Duchess Meghan sent ARO raspberry jam & dog biscuits to Nacho Figueras


It’s been more than a month since a celebrity posted their American Riviera Orchard jam-baskets from the Duchess of Sussex. Those jam-baskets went out throughout April, then they stopped when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had other things on their plate – Harry went to London for an Invictus service, then Harry and Meghan went to Nigeria for a “quasi-royal tour.” Since all of that happened in May, it’s been pretty quiet in the royal court of Montecito. I have been waiting and hoping for a real American Riviera Orchard launch, to the point where I’ve wondered if Meghan hit pause because of all of the shenanigans across the pond.

Well, that all changed this weekend, when Nacho Figueras suddenly posted some new ARO products on his Instagram Stories. It looks like Meghan didn’t just make strawberry jam, she also made raspberry jam and fancy dog biscuits. She sent jars of both to Nacho and Delfina, and Nacho was the one who posted them. Nacho and Delfina are ride-or-die for Meghan. Nacho really is the brother Harry never had.

Anyway, are we ever going to be able to buy any of this stuff? I want to buy jam which will bring down the monarchy! I want to taste a jam flavored with the tears of the British royalists. I also hope Meghan remembers that cats need treats too!

Photos courtesy of Cover Images, Nacho’s IG.