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Watch Rosewood Online: Check Out Season 2 Episode 9

Rosewood Season 2 Episode 9 was titled “Half-Life & Havana Nights.”

What actually transpired during the hour? Scroll down and find out!

Watch Rosewood Season 2 Episode 9 Online

Rosewood and Villa went to Cuba to follow the threads of Gerald’s case, yet this only served to raise more questions about what happened to Amelia’s body and the truth about Gerald’s daughter, Michelle.

Meanwhile, TMI called on her old roommate, Dr. Daisy Wick, for assistance in making sense of the evidence.

Where did things go from there? How did the hour come to an end?


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The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: It’s Over…Caroline Leaves the Housewives

The Real Housewives of New Jersey “Reunion Part 2″ got underway with inventive insults and ended with opening old wounds. We recap it all in our THG +/- review.

What do the Housewives regret about this season?

Talk to the Hand

Rosie wishes she hadn’t told Teresa to “take it up the *ss.”
Teresa Giudice says she shouldn’t have called Jacqueline Laurita evil.
Even Juicy Joe says he shouldn’t have used names like Josephine, butchy boy, and horsey face.

Plus 20 because how often does anyone admit when they’re wrong on this show?

Don’t worry. It doesn’t last long.

Caroline Manzo was all over the board tonight. First, she actually defended son Christopher saying that, “fat girls are blow job queens,” because she’s heard them make comments like that 10,000 times since they’ve been in school.

Minus 33. As a mom, she must be so proud.

But things get weirder when Andy Cohen asks about her deceased father-in-law and reads a viewer question about her family being the real life Sopranos.

Caroline blows a gasket. How dare they say such things about her family?

After a quick Google search I found that Albert’s father, Tiny Manzo was shot four times and had his naked body stuffed in the trunk of his car, arms and legs bound with plastic.

Yet Caroline laments how anyone could wonder if her family has ties to the mob or compare them to the HBO hit series. Minus 25. Is she serious? That could be straight out of an episode.

But I will admit that her story about Albert finding out about his father’s murder and then apologizing for it ruining her birthday  was truly sad.

Let’s move on to Juicy Joe who seems to think calling his wife the c-word last season is OK because he’d never done it before. Oh, and calling his wife a b*tch while they’re arguing is something everyone does.  Minus 40.

At least Rosie seems to have gained something this season. Since their zen retreat in Arizona she’s quit smoking and started working out. She’s realized that she’s important enough to begin taking care of herself. Plus 50.

Her story almost makes Juicy Joe cry.  The bit softie. Plus 10.

Joe Gorga tells Tre that they joined the show so he could get closer to her. Do you think that’s the truth…or are the Gorga’s just fame mongers who were jealous of Teresa hogging the spotlight?  

Still, everyone manages to rally around Teresa and Joe Giudice and their legal troubles. Teresa says she doesn’t believe in karma. No kidding. If she did she might not be in this mess.

And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to live well and enjoy expensive things…unless you’re committing fraud to do so. Minus 15. Just saying…

One moment the gang’s practically holding hands and singing kumbaya and the next it all gets blown apart once again.

Teresa basically says that Jacqueline is her only friend and she was justified in starting rumors about the Manzo marriage because Caroline said she was superficial.

But Tre swears she’s got a heart of gold…minus 22. I think that gold’s looking a little tarnished about now.

It looks like it’s all been too much for Caroline. Right after the airing of this episode she tweeted that this will be her last season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. But Manzo fans can breathe easy. I hear there’s a spinoff in the works.  Plus 13.

So will the loss of the Manzo’s turn you off from watching next season?  Or is Manzo free the way to go for season 6 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Episode total = +8!                                              Season total = -755!