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Thomas Markle: ‘I will continue’ to give TV interviews until Meghan speaks to me

Dua Lipa arrives at the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards held at Staples Center on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California, United States.

We last heard from Thomas Markle in mid-September, when he gave a paid interview to an Australian outlet. This entire time, I’ve believed that Markle not only gets paid for these interviews, but he’s getting paid to perform/recite a certain script. Last month, he went briefly off-script, much to the consternation of his masters and script-writers. One month later and Thomas is back on-script. I actually wondered if the Australian debacle would mean that the puppet-masters would stop using Thomas as a cudgel against his daughter for a few months, but I guess not. Markle appeared (via video-link-up) on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today. Some lowlights:

Why he keeps giving interviews: ‘I’ve made it quite clear that until I hear from her, until she does speak to me, that I will continue to do this. I will do a show at least a month, if I can get it through, and eventually sooner or later she’ll start talking to me. This is way too childish, this is kind of silly, it’s time to talk with each other, we’re family. The kids are going to grow up without knowing that they have two families. This is more than just me and my daughter now, this is me and my daughter, her husband and two babies involved now, so it’s time to do something. It’s time to talk.’

Doria isn’t talking to him either: ‘I’ve tried a few times, I don’t even know where her mother is at this point, I don’t think she’s in Los Angeles, or with Meghan and Harry. I don’t know where she’s at. I have tried to contact her.’

He mentions Piers Morgan: ‘I mean my son Thomas has been shunned just like I have been, and I’m sure he’s responding the same way others are that get ghosted. Piers (Morgan) was right – we all get ghosted, so somebody wants to respond.

Whether he thinks suing the Sussexes would work: ‘Yes, I have, I’ve been told by several lawyers that grandparents have sued to see their grandchildren and won in California, but I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to do that. I don’t want to involve my grandchildren as pawns in a game – they’re not part of the game, I mean they’re my grandchildren, I want to see my grandchildren.’

He thinks Harry just rides his bicycle: ‘I think that’s true, I think Harry has abandoned the Queen, his grandmother, the Royal Family, the British people and the Army – he’s abandoned them all, and all he does now is ride a bicycle around the neighbourhood he lives in. I don’t know it’s much of a life for him either, it doesn’t make sense.’

He accused the Sussexes of just wanting money: ‘Well, money isn’t everything, but the book he’s writing should be not Finding Freedom – it should be Finding Money, that’s all they seem to care about right now. Harry’s coming out with a book and that can’t be anything but cruel and to insult his grandmother the Queen, it’s a ridiculous idea. And it’s just something for money, that’s all they’re doing – everything they’re doing is for money. But to do that to your grandmother and the Queen, who is 95 years old, is shameful.’

[From The Daily Mail]

My guess is that Piers Morgan moonlights as Thomas Markle’s script-writer, maybe for money or maybe just for the joy of being an absolutely vile pig. Markle has consistently threatened this: “until she does speak to me, that I will continue to do this. I will do a show at least a month…” This is the point where TV shows should simply stop speaking to him. Actually, we came to that point in 2019, when it was clear that Meghan had justifiably cut him out of her life and he was using these television appearances to publicly humiliate her and emotionally abuse her. There is no reasonable, newsworthy or journalistic reason for television producers to continue to allow this.

As for the theory that the Windsors are deploying Thomas at specific times to distract from their own f–kups, I think that theory works sometimes, but not this week. This week was supposed to be a spotlight on the Cambridges and Keenshot. I looked at the dates of Markle’s recent interviews, and he seems to be doing it mid-month, usually between the 13th-19th for months now. It’s really curious.

I don’t understand Thomas Markle’s motivation? He says he wants to make up with his daughter, which I’m sure he does, but each time he does an interview he slates her and ‘reveals’ something new, then expects Meghan to let him back in. It hasn’t worked thus far.

— Alex Beresford (@alexberesfordTV) October 19, 2021

Thomas Markle must be desperately broke…again. What a deadbeat dad attacking his child for profit & notoriety. Shameless. Take lessons from Doria pls. Meghan Markle is right to cut him off from her kids’ lives#GMB must be shamelessly desperate for ratings – he isn’t newsworthy

— Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu (@SholaMos1) October 19, 2021

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Screencaps courtesy of 60 Minutes Australia and ITV.


History of the World, Part I finally getting part 2 on Hulu

HISTORY OF THE WORLD: PART I, Mary-Margaret Humes, Mel Brooks, 1981. TM and Copyright © 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved. Courtesy: Everett Collection

First off, if you haven’t seen the Mel Brooks comedy classic “History of the World Part 1,” you should start there.  It’s probably aged a little bit, but it’s the Citizen Kane of comedies.

Now we get word that Hulu is finally letting a 95 year old Mel Brooks make his loooooong awaited sequel 40 years later.

Brooks will write and co-executive produce a sequel series to his 1981 film.  The show, billed as a variety series, has received an eight-episode order from Hulu, with Nick Kroll, Wanda Sykes, Ike Barinholtz, David Stassen and Kevin Salter slated to executive produce and write alongside Brooks.

I’m THRILLED. Stay close on this one. You’re going to want to be in on this when it drops.

No dates were announced.

Here’s the trailer.


Jason Momoa Rebecca Ferguson Timothée Chalamet zendaya

Zendaya in Rick Owens at the London ‘Dune’ premiere: stunning & futuristic?

Dune Special Screening Arrivals at Odeon Luxe, Leicester Square, London

I genuinely enjoy that Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet are “the faces” of Dune, and the studio keeps sending them out to promote the film together. They have a nice, easy chemistry and you can tell that they’re quite friendly with each other. Not exactly in a sexy way – although I’m sure they would be hot together – but they genuinely seem to enjoy each other. They attended the big London premiere of Dune last night and they posed with each other a lot on the carpet. Zendaya has been saying in interviews that Timmy is “fam” to her and that’s what they seem like on the carpet – dorky brother and sister. It’s sweet.

Dune Special Screening Arrivals at Odeon Luxe, Leicester Square, London

'Dune' film premiere, London, UK

Zendaya wore this sculptural Rick Owens gown for the premiere. I mean… she’s thin and beautiful and she can pull off any look. My guess is that both Zendaya and Timmy feel like they should look “sci-fi” on the Dune carpets, which is working out well. That’s what this dress looks like to me – a sci-fi costume.

'Dune' film premiere, London, UK

Timothee wore Alexander McQueen. He’s a dandy who loves clothes, and I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t wear boring grey suits everywhere.

'Dune' film premiere, London, UK

Jason Momoa always looks like he’s having the most fun out of everyone. My guess is that everyone on the carpet got a big Momoa bear hug. Love the velvet too!

'Dune' film premiere, London, UK

Dune Special Screening Arrivals at Odeon Luxe, Leicester Square, London

Rebecca Ferguson wore Carolina Herrera – a big look, and a fun look. Why not?

Dune Special Screening Arrivals at Odeon Luxe, Leicester Square, London

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Paris Hilton Real Housewives

Paris Hilton’s bridal shower had the RHOB and a champagne vending machine

Paris Hilton Bridal Shower

Paris Hilton will be married in less than a month. According to Page Six, the invitations have gone out and the date is set for November 11th. So of course, all the pre-wedding festivities have been taking place to make sure Paris (and her Peacock wedding reality show) has the full bridal experience. She and fiancé Carter Reum had a joint Bachelor /Bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas a week ago. This past weekend it was time for Paris’ bridal shower, which was hosted by her sister Nicky, her mother Kathy and friend Tina Chen. The Alice in Wonderland shindig was held at Kathy’s home and the guest-list was made up mainly of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But the real story here is: they had a champagne vending machine. Did you need me to repeat that? A vending machine that dispensed champagne. My guess is Kathy already had this and just brings it out for these little get-togethers. My next guess is that my life will not be the same knowing that these exist and that I don’t have one. Anyway, here’s more deets about the shower from People.

The 40-year-old reality star was honored ahead of her upcoming wedding to fiancé Carter Reum with an Alice and Wonderland-themed bridal shower, sharing snaps from the special event to Instagram Sunday.

Co-hosted by her mom Kathy Hilton, sister Nicky Hilton and friend Tina Chen Craig at Kathy’s home over the weekend, guests walked into Wonderland with oversized floral décor and a Mad Hatter greeting them at the door. Paris’ aunt Kyle Richards was in attendance, as were her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates Dorit Kemsley, Garcelle Beauvais and Crystal Kung Minkoff.

Playing into the fantasy theme — which Paris teased by sharing two throwback photos of herself dressed up as Alice to her Instagram Story — details included Wonderland-inspired frosted cookies and a cake with the bride and groom’s names. Making the occasion even more festive, there was a champagne vending machine, and plenty of red, white and pink roses (a nod to the classic children’s book) throughout.

[From People]

We all knew Paris was going to be over the top in whatever she did. The Vegas Bachelorette (who are we kidding, Carter was lucky he was invited) was way over the top with a private plane and a red limo and other indulgences. But I’m sure that’s why they went to Las Vegas. Vegas knows how to do diva right. As for the shower, it sounds nice. I’m not sure if Alice in Wonderland has some significance for Paris. The article mentioned she’s dressed as Alice before. But even if it wasn’t a sentimental connection, Alice is a fun theme and it’s a great way to tie in flowers and the colors that Paris favors. I’m glad the dogs got to come, I guess. I hope they had their own pup stations set up with food and drink. I wonder what their vending machine dispensed. As for the guest list, both my bridal and baby showers were mostly made up of my mom’s friends. I’ve known them most of my life and honestly, they really do give the best advice and gifts. I’m not sure that applies when mom’s friends are the Real Housewives. Unfortunately, at real life bridal showers, there is a dearth of champagne dispensing vending machines, though.

One more note about the wedding, apparently the invitations did go out, but they did not include the locations of either the ceremony or the reception. It is assumed the ceremony will be at a church and word among those who know the Hiltons is they’ve secured late Grandpa’s Barron’s Bel-Air estate for the reception. (The Hiltons sold the estate in May, so it must have been part of the sale contract.) I get why Paris is being so secretive because even when she tries to keep something quiet, it leaks out, like where her reception is. But how are her guests going to know where to go the morning of her wedding? Will a raven arrive with a scroll? Will stealth messengers slip an envelope under each guest’s doormat? Will they sent decoder rings and told to wait for a secret code on the radio? My bet is something being floated down the chimney and if the guest doesn’t have a chimney, that’s on them. I’d lost a lot of interest in this wedding but I’m starting to find it again.




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Kate Middleton prince charles Prince Harry Prince William royals

The British public would prefer Prince William as king rather than Charles

World Premiere of No Time To Die on Tuesday 28 September 2021

The Mail on Sunday spent some money doing a “poll.” The Sunday Superpoll, the Mail insists, used “a sample more than twice the normal size to act as the barometer of the state of the nation.” Ah, hard numbers! I would desperately love to know what the Mail considers “normal size” and what constitutes “more than twice the normal size.” I suspect the poll was taken of the current crop of British royal commentators. Anyway, this poll-takers have overwhelmingly spoken: they think “the line of Royal succession should skip Prince Charles and pass straight to William.” They also “blame Meghan for her husband Harry’s estrangement from the family.”

More miserable reading for Prince Charles, as a Mail on Sunday poll confirms that Brits would rather—when the queen dies—that the crown bypass him and land on son Prince William’s head instead. Forty-one percent of Brits surveyed want William to succeed the queen, compared to 30 percent wanting Charles.

Brits also have strong views about Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s civil lawsuit against Prince Andrew, alleging he sexually assaulted her three times when she was a minor, a claim he emphatically denies. Half of those surveyed, 50 percent, say Andrew should answer the lawsuit against him in America, with only 29 per cent saying he should answer it from the U.K. Forty-eight percent of Brits say the case has damaged the queen’s reputation.

Around half of the poll respondents think Meghan Markle was behind Prince Harry moving to America; 7 percent say it was Harry’s decision, with under a third, 30 percent, believing it to be a joint decision. Asked how they viewed members of the royal family, positively and negatively, the queen scored well (61 percent positively, 12 percent negatively), as did William (same as the queen), and Kate Middleton (53 percent positively to 12 per cent negatively). Prince Charles did OK (42 percent positively to 24 percent negatively). But Harry and Meghan: ouch. Harry scored 30 percent positively, to 40 per cent negatively, while Meghan was perceived positively by 22 percent of respondents, and negatively by 46 percent.

[From The Daily Beast]

The funny thing, to me, is that they even bothered to do any polling whatsoever on Meghan and Harry. This isn’t the first time, obviously – royal reporters have been crowing for a year and a half about the Sussexes’ “bad poll numbers,” and how every poll suggests that the British public is overwhelmingly disgusted with Harry & Meghan. My thought has always been: “And?” Harry and Meghan aren’t playing that game anymore. They’re in LA, they’re not receiving money from British taxpayers, they’re not beholden to the British public or British institutions. Why does the Mail on Sunday and the British public continue to act like they still have any “ownership” or say in Harry and Meghan’s lives, or that the Sussexes’ lives need public approval? Basically: who gives a sh-t? And of course Salt Island thinks everything is Meghan’s fault. Shocked that the Mail didn’t do a push-poll on whether Andrew’s criminal behavior is Meghan’s fault too.

As for the other numbers… I don’t doubt that William is a more popular prospect than his father. But that’s not the way any of this works. And besides, people vaguely support William… until they don’t. He’s popular compared to his father. That’s not the same thing as being a popular figure in the UK.

Singer Beyonce Knowles Carter wearing an outfit by Alexander McQueen and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry arrives at the World Premiere Of Disney's 'The Lion King' held at the Dolby Theatre on July 9, 2019 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States. (Ph

Menorah Erected for Hanukkah - Wednesday 9 December  -  Trafalgar Square, London

The Duke of Cambridge has his shoulders rubbed by Prince Charles after the duke attempted and failed...

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Fashion Kate Middleton royals

Duchess Kate wore red to the Forward Trust event: copykeening strikes again?

Embed from Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge had an event this morning, or I guess mid-day in the UK. She made an appearance at the Forward Trust’s launch event for Taking Action on Addiction. Kate was made the royal patron of the Forward Trust by default, because they absorbed her old patronage Action on Addiction. Kate barely did one event a year with Action on Addiction, and she’s barely done anything with the Forward Trust. So here we are.

Kate rolled up to this event in a red ensemble which… I mean, CopyKeen strikes again. Sometimes I don’t actually “see” the comparisons with the Duchess of Sussex, like the “copying” is so general, it’s not really that meaningful or notable, like “oh, she’s carrying a bag in a similar style as Meghan!” Granted, I do think that Kate has a Meghan look-book and she absolutely copykeens Meghan whenever possible. It’s usually not bash-us-over-the-head obvious. But holy sh-t, Kate really threw out half her closet to make room for her Meghan-copykeening styles, huh? I’ll say this though: she looks nice. I’ve always said that she looks great in red.

Kate delivered the keynote speech at this event, it will be interesting to see if we get any video of it. She’s not good at delivering prepared remarks (or unprepared remarks), so who knows.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Addiction is not a choice. No one chooses to become an addict, but it can happen to any one of us. None of us are immune.#TakingActiononAddiction @ForwardTrust

— The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (@KensingtonRoyal) October 19, 2021

That is why I am so passionate about the work of @ForwardTrust, an organisation I am so proud to be patron of.

This is the work that you and so many other charities provide day in, day out. And it is needed now, more than ever.

— The Duchess of Cambridge

— The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (@KensingtonRoyal) October 19, 2021

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Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick Shanna Moakler Travis Barker

Scott Disick is about ‘to go off the deep end’ about Kourtney’s engagement

Scott Disick and Mario Lopez at The Grand Opening of the Sugar Factory at Harmon Corner in Las Vegas

When Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker announced their engagement on Sunday, my first thoughts were along the lines of “good for them” and “that makes sense.” They telegraphed it big-time in recent months, and it’s clear that they’re crazy in love. Kourtney seems happier than she’s ever been in her life. As it turns out, when other people heard the engagement news, their first thoughts turned to Scott Disick. Scott and Kourtney haven’t been together in years, although they’re still in each other’s lives because of their three children. That being said, she was never like this with Scott. Kourtney and Scott made each other miserable. They loathed each other and I will never understand why she kept having babies with him. In any case, big surprise, Scott is not taking the engagement news well.

Scott Disick isn’t taking Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s engagement news well. A source exclusively told Page Six that the Talentless founder is losing his mind over the impending nuptials — which is why fans knew to check in on him after the news broke late Sunday.

“Scott is going crazy,” our insider said. “He’s going to go off the deep end. It’s really bad. It’s about to get dark.”

A rep for Disick didn’t immediately return Page Six’s request for comment. Disick shares three children with his ex: 11-year-old son Mason, 9-year-old daughter Penelope and 6-year-old son Reign.

While the former “Flip It Like Disick” star, 38, may not be thrilled about the engagement, he gave his blessing to Kardashian’s relationship with the Blink-182 drummer during the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” reunion, which aired in June.

“I mean, yeah,” Disick told host Andy Cohen when asked point-blank whether he’d “bless” the couple’s romance. “I think if you really love somebody right, you want them to be happy no matter what. So, I do give her a blessing to be happy.”

[From Page Six]

“He’s going to go off the deep end. It’s really bad. It’s about to get dark.” I’m not sure I believe that? I do think Scott is a dark, disturbed guy anyway, and he’ll probably be sad and toxic about it. But will his life actually be upended that much? It feels like he and Kourtney have been done for so long – I just looked it up, they’ve been over since 2015! He’s dated several teenagers since then, and I’m sure he’s on the hunt for the next teenager. *shiver* He’ll be fine. Save your sympathies for his next girlfriend, who will probably be an 18-year-old Instagram “model.”

Oh, and Us Weekly had an exclusive about Scott too – according to their sources, Scott is “absolutely furious” about the engagement and “He knew it was possible, but is very jealous of Kourtney and Travis’ relationship… Scott still thinks that they could call things off before the wedding.” Oof, a restraining order might be needed.

Meanwhile, Travis Barker’s ex-wife Shanna Moakler also had some thoughts. Shanna has already been chiming in for months about Travis and Kourtney’s relationship, and Shanna claimed that Barker cheated on her with Kim, which… who knows. Anyway, just hours after Travis and Kourtney announced their engagement on Sunday night, Shanna posted on her Instagram Stories that she was “temporarily closed for spiritual maintenance.” Maybe the answer would be to ignore the man who divorced you 15 years ago? Just a thought.

scott disick

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker share a passionate kiss during their gondola ride in Venice

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