, Depp’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, pointed out one TMZ article in which she believes Heard’s attorney, Samantha Spector, leaked information to TMZ

“We agree to your proposal that ‘both sides would do everything in their power to prevent any further publicity and/or media disclosures about this matter, the case and the parties’ without exception,” Wasser states. “On 6/10 TMZ posted a story which contained specific provisions of the verbal settlement offer made to you…Not only did you not comply with your proposed agreement, you violated provisions.”

The documents also indicate that the two teams tried to settle in mid-June into order to “avoid media exposure” and “resolve the matter amicably,” and that Depp was willing to use the mediator Heard proposed. However, they failed to schedule a meeting. Now, as Heard proceeds to request more information, Depp continues to press for confidentiality.

“Johnny is merely trying to protect the documents and information Amber seeks from unwarranted disclosure to the media and other individuals not involved,” the docs read.

[From E! News]

Does anyone else think it’s a bit rich for Depp’s lawyer to cry foul about Amber’s team leaking to TMZ? Throughout May and June, Team Depp was leaking to TMZ on a daily basis. TMZ was running pro-Depp stories consistently, full of information that only people deep in Depp’s camp would know. While I don’t doubt that Amber’s team has leaked information to E!, People and TMZ as well, turnabout is fair play.

I also think it’s interesting that Depp wants such a tight rein on his financial information specifically. In the past month, Depp has been making some strange financial moves, like selling his Basquiat paintings and putting his French chateau up for sale. Hm…


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.


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Calvin Harris to Taylor Swift: ‘You need someone new to try & bury like Katy’

Calvin Harris to Taylor Swift: ‘You need someone new to try & bury like Katy’


I updated yesterday’s post as news kept coming in, but it’s worth discussing all of the crap that happened after TMZ reported – based off of what they were being told from sources close to Taylor Swift – that Swifty was the one who wrote Calvin Harris’s hit song “This Is What You Came For,” which features vocals by Rihanna. As it turns out, the conspiracy theory/rumor was and is absolutely true. Taylor’s rep confirmed it to People Magazine yesterday, saying: “Taylor Swift wrote ‘This Is What You Came For’ under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg.” People Mag also ran what amounted to a confirmation of TMZ’s earlier reporting, that Taylor was very hurt when Calvin said he didn’t want to collaborate with her after they had already collaborated. So what was Calvin’s reaction to Team Swifty running to the press to correct the record? He got on Twitter and dragged her. Here’s what he wrote:

I know I’ve criticized Calvin Harris before for his pettiness and inability to simply let go of the drama. But really… how amazing is this? This is Calvin Harris being a bitchy schoolgirl which is TOTALLY TAYLOR SWIFT’S LEVEL. He’s all, “Why do you keep leaking stories about me, aren’t you with the new love of your life?” And “Don’t try to ‘Bad Blood’ me, chica.” Once again, Calvin and Taylor were so perfect for each other. They are both equally petty and juvenile. And it is glorious.

Oh, and Taylor couldn’t let Calvin’s tweets just sit there, she responded via TMZ, insisting that Calvin is trying to downplay her involvement in the song, that she not only wrote the lyrics but also created the melody. “Calvin sources” concede that Taylor did create the melody, but insist that Calvin did everything else. And those Calvin sources say Taylor is “acting like he’s only got one hit song. LOL.”

But my favorite part is that since Calvin name-checked Katy Perry – Taylor’s #1 Nemesis!!! – Katy felt the need to chime in too. The Hillary GIF came first, then the retweet from 2015. Bless her.



Photos courtesy of Calvin and Taylor’s social media, Fame/Flynet.


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Selma Blair mixed prescription pills with wine, had a crazy meltdown on a plane

Selma Blair mixed prescription pills with wine, had a crazy meltdown on a plane

We're leaving on a jet plane. Dad is already asleep. Not for long. Bwahahahha . #fathersdayweekend

A photo posted by Selma Blair (@therealselmablair) on

To celebrate Father’s Day, Selma Blair and her ex-partner Jason Bleick went down to Cancun, Mexico with their son Arthur Saint, who is 4 years old. Judging from the above Instagram, Selma, Arthur and Jason took a long weekend – they were in Cancun last Thursday through Monday. On Monday, Selma and Arthur boarded a plane back to LA. And that’s when everything went haywire. According to witnesses, Selma mixed some medication with wine on the flight, and she began behaving bizarrely.

Selma Blair was taken off a Delta flight Monday on a stretcher after losing control … TMZ has learned. Witnesses on a flight from Cancun, Mexico to LAX tell us, Blair was in first class and drinking wine. The witnesses say it appeared she put something in the glass and mixed it in.
We’re told she suddenly started crying, “He burns my private parts. He won’t let me eat or drink.”
The witnesses say she continued, “He beats me. He’s going to kill me.”

We’re told 2 nurses on board came over to help and checked her bags for pills. Our sources say the pilot radioed ahead and told the tower there was a passenger on board who had been mixing alcohol and meds. When the plane landed medical personal boarded the plane and took Blair off on a stretcher. She was taken to a nearby hospital.

[From TMZ]

My first instinct when reading Selma’s words was… I bet it’s nothing. Not because I want to shrug off those horrific words, it’s just that we’ve all said some crazy sh-t while drunk and/or high. She probably didn’t even know what she was saying, if the medications she mixed with wine were strong enough. People Magazine had more details about this whole incident and beyond too – their sources claim Selma was “happy and healthy” the entire time she was in Cancun, and she got spa treatments while her ex spent time with their son. An official (with the airline, perhaps) confirms that Selma had “taken a combination of prescription medication with alcohol,” but that it was unclear “what sort of prescription medications.” The worst part? Arthur Saint was traveling with his mom! Ugh. This is a bad situation.

Also: reportedly, Selma went into rehab back in 2007, although she never discussed it publicly so who knows? As for Selma being “happy and healthy” during the Cancun trip, the Daily Mail published photos of her where she looks like she’s taken #AllThePills.


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Taylor Swift took Tom Hiddleston for a ride on her fancy private plane, huh

Taylor Swift took Tom Hiddleston for a ride on her fancy private plane, huh


At long last, my Tiddles high is finally wearing off. I was positively giddy for 24 hours because I was just excited about the TIDDLES. Glorious Tiddles. But now it’s time for the come-down. After enjoying some Rhode Island Tiddlesbanging, Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift are off! They flew out of Rhode Island on her private plane yesterday, and the Daily Mail and TMZ had the photos (I’m including them below). While this is not the first time Lord Dragonfly has flown on a private plane, I would imagine it’s the first time he’s flown on a girlfriend’s private plane.

So what do we know? We know that Tom and Taylor are still together. He wasn’t scared off by the immediate craziness that came with their staged beach canoodle. We know that Taylor is treating Tom like he’s fancy, complete with trips to her huge Rhode Island mansion for makeout sessions and then maybe some under-the-sweater action on her private plane. Is Tom in it to win it? Unknown. But the tabloids are having a great time trying to figure it out! Here are some assorted stories:

Calvin Harris is still pissy. E! News had a new story about Calvin yesterday afternoon in which sources say Calvin was the one who had “checked out” of the relationship for a while and “Their rhythm as a couple was just off. They beated to a different beat. Taylor and Adam have been checked out for sometime now.” But how does Calvin feel about the Tiddlesbanging? “Adam is over Taylor in every way shape and form. He knew she was talking to someone towards the end of their relationship.” Uh-huh.

Taylor did the dumping! Page Six is still insisting that Swift dumped Calvin Harris, but now they say she dumped him for Tom, and she gave Calvin “a bulls–t excuse about her career. He was ring shopping.”

Taylor and Tom’s Met Gala dance. The Sun brought in a body-language expert to analyze Tom and Taylor’s awkward, flailing dancing at the Met Gala. The expert determined that they were definitely showing their interest for each other back then

Tom pounced right away. Sources tell Reveal Mag that as soon as Tom found out that Taylor and Calvin were over, he called her that day AND had flowers delivered to her. Considering they were in the same city (LA) when the break-up announcement was made, wouldn’t it have been easier for him to just stop by her house?

Tom’s suede boots. For the Rhode Island staged photo op, Tom wore $425 suede Aquatalia Ace boots. Who wears suede boots to the beach?

And finally, this:



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