Is Benedict Cumberbatch Secretly Married?

benedict cumberbatch

Noooo, Sherlock, how could you do this to us?! And by “us” I mean the people who would actually be upset about this – of which I am not one, alas. Regardless, rumour has it that Benedict Cumberbatch has gone and got married and he didn’t tell any of you.

From The London Daily News (via whatever this site even is):

Reports from the London Daily News yesterday (March 29, 2013), suggest the 36-year-old British actor has secretly got hitched to his long-term relationship.

There had already been speculation that the loved-up pair were set to announce their engagement but it sounds like they might have just jumped straight to wedded bliss! The paper says the actor has been spotted wearing a new wedding ring earlier this week.

The couple is said to have exchanged vows in an intimate morning ceremony at a secret location, before few close friends and family members.

LOL, could they have any less information about this? Not the gender of his partner, not the ceremony, the location, nothing. I call bullshit, but whatever. So long as it wasn’t his stalker he married.


Britney Spears Still Shops at Walmart, Is Definitely My Hero

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – even if I became a multi-millionaire one day, you will still see me at Target with the general population. Sure, I’ll be buying with abandon (hay, bulk paper towels!), but having more money just makes me feel cheaper than when I was broke. It’s odd that way, but perhaps Britney Spears is picking up what I’m putting down, as she’s been shopping at Walmart, y’all!

Still home in Kentwood, Louisiana – her old hometown – BritBrit hit up Walmart in the same clothes she flew in with on Thursday (love u, girl) as she bought toys, flowers and God knows what other crap.  Her bodyguard was with her, but generally she kept it low key. The only thing missing was her new boyfriend who – despite passing his background check with flying colours, I guess – was nowhere to be found. Boo hoo.

More of Brit’s shopping fun below…

britney walmart 1
britney walmart 2
britney walmart 3
britney walmart 4
britney walmart 5
britney walmart 6
britney walmart 7
britney walmart 8

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Madonna Doesn’t Care If Her Homeless Brother Dies


Like many famous people, Madonna has a family member who’s trying to cash in on her success and undeniable bitchiness. The star’s estranged brother, Anthony Ciccone, has gone to the press to run his mouth about what a cold-hearted snake he has for a sister, claiming that she doesn’t care about his homeless, alcoholic ass and wouldn’t even be bothered if he died.

From The Daily Mail (so GIANT grain of salt suggested):

Anthony Ciccone – who has been on the streets for almost three years – claims his superstar sister doesn’t care if he is dead or alive.

However MailOnline can exclusively reveal his family is in fact terrified he could die at any moment and are devastated they can’t save him.

To add to his woes the down and out recently spent a month in jail after being arrested intoxicated in a church and swearing in front of children.

In an exclusive investigation into the heartbreaking family feud MailOnline  can reveal how:

– He had to spend a month locked up because he unable to pay his fine for trespass and being drunk and disorderly

– He is currently fighting to survive a harsh winter where temperatures frequently drop as low as -10c

– He lost his job at the family vineyard after being found sprawled on his back drinking wine straight from the vats

– Alcoholic Anthony claims his family have ‘stood against him completely’ and he only needs their ‘love and care’

– His heartbroken father drives out to the streets to give him leftovers

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, the 56-year-old said: ‘Madonna doesn’t give a shit if I’m dead or alive.She lives in her own world.

‘I never loved her in the first place, she never loved me. We never loved each other.

‘My father would be very happy if I died of hypothermia and then he would not have to worry about it anymore. He’s old school, he grew up in the depression.

‘He doesn’t want to be bothered, he’s lived his life you see. He doesn’t like me. He doesn’t want me to be me, he wants me to be somebody else. He thinks the way I live is intentional. He simply doesn’t know me.’

Uh… wow. Listen, substance abuse is a serious thing and incredibly difficult to overcome, but considering that bullet list above (which I’m sure is only the tip of the iceberg), is there any wonder the family has cut contact with him? It’s not like this dude just became an alcoholic, it’s been going on for years. And unfortunately, addicts have to want help – you can’t force them to want to get better. Anthony clearly doesn’t, from the looks of things. I’ve been in a situation where I’ve had to cut off a family member when I reached the end of my rope. It was really difficult, but ultimately necessary.  That’s just how it goes. Then again, he keeps saying he’s entirely alone and yet the dad is still bringing him food, so…
something doesn’t add up here.

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Jessica Alba Indulges in Nondairy Frozen Fruit Ice Pops

Jessica Alba Indulges in Nondairy Frozen Fruit Ice Pops | jessica alba

From Life & Style:

Jessica Alba lives a healthy and honest life — and she wants to tell her fans exactly how she does it. In her new book, The Honest Life, the sexy mom of two comes clean about her diet. From going organic and eating veggies to indulging just the right amount, the actress reveals how she got her fit body after pregnancy.

Green Does a Body Good
After gaining nearly 55 pounds with her first daughter, Honor, 4, Jessica lived on lean protein paired with mountains of unlimited salad. The high-fiber greens are very filling without all the calories.

Veggies are a Girl’s Best Friend
The beautiful starlet will never eat a meal without her vegetables. She also makes sure her girls Honor and Haven, 19 months, do the same. Fact: The body burns 16 percent more calories after a meal that’s mostly veggies than one without any produce.

Break Out the Blender
“Sipping on my green drink throughout the day helps fill you up,” says Jess, “and it’s packed with nutrients.” In her nutritional book, the Sin City star shares one of her favorite green drink recipes:
*1 whole cucumber, peeled and roughly chopped
*2 lemons, juiced
*2 apples, cored and seeded
*1 teaspoon fresh ginger, finely diced
*Frozen watermelon or a dash of the natural sugar substitutes stevia or Truvia for sweetness
What to do: Blend well; refrigerate what you don’t drink immediately (makes about 2 servings).

It’s Okay to Indulge
Jess says it’s important to treat yourself “so you don’t lose your mind.” She eats whatever she wants one day a week — even bacon! Other times, she allows herself nondairy frozen fruit or fudge ice pops, like organic Sweet Nothings. “The key is to have just one, not the entire box.”

Though she works hard to stay fit, the 31-year-old knows she won’t have the body she had before pregnancy. “I’ll never be the weight I was before I had my kiddos, but I’m cool with that,” she shares. “I love my body.”

Pictured: Jessica at Kids Choice Awards last week.

See more pictures next!

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Holly Madison Gives Tips on How to Look Slim After Giving Birth

Holly Madison Gives Tips on How to Look Slim After Giving Birth | hollywood moms holly madison celebrity quotes

Holly Madison, who wants to lose 40 pounds in 6 weeks, showed up on the red carpet at Cirque Du Soleil’s World Water Day celebration on Friday, just 3 weeks after giving birth – and she offered a few tips on how to look as slim as possible post-birth:

How do I hide my leftover preggo belly for the red carpet? Combine all my favorite slimming tips: a high waist, a flared skirt and a wide belt. Put those elements in your outfit (Spanx don’t hurt either!) and the pounds disappear for the night!’

… says Holly.

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how to be slim after just giving birth to a baby

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‘No Shit, Sherlock’ Of The Day: Justin Timberlake Has Taken Plenty of Drugs

justin timberlake

In a turn of events that will surprise exactly no one, Justin Timberlake has admitted that he’s done plenty of drugs in his day. Hilariously, most of the “substances” he’s taken have all been at Coachella, where he tripped balls in the middle of open fields while Weezer played on stage. Weezer! LOL, I can’t with you, Justin.

From MySpace:

I’ve been to Coachella many times, on many different, um, substances. I’ve been to Coachella many times but not remembered a lot of it, I’ll leave it at that. But I remember I used to go to Coachella a long time ago. I remember Coachella when there wasn’t like, paparazzi and stuff there. Like, I stood in an open field and one year I saw Nine Inch Nails and the next year I saw Weezer and I was standing in the middle of the field, you know, like tripping my mind out.

Oh, the good old days of Coachella… or something. This isn’t too much of a story considering, like I said, that no one will be surprised about this. More important – has anyone else tried out the new MySpace since Justin bought it out? I tried out the beta version and admittedly didn’t “get it” right away, but it looks really slick and modern, so A+ for aesthetics.

Special thanks to Evill Beet Gossip

Charlie Hunnam and Keri Russell attend 2013 FX Upfront Event

Charlie Hunnam and Keri Russell attend 2013 FX Upfront Event

Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam walked the red carpet at the 2013 FX Upfront Presentation in New York City on March 28. Hunnam’s co-stars Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman were also in attendance.

The Americans star Keri Russell looked chic in a black leather The Row dress paired with Jimmy Choo shoes at the 2013 FX Upfront Event.