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Chris Hemsworth is taking a break from acting following Alzheimer’s genetic testing

Chris Hemsworth has a Disney documentary series called Limitless, in which he “test[s] his body and explore ways to live longer and healthier.” As part of the series, he underwent some genetic tests, and he was originally supposed to receive the results live on camera. However, when production received the results revealing that Chris has a heightened risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, series creator Darren Aronofsky told him privately instead. Chris said the news made him want to take time off from acting, and he’ll do so after completing his promotional duties for Limitless.

Actor Chris Hemsworth says he is taking a break from acting after learning he has a heightened risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

The Thor star made the discovery after undergoing tests as part of his Disney documentary series Limitless.

He told Vanity Fair the tests confirmed his “biggest fear”, adding he will now be trying to take “preventative steps”.

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia and can cause memory problems, confusion and communication issues.

Hemsworth learned that he has two copies of the gene ApoE4, one from his mother and one from his father, making him between eight and 10 times more likely to develop the disease than those without both copies of the gene.

About 2 to 3 per cent of the population carries two copies of the gene.

“It’s not like I’ve been handed my resignation,” Hemsworth said, but added the news “really triggered something in me to want to take some time off”.

“If you look at Alzheimer’s prevention, the benefit of preventative steps is that it affects the rest of your life,” he said.

“It’s all about sleep management, stress management, nutrition, movement, fitness. It’s all kind of the same tools that need to be applied in a consistent way.”

He explained that he had not been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, but had been warned of the heightened risk. “It’s not a pre-deterministic gene, but it is a strong indication,” he said. “Ten years ago, I think it was more thought of as determinant.”

Hemsworth said the original plan for the series would have seen him receive all his genetic test results live to camera – but series creator Darren Aronofsky told him privately once they got the results.

The Marvel star was subsequently given the option of removing any references to Alzheimer’s from the show, but decided to include his genetic risk of Alzheimer’s to improve awareness and understanding.

“My concern was I just didn’t want to manipulate it and over-dramatise it, and make it into some sort of hokey grab at empathy or whatever for entertainment,” he said.

Hemsworth also confirmed to the magazine his grandfather has also been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.


Chris is going to head home to Australia to be with his wife, Elsa Pataky, and their three kids. He hasn’t said anything about the length of his break, but it seems like he’ll take as long as possible before he has to do promo or film for something else he has scheduled (he just finished filming on the Mad Max sequel). Maybe Chris wasn’t completely shocked since his grandfather has Alzheimer’s and it is genetic, but that still must be incredibly jarring news to have confirmed. And to find out through something work-related, no less. Production, of course, did the right thing by telling him privately. And they gave Chris the option to omit it from the show, but he chose to include it anyway to increase awareness. It certainly would have been his right to keep that medical information private, especially since it was new to him and he likely didn’t have much time to process it, but it is admirable that he’s sharing in the hopes of educating others, especially about the preventative steps. I wasn’t aware of the preventative steps until reading this article. It’s good that Chris is taking time off to reflect and relax and spend time with family. I imagine he’s regrouping a bit as well, as this might be something that affects the choice and pacing of his projects going forward.

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Natalie Portman wore a sparkly Celine to the ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ premiere

Last night was the big world premiere for Thor: Love and Thunder in LA. All of the stars came out and it was a big Marvel outing. Natalie Portman is back in the MCU as Mighty Thor/Jane, and she’s been enjoying the early promotion. At the premiere (and at Jimmy Kimmel Live), she wore a really cute Celine dress which looks great on her. I have no notes on the fashion, but I do think her makeup artist did her dirty.

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Tessa Thompson wore a custom Armani. This looks so cool! Like she’s wearing liquid metal.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky. The vibe is off and that’s all I’ll say.

Christian Bale’s big debut in the MCU. I’m shocked that he even came out for the premiere! It’s also funny to me that Bale was not part of all of the Thorshambles stories from the production in Australia. Bale was in Oz, working and minding his business.

Jaimie Alexander wore a blanket.

Chris Pratt came out too. Blah.

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Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instar and Getty.

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Chris Hemsworth’s giant, beefy arms are a wrap on ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

hemsworth thor wrap

This was the headline Disney and Marvel wanted to see: Thor: Love and Thunder has wrapped in Australia. The cast and crew of the film assembled in Australia several months ago, because Oz is Covid-free and they’re all able to work freely without pandemic prohibitions, only they can’t leave and return. Everyone has been stuck in Oz indefinitely and they’ve been partying their asses off and possibly getting into boozy polyamorous relationships. Who knows! But it’s over now, or at least the production side of it is over. I would imagine a lot of people will probably stay in Oz for a while just to continue the party.

Chris Hemsworth posted the above photo with the announcement of the end of production. Can we talk about his body for a second? This is too much. He did too much for this production. I understand that Marvel wants him to be big, bulky and ripped, but holy Jesus. The size of his arms!!

Disney/Marvel’s upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder has officially finished shooting, according to Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram. The movie, which reteamed the MCU actor with Oscar-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi after 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, is set for theatrical release on May 6, 2022.

Wrote Hemsworth, who posed with Waititi: “That’s a wrap on Thor Love and Thunder, it’s also national don’t flex day so I thought this super relaxed photo was appropriate. The film is gonna be batsh-t crazy off the wall funny and might also pull a heart string or two. Lots of love, lots of thunder! Thank you to all the cast and crew who made this another incredible Marvel journey. Buckle in, get ready and see ya in cinemas!! @taikawaititi @marvelstudios @jasinboland”

Waititi wrote the fourthquel with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. The pic stars Karen Gillan, Tessa Thompson, Natalie Portman, Matt Damon, Russell Crowe, Melissa McCarthy, Sam Neill, Sean Gunn, Jaimie Alexander and Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher.

The Thor trilogy to date has grossed $1.94 billion at the global box office. Waititi’s Ragnarok is the highest-grossing installment in the series at $853.9M worldwide.

[From Deadline]

It should be noted that I have not seen one photo of Christian Bale this entire time. It’s possible that he’s slipped under the radar in Australia, or maybe he’s just not into that partying lifestyle at this point. Anyway, hope everything turns out well and everybody had fun.

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Photos courtesy of Chris Hemsworth’s IG.

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Elsa Pataky & Chris Hemsworth ‘dressed up’ like Native Americans for NYE


Usually this kind of thing happens around Halloween. Like, I expect “dressing up as other races like race is a costume” at Halloween. I wasn’t expecting it for New Year’s Eve. But it happened. Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth threw a NYE party and it involved “costumes.” The theme seems to be “Wild West” so people were dressed up like cowboys (fine) and Native Americans. As you can see in this Instagram posted by Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth and his wife were both “in costume” as Native Americans.

Do we even need to say words at this point about how wrong this is? Cultural appropriation is not cool. Someone’s race is not a costume. You could say “oh, but Elsa and Chris aren’t American, maybe they didn’t know.” Chris is Australian, and Australia has their own (similar) history of racism towards Australian Aborigines. I just don’t get why, in this day and age, celebrities don’t understand that this is NOT COOL. And not only that, why Elsa felt the need to post it on social media. Awful.

Incidentally, after Chris Hemsworth failed to launch himself as a stand-alone movie star outside of Marvel films, his asking price per film has gone down to $6-$8 million (after an asking price of $12 million). Maybe moving back to Australia wasn’t such a great idea after all?


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Liam Hemsworth: My brother Chris quietly paid off all of our parents’ debts


You guys know that I think Liam Hemsworth is the more attractive Hemsworth brother, right? I’ve said that before. But in this family portrait, you can see that the Hemsworth boys came from good stock – Liam and Chris both posted some photos of themselves with their mom and dad recently. What strikes me is that the Hemsworth parents look pretty young to have three adult sons and several grandchildren. It also strikes me that this family is really close. So close, in fact, that Chris went and paid off all of his parents’ debts. Liam told the story to The Independent:

There are countless examples of actors breaking into Hollywood thanks to from wealthy backgrounds and/or valuable connections. Sadly there are fewer stories about those who came from more financially challenged families.


Liam Hemsworth and his brother Chris are two actors who succeeded in Hollywood without a financial cushion to fall back on should their attempts at building an acting career have fallen flat. The Hemsworth brothers have both built successful careers in films such as The Hunger Games and Thor franchises, amassing a combined fortune worth millions. The money these roles have brought them will have changed many aspects of their life and the life lived by their mother, a teacher, and their father, a social services counsellor.

Liam told The Independent he still feels moved to tears when he recalls Chris, who earned a reported $32 million in 2014, calling their father in Melbourne, Australia, and asking him to check his bank account.

“He [his father] called my brother Chris back and said: ‘I don’t know how to feel. Since I left home I have had debts and I thought I’d be paying them off until I died and have this weight hanging over me, and now to have them completely cleared.’

“They are so happy now and able to spend more time with us, I would love to be able to do something for my parents like that.”

That made me tear up too! Of course, how much debt did Ma & Pa Hemsworth have, realistically? I would guess that it probably wasn’t all that much, especially in relation to Chris’s paychecks these days. It’s cool that Chris did it with little drama too, I guess he just quietly paid off everything or he just dropped several million dollars into his parents’ account and let them write their own checks. As for Liam wanting to do something for his parents too… maybe he could buy his parents a nice beach house!


Here are some photos of Chris, “the favorite son,” at the Mexican premiere of In the Heart of the Sea last week.



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“Chris Hemsworth’s costume for ‘The Huntsman’ is shiny, leathery” links


Chris Hemsworth in leather on the set of The Huntsman.




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