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Fall Out Boy’s Joe Troeman leaves the band to put his mental health first

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Last week was bittersweet for Fall Out Boy fans. Nearly five years to the day of their last studio album release, the band dropped a new single and announced their next album, So Much (For) Stardust, after weeks of hints on social media. This was exciting news for the die-hards, but they definitely decided to give us the good news first. Later that same day, guitarist Joe Trohman released a statement that he would be taking a break from the band. He’s burned out and prioritizing his mental health.

Joe Trohman is prioritizing his mental health.

On Wednesday, the Fall Out Boy co-founder and guitarist told fans he would be taking a break from the group.

“Neil Young once howled that it’s better to burn out than to fade away,” Trohman began in a statement shared on the group’s official Twitter page. “But I can tell you unequivocally that burning out is dreadful.”

He added, “Without divulging all the details, I must disclose that my mental health has rapidly deteriorated over the past several years. So, to avoid fading away and never returning, I will be taking a break from work which regrettably includes stepping away from Fall Out Boy for a spell.”

Hours before his message, Fall Out Boy announced that they would be releasing a new album, So Much (For) Stardust, under Fueled by Ramen, a subsidiary of Elektra Music Group. The March 24 release marks the band’s first studio album since 2018.

Referencing the highly-anticipated project, Trohman said in Wednesday’s statement, “It pains me to make this decision, especially when we are releasing a new album that fills me with great pride (the sin I’m most proud of).”

He then reassured fans that his departure is temporary and that he will be back.

“So, the question remains: Will I return to the fold? Absolutely, one-hundred percent. In the meantime, I must recover which means putting myself and my mental health first. Thank you to everyone including my bandmates and family, for understanding and respecting this difficult, but necessary, decision.”

He concluded, “Smell you sooner than later, Joe Trohman”

[From People]

Aw, Joe. I saw him in the Union Square Walgreens once 15 years ago because I’ve been a fan that long. I guess this was why he wasn’t in the video for the new single, “Love From the Other Side.” Joe also has the support of his bandmates, with lead singer Patrick Stump saying as much in an interview:

Stump told NME that he’s “really proud” of the guitarist and FOB co-founder.

“It was his decision to [put out that statement] and I’m really proud of him,” Stump, 38, said. “It’s really brave [to be so open]. I’m so impressed with the way he’s able to just share, because I’m a very reserved person. I admire him.”

In an interview surrounding FOB’s new single “Love From the Other Side” and upcoming LP So Much (For) Stardust, Stump explained that despite his temporary break from the band, Trohman is featured “hugely” on the March release.

“He’s 100% in the band and on that record,” Stump shared. “He has this work ethic where he really has to be there, but he called us up and said that his doctor told him he needed a break. We told him, ‘Take the break, your seat’s warm, you’re not any less a part of it.’ He’s all over the record. It’s as much his as it is any of ours.”

So that answers my question about how long they were sitting on this and whether he was on the album. The band performed on Jimmy Kimmel the other night with just the remaining three members and it would be nice if they keep it that way for touring, etc, since Joe did say “for a spell” and that he would “absolutely, one-hundred percent” be back. And I totally believe him because FOB is pretty honest with their fans and sticks to their word about that stuff. In 2009, they said they were taking an “indefinite hiatus,” released a greatest hits album, and started working on separate projects, which many took to mean they were slow-rolling a break-up. But they reconvened in 2013 so it really was a hiatus. So Joe will be back! The timing of this news was surprising, but the fact of it wasn’t. Joe released a memoir in the fall called None of this Rocks, in which he described his early familial and mental health struggles over the years. And I can think of a couple of points throughout FOB history where he’d talked about being unhappy and they made some visible changes. Hopefully Joe can get what he needs from this break and come back to the band when he’s ready. All the fans will be missing him and wishing him the best.

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lucy hale photos Skeet Ulrich

Lucy Hale talks dating Skeet Ulrich: ‘He was a young 52. I loved it’

Lucy Hale seems to be in a transitional phase professionally these days. She was the de facto star going into Pretty Little Liars, but was definitely not by the time it ended. And she’s struggled to find her footing with her projects since. I feel like she’d be a great streamer movie queen (coining it now, the 2020s version of the scream queen). Anyway, she recently appeared on Rachel Bilson’s “Broad Ideas” podcast. I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet because it’s one of their longer episodes at more than two hours and I find Rachel’s co-host a little annoying. The podcast ep covered a range of topics, including dating. Lucy, 33, talked about her age range of dating and clearly was talking about 52-year-old Skeet Ulrich when she mentioned the oldest guy she’s dated.. But never fear, “he was a young 52.”

“I haven’t really had rules with dating,” [Lucy Hale] said on Rachel Bilson‘s Broad Ideas podcast. “I’ve dated all the way up to 52 — [from] 27 to 52. I’m 33 and I feel like I’ll probably end up with someone around my age or older, just because of the non-negotiables. I feel like a lot of people in that older age bracket will meet those.”

Fans remember Lucy dated Scream actor Skeet Ulrich in 2021!

“He was a young 52,” Lucy said in the interview. “I loved it. No bulls–t, almost.”

In February 2021, Lucy and Skeet were photographed kissing on what appeared to be a date.

To fuel the fire, a short time after that, the Riverdale actor actually left a very flirty comment on the 31-year-old actress’ Instagram.

By April 2021, a source revealed if they were officially over.

[From Just Jared]

Did anyone else recall that line from Always Be My Maybe when Ali Wong’s character defensively describes her boyfriend as “a very young 50.” Um, I will just say, from people in my life in various capacities, there is definitely a such thing as “a young 52.” However, that’s not necessarily a good thing! It could mean youthful and energetic and or stunted and immature. What Lucy says sort of half makes sense. She’ll date people her age or older because they’re likelier to meet her non-negotiables. Sure, but what exactly are those? Because I’m the same age as Lucy and if I were to date someone 20 years older it would be because they’re mature and stable and straightforward. Like, I’d hope for the youthful energy to match my own (waning) energy, but that quality wouldn’t be my goal in dating someone just a few years younger than my parents. I guess the “young 52” thing was fun for a bit, but possibly turned out to be my more cynical reading of the phrase since she says “I loved it. No bullsh-t, almost.” Maybe there was some BS toward the end, which would make sense because their thing was pretty short-lived. Or maybe she caught up on Riverdale and thought it was too ridiculous.

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Angela Bassett Awards Shows Emma D'Arcy Fashion Golden Globes Hilary Swank Jennifer Hudson Letitia Wright Milly Alcock photos

Angela Bassett won in Pamella Roland at the Golden Globes: flawless

Angela Bassett won Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture last night at the Globes for her work in Wakanda Forever. You can see her speech here. I loved how her husband of over 25 years, Courtney B. Vance, was taping her on his phone as she accepted her award! Hopefully she’s the one to beat at this year’s Academy Awards. We’ll get the nominations on January 24th and the Oscars air on March 12th.

Angela was in a sleeveless Pamella Roland silver metallic column gown. She looked so good and her styling was perfection. She is 64 years old!

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Youngest EGOT winner Jennifer Hudson presented that category, Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture. She was in a striking CD Greene gown made up of mirrored rectangular gold tiles. I love the shoulder pads!

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Angela’s costar Letitia Wright was in a sleek Prada gown with a burnt orange watercolor-like design. I like how abstract and unique this dress is. The color blocking is risky and could easily veer messy and yet it reads elegant, if that makes sense. It works.

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Pregnant with twins Hilary Swank was also in Prada, in a green v-neck sleeveless gown with two long black bows trailing from each shoulder. I’ve seen the pilot of the series she was nominated for, Alaska Daily, and it was good! I haven’t gone back to it as there are so many other shows to watch but I’m writing this to remind myself to. She’s so cute with her husband, Philip Schneider! Here’s a link to an article with more about him and how they met – it was a setup! They’re both so outdoorsy and I loved their Architectural Digest profile.

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Emma D’arcy was also nominated for Best Television Actress — Drama (that went to Zendaya, who wasn’t there) for House of the Dragon which begs the question as to when the major awards shows are going to move to gender neutral categories. Emma was in an Acne Studios look featuring an oversized jacket, trousers and a skirt. They said on the red carpet that it was a nod to being nonbinary. As an 80s child these giant suits are giving me life.

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Emma’s sort-of costar (she plays a younger version of Emma’s character Rhaenyra Targaryen), Milly Alcock, was in Givenchy. Honestly I went to bed around 10:15 last night (I’m on the east coast) and missed it when House of The Dragon won Best Drama. Apparently Milly seemed kind of drunk on stage. The drinks were definitely flowing in the audience.

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Chilli Thomas Dating Matthew Lawrence photos

TLC’s Chilli and Matthew Lawrence go public: ‘They are really cute together’

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Over the summer, there was speculation that Matthew Lawrence and Chilli Thomas were dating after they were spotted on the beach together in Hawaii. This sighting came a few months after Matthew’s divorce from Cheryl Burke was announced, and Matthew and Chilli’s teams were quick to shut down speculation that the two were together. But not anymore! Chilli and Matthew finally went Instagram and tabloid official over the weekend.

Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas and Matthew Lawrence are diggin’ on each other.

The TLC singer, 51, and Brotherly Love actor, 42, are dating, Chilli’s rep, Christal Jordan, confirms to PEOPLE.

The two became involved romantically just ahead of Thanksgiving, after they were previously photographed on a beach in Hawaii in August.

Jordan further confirms that Chilli and Matthew spent Thanksgiving and Christmas in Atlanta, where the actor met Chilli’s family.

“I’ve been with Chilli since 2005 and I’ve never seen her this in love,” Jordan tells PEOPLE. “She is glowing. They are really cute together.”

The two went Instagram official over New Year’s weekend, sharing a joint Instagram post that featured a video of them dancing in match Christmas pajamas, in the style of A-ha’s “Take on Me” music video.

“This makes me very happy!! ❤️❤️,” Matthew’s former Boy Meets World costar Danielle Fishel wrote in a comment.

TMZ was the first to report that the two are dating.

[From People]

So they announced with a cute video and Chilli’s rep confirmed that they’re dating. They don’t confirm the timeline but maybe they got together shortly before or after hanging out in Hawaii. Maybe their relationship was more new then and they wanted more distance from Matthew’s divorce before officially going public. Over the summer, Cheryl Burke hinted heavily that she and Matthew were divorcing because of his cheating. Okay, she actually put him on blast with a bunch of vague yet pointed posts about it. She didn’t specifically call out Chilli then, or now, but did post “well, that was fast” after her ex-husband’s relationship was confirmed this time. I feel bad for Cheryl because it definitely sucks to see an ex move on. And if that ex did you wrong it especially stings to see them happy. But I’m very interested in this Chilli/Matthew pairing. Chilli was always my favorite member of TLC. This is the unexpected, millennial childhood nostalgia couple we didn’t know we needed. They even look the same! (For context, Adam Brody and Leighton Meester are the obvious, millennial teen nostalgia couple we did know we needed). I want to see more cute dancing videos and more of Chilli back in the gossip sphere.

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photos credit: Jules Annan/Avalon, Getty and via Instagram and YouTube. Photo note by Celebitchy: I’m sorry for the weird header photo I’m not trying to be shady! There are no photos of Matthew from the past few years that aren’t with Cheryl Burke so it’s a screenshot from YouTube. Also all the new photos of Chilli are of her performing.

Jon Gosselin Kate Gosselin photos

Collin Gosselin does first interview, talks about being sent to an institution at 12

The Gosselin sextuplets are now 18 years old, which is mind blowing to me. I remember when their parents were separating and it was the biggest news for weeks in the tabloids, which were of course so much more influential than they are now. One of the more disturbing stories about the Gosselins in the last few years was their mother Kate’s own admission that she had sent son Collin, then 13, away to an institution for “behavioral problems.” (Collin told ET he was there from age 12 to 14.) Collin ended up pleading with his father, Jon, who helped him get out of the facility after two years and was awarded sole custody of both Collin and his sister, Hannah, in 2018. Kate never showed up to the court hearing determining custody. (Kate and Jon also have twins Mady and Cara, 22, who have been estranged from their father for years.)

Collin has done his first interview, with ET Online. He is an impressive young man who has obviously been through a lot of trauma. In his talk with ET’s Kevin Frazier, Collin was careful to parse his words about his mother. He made it clear that he would welcome a relationship with her, but he sounded detached like he is still processing what she did to him. Collin broke down when he admitted that he doesn’t talk to his six other siblings and said that he only has a relationship with Hannah. I’m glad to see him doing so well but I feel so bad for those kids. Collin has a full time job and is finishing up high school. He had a scary accident this year when he fell asleep at the wheel and totaled his car but said he’s fine now and that people should wear their seatbelts. Here’s some of what he told ET and you can see his interview on their site.

Kate revealed several years ago that Collin had been put in an institution to help him deal with his alleged behavioral issues. Upon leaving the institution, Collin went to live with his father and he says any connection to his mom has been severed after the experience.

“After being there, I didn’t have a relationship with her,” Collin tells ET. “Even before [being] there, I don’t think we had much of a relationship and I think that just kept tearing it even more down.”

Looking back at the drama and eventual estrangement with his mom, Collin says he feels it stems from the pressures of having your family star on a reality TV show.

“I want to believe it was because of TV and what being in the public eye does to a family. I think it tore us apart,” Collin shares. “It gave us less time to actually be together as a family, [and] more time to be in the public eye.”

Thinking back to the friction and what he viewed as negative experiences with his mom as a kid, Collin claims it “was worse than what you would say the average teenage kid goes through with their parent.”

Because of this, Collin says he learned some lessons that have helped him understand and contextualize his turbulent childhood.

“I came to the conclusion that everybody has their own agenda, you know?” Collin explains. “My mom had her own agenda, and I don’t know exactly what that was. But I was put in a tough spot and my agenda was to make it out on top of that tough spot.”

Despite their conflicts and very public falling out, Collin tells ET he would be open to the possibility of reconciliation with his mother, and wishes he had a better relationship with Kate throughout his formative years.

“It’s unfortunate that we didn’t have a relationship,” Collin says. “I think every son wants to have a relationship with their mom. But I’m doing very well.”

When asked if he would still welcome a relationship with Kate, Collin says, “Yes, it would be ideal.”

Despite the struggles and challenges he’s faced in his 18 years, Collin’s outlook remains overwhelmingly positive and the message he hopes to share is one of hope and kindness.

“I want to say that in life we all go through hard things. We all get knocked down, we all experience really, really difficult things,” he shares, “But don’t sit around and mourn and cry about it, address the situation you’re in and fix it and come out on top of it. Because resilience is a really important thing.”

As for the message he hopes to express, Collin simply wants people to “spread kindness and love.”

[From ET Online]

Kate is a vindictive, fame-hungry person who never should have been given a platform. She very much deserves to be the patron saint of Karens and she clearly alienated her children against their father and against each other. It was abusive to send Collin to a facility and perhaps she did it as a warning to keep her other children in line. Jon is a tool in his own benign way but he tried to get his children off television and he did fight for them. I’m glad Collin is doing OK and that he is telling his truth in this interview. I hope his brothers and sisters see it and are able to contact him. If we learned anything from the Jon and Kate plus Eight debacle and all of the horror stories of child actors it’s that children need much more protection than they’re being given in the entertainment industry.

Also Hannah is glam and has her own beauty company!

Court Appearances Crime Elizabeth Holmes photos

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to over 11 years in prison for fraud

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Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has been sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison after being found guilty in January on four out of 11 counts of defrauding investors. Holmes has been the subject of multiple podcasts, documentaries and dramatizations of her story, most notably the series The Dropout, in which Amanda Seyfried won an Emmy for portraying her. Holmes, 38, is currently pregnant with her second child. She had her first child, son William, with her partner, hotel heir Billy Evans, 29, in July of 2021. It’s been speculated that Holmes’ pregnancies were bids to avoid prison time. She is not scheduled to report to custody until late April, I would assume after she gives birth.

Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced to more than 11 years in prison on Friday following her conviction in January for defrauding investors while running the failed blood testing startup Theranos.

Judge Edward Davila imposed a sentence of 11 years and three months in prison, with another three years of supervision after Holmes is released. The sentence also includes a fine of $400, or $100 for each count of fraud. Restitution will be set at a later date. Holmes was ordered to turn herself into custody on April 27, 2023. She is expected to appeal her conviction.

Holmes, who was found guilty in January on four charges of defrauding investors, faced up to 20 years in prison as well as a fine of $250,000 plus restitution for each count.

Lawyers for the government asked for a 15-year prison term, as well as probation and restitution, while Holmes’ probation officer pushed for a nine-year term. Holmes’ defense team asked Davila, who presided over her case, to sentence her to up to 18 months of incarceration followed by probation and community service.

Before the sentencing was announced, a tearful Holmes spoke to the court in San Jose, California. “I loved Theranos. It was my life’s work,” she said. “The people I tried to get involved with Theranos were the people I loved and respected the most. I am devastated by my failings.”

She also apologized to the employees, investors and patients of Theranos. “I’m so, so sorry. I gave everything I had to build our company and to save our company,” she said. “I regret my failings with every cell in my body.”

“The judge imposed a powerful sentence that confirms that fraud cannot masquerade as innovation in Silicon Valley,” said George Demos, a former SEC enforcement attorney and adjunct law professor at UC Davis. “When given the opportunity to speak, Elizabeth Holmes made a statement that she takes responsibility for Theranos but did not say she takes responsibility for the fraud.”

[From CNN]

I listened to the original Dropout podcast and watched The Dropout series and The Inventor documentary on HBO. As I’ve mentioned, I have zero sympathy for Holmes and a lot of respect for the employees who blew the whistle on her fraud and lies. She deserves more than 11 years, her deception harmed a lot of people, not just monetarily. She ran Theranos like a cult with loyalty and secrecy valued above all and no concern for the people whose health and money she was jeopardizing. I give zero sh-ts that she’s pregnant now. Her partner and relatives can raise the baby. Just because other criminals have received less time doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t face consequences. The prison system is cruelly punitive to mothers and that needs to change but this is not the case where an exception should be made.

Holmes’ co-conspirator, Sunny Balwani, has been found guilty in a separate trial of all 12 charges against him. His sentencing is scheduled for December 7.

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Babies Big Sean Births Jhené Aiko photos

Jhené Aiko and Big Sean welcome first child together, son Noah Hasani

Over the summer, we learned that Jhené Aiko and Big Sean were expecting their first child together. At the time, they confirmed the news with her bump, an Instagram post, and to People via their reps. Then they had a pretty cool maternity shoot, and in October they revealed the baby’s sex during a concert and had a space-themed baby shower. And now, the baby is here! Noah Hasani arrived on November 8.

Jhené Aiko and Big Sean welcomed their first child together, a baby boy named Noah Hasani.

The baby boy was born on Tuesday, Nov. 8 but the couple took to their Instagram page today (Nov. 18) to make the announcement to their fans. The mom of two posted a few pictures of her and her family in the hospital and captioned it, “11/08/22. Noah Hasani after 24 hours of labor, a total lunar eclipse, and while it was pouring rain… he came. My baby Yoda, my Sani.”

“After 24 hours of Labor, A Lunar Eclipse, with rain from the beginning of labor til he was born, he’s here safe and sound. Happy, Healthy and everything we could ever ask for and more. Any and everything for you Son. Noah. 11/8/22,” Big Sean posted alongside a series of photos.

Since news of Aiko’s pregnancy broke in July, the couple have consistently shared their journey to parenthood to their fans on social media. On Oct. 13, they revealed the gender of their baby during a joint performance at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The couple asked the crowd to make some noise “for our baby boy.”

They also held their baby shower on Sunday, Oct. 16 surrounding by friends and family. “So thankful for all of our beautiful friends and family who came out to shower our baby with love. What a perfect day it was. We love you so, so much,” Aiko wrote under a video from the special day. Aiko is also mom to her 13-year-old daughter, Namiko Browner, whom she shares with singer O’Ryan Browner.

Aiko and Big Sean have been together on and off since 2016. The duo are also frequent collaborators on each other’s songs like “I Know,” “None of Your Concern,” “Body Language,” and more. In 2016, they released a joint album titled Twenty88.

[From Yahoo! Entertainment]

Jhené and Sean took 10 days to announce Noah’s birth. That’s nice that they took some time as a family before rushing to announce it. They also probably realized there’s no way to be sure Nick Cannon won’t steal their thunder with an announcement of his own. This is their first child together and the first child for Sean overall. Jhené already has a tween daughter. Noah Hasani has a nice ring to it, however I definitely wouldn’t have guessed it. As far as celebrity baby names go, it’s aggressively normal. My friends name their kids stuff like that. I guess I was hoping for something a bit more unique from a mom named Jhené, but the dad is named Sean so I guess this splits the difference between the two names. Anyway, this is very cute. Congrats to the new parents.

photos via Instagram