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Kristen Bell: Parenting is like sports – you’re either winning or losing every minute


I watched the new Kristen Bell movie Queenpins on Paramount Plus on Monday. The film itself was okay, but the cast was good. I love Kirby Howell-Baptiste and she co-stars, so that was worth it. Everyone was solid but I was surprised at Bebe Rexha. It was a small role, but she was really entertaining in it. It’s based on a true story about a rudderless woman who spent all her money trying to have a baby that she miscarried, then made extreme couponing her coping mechanism and turned it into a less-than-legal business for her and Kirby’s character. Kristen has two children and uses oversharing as her coping mechanism. Fortunately, all her businesses are on the up and up. When it comes to raising kids, Kristen said she doesn’t always get it right. She likened parenting to sports and said she’s, “either winning or losing every minute of the day.”

Kristen Bell is at a point where she has to acknowledge when she’s been bested by her own children.

The 41-year-old The Good Place alum hosts Momsplaining With Kristen Bell, the Daytime Emmy-nominated digital series available weekly on Ellen DeGeneres’ content platform Bubble. As seen in preview footage exclusive to E! News from the Wednesday, Oct. 6 episode, Kristen discussed moments when she and husband Dax Shepard have been outwitted by daughters Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 6.

“Parenting is a lot like sports—you’re either winning or losing every minute of the day,” Kristen quipped in the clip. “Mostly losing, but that’s what makes the winning so sweet, and fleeting. Being a parent is just weird, you know? And it helps to know you’re not alone. I suggest talking to someone—even if no one is there.”

[From E!]

I don’t disagree with Kristen on this. I’m not sure I would use the sports analogy, though. I feel like we’re attorneys arguing the same case. But somehow the kids are the opposing counsel, the judge and jury. Maybe when that’s because mine are teens. Kristen’s girls are still under 10 and there was a lot more running around at that age, so the sports thing works. But the losing part feels the same, regardless. And you never figure out how someone with a fraction of your age and experience bests you – every time. However, what Kristen said about winning is very true. In those moments when you feel like you got it right, it is so, so sweet. And, unfortunately, fleeting, as she said. So savor the moment while you have it.

I think Kristen was kidding about talking to yourself, but I do it all the time. I swear it keeps me sane, even though it makes me look insane. Some emotions need to come out before I address an issue with whoemver has ticked me off. My coffee maker knows how to take it without getting its feelings hurt. So joke or not, that’s actually some of the best advice Kristen has ever given.




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Mandy Moore opens up about feeling ‘inadequate,’ ‘not good enough’ as a mom

Mandy Moore gave birth to her first baby this year. She and husband Taylor Goldsmith welcomed son August, whom they call Gus, last February. Like most new parents, Mandy had wanted to be a mom for a long time and was over the moon. And, also like most new parents, Mandy found the reality of being a new mom very different from the expectation of it. While speaking with Lansinoh’s IG Live, Mandy opened up about some raw feelings on parenting little Gus. One of the hardest ones is that she often feels inadequate as a mother to him. Yahoo has a lot more on Mandy’s comments.

Mandy Moore is opening up about the feelings of isolation she’s experienced since giving birth to son Gus in February, particularly as a new mom amid the pandemic.

“I had these preconceived notions of myself going into motherhood,” Moore told Ream. “Obviously I knew it was going to be challenging, but I thought, ‘Oh, I maybe have this sort of naturally maternal side,’ whatever the heck that means. But I guess I just didn’t really recognize the worries, the fears, the sense of responsibility that is so ever-present moving forward once you become a mom.”

“I guess when I imagined motherhood, I sort of imagined like, oh, you find community… and you go to Mommy-and-Me classes and baby classes,” she said. “And I’m sure that’s a reality for some people in different parts of the country, but I don’t know if it’s something that I would feel necessarily the most comfortable with at this point in time, just considering what we’re kind of living through. And so it’s having to reframe these expectations that you’ve had about what it’s like to be a mom and what it’s like to connect with people. The isolation is something that’s really hit me that I wasn’t necessarily expecting.”

Moore added that she’s also struggled to maintain her friendships, because “I personally don’t have a ton of friends who have babies.” Describing herself as shy by nature, she said that it’s been “hard to find community” since becoming a mother.

The former teen star also opened up about other challenges she’s faced as a mom, including trying to “stay connected to myself and my identity outside of just being a mom.” She described leaving Gus at home for the first time last week to go hiking in the mountains with two fellow moms, noting that “physically I needed to do something for myself; I needed to tap into something that I was passionate about before he was here.” During the trip, however, she grappled with guilt at being away while feeling physically overwhelmed by the hike.

Moore also spoke about feeling “inadequate” sometimes as a mom. She shared that the attention she received during the pregnancy left her feeling “on top of the world,” only to then be plunged into the depths of postpartum life.

“Everything shifts to the baby,” she explained. “The baby obviously should take priority, but moms should take priority right alongside [them]… At around three months [after giving birth], I was hit with this wave of just not feeling good enough. I think it coincided with the chaos and the energy of those early months and weeks starting to wane; our time with sort of extra support was coming to an end… It was really scary and it makes me emotional to think about now. I still feel like I’m in it, but I’m finding my footing.

She continued, “I think as his needs really started to continue to change… I just felt this rush of like, ‘I’m not good enough for him. I don’t know how to be his mom. I know how to feed him, but beyond that, am I suited for this?’ I just felt so ineffective, and I would look at my husband who just seemed to have a supernatural ability to take care of Gus. Like, he could make him smile. He could make him laugh. He would get on the floor and roll around with him. And I just felt like whatever I did it just wasn’t right, and I couldn’t get him to sleep and it made me feel horrible.”

[From Yahoo!]

Believe me when I tell you that I could have given that interview. Every word of it, including the stuff I didn’t have room for (except for all the working on a successful TV show). I thought motherhood would envelope me like a mythical cloak. Instead, it was the greatest sense of failure I’d ever felt. I got emotional reading this and wish I could contact Mandy. I’d have her over for a real heart-to-heart. Especially because I remember covering her difficult pregnancy when she was so excited about becoming a mother. I know exactly what she means about the babies needing changing and it undermining her confidence. Kids change so much and so fast. You just get a rhythm down before the whole thing is blown up. Something that made the child deliriously happy the day before is all of a sudden thrown to the floor in screams of disgust. You can never win. As far as I can tell, that’s how it is until they’re 35.

Mandy did a good job of describing the way motherhood stripped her down as well. It’s hard to explain because folks get so defensive. But once you do point out something negative, others open up about all the ways they suffered. All I could think when they finally unleashed was, where was this when I was deciding to have kids? Fortunately, it helps to know you are not alone in these thoughts. Brooke Shields had just released Down Came the Rain when I had my first. I had the baby blues without knowing it and truly thought I was a monster. I will be forever grateful to Brooke for reaching me in the way she did. Mandy speaking up about these feelings in a real and relatable way will speak to a new mom feeling lost and isolated out there. I hope they find comfort in this. You aren’t alone, you aren’t broken, and you are not inadequate. I promise you.




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Tiffani Thiessen doesn’t allow electronics at the dinner table: ‘not even phones’

Yahoo! started a new parenting series called So Mini Ways . Their latest guest was Tiffani Thiessan. Tiffani is still acting but focuses more on her food and lifestyle brand these days. She also landed a hostess bit on MTV’s Deliciousness, which sounds like the perfect hybrid of her two worlds. Tiffani and husband Brady Smith have two kids, Harper, 11, and Holt, six. Tiffani and Yahoo! are partnering with Nutri-Grain on their Getaway from Negotiation sweepstakes, so most of the questions are about bribing kids to eat right. But I actually found Tiffani’s other answers interesting, like the fact that she’s seen as strict because she doesn’t allow her kids to bring electronics to the dinner table.

Her kids would call her strict: My kids will probably say that we’re strict. We’re strict about electronics; they only get a certain amount of time. In the summer, they get it a little bit longer, but it’s not a lot compared to probably a lot of people. We’re “outside” people. We love getting the kids outside and I think it’s important.

We’re definitely strict about just sitting down as a family and eating. That’s really important, especially when it’s the school year. We’re much more strict about every night sitting home and having dinner together as a family, no electronics, not even our phones. We’re a little looser in the summer, because we’re running around a little bit more depending on work schedules and stuff, and the kids have camp. They’ll have a popsicle when they get home because it’s summer. So I feel like we give a little bit. I think we’re, hopefully, a good balance of strict and fun.

Traveling by RV: My husband and I used to do RV trips a lot before we had children. We always said once we had children, we can’t stop doing these, because it’s really a different and fun way to travel with somebody. We were going to do it last year, but the pandemic hit and so we said that we were going to do it this year. We rented an RV and we traveled for 11 days in the RV. It was hard, but even more than hard, it was so much fun. The kids loved it. We went from the Grand Canyon to Colorado, back to Utah and went into the Zion [National Park]. It was such a high. We said we’re going to try to do an RV trip every year, so we’re already planning next year.

Tips for working moms: Breathe. Definitely a lot of [breathing], a lot of patience, for sure. Being a parent, that’s probably number one, patience. Making sure you have a good support system, wherever you can find that, whether it’s friends, family, husband, wife, whatever. I think that’s truly important, too: It takes a village. It really is not just about one person. It really takes a dance of a lot of people to raise children, hopefully in a good manner [laughs].

[From Yahoo!]

My husband and I said the exact same thing about RV trips, although we’ve never actually done it. We always fantasize about taking Route 66 or Lincoln Highway. One day, I swear. I like Tiffani’s advice to working moms because its realistic. Not that we all remember to follow it, but it isn’t telling us to go out and get expensive spa treatments and take mini self-vacations with time we don’t have. Believe it or not, I need the occasional reminder to breathe.

I was a little surprised by the electronics response, though. Not that Tiffani bans them, but that she felt that was being strict. If someone is eating alone, I understand having a book, phone or device out. But I guess I see the point of coming together for a meal as a chance to hang out. My husband is a notorious food photo taker. We’ve restricted him to one shot before we start eating and then he has to use his phone for our dinner music (using his phone ensures he can’t take any more pics). But we aren’t too strict on electronics time limits when not at the table so maybe the kids are sick of them by then. It’s funny, though, I think every family has a summer vs. school year schedule. My summer starts when I don’t have to make breakfast or pack any lunches!




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Meghan Fox cries a lot because her kids ‘grow up so fast’


Megan Fox has a new movie out called Till Death. It’s a return to horror for Megan and the trailer looks pretty good. While talking about the film with Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie, Megan said she found it “hilarious” as well as scary. I saw Ready or Not recently and enjoyed it so if it’s funny like that, I’m in. During her interview on Today, Megan’s three boys, Noah, Journey and Bodhi, kept sneaking across the background. It was really cute because I think they thought they were actually being sly in their maneuvers. Jenna and Savannah found it a riot and kept pointing out every time one would creep behind Megan. As her little sneaks scampered in the background, Megan got emotional about how fast their childhood is going by. She said she wished she could send them back to toddlerdom every once in a while, because they “grow up so fast.”

Megan Fox has been upstaged by her most adorable costars yet.

The Jennifer’s Body actress, 35, gave a surprise glimpse at her home life on Monday when her kids crashed her Today interview, crawling in and out of frame with very little stealth.

“They just woke up. It’s 7:30 here. So, they woke up a few minutes ago, and it just is what it is,” the proud mom told co-hosts Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie. “You always have to make it work.”

“I’m in the house that we’re staying in right now, this is the living room area,” Fox explained. “And they all fell asleep on the couch last night, watching a movie. So, they just woke up.”

“I wish there was a way – I’m sure a lot of moms feel this way – where you could, just every once in a while for a day, put them all back at that 2, 3-year-old period,” she said of her kids.

“It’s hard to watch them grow up so quickly. I actually struggle with that a lot, I cry about it all the time, because they grow up so fast,” Fox admitted. “My phone will send me pictures of them when they were younger, and it’s hard to look at it. It’s painful to love something so much. But I have three boys. They are hilarious. They don’t listen to me at all.”

“I also feel like no matter how engaged you are or how hard you were trying at the time, you always look back, and you’re like, ‘I could have been more present’ or ‘I hope I was grateful for this while I was in that moment, ’cause I’ll never get that moment back,’” she continued, pointing to her kids in the background.

[From People]

Megan’s boys are all under 10. I don’t know that I quite feel the need to send mine back to being toddlers, but I do get pangs of nostalgia when I see the computer photos Megan talked about. Mine come on as a screensaver and occasionally one will hit me in just the right way. But my feelings are closer to what she said later, about worrying that I wasn’t present enough when the kids had that exuberance for life. I don’t know much about Megan, but I feel like if she’s examining herself now with the questions of whether she was present enough, she probably was. Most truly absent parents don’t recognize it until the children have moved out, if at all.

Megan answered a few questions about her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly too. She said being a target for the paparazzi wasn’t “preferable” but “so far so good.” Kelly is a pretty dedicated father to his 11-year-old daughter Casie. Again, I don’t know much about them but if they have parenting as a priority, that’s a pretty good commonality for a couple.

Here’s the clip of Megan on Today:


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Solange and Jay Z Fight In Elevator As Beyonce Looks On

Beyonce Solange elevator

Beyonce posted this photo with Solange, Luptia Nyong’o and Sarah Paulson at the MET Gala, which is the night the alleged fight took place. (

-The Jay Z/Solange elevator fight video is burning up the interwebs right now. If you haven’t watched TMZ’s extended version, it’s worth it. Clearly, the security guard pressed the emergency stop button until he could get things under control (either that, or they’re on the longest elevator ride ever.) The prevailing theory is that Solange was either super drunk the night of the MET Gala (though the way she got her shit together as soon as she exited the elevator makes me wonder), or that she was defending Beyonce over something Jay did (which lends credence to some blind items and rumours). The most surprising thing is how Bey appears super stoic during the whole thing — and then turns on the smiles for the paparazzi immediately after. For someone who’s always controlled her image so fiercely, today must suck for her.

-Whatever happened, Solange reportedly deleted all of her pics of Beyonce from her Instagram.

-Speaking of blind items, Jennifer Esposito nearly confirmed some rumours about Bradley Cooper.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin had a star-studded engagement party in Malibu that included a serenade by Bono. So basically, they continue to win at life.

-Meanwhile, Stacy Keibler wants to remind you that she’s alive with a “hey! hey! look over here!” post.

-There’s lots of news coming out of the network upfronts this week. NBC confirmed that they’re bringing back Parenthood and Parks and Rec for shortened, final seasons. They also released trailers for some of their new shows. Marry Me (which feels like a sequel to Happy Endings) and Constantine may have promise. Katherine Heigl‘s State of Affairs looks predictably awful.

-Fox also announced some big moves, including pairing Gotham with Sleepy Hollow, reducing Glee’s final season, and promising that Graceland will have a different ending than Broadchurch.

-Speaking of Broadchurch, David Tennant might be the first guy to jump from an original series to the American remake and back.

Jane Krakowski is getting back in bed with Tina Fey.

Dan Harmon currently feels “eh” on whether Community should come back somewhere else. Netflix has already bowed out.

Scarlett Johansson and her fiancé attended an English wedding — and she didn’t bother to wear a fascinator. #missedopportunity.

Eminem‘s Mother’s Day message to his estranged mom was all kinds of sweet.

-I like this article about all the politics involved with appearing on the Cannes red carpet.

Jon Hamm hammed it up while taking selfies with his Don Draper wax figure.

Jennifer Lawrence almost fell down (again!) while walking the red carpet in a truly terrible dress. (Seriously, is that thing velvet?!)

-Meanwhile, Jennifer says boyfriend Nicholas Hoult is a great roommate.

-Whatever you do, don’t put Anna Wintour and Tim Gunn in a room together.

-Breathe easy, everyone. Chris Brown was sentenced to another 131 days in jail.

-How are they still adding cast members to the 50 Shades movie, which is well into production? Aaron Taylor-Johnson just joined the cast, which seems like a terrible career move.

Justin Timberlake appeared on last night’s episode of Oprah’s Master Class, where he dropped such bon mots as “When you look at me, you should understand that I am America.”

-Speaking of douche-tastic sound bites, Shia LaBeouf said: “At this point, I have enough money to live 25 lifetimes,” before telling a totally made up story about Jaden Smith. Go home, Shia. You’re drunk.

-THR has started posting Emmy roundtables. First up: showrunners Matthew Weiner, Vince Gilligan and Aaron Sorkin.

-Nice get: Octavia Spencer is joining the cast of Insurgent, the  sequel to Divergent.

Sherri Shepherd and her estranged husband are expecting a baby via surrogate … and he wants the kid.

-I’m guessing Beyonce was wishing we were still all talking about her weekend photo bomb right now.

Lea Michele posted a heartbreaking pic of Cory Monteith in honour of his birthday.

-I kind of wish Melissa McCarthy could break free from these types of roles, especially since her hubby wrote this movie.

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January Jones: ‘I knew I would be raising my son alone, I was prepared’

I know I’m like a broken record at this point, but I LOVE’s online magazine The Edit. They have amazing stylists and good photographers and they’re doing some of the best celebrity editorials and interviews these days, better than most print magazines. January Jones is the newest cover girl for The Edit, and I’m including some of her best photographs ever! They managed to shoehorn her into some lovely dresses and they posed her in interesting ways. Of course, she still looks like a stone-cold icy bitch, but that’s just who she is. She owns that. You can read the full interview here and here are some highlights:

Why she’s not on Twitter: “As an actor, if people know too many things about you they won’t believe you in a certain character. You don’t want people to have a preconceived idea of who you are.”

On not revealing her son’s paternity: “It’s just not something the public needs to know. I don’t divulge my sexual preferences. There are parts of your life – no matter what your job – that should remain private. When I was starting out, other actors advised me to keep certain things close to the vest. When you become a public figure people want to know everything about you, and then [they] pick it apart – it becomes negative. When my son asks those questions, I want him to [hear it from me]. I don’t want him to be able to Google it.”

On pregnancy: It was the “most healthy and peaceful I have ever felt”, and she can’t imagine parenthood any other way. “I don’t have room for anything else, so I don’t know how I would have done it with a partner. I knew I would be raising my son alone. It was something I went in to knowingly, I was prepared mentally – and I was excited about it.”

Her modeling past: “I didn’t like modeling. The greatest thing I took from [it] was self-appreciation: I was good at dealing with disappointment. You go on 10 go-sees a day, so when I got to LA and started auditioning, I was used to rejection.”

On the end of Mad Men: “It will be very sad. We are all so close that we will keep in touch, but I don’t think we will ever have this kind of experience again – from the relationships we’ve made to the success we have had, to the cultural impact [of the show].”

Happily ever after: “I am supposed to say I’d like Betty to find happiness or end up with Don, but I think that would be unrealistic. People just don’t end up with the happily ever after, you have your good and bad days. I am not sure Betty is the type of person who, when faced with what would make her happy, would be able to recognize it.”

[From The Edit]

Much like January’s New York Times interview earlier this week, I do have to give her respect for being able to completely avoid commenting or dropping clues about her son’s paternity. I mean, except for the biggest clue of all, the name “Xander” and how the boy looks. As for “I don’t divulge my sexual preferences” – she divulges them all the time, whenever she climbs on top of a married man or an engaged man. Her “sexual preferences” are “dudes wearing wedding rings”.

Photos courtesy of The Edit.


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Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy reunite at “Before Midnight” premiere

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy reunite at “Before Midnight” premiere

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy reunite with director Richard Linklater at the Los Angeles premiere of Before Midnight, where Sabra was served to the cast and guests at the pre-cocktail party. Before Midnight is the conclusion to the movie trilogy which includes Before Sunrise and Before Sunset and is centered around Celine and Jesse, who originally met and fell in love in Vienna.

Before Midnight catches up with the couple who are now in their early 40′s, living in Greece and dealing with parenthood and marriage. Hawke and Delpy co-wrote the movie with Linklater. Before Midnight hits theaters on May 24.

Photo by John Shearer/Invision for A-List Communications/AP Images