Mark McGrath is NOT going deaf!

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Mark McGrath is NOT going deaf!

Yesterday the Dailymailtv folk reported that Sugar Ray front man, Mark McGrath, was losing his hearing and would soon be deaf.  McGrath is now insistent that’s a million miles from the truth.

McGrath acknowledged in a series of tweets that he has experienced “mild loss” of hearing in one ear, but is “definitely not going deaf.”

“Though it’s true I’ve lost some hearing in one ear (a common occurrence in this profession), this headline is entirely misleading, and taken way out of context…,” McGrath tweeted, sharing a link to an Entertainment Tonight story that had picked up the DailyMailTV report.

“Fortunately, (or unfortunately to some!) I look forward to performing for many years to come! Thanks for the concern,” the tweet continued.

A video of McGrath apparently speaking to a DailyMailTV reporter was posted online by the outlet. It shows McGrath describing himself as being “deaf now” and saying he “cannot hear anymore,” though it’s possible he was using hyperbole.

He wrote in a tweet Thursday that he is “already taking precautions on the ear that has suffered some loss.”

Well that’s good!

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