Andy Dick knocked unconscious in New Orleans

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Andy Dick is forever making trouble for himself, but this time it seems like he’s just purely a victim.

Andy was performing (Performing what, I do not know) alongside guitarist Paris Dylan at One Eyed Jacks nightclub when he was knocked to the ground by a punch from his attacker early Saturday.

He said he was unconscious for 15 minutes before coming to and then was transported to the hospital by ambulance.  He was even held their by doctors for what he described as a ‘possible brain bleed’.

His side kick, Dylan, told reporters he and Dick met with fans following the show before heading outside where another crowd of fans awaited.

As Dick prepared to get into an Uber, Dylan said Dick was ‘sucker punched’ by the attacker.

No more info is available right now, but it’s pretty scary out there.

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Ricky Martin shares first pics of 7 month old daughter

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Ricky was always private about his personal life, so it’s really no surprise it took him a while to get used to the idea of sharing his daughter Lucia with the world.

Now 7 months old I suppose he’s bursting with pride and Just had to share this adorable pic of dad Jwan Yosef’s lap with the caption “La luz de mis ojos #Lucia,” the singer, 47, captioned the Thursday image, which translates from Spanish to, “The light of my eyes.”

Artist Yosef, 34, shared the same image to his Instagram, writing alongside it, “Baby Lucia Martin-Yosef being the LIGHT she is ????”

So Sweet!!!!

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La luz de mis ojos #Lucia

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I love Hilary Duff’s new tattoos

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I love Hilary Duff’s new tattoos

It pains me to say this, but my favorite celebrity tattoo is on Lindsay Lohan.  On her inner wrist he has the word “Breathe” in white ink.  Which almost makes you read it in a whisper.  I’ve even debated getting it, but shy away when I think of someone recognizing who else has it.

Now Hilary Duff is getting adorable tattoo’s and I’m feeling pulled all over the place!  Sure she’s better than Lindsay, but I’m not braggin to know one “yea, same tattoo as the Duffster”.

But for real, these sun bursts are super cute and I’d legit consider them. Had I seen them on someone else.

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SUN for a bright star @hilaryduff so happy to have tattooed you! #singleneedle #delicatelysharp #sun #tattooedgirls

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Hmmm… you know this little guy looks like a scab. So maybe not this one.

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Top 10 Rules of Long-Term Relationships

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Top 10 Rules of Long-Term Relationships


A successful relationship is what most people in the world strive for. A rare person wants to live alone if there are no obvious reasons for it that prevent them from starting a relationship. Although there are such examples as well. Nonetheless, let’s discuss a more common option. There are two people who want to be together and build a healthy long-term relationship. What should they do to succeed and how to overcome all the challenges that can overshadow even the strongest and brightest feelings? 

In a relationship, everything is easier than it seems even if there is a dominant partner. There are ten rules, which everyone should follow to be happy and successful in long-term relationships. Remember about them when you are desperate or at an impasse. Remember about them when it seems to you that you and your partner no longer understand each other. Such rules are especially important for those who have just started a relationship and want to know how to behave! Here are the top 10 basic rules to make your relationships develop smoothly and, most importantly, effectively. 

  1. Behavior in public 

Discuss with your partner what kind of behavior in public they prefer. You should accept the fact that some people do not like to be kissed, hugged, and stroked in front of many people. They feel uncomfortable in this situation, especially at the beginning of a relationship. The manifestations of your love and care in society are wonderful but only if your partner feels the same. 

  1. Have free time

Do not try to be together around the clock and devote at least one day a week to your own hobbies and interests. Let it be your personal time that can inspire and help regain your strength. 

  1. Respect partner’s free time 

At the beginning of a relationship, you really want to be as close as possible to each other, but do not encroach on the personal space of your soulmate. Everyone needs time for themselves and their interests. 

  1. Be careful with talks about the future

You may want to talk about the future. This is great, but do not force things. There are people who are frankly afraid of the words “wedding” and “children.” It’s going to be a while before talking about such things. 

  1. Behave naturally with a partner’s friends

Try to make a good impression on them, but if you do not like each other (it happens!), do not insult them and do not speak ill of them. Maybe you will change your mind about these people over time. 

  1. Don’t forget about your friends

Don’t make a mistake by focusing too much on the partner and forgetting about your own friends. Never do this because if your relationship ends, only your friends will come to your rescue. 

  1. Don’t hide some things from your life

Of course, you don’t need to tell the partner all your secrets, but you shouldn’t hide any facts of your biography either. For example, do not hide the fact that you communicate with your ex and can even drink coffee with them. 

  1. Express your thoughts clearly from the very beginning

Do not think that your partner will be able to guess what you want. Do not start a relationship with such psychological games because they will not help you. Be open and clear from the start. 

  1. Do not pretend that you are happy with everything

Pretending is the wrong line of conduct. Never do this because your partner will think that you like everything in their words and deeds. 

  1. Do not be jealous

Everyone can be possessive in a relationship, but it’s necessary to be realistic! Your partner has chosen you, so be calm and confident in them. You can also pay attention to other attractive people; the main thing is to not cross the line. 


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ABC’s Little Mermaid set is stunning!

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ABC’s Little Mermaid set is stunning!

ABC has been in the live theater business for several years now and they garner some good feedback from the genre. But this stage takes the cake.

During a press tour Monday Direct Hamish Hamilton explained how Little Mermaid Live! would differ from previous musicals done live on tv.

Hamilton told a panel that the set (a rendering of which is above) will be immersive and switch between the animated film and the live set seamlessly.  Story will be told in the animated part and when a musical number begins the live set will grow out of the cartoon.  I’ve seen this in lots of concerts.  Where things on stage seem to interact with video also projected on stage.

Several key characters — including Ariel’s love, Prince Eric, and father, King Triton — don’t have major musical numbers, so the production, which will consist of 10 or 11 songs, will also incorporate “two or three” numbers from the Broadway musical. No new songs will be written for the production.

Auli’i Cravalho is Ariel, Queen Latifah as Ursula and Shaggy as Sebastian!

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Rolls Royce expecting $2m at auction

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Rolls Royce expecting $2m at auction

Elizabeth Taylor Hilton Wilding Todd Fisher Burton Burton Warner Fortensky was never frugal about the things she surrounded herself with.  Diamonds so stunning that many are now in museums.  And now a piece of her vast collection of luxuries is coming to the public for purchase.  Should be very wealthy.

taylor and fisher at their wedding in 1959

Taylor’s 1961 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II Drophead Coupe is going to auction on Aug. 6 at the Pierre Hotel in New York City.

Nicknamed “The Green Goddess,” the custom-built vehicle was painted to match the green silk dress that Taylor wore for her wedding to pop star Eddie Fisher in 1959. It was first delivered to her at the site of the auction — the famed Pierre Hotel — which was their residence at the time.

Analysts are saying it could go for as much as $2 million with the bid starting at $400k.

On the doors, the car features a one-of-a-kind detail that serves a reminder of its famous owners: the initials E & E, for Elizabeth and Eddie. Their romance didn’t last, though, as Taylor infamously began an affair with actor Richard Burton while filming “Cleopatra.”

Taylor divorced Fisher in 1964, and wed Burton for the first time that same year.  The actress died in 2011.

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Saoirse Kennedy found dead of overdose at Kennedy Compound

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Saoirse Kennedy found dead of overdose at Kennedy Compound

The Kennedy family is no stranger to tragedy, as we all know.   Everything from Plane crashes to assassinations, the Kennedy death curse is legendary.  Now it’s claimed another.

Saoirse Kennedy, granddaughter of Robert “Bobby” Kennedy, was found dead Thursday afternoon of an apparent overdose.  The death comes just two weeks after the 50th anniversary of the Chappaquiddick “incident” in which Teddy drunkenly crashed his car into a lake and left the scene, leaving behind Mary Jo Kopechne, his date and passenger, who drowned.

She was found at the Kennedy compound in Cape Cod.

‘Our hearts are shattered by the loss of our beloved Saoirse,’ the Kennedy family said in a statement. ‘Her life was filled with hope, promise and love.’

The statement quoted Saoirse’s grandmother, Ethel Kennedy, as saying: ‘The world is a little less beautiful today.’

Paramedics responding to a call of a suspected overdose just after 2.30pm Thursday arrived at the scene and found the patient in cardiac arrest.

The woman was transported to Cape Cod Hospital, where she was pronounced dead, according to local media.

Barnstable police are now investigating.

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