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Duchess Kate keeps style-stalking Meghan & it’s extremely creepy

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stepped out for the second time in two days on Thursday. They traveled to northwest England, to rural Lancashire, to highlight the work of rural healthcare workers and the funding of NHS Charities Together (one of the few charities the Cambridges’ actively fundraise for). They went to Clitheroe Community Hospital and met nurses, doctors and a therapy puppy named Alfie. Alfie is an “apricot cockapoo” and he seemed to like Kate a lot.

Kate decided to go with shades of brown for this appearance – the sweater and skirt are a set from Iris and Ink, at a cost of £145 (sweater) and £165 (skirt). The coat is a repeat – it’s a Massimo Dutti piece she’s had for a few years. She first wore it in January 2020, and then again in March 2021. She paired the ensemble with a £1,080 Roma Mini Clutch from Metier London, which was also a repeat.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here… what Kate is doing sartorially is extremely f–king creepy. As soon as Meghan “arrived” as Harry’s fiancee in 2017, Kate has done the most to copykeen Meghan’s style. Kate suddenly began wearing trousers to events (when she never had before Meghan came around). Kate suddenly began wearing separates and mixing-and-matching pieces in her closet (like Meghan). Kate has already openly copied Meghan’s style time and time again, and royal commentators insist that it’s a good thing, and that it’s fine that Kate has zero personality and she noticeably style-stalks other women. But Jesus H, you know? Two days in a row this week, Kate stepped out in waist-up replicas of Meghan’s ensembles. This brown ensemble is Kate’s keen version of Meghan’s camel look in January 2020, when she and Harry visited Canada House. On Wednesday, Kate copykeened Meghan’s look from the Together cookbook launch in 2018. It’s BONKERS.

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Fashion Kate Middleton royals

Duchess Kate looked ‘different’ this week because she dyed her hair darker

Yesterday, the Duchess of Cambridge made her first public appearance of 2022, and it was her first event since her silly piano recital about five/six weeks ago. A lot of people were talking about how she looked “different,” but I thought she just looked… well-rested. She looked like someone who gets eight hours of sleep every night and has ample time for self-care because she doesn’t have anything else to do. I mean, chica gets away with disappearing for five weeks at a time. Last summer, she disappeared for more than two months. This is not a woman who lives a #GrindLife. But apparently there was a reason why so many people felt she looked “different.” Kate got a darker dye job to go along with her Meghan copykeening.

The Duchess of Cambridge debuted a new, more ‘serious’ look for her first engagement of 2022, a beauty expert has explained. Kate, 40, joined Prince William, 39, at the Foundling Museum in London yesterday, as they returned to in-person royal duties following a few weeks off over the festive season. The mother-of-three, who has been patron of the museum since 2019, complimented her clothing choice of wide-leg black trousers, black polo neck jumper and a long-line navy coat, with a darker hair colour and toned-down makeup to create an overall ‘professional’ look, in contrast to the ‘Christmas glamour’ of recent months.

While her makeup in the weeks leading up to Christmas was characterised by a bronzed glow and dewy skin, yesterday Kate enhanced her natural English rose complexion with just a touch of pink on the cheeks and a slick of lipstick.

Speaking to FEMAIL, Laura Kay, makeup expert and founder of Laura Kay London, added that she has swapped her richer, chestnut autumn locks for a single darker brown shade that reflects the sombre mood at the start of the year.

‘To kick off the New Year Kate has emerged with a completely toned-down appearance,’ Laura said. ‘Her make-up is clean and fresh with a natural pink lip. Her matt foundation is quite powdery which contrasts against her new hair which is a dark brown block colour. Her new hair colour looks very grown up and serious in comparison to her recent richer tones, but the soft waves make her look youthful. Kate’s overall look is quite striking even though separate elements seem more reserved than we have seen lately. The powdered foundation might be to hide the appearance of dark circles under her eyes. The only heavy part of Kate’s look is the application of eye make-up.

‘Kate’s choices might be down to the daytime occasion as she may want to appear professional and natural looking – not too drastic or ‘overdone’ for the meeting. Kate is wearing a face mask in some photos which could also be the reasoning behind her make-up choices as she doesn’t want too much transfer or smudging to occur.’

[From The Daily Mail]

This too is an annual tradition, just like the end-of-year “promises to be keen in the new year.” Every January or February, someone writes about how Kate has a new look and wow, isn’t it professional, we can tell by her dye job and eye makeup that she’s really going to work this year. For what it’s worth, I do think Kate looks better with darker hair. At her piano recital, her extensions looked so cheap and her hair was just too light in general. It reminded me very much of Lily Collins’s hair in Emily in Paris, and in EiP, they even joked about how Emily was accidentally using a dog shampoo. That’s what Kate’s hair looked like in December – like she accidentally used a dog shampoo and she had a very shiny “coat.”

PS… The jazz hands are contagious!! William and Kate go to these events and decide to go Full Mime.

Pretend to talk outside the building then off

— Geo (@Geo_youngson) January 19, 2022

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Duchess Kate wore Jigsaw trousers for her first event in more than five weeks

No mask, no personality, no preparation, just vibes. The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out for her first event of the year, and her first formal, public event since her piano recital on December 8th (she was photographed at church on Christmas day, which I’m sure counts as an event, but let’s be real). I wondered aloud during our Gossip with Celebitchy podcast if perhaps it would have been smarter during Kate’s birthday keenery if she had actually stepped out to do an event *before* her 40th birthday. I guess no one would or could convince her.

So here we are, with Kate’s first event of 2022. She had a long Christmas and birthday holiday and she and William stopped by the Foundling Museum. It’s a museum devoted to telling the story of the Foundling Hospital, the UK’s first children’s charity/hospital for abandoned children. William and Kate did a “roundtable discussion” with experts about foster care and the challenges modern youths can

As for fashion, Kate wore a black sweater, a pair of black Jigsaw trousers (retail: £130) and a blue coat which is apparently a repeat. She also wore £7 earrings from Accessorize. It’s truly remarkable how Kate decided that she can put together business-casual trouser-looks with separates. Kate only figured that out once she saw Meghan do it. Never. Stop. Copykeening. Also: Will and Kate did wear masks as they entered the museum, but then removed the masks inside during the roundtable discussion.

PS… It definitely feels like William was, once again, tagging along to one of Kate’s solo events. He’s either worried that she’s going to make an ass out of herself, or he has so little going on that he just latches on to her sh-t. Tagalong Baldemort.

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Queen Letizia wore a vintage Valentino which belonged to her mother-in-law

Spain’s King Felipe and Queen Letizia attended/hosted a reception for diplomats this week. The reception looked very serious and black-tie, and it was held at the Royal Palace in Madrid. Everyone wore masks and most of them wore “the good kind,” the kind people are supposed to be wearing in the Omicron Era, those N95 masks. They’re not pretty and they’re not black tie, but good for the Spanish royals for role modeling good behavior while they work.

Meanwhile, Letizia made a somewhat bold and interesting fashion choice. Usually for these kinds of black-tie receptions, she’ll go with a Spanish designer, or with something kind of traditional look from Oscar de la Renta or Carolina Herrera. She buys new and custom pieces, but she likes to rewear both high-end and mass-market pieces too. For this reception, Letizia went deep into the archives – her mother-in-law’s archives!! Letizia wore a vintage Valentino look from Queen Sofia’s closet. Queen Sofia wore this two-piece gown in 1977. It’s in beautiful condition, right?

As much as I admire her choice of a vintage look from her mother-in-law’s closet, I do wish she had fussed with it a little bit. I get why she didn’t – you should never tailor/fuss with a Valentino from 1977 – but the skirt’s pleats are bugging me. I do enjoy how she matched the colors exactly with her earrings though.

All of this begs the question: has Letizia had access to her mother-in-law’s archives this whole time? Where are Sofia’s old looks stored? Y’all know that if Duchess Kate had any kind of access to Princess Diana’s archives, she would be wearing that sh-t constantly.

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Jennifer Lopez & Emme’s mother-daughter style aesthetic is so amazing

Jennifer Lopez has found herself back in LA, after the set of her latest film production had to shutdown because of a massive Covid outbreak. In the new year, J.Lo traveled to Spain for the production of The Mother. The production was shut down last week, and J.Lo boarded a private plane back to LA.

So what does J.Lo do when she unexpectedly finds herself with free time? She takes her daughter Emme out shopping at the Grove, and they got some ice cream. Jen and Emme were out together all weekend, and J.Lo had at least three big costume changes. And Emme… did not. Emme was rocking her oversized overalls (I call them “bibs”) all weekend.

I honestly love Emme and J.Lo’s mother-daughter aesthetic. I find it charming. J.Lo is all glam and costume changes and “I’m going to make maxi skirts happen” and shopping excursions in high-heeled black boots and aviator glasses. Meanwhile, Emme is like “my bibs are so comfortable, I love pairing them with an oversized sweater.” Emme is all about shapeless fashion, granny style, androgyny. What’s cool is that J.Lo just accepts that this is Emme’s style, and maybe it’s a phase and maybe not, but it’s fine. She’s gonna let Emme be Emme.

PS… I really dislike J.Lo’s fringed Chanel purse, it’s fug! That jean maxi skirt is so unflattering too.

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Pippa Middleton & James Matthews stepped out for Cirque du Soleil

Pippa Middleton puts on a stylish display with husband James Matthews as they attend the Cirque du Soleil's 'Luizia' at the Royal Albert Hall

Pippa Middleton and her terribly moderately wealthy husband James Matthews stepped out last night in London for the Cirque du Soleil ‘Luzia’ show opening. It was a pretty big event in London, surprisingly – I thought this kind of event would have been cancelled or postponed, given the post-holiday spikes in Covid cases in Europe, America and around the world? I guess not. And barely anyone wore masks on the red carpet either.

Pippa wore a matching red blouse and trousers which… the ensemble looks fine. I like the fact that Pippa isn’t “dresses only,” and that she often wears jeans, pants and normal-looking clothes. That being said, I don’t think this shade of red is her color, especially with her permanent-orange skin. TMW James looks nice too – I’ve always found him somewhat attractive, and he looks very nice in this suit.

Pippa and James have two kids now, three-year-old Arthur and nine-month-old Grace. Pippa is living the kind of comfortable existence that Kate wishes she could have: married to a rich man who adores her, a comfortable home in London and access to family-owned hotels in beautiful locales. Carole Middleton’s birthday is coming up – do you think Pippa and James will be going down to Mustique for a holiday with the Midds? Will the Cambridges go too? Or have TMW James and Pippa kind of separated themselves from the Keens more these days?

Pippa Middleton and husband James Matthews make stylish arrival at the Cirque du Soleil's 'Luizia'

Pippa Middleton puts on a stylish display with husband James Matthews as they attend the Cirque du Soleil's Luizia at the Royal Albert Hall

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Was Kendall Jenner’s black Monot dress inappropriate for a wedding reception?


Kendall Jenner was kind of quiet in 2021, right? She launched her stupid 818 Tequila last February, but other than that, she just kind of wandered around here and there, working occasionally and mostly staying quiet. Towards the end of 2021, she did one notable thing: she was bridesmaid at her friend Lauren Perez’s wedding. For the ceremony, Kendall wore a simple-looking blue satin/sateen dress. For the reception, she changed into the Monot dress you can see in these pics from Lauren’s Instagram. Ladies, what would you do if one of your bridesmaids changed into boob floss for your wedding reception? Lauren seemed fine with it.

All eyes may have been on Kendall Jenner at BFF Lauren Perez’s wedding, but the bride didn’t seem to mind. After Jenner, 26, served as a bridesmaid alongside Bella Hadid for the November 2021 nuptials, the group changed out of their blue silk dresses into separate outfits for the reception — and the supermodel caused quite a stir with her barely-there Mônot LBD covered in cutouts.

Perez shared snaps from her big day on Instagram, including a few of Jenner in the skin-baring design, which sparked backlash.

“Inappropriate outfit at a wedding @kendalljenner I’m embarrassed for you,” one person commented, adding “#cringe.”

After Perez chimed in, saying she thought Jenner looked “stunning” and that she “loved” the look, the model herself replied, “@laurenperez obvi asked for your approval in advance too.”

While Jenner went an unconventional route with her bridesmaid attire, the bride kept things traditional in a strapless Vera Wang gown for her Jewish ceremony in Miami — though she did change into a Vivienne Westwood dress and custom Nike Air Force 1s for the reception.

[From Page Six]

Yeah… I actually think it’s fine, especially if Kendall got the bride to approve her boob floss ahead of time? Personally, I think these days, reception dresses are more like “anything goes.” Most people want to change into something comfortable that they can eat, drink and dance in, although I’m not sure this Monot dress is that. And hey, at least Kendall didn’t wear white to another woman’s wedding. Also: I definitely feel that over the past decade especially, it’s become more common for wedding guests to wear black to the ceremony and party. Which I like!



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