Kristen Stewart, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts Sans Make-Up In W Magazine

I love love love behind the scenes photos and pictures of celebrities looking normal and everyday with no make-up or serious airbrushing. So I am totally into this W magazine article and photoshoot with Kristen Stewart, Nicole Kidman, Noami Watts and Marion Cotillard with out make-up. I don’t think I’ve ever liked a picture of Kristen Stewart better. The bags under the eyes…gritty and real. And Naomi Watts is just stunning.

Sadly, even that silk Gucci suit isn’t making it any easier to look at Matthew McConaughey during his Dallas Buyers Club gauntness.

There are tons of interesting quotes from the celebrities like how Kristen Stewart thought the dancing in On The Road was harder than the nude scenes. And how Naomi Watts says she is so plain people never recognize her on the street. You can read more and see a few more pictures here.


First Clip Of Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs

I’m more excited than I thought I’d be to see Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs biopic. The film premieres Friday at the Sundance Film Festival and opens in theatres on April 19…which is also the 37th anniversary of the founding of Apple Computers.

The clip below shows Kutcher as Jobs and Josh as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

They’re in a Hewlett Packard car park discussing a new operating system Wozniak created when Kutcher announces: ‘This is freedom! This is freedom to create, and to do and to build, as artists, as individuals.’

‘Look. You’re overreacting,’ Gad tells him. ‘Even if you were developing this for freaks like us, and I doubt you are, nobody wants to buy a computer…nobody,”

Coachella 2013 Line Up Annouced

You might be surprised to find out that the Coachella Music Festival is in it’s 14th year this year. It’s grown organically over the years to be arguably one of the biggest and diverse music festivals in the world. Not to mention it’s a straight up celebrity magnet.

No one is quite sure how they will top last year’s holographic Tupac performance, but given the awesome line-up this year I’m sure something sick is going to happen.

Here’s some info…and there is more here.

Coachella organizers have turned to reunited Brit-pop act Blur and one of L.A.’s longest-running rock acts in the Red Hot Chili Peppers to anchor its 2013 festival. 

Blur will be joined by reunited countrymates the Stone Roses, rock act the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, legend Lou Reed, French pop band Phoenix and Trent Reznor’s How to Destroy Angels at the top of the bill for the dual Coachella festivals, set for the weekends of April 12 and April 19 in the desert city of Indio. Other upper-tier artists include Modest Mouse, a double-dose of Nick Cave (performing with Grinderman and the Bad Seeds), Yeasayer and Skrillexproject Dog Blood. 

Held at the Empire Polo Grounds since its 1999 inception, Coachella has a reputation for presenting a heavily curated lineup that connects the dots among  hitmakers, underground artists and those on the comeback trail, all within an unique desert setting that’s increasingly becoming more resort-like, with upscale options to match (at the highest end of the VIP configurations there are $6,500 air-conditioned tents).   

The year’s lineup once again features a bundle of veteran artists and beloved cult acts, including the long-awaited return of the Postal Service, the electro-pop act featuring L.A. electronica producer Jimmy Tamborello andDeath Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard. The Postal Service released one album 10 years ago, but has been largely dormant since.

Other veteran acts looking for a Coachella victory lap include new wave act New Order, alt-act the Violent Femmes, pop-punk band the Descendents and the return of celebrated local hip-hop group Jurassic 5. Also appearing are Orange County punk heroes Social Distortion and rap act the Wu-Tang Clan, who are appearing at Coachella in celebration of its 20th 

Prince Disses Madonna, Adam Levine’s Band Maroon 5

Prince Disses Madonna, Adam Levine’s Band Maroon 5

Prince gives off that quiet, mysterious, sexy vibe as a musician but when it comes down to it, he’ll tell you what’s on his mind and when it comes to Madonna, he’s not impressed.

The 54-year-old singer spoke to Billboard magazine (via Us) recently and seemed to want to reignite the feud he had with the Material Girl a couple years ago.

During the interview Prince talks a lot about music ownership, and when the subject is focused on his time with Warner Bros. Records, the singer is quick to point his finger at Madge, saying she’s basically the reason his relationship with the label deteriorated. He says, “It was always about Madonna. She was getting paid, but at the same time we were selling more records and selling out concerts on multiple nights.”

Prince and Madonna first began to publicly fight decades ago. After they had a brief fling in 1985 and Prince contributed music to Madonna’s “Love Song” for her 1988 Like A Prayer album, the Queen of Pop was quoted in a 1994 interview saying that The Artist “was a little troll.”

Looking back on one of their dates they had, she adds, “He was just sipping tea, very daintily. I have this theory about people who don’t eat. They annoy me.”

Several years later, Prince slapped the bitch back by comparing the amount of #1 hits he had to how many children Madonna had.

During a 2007 concert in London, he said, “I got so many hits y’all can’t handle me. I got more hits than Madonna’s got kids.” Not so sure about that joke, but okay.

Madge wasn’t the only one getting Prince’s wrath. During the Billboard interview, he also took some shots at Maroon 5. The band, fronted by Adam Levine, covered the artist’s song “Kiss” on the 2012 album Overexposed, and guess who thought it sucked? Yep, Prince did.

“Why do we need to hear another cover of a song someone else did?” he asks, pointing out that he has no issue with musicians covering songs when they play live.

He adds, “Art is about building a new foundation, not just laying something on top of what’s already there.”

He definitely gets the last word.

You can see Prince when he’s honored with the 2013 “Icon Award” at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 19.

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Pregnant Kristen Bell Brings Today’s Quote

Pregnant Kristen Bell Brings Todays Quote | pregnant celebrities kristen bell celebrity quotes

On how pregnancy made her love her body:

I look in the mirror and I think it’s the reverse body dysmorphia because I can understand what my shape is but I see Brooke Shields. And, it doesn’t make a lick of sense but it’s something that the baby’s giving me hormonally makes me feel really giggly and happy.

… says Kristen.

More recent pictures of her next!

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Black Tights Cutie – Zooey Deschanel

Black Tights Cutie –  Zooey Deschanel

Black Tights Cutie    Zooey Deschanel | zooey deschanel

Zooey Deschanel was spotted while filming on the set of New Girl in Los Angeles this week – and on this day, Zooey wore a pair of black tights matched with shorts and lots of stripes.

Check out more pictures of her next!

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Lisa D’Amato from America’s Next Top Model Really Messed Up Her Face

A photo of Lisa D'Amato

Oh my gosh, you guys. Lisa D’Amato. You remember her, right? She was on America’s Next Top Model, and she was wacky. She sort of had a drinking problem, but then she was on Celebrity Rehab, and it was like “oh, she really does have a drinking problem.” But she got sober, and she went on to win the all-star cycle of ANTM and do lots of other modeling, and it was a happy ending.

That is, until she smashed her face in.

Let me just tell you what happened first, all right, then I’ll show you the picture. Because the picture is pretty f-cking awful.

Lisa just did this indie movie called Cowboys and Indians. She was hanging out in a hotel room with some people, and she decided to do a handstand up against some crew member, because she’s wacky, remember? But somehow she lost her footing and fell. She landed directly on her nose. She just crushed it. Then the crew member fell on top of her, which I’m sure didn’t help things.

She was taken to the hospital, natch, and she had to get a nose job. This is what she looks like after it all:

A photo of Lisa D'Amato

GIRL, NO. That looks so, so awful. I can’t really look at it anymore, so let’s just move right along, all right?

I hate to do this, but do you think this is what actually happened? I think it is, but I’m a pretty naive lady, and Lisa’s one of my top ten favorite Top Models. But could all this happen from falling during a handstand? Like, she has that huge scrape down the middle of her whole entire face. If that can happen from falling and having someone else fall on top of you, then that kind of makes me not want to leave the house. What do you guys think?