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Gigi Hadid on Her Runway Walk: “Obviously I’m not the best”

Gigi Hadid has transformed herself in the past years from a bubbly and more athletic-looking model that mostly did sexy photo-shoots to a high-fashion, much skinnier model. And this week, the blonde beauty opened up about her runway walk and how it definitely needs work. On her career as a runway model: Before I started modeling, I was more into photographers. I studied a lot how models made pictures in the sense that you have to be a positive part of a picture and make it better. And that’s what is really important for me on set. There’s some people that are bad at looking at monitors and some people that are good looking at monitors. And monitors really help me because I’m able to look at a picture and see where I fit into it, see what I can add to the picture instead of just being a person that’s on the page. “But the runway thing, it’s funny because obviously I’m not the best on the runway. But what do you do? When you’re the face of a brand you show up to the show. My first show people were already expecting a lot more from me than I [was capable of at the time]. I never was taught how to walk on the runway. And maybe that’s because it moved really quickly for me, that people just assumed that that was something I knew. So, you know, a year and a half later, I’m still learning. I got some compliments on my Tom Ford show, so I’m getting better. I’m working on it, but I’m human. I still get insecure on the runway, but it’s really exciting for me because I want to get better. I love being on the runway. … says Gigi. People’s response? Check below: Check out this video of then-less-skinny Gigi and her runway walk in 2014, and tell us whether you agree with the very clear opinions above: See more of Gigi’s runway looks next! (…)Read the rest of Gigi Hadid on Her Runway Walk: “Obviously I’m not the best” (4 words) © Versus for Skinny VS Curvy, 2016. | Permalink | 12 comments | Add to Post tags: catwalk, legs, model, quote, runway walk, skinnier, video The post Gigi Hadid on Her Runway Walk: “Obviously I’m not the best” appeared first on Skinny VS Curvy.

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Miss Grand International Founder Told Beauty Queen Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir to ‘Stop Eating’

Trending body image story: Stunner Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir, a 20-year-old former gymnast from Iceland, was literally told by Miss Grand International founder Nawat Itsaragrisil that she was too fat for pageants and that she should stop eating. Arna refused the unhealthy request and she stated that she thinks she is “fine as I am”. More details from The Sun: Arna Ýr reportedly received a jaw-dropping message from Nawat ahead of the competition’s grand finale, which takes place in Las Vegas on Tuesday. It read: “Stop eating breakfast, eat just salad for lunch and drink water every evening until the contest. “[Itsaragrisil] is telling you this because he likes you and wants you to do well in this contest.” A stunned Arna Ýr told The Iceland Monitor: “If the owner of the contest really wants me to lose weight and doesn’t like me the way I am, then he doesn’t deserve to have me in the Top 10. Yes, my shoulders are a bit broader than the other girls’ but that is because I was a member of the Icelandic national athletics team and I am proud of that. Of course, I don’t take these comments to heart, but to do my best then hear this… Personally, I think I’m fine as I am.” The Miss Grand International contest is one of the world’s five major international beauty pageants. Can't wait to do MUCH better in the bikini premilary round 24th october. Last time I was literally melting in the heat but now, I'm more than ready ????✨ #missgrandinternational2016 #missgrandiceland2016 #missgrandiceland #mgi2016 A photo posted by Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir (@arnayr) on Oct 17, 2016 at 12:12pm PDT See more of ‘too fat for pageants’ Arna next! (…)Read the rest of Miss Grand International Founder Told Beauty Queen Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir to ‘Stop Eating’ (3 words) © Versus for Skinny VS Curvy, 2016. | Permalink | 10 comments | Add to Post tags: beauty queen, bikini, too fat The post Miss Grand International Founder Told Beauty Queen Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir to ‘Stop Eating’ appeared first on Skinny VS Curvy.

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Ashley Graham: “He said, ‘I’m afraid you’re going to be as fat as my mom’”

On dating men who did not appreciate her body: “I dated all the wrong men. I thought I could feel appreciated in my body through guys.” Graham speaks openly about being in an abusive relationship during this period. “He never hit me, but he did throw me up against a wall. I didn’t know to get out then because I was so insecure.” When a different boyfriend dumped her, “He said, ‘I’m afraid you’re going to be as fat as my mom.’ ” The now oft-quoted remark, Graham says, “was the start of how I began to look at my body and relate it to men. Like, Oh, I’m not pretty or skinny enough for men.” On starting to exercise again in her 20’s: “So it was like, okay, I’m an athlete. I need to move. I know that working out releases endorphins and makes me feel my best. I’m really excited because I feel like my body’s just going to be, like, de-fi-ni-tion! It helps to shatter these preconceived notions that thin is the only way you can be athletic.” … says Ashley in Self Magazine. See more of her next! (…)Read the rest of Ashley Graham: “He said, ‘I’m afraid you’re going to be as fat as my mom’” (2 words) © Versus for Skinny VS Curvy, 2016. | Permalink | 11 comments | Add to Post tags:

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Pippa Middleton steps out with her boyfriend James Matthews at Wimbledon

Finally! Pippa Middleton has been dating James Matthews – who is terribly rich, btw – since November-ish of last year. I strongly suspect that there was overlap between “the start of James Matthews” and “the end of Nico Jackson,” the British tabloids really want to marry off Pippa, so they’re not making a big deal about it. No one wants to scare this one off! So Pippa hasn’t been doing pap strolls with James Matthews, and he has not been her plus-one at any charity events. But I asked/hoped for some coupled-up photos of James and Pippa at Wimbledon and here we are! Pippa and James Matthews came out to Wimbledon on Wednesday for Roger Federer’s quarter-final match against Marin Cilic (Federer won). This really is their first official-ish public appearance together. There’s also a rumor going around that James is going to propose to Pippa in the coming months, although that story sounds like it came from Carole Middleton, so… you know, it might not happen. What do we think of James? I think… he doesn’t really look like Pippa’s type? Her previous boyfriends seemed like buff, athletic types and pretty boys. James Matthews seems sort of small and not that athletic. Maybe he has a really great personality. Pippa’s dress in these photos is Tabitha Webb. I strongly suspect that many of you Middleton-watchers are correct and Pippa is being paid to wear certain designers, or she’s getting these dresses free on the condition that she wears them to Wimbledon. I don’t really care for this look, but at least she didn’t flash anyone. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, Getty.

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Duchess Kate in blue Roland Mouret at the SportsAid gala: lovely or boring?

I happened to be on Twitter as the @KensingtonRoyal account was live-tweeting the Duchess of Cambridge’s “arrival” at the SportsAid event last night. What was absolutely hilarious to me was that Kate’s official Twitter was making such a big deal about her “arrival”… at Kensington Palace. Literally, she “arrived” at her home. She walked outside to what is basically her backyard. This was also Kate’s first work event since she and William attended the Queen’s garden party on May 24th. Because she’s so keen to work, you guys! At least Kate gave us a new gown to examine, which is nice. I was getting tired of the repeats, mostly because she was repeating some of the worst pieces in her closet and styling those looks in the same old way. Her gown for this SportsAid reception was by Roland Mouret. She’s worn Mouret’s gowns before, to decent results. I like this gown for the most part. I have an issue with the bust though. Mouret is known for beautiful structure, and many of his gowns have an almost origami-like feel which needs proper tailoring. So is it the tailoring that’s off, or does Kate need a different bra? Am I the only one seeing that? The reception also involved a dinner (of beef, asparagus and pudding) and a speech by Kate, the video of which will probably be hidden away in some vault with all of Kate’s extra wiglets. Kensington Palace only released a transcript. Here is the speech in full: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. It is an absolute pleasure to be here with you to celebrate SportsAid’s 40th anniversary. Some of you may know that I love sport. I love cheering on teams and athletes that I am passionate about. I love the physical challenge sport presents and the mental strength it gives us all. And I love the way it so often brings people together to work as part of a team. I suspect many of you in this room may feel the same. The brilliance of SportsAid is in really understanding just how much athletic competition gives to our country as a whole. By investing in young sporting talent, they ensure that there is a strong pipeline of inspirational heroes. These athletes then serve as motivators to everyone in the UK to get involved, get active, and embrace the power of sport to make us happier and healthier. With little over 50 days to go until the Games begin in Rio; the next Olympiad is almost here. As we did in London in 2012, we will see a new generation of sporting stars emerge into the spotlight. We cannot wait to meet the next SportsAid champions – the next Chris Hoys and Katherine Graingers who will remind us all of the magic and the power of sport. So thank you all for supporting the incredible work of SportsAid. I am immensely proud to be their Patron and I can’t wait to cheer on our team competing in Rio. I do hope you enjoy tonight’s very special occasion. Thank you. [From] I was going to write some republican diatribe, but I’ll save it for another day. This is your future queen, Great Britain. I hope you can picture the hair tosses when you read the words “I love cheering on teams and athletes that I am passionate about.” People Magazine also had a lengthy write-up about this event, complete with sugary quotes from some of the people in attendance about how wonderful it is that Kate is so “curious about sport” and how amazing it was that she asked the young athletes if they were nervous. The CEO of SportsAid also made sure to mention that Kate is very “keen.” Yes, very keen. Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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Maria Sharapova gets to keep her sponsorships with Nike, Evian & Head

As we discussed yesterday, Maria Sharapova received a two-year ban on professional tennis after she admitted (after she tested positive) to using a banned substance. Sharapova’s version of the verdict is that the ITF found that she did not intentionally use banned substances, that it was all some big misunderstanding. But if you read the full decision – you can see the PDF file of the decision here – you might realize that the ITF investigated Sharapova thoroughly and they had many good reasons for implementing the two-year ban. Still, most people aren’t going to delve that deeply into it, especially because Sharapova is going to appeal the decision and she’s still fronting like she really didn’t do anything wrong. What’s surprising is that so many of Sharapova’s sponsors aren’t delving too deeply into the ITF’s decision either. Many of the sponsors are sticking with her. Shock of shocks. Maria Sharapova has found support from sponsors after being given a two-year suspension for failing a drugs test at the Australian Open. Sharapova has vowed to fight the ban, announced by the International Tennis Federation on Wednesday, after she tested positive for prohibited substance meldonium and high-profile sponsors Nike, Head and Evian are standing by the Russian, with Nike lifting the suspension they imposed on their contract when news of her failed drugs test emerged in March. At the time of the failed test, the sportswear company said it was putting its eight-year, $70m deal on hold. But in a statement on Wednesday night, it said that it had decided to continue working with Sharapova. “The ITF Tribunal has found that Maria did not intentionally break its rules. Maria has always made her position clear, has apologised for her mistake and is now appealing the length of the ban,” read Nike’s statement. “Based on the decision of the ITF and their factual findings, we hope to see Maria back on court and will continue to partner with her.” Sharapova’s racket provider Head never wavered in its support of her, citing her as a “role model and woman of integrity” at the time of her failed test and proceeding to extend her deal. On Thursday, Evian said in a statement: “The ITF tribunal concluded that Maria Sharapova’s contravention was not intentional. Following this announcement, Evian has decided to maintain its long-lasting relationship with the champion.” Two of Sharapova’s other sponsors, watchmaker Tag Heuer and luxury car brand Porsche, have been less supportive. Porsche suspended activities with Sharapova following her failed test, and will now wait for the verdict to her appeal to the Court of Arbitration to Sport. The company said in a statement: “We have taken note of the recent International Tennis Federation ruling in the case of Maria Sharapova and are especially aware that it was decided that she was not accused of intentionally violating the World Anti-Doping Code. As Maria will appeal the decision, we will continue to keep all activities with her on hold until the final judgement has been reached.” Tag Heuer announced in March it had decided not to renew Sharapova’s contract, but has not ruled out working with her again in the future. Cosmetics brand Avon are also severing ties with Sharapova but insist that is not because of her doping ban. A spokesperson said: “Avon’s relationship with Maria Sharapova was a limited engagement that focused on one of our fragrances. The engagement is set to expire and we had not planned to extend this relationship regardless of the current situation.” [From The Guardian] The biggest deal was Nike, because that’s her most lucrative contract, and I’m absolutely shocked that they’re sticking with her. While Sharapova has always been more of a model than a professional tennis player, surely it’s bad business for an athleticswear company to continue spending tens of millions of dollars on an athlete banned from her sport following a thorough investigation? Surely it would just be easier for Nike to sever ties with Sharapova – for good cause, mind you – and start over with another player? And of course there’s a larger conversation to be had about privilege and what the reaction would have been if one of the Williams sisters had tested positive. Can anyone say that this would have the reaction if Serena was in this situation? Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Duchess Kate wears decade-old boots, skinny jeans for Bhutan hike: cute?

Embed from Getty Images It’s been said before, but it’s worth repeating: the Duchess of Cambridge is at her best when she gets to do something athletic. When the photo-op involves running, hiking or being sporty, she does well. So these photos are totally fine with me – William and Kate took a three-hour hike today in Bhutan. It was an uphill climb/hike to the Tiger’s Nest monastery built into a clifftop. It’s one of the biggest tourist sites in Bhutan, which brings me to another point that a lot of the royal reporters have been making… just like Will and Kate’s Australia/New Zealand tour two years ago, this tour has seemingly involved a lot of tourist activities, almost like this is a government-sponsored vacation. Of course Will and Kate wanted to see the Tiger’s Nest and of course they enjoyed themselves. But don’t call it a royal tour, you know? Call it what it is: a vacation. For the hours-long hike, Kate chose a decent ensemble. Meaning, at least she didn’t attempt a lengthy hike in wedges or heels. She actually pulled out some brown Penelope Chilvers boots which she’s had in her closet for more than a decade. Kate was actually wearing these boots in one of her most famous college-era photos (go here to see). The boots cost £475. She paired her old boots with skinny jeans (that likely have some stretch), a simple white blouse and the £495 Nubuck vest/waistcoat. I don’t understand why a three-hour hike wouldn’t have been a perfect moment for a ponytail, but then again, I’m not a duchess. Apparently, as they were hiking, Kate joked that they were “burning off the curry.” The Daily Mail also points out that William was working up a sweat but that Kate is so sporty that she was breezing through the hike. I love that the @KensingtonRoyal Twitter manager posted the butt shot like that was the big take-away image from the hike. TRH hiked to the top of the mountain, and were taken by monks through the temples at the monastery #RoyalVisitBhutan — Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) April 15, 2016 Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Photos courtesy of Getty.