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The Waleses provided zero info on food bank donations, but they made a fan-cam

Yesterday, the Prince of Wales and Princess of Wales left one of their four homes and traveled 10-15 minutes to the Windsor Foodshare, a food bank for the food-insecure people in the Windsor area. William and Kate arrived empty-handed, and they played around with a shopping cart and cracked “jokes” about who was being more useful (neither). They met with some of the food bank workers and jazz hands were flapped. All in all, I heard that they barely spent an hour on this photo-op. That hour was enough to get them an extensive People Magazine write-up, complete with quotes from one of the food bank workers. The quotes sound like they came straight from Kensington Palace, stuff like “They were comfortable in everything they were doing. They’re such a lovely couple….They wanted to be involved, they wanted to be hands-on and not just come and see what we were doing. They asked, ‘Can we physically get involved and do stuff?’ I’m more than happy for more hands to help.”

You might say “hey, even if they turned up to a food bank empty-handed, at least they raised awareness and made it abundantly clear where people can donate, right?” LOL. No. They posted photos on their Instagram with no details about how and where to donate. On Twitter, their staff made a lil’ fan-cam of William and Kate “working” at the food bank, with zero links to any Windsor Foodshare accounts and zero information about where to donate. William and Kate are worse than useless.

Wonderful to spend some time with volunteers at Windsor Foodshare this morning.

The donations and food packages make such a difference to those in the local area who need them.

Hope we were more of a help than a hindrance when it came to the packing!

— The Prince and Princess of Wales (@KensingtonRoyal) January 26, 2023

Meanwhile, William and Kate want credit for thinking about volunteering during King Charles’s three-day Chubbly. One of those days is supposed to be “The Big Help Out,” aka a national day of service. Keep in mind, this is more than four months away and the Keens want advance credit for thinking about volunteering. No wonder the British media keeps asking “where’s Meghan?” These two are amazingly bad at this.

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Prince William finally met Earthshot finalists for the first time in Windsor

At this point, I really do believe that Prince William and Kate are the dumbest ones in the Windsor clan. It’s a close race, and I’m not saying they’re the only morons. But the sheer volume of unforced errors coming from William and Kate is truly astounding. If the British media actually made the barest of efforts, William and Kate’s idiocy would be completely exposed. Think of their gleeful colonialist staging during the Caribbean Flop Tour. Think of their inability to bring donations to refugee centers and foodbanks. Think of how incapable they are of speaking without offending everyone.

One of the worst mistakes was William’s decision – cosigned by staff!! – to refuse to invite the Earthshot finalists to Boston in December for the big Earthshot Prize ceremony. William made a point of flying in celebrities and pop stars, but not the environmentalists and scientists he was supposed to be honoring. Well, this week, there was a small acknowledgement that “mistakes were made.” The Earthshot finalists were invited to Windsor for a “retreat,” and William met them all for the very first time. D’oh!

The Prince of Wales was deep in conversation with the finalists of the 2022 Earthshot Prize this afternoon at a retreat in Windsor, telling one woman her story was ‘unbelievable’. Prince William, 41, met with the innovators for the first time at the Earthshot Prize Fellowship Retreat in Cumberland Lodge at Windsor Great Park, which is part of the Earthshot Prize’s Fellowship Programme.

The father-of-three looked comfortable in a sharp suit, warming himself up with a blue jumper, as he chatted to each the finalists from this year’s awards which took place in Boston in December and asked how he could help them achieve their goals. He looked engrossed in conversation as he spoke, engaging in one of his greatest passions, while the finalists told him about their plans for 2023 and the years to come.

He spoke to Min Wang, whose company, Desert Agricultural Transformation, turns desert sand into agricultural land. She invited William to visit one of her project’s sites in China. He said: ‘If I am passing by I will be visiting all of your projects. I have made a note to my team.’

He added: ‘So by year 10 I will still be visiting Earthshot projects.’

He then met Charlot Magayi, whose company Mukuru makes clean and reliable cook stoves for low-income households in western Kenya. Ms Magayi grew up in Mukuru, the third largest slum in Kenya. Her business focuses on providing families with clean stoves that are less likely to expose them to harmful air pollution in their own homes. William gave her a particularly warm greeting. ‘Congratulations,’ he said. ‘The last time I saw you you were surrounded by children. Your story is unbelievable.’

William went into private group sessions with the finalists, where they spoke to him about their hopes and ambitions for the year ahead. As part of the retreat, the attendees will hear speeches from Christiana Figueres, former UN Climate Chief and Chair of The Earthshot Prize and Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, environmental activist, geographer and Member of The Earthshot Prize Council.

Later this week, attendees will travel to London where they will attend a forum at Deloitte and will have the chance to meet advisors and potential investors for their projects.

[From The Daily Mail]

“Attendees will travel to London where they will attend a forum at Deloitte and will have the chance to meet advisors and potential investors for their projects.” Something which, again, should have happened IN BOSTON. That was supposed to be the whole f–king point of Earthshot, spurring innovation, competition and collaboration, a race to heal the planet using millions in grant money and corporate donations, getting the best environmental minds together under one umbrella. Instead, William used Earthshot funds as his personal piggy bank to run an embiggening campaign for himself and he didn’t even bother to meet the “prize winners.” This Windsor summit absolutely seems like it was thrown together at the last minute. I doubt William did much more than wander around for an hour, making dumb faces.

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Princess Kate & William arrived empty-handed to visit a Windsor food bank

The Prince of Wales and Princess of Wales made a joint appearance today at the Windsor Foodshare, a food bank located not that far from Windsor Castle. As you can guess, they arrived empty-handed! I think they’ve only brought food (and not donations) once while visiting a refugee center, but they’ve made numerous empty-handed visits to refugee children, food banks and baby banks. Are they incapable of thinking ahead? Literally, just go through the pantry at Adelaide Cottage and put extra soup cans and vegetables into a bag and bring that one bag to the food bank. I promise, it won’t kill them.

The whole point of the trip was to show everyone (the British media) that William and Kate “care” and that they are “volunteering” in Britain’s cost of living crisis. This event was also to mark the tenth anniversary of the Windsor Foodshare, which is part of Windsor Christian Action. A decade of food insecurity in an area close to Windsor Castle is not really a good news story.

Kate wore fuchsia – a Hobbs coat which retailed for £299, and a matching sweater, with flared black trousers. The Sun already has a story about how Kate was getting a dig at Meghan by wearing this bright color. You get it? Because Meghan said she tried to wear a lot of neutral colors when she was in the UK.

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‘Spare’: It was ‘grossly unfair’ for the media to call Prince William ‘lazy’

Picture it, London in early 2015. Prince Harry was about to end his decade-long Army career, likely because he was being heavily pressured to do so by his father and brother. The then-Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with Charlotte, and as such, Kate is taking it easy because of her history of morning sickness. William and Kate have also escaped London and based themselves in Norfolk, where William is plotting to set himself up with a part-time “co-pilot” job with the East Anglia Air Ambulance. Back then, in the pre-Meghan days, the British media would actually criticize William and Kate. Not consistently and not with the same kind of contempt they had for an American actress, but yes, sometimes the British media absolutely ripped into the Cambridges. Interestingly enough, Prince Harry has a fascinating little story about that:

The papers were awash with stories about Willy being lazy, and the press had taken to calling him “Work-shy Wills,” which was obscene, grossly unfair, because he was busy having children and raising a family. (Kate was pregnant again.) Also, he was still beholden to Pa, who controlled the purse strings. He did as much as Pa wanted him to do, and sometimes that wasn’t much, because Pa and Camilla didn’t want Willy and Kate getting loads of publicity. Pa and Camilla didn’t like Willy and Kate drawing attention away from them or their causes. They’d openly scolded Willy about it many times.

Case in point: Pa’s press officer berated Willy’s team when Kate was scheduled to visit a tennis club on the same day Pa was doing an engagement. Told that it was too late to cancel the visit, Pa’s press officer warned: Just make sure the Duchess doesn’t hold a tennis racquet in any of the photos! Such a winning, fetching photo would undoubtedly wipe Pa and Camilla off the front pages. And that, in the end, couldn’t be tolerated.

Willy told me that both he and Kate felt trapped, and unfairly persecuted, by the press and by Pa and Camilla, so I felt some need to carry the banner for all three of us in 2015. But selfishly, I also didn’t want the press coming for me. To be called lazy? I shuddered. I never wanted to see that word attached to my name. The press had called me stupid for most of my life, and naughty, and racist, but if they dared to call me lazy…I couldn’t guarantee I wouldn’t go down to Fleet Street and start pulling people out from behind their desks.

[From Spare by Prince Harry]

Harry goes on to say that William vented that the media was punishing him for not parading Kate and George around and giving them more access. Which I believe – that was the period of time when William was constantly flouting the “invisible contract” and refusing to do any work OR give people access to Kate and the kids. That all changed just a few years later. Basically, as soon as Meghan showed up. Suddenly, William was all about the invisible contract. Suddenly, William and Kate trotted out those kids as often as possible. Around the same time, the British media stopped calling William lazy and work-shy. Weird!

Also: while I believe that Charles and his staff “berated” William and Kate for stealing focus or whatever, keep in mind that it was also widely known that QEII and Prince Philip wanted William and Kate to base themselves in London and do more work. I’m sure Charles loved that his heir was lazy, but make no mistake: William and Kate also love being lazy and doing next to nothing.

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Nicholl: Prince William & Kate ‘have it all worked out’ with their heir & spares

In his interview with good friend Bryony Gordon, Prince Harry spoke about his concerns for his niece and nephews. He didn’t get super-specific, but he was basically like: the royal system is fundamentally broken and the next generation of heir-and-spares will face similar difficulties. Which is true – it’s not like Harry becoming a generational cycle-breaker suddenly means that the institution will begin to heal. If anything, that heir-and-spare dynamic will become even more entrenched, more abusive, more cut-off from oversight and introspection. Prince William and Kate have already shown everyone that they treat “the heir” differently than the spares. George gets included while Charlotte and Louis are excluded. George gets special gifts, while Charlotte and Louis are ignored. George is already hyped as an artistic genius and a brilliant kid, while Charlotte and Louis are already being assigned their “backup” personalities and roles. Katie Nicholl has some thoughts about this and would you believe? Kate’s hagiographer thinks the kids are perfectly fine.

The Prince and Princess of Wales have ‘it all worked out’ when it comes to navigating Charlotte’s position as ‘spare’, a royal expert has claimed. Speaking to The Telegraph earlier this month, Prince Harry voiced concerns about the future of the other ‘spares’ in the royal family to his brother Prince William – who ‘made it very clear that the children are not his responsibility’.

However Vanity Fair’s Katie Nicholl has said she is sure Prince William and Kate Middleton have it ‘all worked out’ when it comes to Princess Charlotte and her future role in The Firm.

Speaking on the podcast Dynasty, she said: ‘George, Charlotte and Louis are enjoying a childhood Harry and William didn’t get to enjoy and I think that is why William and Kate are channeling everything they can into raising their children with an understanding of who they are as royals but as ordinary children too.’

She explained: ‘No one wants the next generation to suffer as Harry has suffered…it’s not a pretty picture.’

The royal expert said the family were enjoying a childhood which the brothers didn’t, adding: ‘I think when you look to the Cambridges and how they are raising their children, away from the spotlight, in pretty ordinary schools, in a regular cottage on the grounds of Windsor, having bucket and spade holidays and teaching them to sail on the broads in Norfolk….’

‘It does open up the question of the next spare, of Princess Charlotte. I’m sure William and Kate have got that all worked out. Reading Spare, if they do, I think at points it will be deeply uncomfortable for them.’

[From The Daily Mail]

In some sense, Nicholl is correct that the Wales kids’ childhoods are vastly different from Harry and William’s childhoods. Harry and William had parents going to war with each other in the media and at home, and it’s also clear that William always got preferential treatment by everyone (except maybe his mom). Harry and William also grew up without social media and, for part of their childhood, without a mother. I think Kate and the Middletons give the three Wales kids more stability in general, but I would also bet that Carole treats the heir and the spares differently too. And no, I fundamentally do not believe that William and Kate do “have it worked out.” While certain circumstances are different, the system is still f–king dysfunctional. The institution is still broken, abusive and neglectful.

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Prince William will host an ‘Earthshot Retreat’ for the winners he never met

The 2022 Earthshot Prize ceremony was held in Boston in December. Prince William flew in celebrities like Ellie Goulding and Rami Malek to act as presenters and he soaked up his time with the Kennedys and local Massachusetts politicians. People almost missed the fact that Earthshot didn’t invite ANY of the Earthshot Prize finalists or winners to Boston. No, that part of it was “virtual.” The actual handing out of prizes wasn’t done in person. William wanted to hang out with celebrities in person, but of course he would never want to actually interact with the peasant environmentalists and scientists. Please, of course not. So, funny story? Now he’s inviting all of the Earthshot winners to Windsor for the first-ever Earthshot Retreat:

The Prince of Wales is set to meet the 2022 Earthshot Prize finalists as part of the first-ever Earthshot Prize Fellowship Retreat in Windsor.

Prince William, who created the Earthshot Prize in 2020 as a way to inspire people and businesses to come up with solutions to tackle climate change and other environmental issues, will host this year’s finalists at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor.

The Retreat will bring together all 15 finalists, and five winners, to meet with industry innovators and firm up their projects and plans over a nine-month period.

The week-long summit will see the finalists meet with the likes of Christiana Figueres, an Earthshot Prize board chair and former United Nations executive, and Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, an activist, geographer and Earthshot Prize council member. The finalists will also attend a forum in London where they can connect with specific partners and funders to see how they can build their projects.

Announcing the event, Earthshot Prize confirmed, “The Retreat is a vital part of the new Earthshot Prize Fellowship Programme, a unique accelerator designed by leading global design company IDEO, to help the Finalists of The Earthshot Prize grow their solutions by unlocking new routes to market, finance, and major partnerships. All 15 Finalists will take part in the nine-month programme to help them leap ahead in their scale and impact via strategic support and ambitious collaborations with The Earthshot Prize Global Alliance of 48 businesses, NGOs, and philanthropists.”

[From Royal Central]

Someone in KP reads Celebitchy, I swear to god. This is the point I made in December – that it was important to put these environmentalists, scientists, innovators and financiers in the same room because you never know where the next big idea, next big collaboration or next big project is going to come from. The point of Earthshot should be for William-as-facilitator – putting smart people and money people in the same room and seeing what collaborations and insights happen. Instead, the Earthshot Prize is nothing more than William’s pathetic vanity exercise and a chance for him to look powerful and important without actually doing anything. Anyway, this “Earthshot Summit” is what he should have done in the first place but he was too stupid. Oh well!

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Prince William stepped out in London amid a post-‘Spare’ plunge in popularity

Here are some photos of Prince William on Thursday in London. He visited the London office of Depaul, an organization which works with homelessness in the UK. Homelessness is one of the few “issues” William has consistently worked on, and by that I mean, he usually does a few events every year with Centrepoint or what have you. But he’s been doing that since his early 20s. It’s one of the issues William considers “his.” “Africa” is also his issue, according to William. According to People, Diana visited Depaul several times. William “met with staff and spoke to clients, past and present.” It was a learning-and-listening visit. He might want to try not to look so alarmed when he’s interacting with Black women.

Before QEII passed away, William was already telling staffers – who then dutifully told the media – that he wanted to focus more on homelessness as an issue in the years to come. Of course, he’s doing this as he has four homes (that we know of) and he now controls the vast Duchy of Cornwall real estate empire. It will be interesting to see if he actually *does* something on this issue or if he merely visits shelters once or twice a year and makes faces at the people who work there.

Meanwhile, the British media has been filling their royal coverage with all kinds of unhinged “polls,” some of which I suspect were being conducted just as Prince Harry’s Spare came out and very few people had read it. The Telegraph reported on yet another poll, this one from Ipsos Mori (which is, in my opinion, a more legitimate pollster than the YouGov clownery). Ipsos found that post-Spare, William’s popularity has “plunged” eight percentage points. Kate’s popularity has also dipped five points. The same poll finds Prince Harry and Meghan’s popularity is in the gutter among British people, so once again, I wonder why British people are constantly being polled about people who haven’t lived in the UK in over three years.

Still, it’s interesting that there is a noticeable drop in William’s popularity. Not enough of a drop, if we’re being honest. I’ve been shocked to see how many British people completely shrugged off William’s violent assault on his brother.

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