DM: Princess Beatrice & Eugenie need to do royal work, lest they be called ‘work-shy’


Again, the whole royal system was apparently predicated on “Prince Harry coming back to the UK to be the royal doormat/scapegoat.” That’s the sum total of four years of royal gossip, royal commentary and royal historical record: the fact that Prince Harry was vital to the institution but they refused to treat him as such, and their schemes to force Harry to come back, broke and divorced, fell flat. So here they are, with a cancer-stricken king and Princess of Wales, and a threadbare monarchy. The British papers keep publicly pleading with King Charles and Prince William to somehow bring in younger relatives, like poor Lady Louise or the 16-year-old Earl of Wessex. Now the Mail is running a weirdly mean piece about how the York princesses “must” step up to royal work, lest they continue to be “mocked as vacuous, work-shy and frivolous in Channel 4 show The Windsors.” Beatrice and Eugenie have apparently made it clear behind-the-scenes that they’re surprised no one has asked them to do more, so…?

Charles III should ask Beatrice and Eugenie to help with royal duties because there is ‘no chance’ of Prince Andrew or Prince Harry coming back from exile while the King and the Princess of Wales fight cancer, experts said today. Royal biographer Phil Dampier has said that the Duke and Duchess of York’s daughters, much lampooned as wannabe influencers in Channel 4 satire The Windsors, should not be held back because of their father.

‘I know that Bea and Eugenie are willing to do more and would happily help out. They just need to be given the green light. Yes they are daughters of Andrew but his misdemeanours are not their fault and they are high up in the line of succession’, he said. ‘Many organisations and charities are crying out for a royal patron and would welcome them. They already have thirty or so between them so why not a few more? They are both pleasant intelligent women who are now wives and mothers with experience of life… Beatrice and Eugenie are grandchildren of the late Queen and as such would get a lot of respect from the public. I can also see a role for the children of Edward and Sophie, Louise and James’.

While historian Harry Mount said roping in Beatrice and Eugenie will see the Royal Family bolstered in time for the return of Charles and the Princess of Wales – hopefully by the summer. The Queen and Prince Philip had around 1,500 patronages and many of these organisations are ‘crying out’ for new royal figureheads. And while the King’s walkabout on Easter Sunday has raised hopes of a swift recovery, Prince Andrew’s ‘well mannered’ daughters Beatrice and Eugenie are waiting in the wings to take on more responsibilities, experts have claimed.

Mr Dampier said: ‘With the King and Princess of Wales battling cancer and with Harry and Meghan and Prince Andrew off the scene, the slimmed down monarchy is looking a bit thin. The late Queen and Prince Philip had over 1500 patronages between them and most of them have not now got a royal patron. I don’t see any reason why Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie couldn’t step up and take on some of those charities and organisations. We can’t ask the older royals like Princess Anne and the Gloucesters to do more at their age so young blood is needed’.

[From The Daily Mail]

The Windsors really are the Royal House of Cutting Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face. QEII spent decades housing her royal cousins and distant relatives, giving them a modest allocation from the Sovereign Grant and, in exchange, they took on part-time royal work and assumed honorary positions at various patronages and charities. It’s not like Charles would have to reinvent the wheel, he could literally just do what QEII did. But he refuses. And it’s just… amazing. There’s absolutely no reason why Beatrice couldn’t step into two dozen royal patronages and happily work for the Firm – no reason except for the fact that Charles and Camilla refuse to share.

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