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Random viscountess claims Duchess Meghan was simply too American to fit in

Britain's Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle commemorate Anzac Day in London

Earlier this year, two British “aristocrats” Sabine Getty and Lady Alice Manners decided to chime in on the situation with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They thought that Meghan needed to “sit down” and “stop disrespecting the Queen.” They got the attention they were so desperately craving. I was reminded of them when I came across this story, which of course is trending on the Daily Mail. Apparently, Britain’s Channel 5 has done yet another documentary about the Sussexes. This one is called Meghan at 40: The Climb to Power, like the fifth person on the Suits call sheet is the new Hitler or something. “The climb to power,” how gauche! She was so desperate to climb to power, she quit her job, gave up her blog and her Instagram and dedicated herself to royal work. But aristocrats still think Meghan was just too power-mad for the Windsors, of course.

Meghan Markle struggled to ‘switch off’ the American dream’ and understand her ‘duty was to the Queen’, a US-born viscountess has claimed in a new documentary. Meghan at 40: The Climb to Power, which airs on Channel 5 on Saturday ahead of The Duchess of Sussex’ landmark birthday on 4th August, explores the former Suits star’s life from being born in California to her relationship with The Firm today.

Speaking in the programme Julie Montagu, who was born in Illinois but moved to the UK 16 years ago when she married Luke Timothy Charles Montagu, Viscount Hinchingbrooke, the son of the 11th Earl of Sandwich, explained that Meghan’s struggle with her in-laws came from an inability to ‘let go’ of American ideals.

‘You can’t really be anything you want to be or do anything you want to do or say anything you want to say,’ Viscountess Hinchingbrooke explained. ‘Your duty is to the Queen and that’s very difficult for someone like Meghan. To switch off that American dream off and accept “now you have to do what we say” is difficult. It’s difficult to have love and duty work simultaneously and together and that’s what Harry and Meghan wanted in [negotiations] with the Queen, this synergy, that they can make work, but the Queen said no.’

The documentary also claims that Meghan and Harry gave their ‘truth bomb’ interview to Oprah Winfrey because they ‘expected an apology’ from the royal family.

‘I think she felt it was an opportunity for her to not only share it with the world, but she hoped the royal family was actually listening,’ Lady Julie added. ‘It’s difficult to pinpoint why she did it, but I think it’s clear they were angry’.

Royal author Tom Quinn also told the documentary: ‘I think they were hoping for an apology, they were hoping they would phone and say, “We’re sorry we push you too far, we should have sat you down and spoke about your mental health issue”. I think she was horrified that the reaction was so negative from the family and they didn’t respond in the way she wanted. Meghan thought when she entered the royal family she could shake things up and they would love it, they would do things Meghan’s way. And when that didn’t happen, and when she came up against what she sees as the forces of reaction, it made us so upset. That that interview was her way to get revenge’.

[From The Daily Mail]

“Meghan thought when she entered the royal family she could shake things up and they would love it, they would do things Meghan’s way.” It’s more likely that Meghan continuously bumped up against the utter clownshow of the British monarchy and she was like “this could be done better, let me help” or “wouldn’t it be easier to do it this way?” And they hated her for her Americanness, for exposing their laziness, incompetence and clownery, and it slowly began to dawn on Meghan that they weren’t actually trying to help her whatsoever. As for what this dumb viscountess says…all of these people are really hellbent ignoring that the whole f–king reason the Sussexes left is because they were being abused and actively shoved out of the country. They didn’t leave because Meghan was simply too American to understand how to devote herself to serving Queen and country. It was because she was being actively driven to suicidal ideation.

Prince Harry and pregnant Meghan attend Wider Earth Gala

The Duchess Of Sussex Visits The Hubb Community Kitchen

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Irina Shayk Jason Sudeikis

Are Jason Sudeikis & Irina Shayk happening, or are they ‘just friends’?

Apple TV  Ted Lasso Season 2 Premiere

Gossip is back, obviously, as many celebrities have made it clear that they hated how little attention they got during the pandemic. So many celebrities have been generous enough to give us new loves, new relationships, new dramas. Seeing two different gossip storylines come together is, for me, like nerds watching a Marvel crossover event. One one side, we’ve had the stuff about how Irina Shayk is definitely, 100% dating Kanye West. On the other side, we’ve had the ongoing drama between Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles. Now combine everything! Apparently, Irina Shayk and Jason Sudeikis were partying together and now people are like “wait, are they happening?”

Jason Sudeikis and Irina Shayk are hanging out… but just as friends! A source tells ET that Sudeikis was recently spotted at the newly reopened midtown hotspot Hunt & Fish Club to celebrate the birthdays of his Ted Lasso cast members, Hannah Waddingham and Brett Goldstein.

“Irina Shayk and new Vogue editor Edward Enninful were also in attendance, and were there to meet with Jason in connection with his recent open support of British soccer players,” a source tells ET. “The group of about 12 stayed past midnight and feasted on, among other things, seafood towers and celebratory dessert platters. Irina and Jason were invited through a mutual friend of their agent, Ali Kavoussi, owner of The Lions Model agency,” adds the source, “because of the two birthdays.”

The outing comes following Sudeikis’ split from Olivia Wilde, and Shayk’s brief romance with Kanye West. A source told ET earlier this month that Shayk and West were “never serious.”

“The two of them have always just been having fun together,” the source said at the time. “They’re both doing their own thing and down to have a good time without any strings attached.”

[From ET]

Um, the “source” sounds a little bit frantic trying to explain how Jason and Irina were at the same event. The source’s panic is what makes me think that this was something notable and not just a group of friends and acquaintances hanging out. And in case anyone is keeping track, Irina’s people went to People Magazine to insist that she is actually still casually dating Kanye. That being said, Page Six’s source claims that Jason is no longer dating Keeley Hazell. Jason and Keeley had been seen out and about in New York for a couple of weeks, but the source insists that Jason is single now. Jason and Irina would make a hell of a lot of sense together, honestly. That’s probably why it’s not happening.

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Irina Shayk and Jason Sudeikis share laughs, hug after dinner in NYC

— Page Six (@PageSix) July 21, 2021

Sexy Irina Shayk reveals her assets in a black laced bra!

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Prince Harry royals

Prince Harry ‘will focus heavily on the death on his mother’ in his memoir?

Diana's 60th birthday

Princess Diana’s death changed the course of Prince Harry’s life, and William’s life too. With all of the press around what would have been Diana’s 60th birthday, there were too many dumb commentators saying sh-t about “what Diana would have thought” about this or that. They all missed the fact that Diana’s death was the inflection point that changed William and Harry’s lives forever and changed the men they would become. As Harry speaks more about his mental health, it’s clear that he dealt with lingering, daily trauma around his mom’s life and death, from his panic at returning to London to his reactions to photographers, to understanding what was happening to his wife through the prism of what happened to his mother. It would make sense if Harry used his memoir to further process his mother’s life and death. Like, that’s just using basic logic. But Angela Levin claims to have a “well-informed source” telling her that Harry will, you guessed it, write about his mother and who he thinks is to blame for her death.

Prince Harry’s memoir will focus on Princess Diana’s death and who he blames, a “well-informed source” has revealed. Royal Author Angela Levin said that sources confirmed the Duke’s book will heavily focus on the “terrible tragedy” that he went through when he was just a child. Earlier this week the Duke announced an unprecedented publishing deal for the memoir — timed for release in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year.

Angela Levin said today: “I’ve been told by a well-informed source that Harry’s memoir will focus heavily on the death of his mother Princess Diana, and who he blames. It was a terrible tragedy, but sad the man can’t move on.”

Ms Levin also added that she believes Charles will be at the top of Harry’s list “to smash, yet again.”

[From The Sun]

“It was a terrible tragedy, but sad the man can’t move on” is one of the cruelest sentiments I’ve ever heard from one of these carnival clowns. No one is telling William to “move on” when his office posts cards to “Granny Diana” from his children. No one told William to “move on” when he used his mother’s memory as an excuse for being lazy as f–k for decades. Harry is literally trying to move on and process everything, and he keeps getting triggered by what is currently happening to him and his family.

Anyway, Levin is a hack and a liar and her “well-informed source” is her ass.

20th Anniversary of Princess Diana's Death

VJ Day Celebrations

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Britney Spears Legal Issues

Britney Spears’s ‘happiest times are when she’s with her boys’

As Britney Spears gets more freedom and is going scorched earth with her Instagram account, someone has also been speaking to US Magazine on her behalf. If US truly has a source in Britney’s camp I’m happy for her. That means she’s using both traditional and new media to get her story out. US has two recent stories from a source close to Britney. In the one quoted in the title they say she’s happiest with her sons Preston, 15, and Jayden, 14. In another the source says that Britney has “found her voice and there’s no stopping her.” Good. As you know, Britney has a new lawyer who is working to have her father, Jamie, removed as her conservator. Here’s more of US’s articles about her.

“Britney’s happiest times are when she’s with her boys,” a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. “Even with all the rules and restrictions in her life, when she’s with them, all of that fades away.”

The insider calls the Grammy winner, 39, “such a fun, cool mom,” adding, “The problem … is that she doesn’t get any say in their day-to-day lives. [Her ex-husband] Kevin [Federline] gets to make all major decisions for their boys.”

“Britney is fighting back now because she feels support[ed], and for the first time, like she has power,” the insider continues. “The #FreeBritney movement really gave her her voice back. She felt like she wasn’t alone.”

“Britney has tried several times before to get her life back, but no one would listen. Now that Britney has found her voice, there’s no stopping her,” the source tells Us. “It’s all been building up for so long and she’s ready to unleash on those that have held her away from her own life. She wants the world to know what her dad has been doing to control her life.”

“The ruling that Britney can hire her own lawyer is huge because it’s the first tool Britney has been given to fight back against the conservatorship,” the insider notes, calling Britney’s boyfriend, Sam Asghari, “a true rock” through all the drama. “He supports her and wants her to have freedom. Britney and Sam feel that they will win the fight and get to really start their lives together.”

[From two stories on US Magazine]

I can only imagine how hard it’s been for Britney to be apart from her boys. At least she’s been able to see them, but she’s been under this conservatorship for most of their childhoods. By most accounts Kevin Federline has been a great dad and has worked to make sure Britney sees them, but that doesn’t make it OK that she doesn’t have legal rights as their mother.

The last time we talked about Britney she was wearing what looked like an engagement ring. Her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, talked about the rumors that they’re engaged. He joked to a paparazzoWe’ve been married about five years. We secretly got married in Hawaii. That’s one of the stories that I don’t know, but I see it on newspapers. Yeah we have twins.” That’s on the cover of Woman’s Day.

Britney has also made a couple of new posts since the last two which seemingly roasted her family. She posted ne with a photo reading “One day at a time” and wrote ” I will never be able to let go and fully move on until I’ve said all I needed to say… and I’m not even close! I was told to stay quiet about things for so long and I finally feel like I’m just getting here.” She also posted a video of herself dancing and she wrote a caption about how she’s been buying a lot of tennis shoes lately. The subtext which I read into it is that she hasn’t been able to just shop for stuff she wanted and needed without getting approval before now.

Elon Musk Grimes

Elon Musk isn’t financially supporting Grimes, she’s with him for his personality?!

Grimes and Elon Musk at the Costume Institute Benefit at the Metropolitin Museum of Art at the opening of 'Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination' in New York City

Grimes and Elon Musk got together in early 2018. They made their couple-debut at the 2018 Met Gala, and months after that, Azealia Banks shared a story about hanging out in Elon’s house while he was on an acid-trip and Grimes was tittering away, and it’s a story that lives rent-free in my head to this day. I think that was when some of us began thinking of the Grimes-Elon relationship a certain way. That Elon is a weird friend-to-incels type of guy and Grimes is not that bright. In any case, Elon and Grimes had a baby, gave that baby a stupid name, and now Grimes is pretty much raising the baby on her own as Elon tweets about dogecoin and securities fraud. Did you know that Elon still isn’t financing Grimes or her career at all? The man is a billionaire! Grimes had to sign with a proper music label just to make a little money to support herself and baby X Æ A-12.

Grimes liking Elon Musk for who he is rather than for his money is so much worse lmao

— The Beverly of Cheverly (@NickoGallo) July 22, 2021

After three years and a baby, he’s still not supporting her financially at all? He’s not helping her with her career? Grimes is literally dating and having babies with one of the worst men on earth… because she likes his personality? Because she thinks Elon Musk is a cool guy? Oh, honey. Please have some self-respect.

I actually liked grimes more when I thought she was with him for his money. she’s dating elon for his personality??? I feel sick

— noelia (@knowngaslighter) July 22, 2021

It’s honestly so goddamn embarrassing that a woman (Grimes) would be with a billionaire, birth his kid with a dumb ass name, spend her free time defending him to teenagers on Tik Tok and not even be taken care of financially

— the effexorcist (@kahtrinuh) July 22, 2021

Wait, so Grimes is the baby mama of one of the richest men on the planet and she not getting no stacks? No stipend? No allowance? No funding? No guap? What part of the game is this? I thought once you literally bagged a billionaire that’s how you secured the literal bag?!

— Hajara Mahmud (@DAJIRUHU) July 22, 2021

grimes not at the very least using elon for his money makes me respect her even less somehow

— alex v green (@HormonalJew) July 22, 2021

imagine dating and having a child by a literal billionaire and you still publicly admit that you need money. you wouldn’t even be able to waterboard that information out of me

— dash • they/them (@thedigitaldash_) July 22, 2021

grimes teeth

grimes babyx12

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Jill Biden

Dr. Jill Biden covers Vogue: ‘I feel as though people can breathe again’

vogue flotus jill biden

Vogue did right by Dr. Jill Biden. Better than they did with Kamala Harris, frankly. It probably helped the magazine that Annie Leibovitz could take beautiful, scenic photos inside the White House. The cover is especially good, and Leibovitz also did some portraits of Jill and Joe Biden together, and some photos of the Bidens in the gardens of the White House – you can see Vogue’s full editorial here, along with the fantastic profile of Dr. Biden. Both President Biden and Dr. Biden come across like normal people here, “just folks” who happen to be good, decent, hardworking people. Joe even made me tear up a little bit when he joined Jill for part of the interview and he talked about how much he misses her because she’s always working and traveling around to help him out. Some highlights from the piece:

No one thought she could keep teaching as FLOTUS. “I heard that all the time during the campaign. Like, ‘No. You’re not going to be able to teach as first lady.’ And I said, ‘Why not? You make things happen, right?’”

Things feel more relaxed now that the Bidens are in office: “During the campaign, I felt so much anxiety from people; they were scared. When I travel around the country now, I feel as though people can breathe again. I think that’s part of the reason Joe was elected. People wanted someone to come in and heal this nation, not just from the pandemic, which I feel Joe did by, you know, getting shots in everybody’s arms. But also…he’s just a calmer president. He lowers the temperature.”

She taught a creative writing class for mostly men last semester: “Maybe two months ago they said, ‘Hey, Dr. B…. Can we ask you a question?’  ” I said yeah. They said, ‘When we write in our journals, can we curse?’ I don’t know what they thought! We never said the words first lady ever. So I said, ‘Yes, you can curse.’ Because I tell them they can write anything. And here they are, these young men, like, ‘Yes! We can curse!’ I loved that. After that class, I felt…good. I’ve achieved what I wanted to achieve: They see me as their English teacher.”

There is so much to do: “When I became second lady—and there was so much I wanted to do—I always said, ‘I will never waste this platform.’  And now I have a bigger platform and I feel every day, like….What could I give up? That I would want to give up? Nothing. If anything, I feel like adding more things, but I know it’s not possible, because you want to stay centered, because you want to do things well. And there’s so much to do. There is…so. Much. To. Do.”

Joe Biden on how the presidency has affected their marriage: “I miss her. I’m really proud of her. But it’s not like we can just go off like we used to. When we were living in Delaware and married, once a month we’d just go up to a local bed-and-breakfast by ourselves, to make sure we had a romantic time to just get away and hang out with each other.”

She’s wearing a lot of young, emerging, and diverse designers. “I think that’s important: You try to lift up other people. I like to choose from a diverse group of designers. When I was planning my Inauguration outfits, that’s one of the things I considered.”

[From Vogue]

She references the dogs too, because Champ was still alive when they did this interview, and she explained that Major just gets overexcited with all of the new people coming in and out. Both the president and first lady speak at length about how neither of them were really interested in the trappings of the presidency, the White House or the security or all the fuss. They reminisce about their old lives in Wilmington, going to the beach on the weekends or throwing parties and cookouts and such. They basically gave all that up to serve the nation and heal America after Trump. Anyway, she’s amazing and I love her.

Cover & IG courtesy of Vogue.

Dax Shepard health

Dax Shepard says he’s taking ‘heavy testosterone’ to bulk up


Dax Shepard revealed in an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show last month that he had gained 25 pounds recently. He said that it he has always wanted to get big and that he had been hitting the gym and eating more calories. Dax wanted to be in a Marvel movie and said he hoped to be hired for one to give him an excuse to bulk up, but when Jimmy asked what character he wanted to be he said Elastic Man, which is DC. So Dax just wanted to get big. In an episode of his Armchair Expert podcast, Dax told Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis that he achieved his weight gain and muscle with the help of testosterone.

Dax Shepard… revealed on the latest episode of his Armchair Expert podcast with guests Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis that he’s gained 24 pounds of muscle during quarantine using “heavy testosterone injections.”

“Can I comment on the size of your biceps right now, Dax?” Kutcher pointed out during their discussion about cryptocurrency. “You’re getting Joe Rogan arms in there. It’s phenomenal! I mean, you look like He-Man right now.”

Shepard said he’s “gained about 24 pounds” by working out “six days a week, lifting heavy (weights), protein shakes, going bananas, (and) heavy testosterone injections.” The actor said he previously weighed “185 and now I’m 210.”

He added, “I spent my whole life as a medium boy, and now I’m a big boy and I like it.”

Kutcher and Kunis both expressed concern over his use of hormone injections. “I told you that you got to be careful with these testosterone injections,” Kutcher said.

According to Mayo Clinic, testosterone helps maintain men’s muscle strength and mass, but it can lead to a number of side effects, including stimulating noncancerous growth of the prostate and increased risk of forming a blood clot.

Shepard assured his friends that he’s “fine” because he’s only using the injections to take himself to his “28-year-old testosterone level,” noting that low testosterone runs in his family.

The actor added that the mental effects of testosterone outweigh the physical.

“Forget the body; mentally I love it because it makes me far more on fire to be alive,” he said of the injections. “I was depressed after (the 2017 film) ‘CHIPS.’ I was literally retiring, that was the plan. I’m out. Started taking testosterone… All of a sudden I was on fire to work. I was like, ‘I like this version.’ This is the version I enjoy.”

[From USA Today]

So he’s been using testosterone since 2017 due to depression and he’s just getting big now? Did he up his doses recently? I have questions. I had to google “is testosterone a steroid” because I wasn’t too clear on the difference. Healthline tells me that “steroids are a synthetic form of testosterone.” Testosterone injections given by a doctor are different than typical steroids though and they’re often prescribed for men in their late 40s, like Dax, who are having issues related to lower testosterone. Hopefully Dax is having his injections prescribed and his testosterone levels monitored by a professional. It does sound a little iffy, given what he’s disclosed about his addiction, but if it helped his depression that’s a positive thing. He looks good, but I thought he looked good before. I would find him attractive if I knew nothing about him.



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