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Drew Barrymore’s 20 Pound Weight Loss

Mom-of-two Drew Barrymore recently opened up in an interview about her 20 pound weight loss. The bubbly 41 year-old actress, who is 5’4”/ 163 cm says that she currently weighs 124 lbs: On how she achieved the weight 20 pound weight loss: I’ve been very disciplined and all I did was cry and dream about pizza. I still am dreaming and crying about pizza. On her weight: I was 144 and now I’m 124. I did it on the filming of a Netflix show [Santa Clarita Diet]. I feel really great. I followed Kimberly Snyder’s methods, but I added some protein like fish and chicken since she’s all vegetarian or vegan. On her future plans: The holidays are coming up, so I’m going to enjoy some of that stuffing! … says Drew. See more recent pics of her next! (…)Read the rest of Drew Barrymore’s 20 Pound Weight Loss (0 words) © Versus for Skinny VS Curvy, 2016. | Permalink | 4 comments | Add to Post tags: 20 pound weight loss, black dress, lbs, pounds, slimmer, weight, weight loss The post Drew Barrymore’s 20 Pound Weight Loss appeared first on Skinny VS Curvy.

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Kylie Jenner Talks Cheek and Jaw Surgery

Kylie Jenner is one of those celebs who loves to talk about beauty-related topics, as well as answer her fans’ plastic surgeries questions and inquiries (although occasionally denying her own procedures at first). Recently, the reality star opened up about dealing with yet another rumor: that she got jaw and cheek surgery. On whether she considers Kim the hottest sister: I don’t try to compete with Kim to be the hottest sister. I mean I think all my sisters are hot, but Kim’s got the crown, Kim’s so cute and sexy. I never compete with my sisters. On the rumors that she had jaw and cheek surgery: No I didn’t [have cheek surgery]. People started saying that when I was 16. You really think Kris Jenner would let a 16 year old me have cheek and jaw reconstructive surgery? No! On whether the haters got to her: I always used to love my jaw. I was never self-conscious about my jaw, but before I got my lips done, my lips were very tiny and more like sunken into my chin. Someone made a meme of me on the internet of me that I was the Crimson Chin. And me and [my friend] Stas have been laughing about it for about six years. But now that I have big-ass lips, it looks normal. … says Kylie. More pictures inside! (…)Read the rest of Kylie Jenner Talks Cheek and Jaw Surgery (0 words) © Versus for Skinny VS Curvy, 2016. | Permalink | 17 comments | Add to Post tags: cheek surgery, jaw surgery, makeover, plastic surgery, transformation The post Kylie Jenner Talks Cheek and Jaw Surgery appeared first on Skinny VS Curvy.

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Amy Schumer” “If you weigh over 140 pounds, if you’re on the screen, it will hurt people’s eyes”

The full story from Huffington Post: In an upcoming episode of the U.K.’s “Jonathan Ross Show,” which airs Saturday on ITV, [Amy Schumer] opens up about being told to lose weight for her movie, “Trainwreck.” “The only change was that it was explained to me before I did that movie [”Trainwreck”] that if you weigh over 140 pounds as a woman in Hollywood, if you’re on the screen it will hurt people’s eyes,” the 35-year-old said. “I didn’t know that, so I lost some weight to do that, but never again.” The admission is a little surprising coming from Schumer, who famously accepted Glamour magazine’s Trailblazer of the Year award in 2015, telling the crowd, ““I’m, like, 160 pounds right now, and I can catch a dick whenever I want, and that’s the truth.” However, the fact that she had to lose weight is unfortunately just par for the course in Hollywood and not at all shocking. Pictured below – Amy in 2014: More pics of Amy next! (…)Read the rest of Amy Schumer” “If you weigh over 140 pounds, if you’re on the screen, it will hurt people’s eyes” (1 words) © Versus for Skinny VS Curvy, 2016. | Permalink | 16 comments | Add to Post tags:

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Victoria Beckham – Super Thin & Colorblocking

Permanently-thin Victoria Beckham opted for bright and bold colors as she showed off her tiny frame on her way out in New York City the other day. More pics next! (…)Read the rest of Victoria Beckham – Super Thin & Colorblocking (1 words) © Versus for Skinny VS Curvy, 2016. | Permalink | 8 comments | Add to Post tags:

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Kim Kardashian Tells Us What’s in Her Fridge

The full story from Daily Mail: When it comes to what’s in my fridge, I always try and keep it fresh, simple and clean (everything is always lined up perfectly, LOL!). I’m really dedicated to my Atkins diet right now so it’s all about staying healthy and lean. These foods and drinks are great for snacking and keeping me energized throughout the day.” She is ‘obsessed’ with Diet Peach Snapple because ‘it’s sooo refreshing and perfect during this hot summer!’ She also likes Pressed Juicery Activated Charcoal Lemonade, writing: “I’m not super into the whole ‘juicing’ craze, but Pressed Juicery’s fresh drinks taste amazing and make the perfect snack!’ she wrote. She added Charcoal Lemonade ‘is rich in vitamin C.’ And then there is Bio-K Probiotic. Kim wrote: ‘I love that it keeps both my digestive and immune system balanced!’ Kim also named Organic Prairie turkey breast and Sargento string cheese as some of her favorite snack foods. Incoming search terms:kim kardashian daily mail, kim k, kim kardashian, daily mail kim kardashian, kim kardashian latest pics hot, kim kardashian skinnier, kim kardashian string, kim kardasian daily mail © Versus for Skinny VS Curvy, 2016. | Permalink | 19 comments | Add to Post tags:

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Katy Perry’s Parents Want You to Pray for Their Daughter

Katy Perry is one of the most successful female artists on the planet. She’s managed to stay relevant ever since the release of her hit single, “I Kissed A Girl” way back in 2008.  Her parents, Keith and Mary Hudson are deeply religious and recently lifted the lid on how they really felt about their daughter.  They revealed crazy information about the family across two packed services at the Church of Grace in Yorba Linda, California on July 17 and 18.  It isn’t news that the both Keith and Mary have been embarrassed by their daughter’s past. You only need to look at some of her music videos to find out why.  They even chimed in on her feud with Taylor Swift. “Don’t judge her, pray for her,” they implored. Okay then.  Her mother also addressed Perry’s new single, “Rise.”  “She [Katy] released a new song called ‘Rise.’ It says, ‘My feet have been put to the fire but I will rise.’ That’s what she’s about right now.” Could this mean that the singer’s new material will be less racy than past efforts?  Keith noted that he recently spoke to Perry and even talked about the lyrics of the track.  “If you listen to this new song you know it ain’t over yet. She talks about some things. She’s good.” “I want you to pray for my daughter,” he added. “Don’t judge her, pray for her. She’s going to be singing Rise for the Olympics this year. We’re very proud of it and her.” It all sounds pretty bizarre.  At least we know that they like the new song more than her first big hit. “We certainly like it more than ‘I Kissed A Girl,'” he said of her new music. “When ‘I Kissed A Girl’ came out we thought about moving to Venezuela because of the shame.” Perry’s mom added: “We were going to save [former Venezuelan President who died in 2013] Hugo Chavez but it’s too late for that now.” Keith took things one step further and commented on his days in the 1960s, taking drugs.  “I looked like John the Baptist coming out of the woods but I wasn’t eating locusts, baby. My candy was LSD! I was taking it like candy.” Did anyone expect anything like this to come out? It came pretty much out of the left field.  Basically, they wanted to let us know that there was time they were ashamed of their daughter, but not now.  What do you think about it all? Hit the comments!

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Jamie Otis Shares Heartbreaking Message to Baby She Miscarried

Jamie Otis has shared an emotional message on Instagram… to her late baby. As previously reported, Otis and Doug Hehner (who met and got married on the reality series Married at First Sight) lost their first child due to a miscarriage last week. The tragic event took place just a few days after they went public with Jamie’s pregnancy. Soon afterward, Otis wrote a post on her official blog, trying to put the pain of this loss into words. “My heart is so heavy,” she wrote at the time. “There are no words to express the pain and sorrow associated with losing our baby Hehner.” On Saturday, meanwhile, Otis continued to mourn by posting a collage of the famous couple in happier times. She included with this photo a message to the late child himself. “Not a day goes by that I don’t wake up thinking of you, Baby Hehner,” Otis wrote. “I know I have to get back to ‘normal life’ but I just don’t know how to. Today daddy and I are going to pick out a perfect name for you. We love you so much. “I hope you’re bouncing on clouds and feeling loved all the way up in heaven. #ourangel #LoveYou #angelbaby.” One day earlier, as posted above, Otis also relayed a telling quote in honor of her baby. It read: “We never had the chance to play, to laugh, to rock, to wiggle. We long to hold you, touch you now and listen to you giggle.” Otis, who also appeared on The Bachelor a few years ago, now works as a nurse. She met Hehner on Season 1 of Married at First Sight and defied the odds by remaining happily married to him. The two then documented their life as a married couple on spinoff series titled Married at First Sight: The First Year. Doug grieved about his wife’s miscarriage in a touching Instagram post last Wednesday, July 13, writing on his social media account: “#BabyHehner even though you could only leave us with your footprints, you will forever remain in our hearts. “@jamieotis and I love you! Thank you everyone for your love and support.”