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Hailey Bieber in Saint Laurent at the VF Oscar party: boring or elegant?

Hailey Bieber turned up at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in Saint Laurent. Two different fabrics, two different shoulders, two different sleeves — one gloved, one inexplicably dragging on the floor… The latter would drive me crazy. This look is so dramatic, yet somehow still so boring. As is her hair.

Sarah Michelle Gellar wore a beautiful blue floral toile thread work embroidered Oscar de la Renta. It’s a great take on a column dress. And the detailing and color are amazing. I love this and she looks like she loves it, which just makes a great look even better. And her eye makeup and earrings match the blue!

Yara Shahidi also popped in red and white Bottega Veneta. She looks like a Valentine in a short column dress and gloves. It looks like the appliqués are flowers and leaves and maybe butterflies? This is a cool look, and also looks like she can move in it. The slicked back hair and subtle makeup work perfectly with the dress. And under the gloves she had a red-tipped manicure.

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Vanessa Hudgens changed from her classic pre-show host gown into an edgier Roberto Cavalli. There’s a lot going on, but I love this and would totally wear it (though not as well). There’s fringe, there’s a lace-up deep-V front, there’s zebra print, there’s leopard print… It’s a lot and it works and she looks amazing. I’m not even mad at the hair! Even if you’re engaged, this is how you want to look when you cross paths with your ex, which happened briefly outside the party.

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Danielle Brooks was in Nina Ricci. I wouldn’t have guessed we’d see a black bikini under a see-through polka dot catsuit (with gloves) under a Cruella de Vil-colored fur coat. She accessorized with sunglasses in some pics, which was a vibe. This look is fun and looks more comfortable than some of the gowns.

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Danielle Deadwyler in Versace at the VF Oscar party: should have been at the Oscars?

Danielle Deadwyler was notably snubbed for an Oscar nomination despite her moving performance in Till and I guess was not invited to the Oscars. But she did attend the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Versace. I wish I could say she turned up and showed out, but I really don’t like this. My first thought was she looks like Wilma Flintstone, but I was wrong and she’s actually wearing Fred Flintstone’s colors. I do like the jewelry though. And her subtle makeup and pixie are perfect.

Gabrielle Union in Ralph Lauren was probably my favorite in a sea of sequined black dresses. I always love a deep-V and I like the extra long sleeves here — at first I thought they had thumbholes. Her jewelry, hair, and makeup are on point, as always. And Dwyane Wade is in Prada.

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Alexandra Daddario was in Alexandre Vauthier, the blousy version of Gabrielle’s dress. It even had a deep-V in the back! I’m on the fence about this dress — in some photos it looked great and in others it looked a bit like a plastic lawn bag. I love those earrings though.

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Halsey gave off goth, witchy vibes in Givenchy. It looks like the gloves are attached to the dress, there’s a ruched front, and here’s another deep-V in the back. You know I love Halsey, but this is boring. Except for the back, I would wear this to work. I’ve seen much better from her, and recently too, which makes this extra bad. Also their cheeks look very snatched.

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Halle and Chloe Bailey posed together at the after party. They’re so cute! Halle changed out of her Ariel blue dress into another great dress. This one is a structured liquid gold Maison Yega dress. Or is it silver? It looks different depending on the pic and I love it. And Chloe wore a black sequined one-shoulder/sleeved David Kona dress. The dramatic makeup and feathered bottom remind me of Swan Lake.

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Angela Bassett DMed Ariana DeBose after BAFTAs rap ‘to make sure she was OK’

Angela Bassett won Entertainer of the Year at the NAACP Image Awards and in her speech she made a joke that she “did the thing.” Just like the lyrics from Ariana DeBose’s much-panned opening rap from the BAFTAs. When Angela appeared on the red carpet for the Image Awards, she told Variety she reached out to Ariana after the BAFTAs to check on on her and make sure she was okay. That’s nice!

Angela Bassett has simply done the thing once again. After being name-dropped by Ariana DeBose in a rap that opened the BAFTA Film Awards, the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” star tells Variety that she reached out to DeBose in the aftermath to check in on her.

“I DM’d her last night. I did. It was beautiful,” Bassett told Variety senior entertainment writer Angelique Jackson on the red carpet at the NAACP Image Awards on Saturday evening. “I just wanted to make sure she was okay because, you know, it’s a lot of attention. And she is A-Okay.”

Bassett’s mention was one of the catchier lyrics in DeBose’s opener. DeBose, who won last year’s BAFTA and Academy Award for best supporting actress for her performance in “West Side Story,” kicked off the British Academy Film Awards on Feb. 19 with a rap that name-dropped several of the evening’s nominees, including directors honored in debut feature and women competing in both the lead actress and supporting actress categories. The production also featured renditions of “Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves” and “We Are Family.”

The number took on a life of its own on social media in the following days, drawing both derisive commentary and perverse but full-hearted commendations, among a wide range of responses.

Bassett is nominated for the entertainer of the year award at the NAACP Image Awards. During a virtual ceremony earlier this week, she was honored with the body’s award for best supporting actress in a motion picture for her performance in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.”

[From Variety]

It was really kind of Angela to reach out to Ariana and make sure she was okay after she got roasted for that BAFTAs number. I share Kaiser’s sentiment in feeling bad for Ariana that she got so much flack for a silly little thing. I guess Angela felt the same and it’s good that she checked on her because it was a lot of unnecessarily negative attention. Things just snowball on the internet. And Angela Bassett did do the thing so Ariana wasn’t technically wrong. Anyway, in addition to the joke, Angela’s acceptance speech was nice. She thanked Spike Lee, Malcolm X’s wife Betty Shabazz, John Singleton and Ryan Coogler for their impact on her career. And she wore a Greta Constantine dress. Angela always looks great — the color looked lovely on her and I liked the cut of the dress itself, but those sleeves look like giant scrunchies.

Photos credit: cpuk/Avalon, Julie Edwards/Avalon, Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Avalon

Lil' Nas X Pets photos

Lil Nas X adopts two kittens: ‘I’m the father who stepped up’

I am completely a cat person and believe they truly should be the ones who occupy dogs’ exalted place in our society. And when I find out someone else is also a cat person, it makes me like them more. So as if I didn’t like Lil Nas X enough, he’s now a cat dad since he adopted two kittens: Desani and Zephard. Both look to be tabbies, one orange and one gray, and both are completely adorable.

Lil Nas X is expanding his family.

The “That’s What I Want” singer, 23, announced he adopted two cats on social media by sharing photos of their adorable photo shoot and tweeting, “i’m not their step father, im the father who stepped up!”

In the photos, the two-time Grammy winner posed in a brown striped single-breasted blazer with matching trousers from Moschino’s pre-fall 2023 collection and accessorized the look with a large brown striped turban. The two cats were also dressed in matching brown outfits with large white lace collars.

The rapper holds up the cats in various images, showing them to the camera, and even shared a shot of one of the cats placing a paw on his nose and scratching him — with his reaction afterward. He teased the photo on Instagram, writing, “swipe to watch one of my cats scratch tf out of my nose.”

The cats — named Desani and Zephard — have opposite colorings, with one having dark gray fur with tufts of orange, white and light gray and the other orange and white fur.

Lil Nas X also uploaded a cute closeup of the two felines napping in a car side-by-side on his Instagram Story, though he didn’t give any information on how he came across the felines and adopted them.

[From People]

I love that he did a cute little photo shoot with his children. Though I do wonder how long those little lace collars lasted before those two little cats tore them to shreds. Anyway, I’m glad Lil Nas X got cats! They’re great companions and I always feel terrible that they seem to be a lot harder to home and are adopted at a much lower rate than dogs. It’s also great that he got two so they can keep each other company when he’s traveling. Although, some cats do have the disposition for travel. My cat is pretty easygoing about new places and since the pandemic/remote work she prefers to travel with me rather than staying behind. Maybe these little guys will be the same. And it is definitely a lot easier to travel with pets when you have celeb resources. Lil Nas X expressed some lukewarm views on cats in the past, but it appears he’s changed and I think he’ll be a great pet parent.

i’m not their step father, [email protected] father who stepped up!

— i am reading all that (@LilNasX) February 16, 2023

until you become a mother like me you’ll never understand

— i am reading all that (@LilNasX) February 16, 2023

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Viola Davis in Stella McCartney at the BAFTAs: gorgeous and Oscar worthy?

Viola Davis was nominated for Leading Actress last night at the BAFTAs (that category went to Cate Blanchett), but as you know we’re not going to see her at the Oscars due to OSW and some questionable campaigning. Viola was looking gorgeous in a purple sequin Stella McCartney with a built-in cape. My only question is – how is this Stella McCartney? It looks too sleek and elegant to be Stella, she usually adds some fug details to her pieces and/or the tailoring is off. Viola is perfection here and I love her styling!

EE Rising Star nominee Sheila Atim (that went to Emma Mackey) from The Woman King was much more regal than the actual UK royals (although that bar is low) in a silver Prada column gown with matching gloves. I don’t know if this would work as well without the wrinkled-looking fabric, there’s something cool about that. I love the Chopard necklace too. I know that bare necks are in right now, but it really works.

Gwendoline Christie was statuesque in one of her boyfriend Giles Deacon’s designs. She was so stylish in Wednesday and I feel like that upped her style game somewhat. Not every celebrity would be able to pull this off, it’s a weird tiered ruffle gown with a leatherette collar and belt, but she looks magnificent in it.

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Ellie Goulding looks so different with dark hair and this dress is fug! This would be great at the Grammys though. I didn’t realize until I saw this on Twitter that the sleeves are really long and cover her hands. Something nice – I love that necklace and am assuming it’s Bvlgari. I am going to wear a Bvlgari snake necklace one day. I may have to return it, but I’m going to wear it, I’m putting that out in the universe.

Ellie Goulding looks like one of those blow up things at car dealerships

— Meech (@MediumSizeMeech) February 19, 2023

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2023 Super Bowl Commercials, featuring Bradley Cooper and his mom

I mentioned in last week’s Gossip with Celebitchy podcast that I did not want to do the Super Bowl commercials this year! I always do the most and it’s a lot. Of course I ended up covering a few, as evidenced by this post. Kaiser covered the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez commercial separately! Go here for that. Surely there are plenty I’m missing because I’m trying to phone it in this year. This is my approach to so many things in life lately. Here are some of my favorite Super Bowl commercials, with a focus on those that were released early. Credit to CNet for their advance list.

T-Mobile featuring Bradley Cooper and his mom

This was so funny and clever, I loved the comradery between Bradley Cooper and his mom and it made me like him more. T-Mobile also used Anthony Anderson and his mom for their Super Bowl commercial in 2020. Their campaign was more traditional and they did actual skits. It looks like they were filming a bit for T-Mobile and were messing around so much they ended up using the outtakes instead of the planned segment. It works! His mom absolutely roasted him at the end! I want to see more outtakes, they need to put that on YouTube.

M&Ms featuring Maya Rudolph

This was so dumb, simple and I loved the advance commercial so much. The one they used during the Super Bowl was flashier, but I thought the original one was funnier actually. The concept is great. We heard Maya Rudolph would be the new spokesperson for M&Ms and she did not disappoint. They already have a bunch of weird flavors (caramel is trash, how did they screw up caramel?) but how about clams? I laughed and wanted traditional M&Ms, but it’s not hard to get me to want M&Ms.

Sam Adams: A brighter Boston

This is such a gem of a commercial! A dude imagines a kinder, gentler Boston and the little vignettes, featuring mobsters recycling, sports fans from opposing teams hugging it out, and people willingly giving up parking spots, deliver. Love this one.

The Farmer’s Dog: Forever

Of course I cried, but I also wondered: how is that large dog still alive after this woman gets married and has a baby? Was she like 10 when she got him and 21 when she got married?

Busch featuring Sarah McLachlan

I listened to Sarah McLachlan as a teen, but most people know her from her tear-jerking ASPCA ads. This Busch commercial is a funny play on that, and I chuckled. featuring Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone

This made me want to go on vacation but that doesn’t take much. I loved the settings and the fashion and the end line is the best part.

Kia: Binky Dad

Kia combines the best tropes from sports movies with some action scenes in this spot where a dad has to retreive his baby’s pacifier. The end is the best part.

Mr. Peanut: The Roast of Mr. Peanut

Jeff Ross, Natasha Leggero, Atsuko Okatsuka, Frank Castillo, Yamaneika Saunders, David Lucas, and Sarah Tiana roast Mr. Peanut with cute, family-friendly jokes. I found this funny and clever and I liked the reference to their 2020 ad where Mr. Peanut sacrificed himself to save his friends.

Downy Unstopables featuring Danny McBride

I watch Danny McBride’s genius series The Righteous Gemstones and I loved his Downy Unstopables commercial. It’s so dumb and funny and DMX is the perfect soundtrack.

Pepsi Zero featuring Ben Stiller

This needed more of Ben’s actual roles, but other than Zoolander and Meet the Parents, I can’t really name one. Pepsi Zero also had an ad with Steve Martin.

Rakuten featuring Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz

I know people love this, but the filters are throwing me off. It was a cute idea and it’s memorable. Christian Siriano needed a bigger part!

E.l.f. featuring Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge is a great spokesperson, but it is not a selling point that your primer could double as super glue.

Uber One featuring Diddy

This is a fun ad with hits from Montell Jordan, Donna Lewis, Kelis, Ylvis and Haddaway. Diddy is perfect for this since he’s so good at ripping off music. Great concept and really entertaining.

Avocados from Mexico featuring Anna Faris

Avocados from Mexico always has the weirdest Super Bowl ads, but this one isn’t bad comparatively. Still, Sam Adams did the “nice city” trope so much better.

Experian Boost featuring John Cena

The concept for this ad is pretty basic, but it’s also feel good and memorable, so it works, especially with John Cena as a spokesperson. Sidenote: Is anyone else disturbed by the filters being used in commercials now? See the Clueless-themed ad above.

PopCorners: Breaking Bad

As a Breaking Bad fan I found this entertaining and cute, I only wish it had Jesse’s dirtbag friends Badger and Skinny Pete in it, they were the best!

Turbotax: Dancer

This is a fabulous and simple commercial that shows pure joy. The juxtaposition of the guy on his way to work is everything.

Doritos featuring Missy Elliot, Elton John and Jack Harlow

This is a great concept, but how is Jack Harlow the star of this and not Missy or Elton? I guess he was cheaper.

Jeep: Electric Boogie

This a dumb, fun ad featuring dancing animals. I paid attention to it, which is the point of most ads.

Coors Light vs. Miller Light vs. Blue Moon

What the hell even was this ad? The comments on YouTube are usually trash, but they summed this up well: one company owns all these brands.

T-Mobile: New Neighbor featuring John Travolta, Zach Braff and Donald Faison

The concept of the Grease song is clever, but it disturbs me that John Travolta is still getting gigs like this. Zach and Donald could have done their own commercial with a Scrubs theme, similar to the Breaking Bad ad.

Other Super Bowl Commercials and Celebrity Cameos

Squarespace featuring Adam Driver

Door Dash: We Get Groceries featuring Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan

Paramount A mountain of entertainment featuring Sylvester Stallone

Google Pixel: Fixed on Pixel

ETrade Baby: Wedding

Hellman’s featuring Jon Hamm, Brie Larson and Pete Davidson

Heineken alcohol free featuring Paul Rudd as Ant-Man

Pringles Best of Us featuring Meghan Trainor

Crown Royal featuring Dave Grohl

GM EV with Will Ferrell

Workday featuring Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Clark Jr., Joan Jett, Billy Idol, and Paul Stanley

Budweiser Six Degrees of Bud

Fall Out Boy Music photos

Fall Out Boy’s Joe Troeman leaves the band to put his mental health first

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Last week was bittersweet for Fall Out Boy fans. Nearly five years to the day of their last studio album release, the band dropped a new single and announced their next album, So Much (For) Stardust, after weeks of hints on social media. This was exciting news for the die-hards, but they definitely decided to give us the good news first. Later that same day, guitarist Joe Trohman released a statement that he would be taking a break from the band. He’s burned out and prioritizing his mental health.

Joe Trohman is prioritizing his mental health.

On Wednesday, the Fall Out Boy co-founder and guitarist told fans he would be taking a break from the group.

“Neil Young once howled that it’s better to burn out than to fade away,” Trohman began in a statement shared on the group’s official Twitter page. “But I can tell you unequivocally that burning out is dreadful.”

He added, “Without divulging all the details, I must disclose that my mental health has rapidly deteriorated over the past several years. So, to avoid fading away and never returning, I will be taking a break from work which regrettably includes stepping away from Fall Out Boy for a spell.”

Hours before his message, Fall Out Boy announced that they would be releasing a new album, So Much (For) Stardust, under Fueled by Ramen, a subsidiary of Elektra Music Group. The March 24 release marks the band’s first studio album since 2018.

Referencing the highly-anticipated project, Trohman said in Wednesday’s statement, “It pains me to make this decision, especially when we are releasing a new album that fills me with great pride (the sin I’m most proud of).”

He then reassured fans that his departure is temporary and that he will be back.

“So, the question remains: Will I return to the fold? Absolutely, one-hundred percent. In the meantime, I must recover which means putting myself and my mental health first. Thank you to everyone including my bandmates and family, for understanding and respecting this difficult, but necessary, decision.”

He concluded, “Smell you sooner than later, Joe Trohman”

[From People]

Aw, Joe. I saw him in the Union Square Walgreens once 15 years ago because I’ve been a fan that long. I guess this was why he wasn’t in the video for the new single, “Love From the Other Side.” Joe also has the support of his bandmates, with lead singer Patrick Stump saying as much in an interview:

Stump told NME that he’s “really proud” of the guitarist and FOB co-founder.

“It was his decision to [put out that statement] and I’m really proud of him,” Stump, 38, said. “It’s really brave [to be so open]. I’m so impressed with the way he’s able to just share, because I’m a very reserved person. I admire him.”

In an interview surrounding FOB’s new single “Love From the Other Side” and upcoming LP So Much (For) Stardust, Stump explained that despite his temporary break from the band, Trohman is featured “hugely” on the March release.

“He’s 100% in the band and on that record,” Stump shared. “He has this work ethic where he really has to be there, but he called us up and said that his doctor told him he needed a break. We told him, ‘Take the break, your seat’s warm, you’re not any less a part of it.’ He’s all over the record. It’s as much his as it is any of ours.”

So that answers my question about how long they were sitting on this and whether he was on the album. The band performed on Jimmy Kimmel the other night with just the remaining three members and it would be nice if they keep it that way for touring, etc, since Joe did say “for a spell” and that he would “absolutely, one-hundred percent” be back. And I totally believe him because FOB is pretty honest with their fans and sticks to their word about that stuff. In 2009, they said they were taking an “indefinite hiatus,” released a greatest hits album, and started working on separate projects, which many took to mean they were slow-rolling a break-up. But they reconvened in 2013 so it really was a hiatus. So Joe will be back! The timing of this news was surprising, but the fact of it wasn’t. Joe released a memoir in the fall called None of this Rocks, in which he described his early familial and mental health struggles over the years. And I can think of a couple of points throughout FOB history where he’d talked about being unhappy and they made some visible changes. Hopefully Joe can get what he needs from this break and come back to the band when he’s ready. All the fans will be missing him and wishing him the best.

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