“Why did Marvel executive Victoria Alonso leave/get fired?” links

An explainer on the ongoing Marvel mess and why Marvel executive Victoria Alonso was unceremoniously fired? [LaineyGossip]

A vintage Cher interview! [OMG Blog]

All about Lindsay Lohan’s SEC violations. [Jezebel]

Cameron Diaz will likely re-retire after she wraps on her current film. [Dlisted]

Hilary Duff is dating John Corbett in HIMYF?? [Pajiba]

Miranda Kerr wore a girly Monique Lhuillier dress. [RCFA]

God help me, I love Khloe Kardashian’s sweatsuit. [JustJared]

Sarah Snook wore traffic-cone orange. [GFY]

Donald Trump is very mad and shouty on Truth Social. [Buzzfeed]

Wendy Williams was seen drinking at a gay bar after her stint in rehab. [Towleroad]

Gisele Bundchen says she isn’t dating Jeffrey Soffer. [Egotastic]

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“Chris Rock thinks Donald Trump’s arrest will only make him bigger” links

Chris Rock thinks Donald Trump’s arrest will make him more powerful. [Dlisted]

Keanu Reeves at yet another John Wick premiere! [Go Fug Yourself]

Florence Pugh talks about Zach Braff & Andrew Garfield. [LaineyGossip]

Jerry O’Connell tried that ranch-flavored ice cream, blech. [Seriously OMG]

Should we watch Netflix’s Agent Elvis? [Pajiba]

What was Angela Bassett’s best look of the awards season? [RCFA]

Casper Ruud & other tennis stars played with puppies. [Just Jared]

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was the lone dissenter on an abortion-rights case before the Supreme Court. [Jezebel]

Josie Canseco denies being a nepo baby. [Egotastic]

Stormy Daniels is so funny. [Buzzfeed]

A Return to Amish star might not have been Amish?? [Starcasm]

Howard Stern wants Jon Stewart to run for president. [Towleroad]


“Taylor Swift’s Eras tour includes a 44-song setlist” links

Taylor Swift’s new Eras tour has a 44-song setlist. [LaineyGossip]

The Snake Fam has come for Anna Marie Tendler. [Dlisted]

Andy Murray, Stefanos Tsitsipas & other tennis stars are doing appearances in Miami ahead of the tournament, which starts this week. [JustJared]

Lana del Rey’s new merch includes a pillcase. [OMG Blog]

Florida: we should ban girls from talking about their periods! [Jezebel]

Review of Daisy Jones & the Six. [Pajiba]

Ellie Goulding wore too much orange. [RCFA]

The new Balmain collection feels very… Julia Fox? [GFY]

These true-crime stories are haunting. [Buzzfeed]

Bird flu vaccines are being prepped. Just FYI. [Towleroad]

Olivia Wilde enjoys Fritos & friends at the beach. [Egotastic]

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“Quinta Brunson fact-checked a lying charter-school Karen” links

A lying, charter-school Karen tried to come for Quinta Brunson and Quinta told her off and fact-checked her. [Buzzfeed]

Will Smith went to Saudi Arabia to support his friend Lewis Hamiliton. [Just Jared]

Tom Holland has “Z” stitched into all of his pants?? [Jezebel]

Tyga bought Avril Lavigne an $80K necklace? [Dlisted]

Keanu Reeves is enjoying being Keanu Reeves. [LaineyGossip]

Should we watch Lucky Hank? [Pajiba]

What were the worst Oscar looks this year? [Go Fug Yourself]

Tilda Swinton is very into Charles Jeffrey Loverboy. [RCFA]

Genie Bouchard wore green for St. Patrick’s Day. [Egotastic]

These Love After Lockup stories always end with “and then he was arrested again and he went back to prison.” [Starcasm]

Demi Moore posted a video with her ex-husband Bruce Willis. [Seriously OMG]

Some thoughts on “sensitivity readers.” [Towleroad]

you’re wrong and bad at research. I only attended a charter for high school. My public elementary school was transitioned to charter over a decade after I left. I did love my high school. That school is now defunct- which happens to charters often.

— quinta brunson (@quintabrunson) March 16, 2023


“Keanu Reeves played with adorable puppies on the Tonight Show” links

Keanu Reeves cuddles a pile of puppies on the Tonight Show. [Just Jared]

Pajiba is doing a Ted Lasso podcast. [Pajiba]

A dog named Tofu had to be rescued from her ocean swim! [Dlisted]

More of Keira Knightley’s Boston Strangler promotional fashion. [LaineyGossip]

Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore also hate each other. [Seriously OMG]

Nick Cave will have an exhibit at the Guggenheim. [OMG Blog]

If you told me this (new) photo of Naomi Campbell was twenty years old, I would believe you. That’s a compliment to Naomi but also a WTF to McQueen. [GFY]

Who was the best dressed at the VF Oscar party? For me, Sophie Turner. [RCFA]

Utah is banning abortion clinics. [Jezebel]

Iggy Azalea is still around. [Egotastic]

Book recommendations if you’re into fantasy romance. [Buzzfeed]

Balmain wants men to have buttons and sparkles. [Tom & Lorenzo]

Bono was “too macho” to admit that he loved ABBA. [Towleroad]


“Keira Knightley fell victim to the dreaded puffy-sleeve trend” links

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Keira Knightley fell victim to the dreaded puffy-sleeve trend at the New York premiere of Boston Strangler. [GFY]

I feel bad for Pedro Pescal, he’s getting pap’d all the time now. Everyone wants to see him, everyone wants to take his picture! [JustJared]

Law Roach’s best looks as a stylist to the stars. [Jezebel]

I agree, it’s more likely Tom Cruise wanted to avoid the “jokes” at his expense, and that’s why he didn’t go to the Oscars. [LaineyGossip]

Eric Andre has some thoughts on Chet Hanks. [Dlisted]

I haven’t watched Ted Lasso yet, no spoilers or recaps for me! [Pajiba]

That hot editor who won an Oscar? He’s aware of his privilege. [Buzzfeed]

Elton John is planning a massive holiday now that his tour is done. [Towleroad]

Gisele Bundchen has had some cosmetic work recently, right? [Egotastic]

I love that everyone is calling out Gwyneth Paltrow. [Starcasm]

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“Here’s a rundown of everything that happened with Gary Lineker” links

Here’s a great recap of everything that’s happened with Gary Lineker criticizing the Tory Party’s anti-immigrant policies and comparing the Tories to Nazis. [Pajiba]

Refreshingly normal cost-cutting tips. [Buzzfeed]

Kit Harington & Gemma Chan at the Extrapolation premiere. [Just Jared]

Colin Farrell called out Saturday Night Live. [Dlisted]

Pedro Pascal hung out with Bradley Cooper at the Oscar parties. [LaineyGossip]

Michael B. Jordan was on All My Children. [Seriously OMG]

Trailer for HBO’s The Stroll. [OMG Blog]

Lots of people wore black to the Oscar parties. [Go Fug Yourself]

Did we cover Sharon Stone? She looked great at the VF party. [RCFA]

This man infuriates me more than I can even say. [Jezebel]

You have to look at Kara del Toro’s terribly cheap Oscar-party dress. [Egotastic]

The gentlemen of the Oscars! [Tom & Lorenzo]

Joe Biden is expanding background checks on gun purchases. [Towleroad]

Good heavens, this is beyond awful.

— Gary Lineker ???????? (@GaryLineker) March 7, 2023