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Trevor Noah is finally stepping down as host of ‘The Daily Show’ after seven years

I thought we would be discussing Trevor Noah’s new relationship with Dua Lipa, because the photos of the two of them came out in the early evening on Thursday. Then last night, The Daily Show aired and Noah made a huge announcement, one which blows the Dua Lipa news out of the water. After seven years and a massively shrinking audience, Trevor Noah is stepping down as host of The Daily Show:

Trevor Noah is nearing his last laugh on “The Daily Show.” The comedian, who came out of near anonymity to take over the program from Jon Stewart in 2015, plans to exit the flagship Comedy Central series after a seven-year tenure that saw him transform it for a new generation of viewers who are more at home on social media than they are cable outlets and broadcast networks.

Noah revealed his plans to an audience at Thursday evening’s taping of the program in New York, according to two people familiar with the matter. It was not immediately clear when his actual exit would take place, or whether the Paramount Global cable network had begun to consider a successor. Jill Fritzo, a representative for Noah, could not be reached for immediate comment.

[From Variety]

I’ll just say what’s on my mind, okay? Trevor Noah was the wrong person to take over from Jon Stewart, and Noah stayed on way too long. It was clear that the audience wasn’t buying Noah’s (Bernie Bro) shtick years ago – TDS’s audience and cultural relevance fell off a cliff during Noah’s years as host. His tenure should have been, at best, a two-year transitional gig. I’ll never really forgive TDS producers for not looking harder for a woman to replace Stewart, especially given that Samantha Bee was RIGHT THERE. Bee left TDS the same year as Stewart, 2015. I’ve always wondered if she left when it was made clear to her that she wasn’t getting promoted to the anchor desk.

As for Dua Lipa, I guess Dua and Trevor are dating now. The Daily Mail had exclusive photos of Dua and Trevor out and about this week in New York. I’m also including photos of Dua out last night, going to a Clooney Foundation event. Her dress has giant buttons, y’all know the Princess of Wales is in ruins right now.

Dua Lipa, 27, and Trevor Noah, 38, spark romance rumors as they’re seen KISSING after dinner in NYC

— Daily Mail US (@DailyMail) September 29, 2022

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Prince William & Kate finally made their first visit to Wales with the Welsh titles

Well, the new Prince of Wales and Princess of Wales have made their first official visit to Wales now that they’ve secured the PoW bag. I wondered why their first trip wasn’t to Wales as soon as QEII passed away, mourning period or not. The mourning period didn’t keep other royals from traveling to Belfast, Manchester, etc. William and Kate’s first stop was a local RNLI Lifeboat Station in Anglesey, where they lived early in their marriage. They’ll also visit the Holyhead Marine and Cafe Bar and do a walkabout. Nothing strenuous, no wall-to-wall schedule.

As for fashion… Kate is wearing red for Wales. That is LK Bennett’s “Spencer” coat, which retails for £599. She bought it because of the name, right? Wearing a Spencer coat on the new Princess of Wales’s visit to Wales. Her staffers don’t know how to be subtle! Plus, this coat has THIRTEEN shiny gold buttons for the Princess of Buttons. Don’t forget that weird gold chain on the pockets too, my God.

As for actually becoming the PoW formally, plans are already being made to keep the investiture pretty simple:

The visit comes as Kensington Palace said there were no plans for Prince William to have an investiture “anything like his father had” as Prince of Wales.

A petition calling for the Prince of Wales title to be scrapped has gained more than 35,000 signatures. Following King Charles’ announcement that William would take on the title, there was delight for some but uncertainty from others, with one politician labelling it divisive.

The king’s investiture as Prince of Wales in 1969, held at Caernarfon Castle, was watched by a TV audience of millions around the world.

Kensington Palace said it currently had “no plans for anything like” the King’s investiture in 1969. It added: “Right now is about deepening trust with the people of Wales and representing the dynamic Wales that there is today. There are no plans for the investiture yet.”

[From BBC]

It’s still kind of remarkable to me that one of King Charles’s first acts was to hand the PoW titles to Will and Kate. I still think that was a mistake – it’s not something which needed to be decided right away, and it would have been much more diplomatic to perhaps wait and do some kind of listening tour through Wales? A lot of Welsh people simply want to see the title retired completely. Anyway, the investiture will probably happen after the coronation, and we still don’t have a date for that either.

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Nicholl: Prince William & Kate’s royal ambition is ‘to be new Elizabethans’

Katie Nicholl’s The New Royals features a lot of embiggening for the new Prince and Princess of Wales. You’d almost think that Nicholl was simply publishing the talking points she had been issued from Middleton Manor and Kensington Palace. In some new excerpts published by the Daily Mail, Nicholl – hold on, I’m laughing as I type this – writes about how Prince William and Kate are the “new Elizabethans” and they’re also leaning into their star-power and glamour, as evidenced by Kate’s 40th birthday portraits. LMAO. Some highlights:

The long game: The Princess of Wales, meanwhile, has notably grown into her role. Rebecca Priestley, her private secretary for six years, told the Daily Mail that Kate ‘knows every decision is for the rest of her life, everything is for the long game’, and Kate’s playing it accordingly.

Kate’s 40th birthday portraits. The images were confident, bold even. It’s no overstatement to say they heralded a new age of Kate. Taken by Italian fashion photographer Paolo Roversi, they showed Kate in two Alexander McQueen frocks and in jewellery from both the Queen’s and Diana’s collections. It was a significant contrast to her debut on Vogue’s cover in 2016, when she was dressed in a brown country coat and a green fedora. William had been wary about her doing things that could be seen as too showy. At that time, he didn’t want her to do anything that might be compared to the famously sexy yet sophisticated portraits of his mother by Mario Testino.

William has mellowed about Kate’s consumption glamour: A former aide says: ‘William has always been very firm that his role is about duty, not celebrity, but he recognises in today’s world that he and Kate can use their global profile as there is a huge amount of interest in them. There is always something meaningful behind a red-carpet moment.’

This is what they’re teaching their kids? That is the point for the Prince and Princess of Wales, and it is what they hope to impress on their children. The family already has a unique global platform, and following the departure of the Sussexes, they no longer have to share it.

The New Elizabethans: ‘[William] certainly models himself on the Queen’s sense of duty,’ says one of his long-standing former aides. ‘There are also elements of his father’s duty that he takes into close consideration, but the values he most looks up to are his grandmother’s. ‘He knows that the institution has to be genuine, it has to be authentic, relatable, and really make a difference to people’s lives.’ That’s their Royal ambition: to be new Elizabethans. The monarchy is theirs to fashion as they see fit.

The Wales kids in the spotlight: ‘We’ve seen the children performing in front of the cameras in a way that cannot have been part of the original plan,’ observes Royal historian Robert Lacey. ‘We know that William and Kate want to bring up their children in relative seclusion and privacy, but the children have had to become a prominent part of the show.’

When Meghan was the star of that ‘Fab Four’ talk for the Royal Foundation: Nicholl claims Meghan’s first public appearance as a board member of the Foundation was a ‘wake-up call’ for Kate and William. She quoted a source who said: ‘That was a wake-up moment for William and Kate when they realised that Meghan was very impressive, very confident and very capable.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“He didn’t want her to do anything that might be compared to the famously sexy yet sophisticated portraits of his mother by Mario Testino…” I mean, it would have been hilarious for Kate to try to copykeen Diana’s gorgeous Testino portraits but Kate, as we know, doesn’t have the range. Her range is “happy when QEII dies” to “OMG buttons” to “Victorian nanny.” Speaking of, that’s always been Kate’s default – not glamour, not glitz, but Victorian and dated. Her default is to copy someone else, even if that someone lived 120 years ago.

As for the kids… again, people act like William and Kate *have* to bring their kids out, like they’re being forced to exploit their children. It’s William and Kate’s choice to hide behind their kids. This is also curious: “It is what they hope to impress on their children. The family already has a unique global platform, and following the departure of the Sussexes, they no longer have to share it.” Ah, yes. William and Kate ran a destructive hate campaign on Harry and Meghan so that they could teach their children the valuable lesson of not sharing a spotlight.

Photos courtesy of Kensington Palace, Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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Ana de Armas on ‘Blonde’: ‘I didn’t feel exploited because I was in control’

Here are some photos of Ana de Armas promoting Blonde at the San Sebastian Film Festival this past weekend. Both of her looks – at the photocall and premiere – are Louis Vuitton. I kind of like the gold top and I wish it was a cocktail dress rather than a cropped top. The black skirt is pretty meh with it. The trousers with the white blouse… that’s an okay look. It’s not what I would have selected for Ana, but it works on her. Anyway, Ana is promoting the hell out of Blonde and all of her interviews are kind of running together for me. She spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the NC-17 rating and how she actually didn’t feel exploited:

Ana on the nudity & the exploitation scenes: “It’s harder for people to watch [those scenes] than for me to make them, because I understood what I was doing and I felt very protected and safe. I didn’t feel exploited because I was in control. I made that decision. I knew what the movie I was doing. I trusted my director. I felt like I was in a safe environment. We had hundreds of conversations about these scenes. Everyone felt a deep respect for the movie we were making. And in that sense, I had no fear. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, even though they were really hard scenes.”

On the oral sex scene (a big reason for the NC-17 rating): “We actually did two takes of that scene only. We had an intimacy coordinator with us all the time, and she was very helpful. But I wouldn’t even say these scenes were more difficult than any other scene. It was just a part of a whole story. I knew exactly what the shot was going to be. I knew exactly what was going to be seen, what was not going to be seen, and it felt like it was the right thing to do.”

On Norma Jeane: “People have been ignoring the woman that was underneath the character. This character was created, and Norma Jeane was completely trapped inside her.”

Playing an icon: “It’s unfair for anyone to be put in a position of being an icon. People are less forgiving of things because you’re supposed to be perfect, and you represent this ideal of something that people want to be. It’s very tough to change that narrative.”

[From EW]

EW says the oral sex scene is in “extreme closeup” and that the movie also includes an abortion scene where they put a camera inside of her?? While I’m glad that Ana didn’t feel like SHE was being exploited, holy f–king sh-t. At some point, most actresses probably would have said “you know what, no, let’s not do it that way.” While I’m completely disturbed that Andrew Dominik has made an exploitative film about the ways in which Marilyn Monroe was exploited, I genuinely believe Ana de Armas was exploited here too – they used her unfamiliarity with Hollywood against her and made what amounts to Marilyn torture-p0rn. I’m also growing so very tired of Ana being sent out to defend the film and Dominik’s choices. Not to mention, producer Brad Pitt has been pretty f–king quiet about this too.

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Kim Kardashian walked the Dolce & Gabbana runway during Milan Fashion Week

In the past year, Kim Kardashian scored a print ad campaign for Balenciaga, she collaborated with Fendi on a collection for Skims, and she turned up to Milan Fashion Week back in February, wearing head-to-toe Prada on multiple days. Kim is absolutely leaning into big-name brands, and here’s another one: she’s been co-opted by Dolce & Gabbana. Kim arrived in Milan last week to host a special VIP party on behalf of D&G. She also walked the runway of D&G’s show, and she was seen out and about in Milan with the designers.

I hope Kim is being paid for all of this Dolce & Gabbana support, and I hope she’s not in contractual breach of any of her other campaigns and collabs. Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce are massively problematic, with a long history of being anti-IVF, anti-gay rights and pro-racism against Asian people. All of that usually gets covered up because celebrities aren’t paying attention to the designers’ politics, so celebrities wear D&G on red carpets all the time. The designers also hosted Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding to Travis Barker, so clearly the Kardashian clan is just the kind of American tackiness they’re looking to procure, long-term.

Meanwhile, last week we heard that Kim had purchased a $60 million home in Malibu. People Mag confirmed the purchase, but sources stress that Kim isn’t moving out of the Hidden Hills home she and Kanye renovated extensively. Kanye signed that home over to Kim as part of their divorce, although he bought a house right across the street, because he’s still stalking her. That’s what the People Mag confirmation said – the new Malibu home is “just a beach house. She is not selling her Hidden Hills house,” but “Kanye’s home is very close [to the Hidden Hills house] and this is another way for her to have her autonomy.”

Her roots look so bad, but I hope she’s actually ditching the blonde. It never suited her!

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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The Prince & Princess of Wales talked about rainbows with Windsor staff

Here are more photos from the Prince and Princess of Wales’s outing yesterday at Windsor Castle. I say “outing” like they actually went somewhere – they technically live at Adelaide Cottage in the Windsor estate, so they just had a brief drive over to the castle to greet castle workers and volunteers who worked on QEII’s funeral. There was some kind of meet-and-greet inside the castle, which is where these photos come from. Honestly, there’s a tone problem and there’s been a tone problem the whole time? Not to tone-police the Windsors, but can they actually look sad about QEII’s passing? Kate and William were yukking it up at this event, and they’ve had the same cat-that-ate-the-canary look for two solid weeks.

Meanwhile, I guess we have to talk about the rainbows? Ever since QEII passed, there have tons of rainbows all over Scotland and England. When the first one appeared, I argued that it was Princess Diana hollering “gay rights!” But Kate thinks differently:

Kate Middleton is sharing a personal moment following the death of Queen Elizabeth. While meeting with volunteers and operational staff who helped organize the committal service for the Queen on Monday, the Princess of Wales, 40, said the royal family felt the late monarch’s presence when five rainbows astonishingly appeared over Balmoral Castle the day after she died.

“In Scotland, how many rainbows turned up?” Prince William asked his wife at Windsor Guildhall on Thursday. “You hardly ever see rainbows up there, but there were five.”

“Her Majesty was looking down on us,” Princess Kate replied.

Rainbows similarly broke through the crowds at two other historic U.K. landmarks in recent days. Shortly before Queen Elizabeth’s death was announced on Sept. 8, a double rainbow broke through the clouds over Buckingham Palace. The day before her funeral, on Sept. 18, another rainbow ignited the sky over the Palace of Westminster, as the Queen’s coffin was lying in state.

[From People]

Sure. People can believe what they want, I’m not the Rainbow Police. I do believe it was more about Diana though!

Additionally, William and Kate have made zero plans to visit Wales? I think that’s weird, especially for the new Prince and Princess of Wales. No one is expecting the palace to organize the investiture in a week, but surely William and Kate could stop by Wales?

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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The Prince & Princess of Wales thanked volunteers at Windsor Castle today

Embed from Getty Images

The new Prince and Princess of Wales were out in Windsor today, “thanking” staff for their work around QEII’s funeral. Kate wore a £2,150 Dolce & Gabbana coat, which is a repeat. I remember this coat being baggier on Kate the previous times she’s worn it, likely because she originally had it tailored during one of her pregnancies. When she wore it last year, it still gave off a maternity-wear vibe, but my guess is that she’s had it re-tailored to make it a slimmer cut. Clearly, the new Princess of Wales is going to remain fascinated with big buttons. Buttons are her only friends.

Meanwhile, William and Kate are firming up some plans and canceling other plans. Kate was due in London today to participate in the “fan day” for Laver Cup, with Roger Federer. They made her cancel her appearance because it’s still a royal “mourning period.” Which means she’s allowed to make these kinds of visits, in and around Windsor Castle, but she can’t wear Mourning Jeggings as she plays tennis with Roger. This week, William was also scheduled to be in New York for the dumbass “Earthshot Summit,” which was supposed to coincide with the start of the UN General Assembly. William canceled on that last week, but Kate took her time canceling on Laver Cup.

In addition to all of that, William confirmed that he and Kate are still headed to Boston in December. Will the Boston trip be their first overseas tour/trip as Prince and Princess of Wales? It feels like they should probably schedule another trip in between now and December, but considering their overwhelming laziness, they probably won’t. Anyway, they’ll be in Boston in the first week of December for the Earthshot Awards. Can’t wait for the Boston version of the Flop Tour! I hope someone calls William “Wicked Pegga.”

Oh God I just saw her Mourning Wiglet again. And she’s holding onto QEII’s pearl-and-diamond earrings, huh?

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