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Prince Harry & Andrew probably will get the Queen’s Jubilee medals after all

A few days ago, the Telegraph reported that Prince Harry and Prince Andrew would be ineligible for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medal. It’s something that happens with the big landmark Jubilee celebrations, groups of people receive commemorative “medals” marking the occasion. In this case, the medals are going to veterans, policemen, firemen and emergency service workers. Members of the royal family are “eligible” for the medals even if the military titles they hold are completely honorary. Harry, a veteran of war, was stripped of his honorary military titles. So was Andrew, even though he served in combat in the Falklands. But sources told People Magazine that the Telegraph’s story is false and that Harry and Andrew are still likely to receive the commemorative medal?

To celebrate her 70th year on the throne, Queen Elizabeth will be awarding special Platinum Jubilee medals next month — but as non-working senior royal family members, will Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle be included? The commemorative medals are awarded to members of the armed forces, police, fire, emergency and prison services as well as members of the royal household and the monarch’s family.

The palace will not talk about specific members of the royal family following reports that Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Meghan will receive the medals despite no longer being working members of the family.

But a royal source confirms to PEOPLE, “In common with previous jubilees, it is likely that wider members of the royal family would receive the Platinum Jubilee.” While members of the armed forces and other public servants receive them, the Queen independently pays for a number of medals for distribution “widely” to working and non-working members of her family.

The source adds, “They are funded privately and are commemorative.”

Separately, Buckingham Palace had no comment or guidance about whether Prince Harry and Meghan will travel to the U.K. in the spring for Prince Philip’s Service of Thanksgiving. The only date they have given for that occasion is that it will take place in the spring. Harry’s grandfather, Prince Philip, died last April at the age of 99. Harry attended the funeral alongside his family at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

[From People]

Buckingham Palace has no comment or guidance about the Sussexes because BP doesn’t know. The Sussexes have not told them whether or not they’ll return. And Harry has made it clear that regardless of the lil’ medal situation, he will not bring his family to the UK without the proper security locked down. As for the medals… it’s very much like the story about “will the royals wear their military uniforms to Prince Philip’s funeral,” remember that? The British media was trying to “shame” Harry for not being able to wear a uniform to his grandpa’s funeral and Harry didn’t say a word about it – meanwhile, Andrew apparently insisted on wearing his full military drag and the Queen realized how horrible that would look. My point is that Harry doesn’t actually give a sh-t about commemorative medals or military uniforms at this point. He’s not going to be bribed into bringing his family into the lion’s den just because he might get a shiny lil’ medal.

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Levin: Duchess Meghan would refuse to stay with Prince Charles, apparently

Prince Charles clearly leaked a story about how he, a “doting grandfather,” invited the Sussex family to stay with him if and when they travel to the UK this spring. Charles wants it both ways, he wants to blame Harry for the toxic father-son dynamic, and Charles wants credit for extending the olive branch to his “wayward” son. I’m absolutely positive that Prince Harry has read this play and seen variations of it a million times before. Harry knows when he’s being used as a prop in his father’s PR. That being said, Harry and Meghan haven’t confirmed either way if they’re actually going to try to visit the UK this spring, so all of the stories about “where will they stay” and “they would never stay with Charles” is just keen busywork for the royal reporters, none of whom have access to H&M. Speaking of someone with no access, Angela Levin has some thoughts about this story.

Meghan Markle is unlikely to stay with Prince Charles in the UK as it will be “awkward” following the family’s very public row, an expert has said. The Prince of Wales reportedly invited the Sussexes to stay with him when they are next in the UK and has told Prince Harry he’d love to see his grandchildren.

But royal biographer Angela Levin believes the likelihood of Meghan and Harry accepting such an invitation is slim – as it would be too awkward. The royal author told the Sun Online: “Of course when you are married your partner has a say in it all and I don’t believe Meghan ever wants to come back here. She would find it very difficult to stay with Prince Charles and the duchess [of Cornwall] because I think she would be quite awkward about it all.”

Meghan was previously said to have shared a “close bond” with her father-in-law, who walked her down the aisle on her and Harry’s wedding day. The two are even said to have bonded over their shared interest for art, culture and history.

Angela Levin explained: “I think Prince Charles loves Harry and he’s been devastated by his behaviour – he’s making a hugely important offer, you’d think he could feel resentful but hes not going down that route. He’s trying to encourage Harry into the royal fold not necessarily into the Royal Family but into being good friends. I think Charles is very brave, very honourable and it should really be Harry that apologies to him and try to get back in his good books but I think this looks as though it’s the other way round. He could make a very nice weekend for them and [Harry and Meghan] could still find criticisms there.”

[From The Sun]

So Levin has created a little fictional world where Meghan would refuse to stay with Charles because of the awkwardness (??) and Harry would refuse to apologize to his father for… something, and basically Meghan isn’t even welcome in the UK anymore for reasons! As I said, it’s just busywork and treading water for royal commentators. They don’t even mind that they lost access, because they know that Charles, William, Kate and the Middletons will talk to them endlessly about the Sussexes.

Also: between Harry and Meghan, Meg is the more conciliatory one, mark my words. She was always the one who wanted to compromise, to make some kind of peace. Levin is trying to say “well, Meghan would refuse to come and Harry will follow her lead!” No, that’s not the dynamic. Meghan is like “well, maybe it would be nice to visit” and Harry is like “I WILL BURN THIS PALACE DOWN.”

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Oh no, the Sussexes have completely above-board business practices

Something I still think about: the British media absolutely freaking out in 2017 at the prospect of an American actress joining the royal family, and how focused the British media was on Meghan Markle’s money, business associates, agent and publicist. Now I understand what we were seeing: blind panic that Meghan had people around her who were competent, qualified professionals, people she could count on to advise her and help her. So much of the Windsor reaction and media reaction to Meghan was about control, about silencing her, putting her in a box, erasing her pre-royal history and making it so that she had no other option to sit in the UK and be abused and harassed. Still, even though we’re more than two years past the Sussexit, there’s still so much panic and grotesque fascination with the Sussexes’ money and business. Speaking of:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are setting up a complex network of companies all based in the opaque tax haven state of Delaware – despite living and doing business in California. Meghan’s longtime lawyer and business manager have incorporated 11 companies and a trust for the couple since April 2020, state filings reveal, including a firm apparently set up for Harry’s multi-million-dollar memoir book deal.

Names for the companies include an intriguing Japanese term for deal making, a reference to Meghan’s freckles in Spanish, a South American river, and a possible allusion to a $44,000 ‘babymoon’ getaway the couple took in 2019. The companies are all headquartered in the Beverly Hills offices of attorney Richard Genow, who has worked with the Duchess for years.

Also appearing on company filings for all 11 firms is her business manager Andrew Meyer, a well-connected money guru whose clients have included Jon Chu, Anna Kendrick, Adam Driver, Kathryn Hahn, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Ellen Pompeo.

Among the companies inked by Meyer and Genow are two publishing firms. The first, Peca Publishing LLC, was set up in September 2020 and used by Meghan to hold the rights for her children’s book The Bench. The same day a second company was incorporated, Orinoco Publishing LLC – though it didn’t register its status in California until December 22, 2021. It is unclear what the couple will use Orinoco for, though it is likely it was set up to hold the rights for Harry’s blockbuster book deal with Penguin Random House for his memoir, due for publication later this year.

[From The Daily Mail]

Think about how stupidly obsessed these people are! That’s what’s cracking me up. The Daily Mail truly had people combing through business filings in DELAWARE and they put a crack team of researchers on all of the company names. Anyway, this news just makes me feel like Meghan and Harry have all of their ducks in order when it comes to their businesses, and of course they’re looking for legal tax shelters and the like. The Windsors do the same with their money. Speaking of, wouldn’t these Daily Mail researchers be better utilized looking into who bought Prince Andrew’s Swiss ski chalet? Ten bucks says that if you dig far enough, you’ll find it was purchased by some subsidiary of Liz Windsor Inc.

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The Sussexes won’t visit the UK this spring unless the security issue is resolved

If you ask me, the British media is still playing catch-up on the “Harry wants to pay for his police protection in the UK” story. I believe – maybe I’m wrong – that certain people have been sitting on this story for months, waiting to release one version of the story “in case of emergency,” to distract from something big and awful. When Prince Andrew was stripped of his patronages and HRH last week, that was when several people (in the palace and in the press) decided to break the story of Harry and his security dilemma. The problem was that Harry was clearly expecting it and he had his statement locked and loaded. So now everyone is fussing around, trying to figure out what argument to make about why Harry is awful: oh, he doesn’t really need security, oh he can’t just decide he needs police security out of nowhere, oh he can’t hire police like that. Meanwhile, Harry’s judicial review probably hasn’t been heard yet. According to Page Six’s source, Harry is now thinking about not even trying to go back to UK this spring:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could skip Prince Philip’s upcoming memorial if their fight over security is not resolved, Page Six is told. It had been expected that they would attend the spring 2022 service for his late grandfather, who died last April at age 99, and finally introduce their 7-month-old daughter, Lilibet, to the royal family. But that’s all on hold with the Duke of Sussex in a legal dispute with the British government over a decision not to let him pay for police protection for his family while in the UK.

Harry wants to bring Lilibet and 2-year-old son Archie to visit from the US, but they are “unable to return to his home” because it is too dangerous, a legal representative said.

Harry, 37, and Markle, 40, have their own security in the US, but sources pointed out their privately paid-for team has no authority whatsoever in the UK.

One royal source said: “If Harry goes, he will want to have security for him and his family. If and when he decides to go back to the UK, he needs security.”

Although Harry and Markle have not announced any official travel plans for the year, it has been widely believed they would attend the service. It would be the first time that Lilibet would meet great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth and grandfather Prince Charles — alongside her uncle and aunt, Prince William and Kate Middleton. Markle has not been back to the UK since the couple officially quit royal life in March 2020.

If the issue is not resolved, it could also hinder Harry and Markle’s return for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June.

“I doubt his own security from the States would be allowed to the inner sanctum of the Royal Family. That is a job that is done by the Met Police or Thames Valley Police,” Charles Rae, former royal editor at the Sun, told the Express. “I think he has a point.”

[From Page Six]

I’m surprised that a Murdoch press outlet like the NY Post is quoting someone who willingly admits that Harry has a point. Arguing that Harry doesn’t *need* police protection in the UK is bonkers, especially since there are multiple examples of credible threats against Harry and Meghan, and there are people in the British media actively targeting them and openly discussing their deaths. As Harry said in The Me You Can’t See: “History was repeating itself. My mother was chased to her death while she was in a relationship with someone that wasn’t white. And now look what’s happened. You want to talk about history repeating itself? They’re not going to stop until she dies.”

So, yeah, I really hope that Harry and Meghan simply announce that they’re not coming, that it’s too dangerous, and those people suck anyway. I would LOVE that. “From the desk of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex: we’re not coming, y’all will try to kill us and you f–king suck anyway.”

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Prince Charles invited the Sussexes to stay with him on their next visit to the UK

Last December, Prince Charles tried to take some of the heat off of himself by throwing Prince Harry under the royal bus. The subject: Charles’s ongoing cash-for-access and cash-for-honours scandals. Charles clearly leaked a story about how Harry had also fundraised with one of the shadier figures. Harry, in turn, released a statement detailing his exact, above-board dealings with the questionable figure, and Harry pointed out that he warned his family that this dude was shady. Charles could not shut up about that for WEEKS. He kept whining about Harry’s statement to anyone who would listen (the Telegraph, the Times, the Daily Mail). We were gifted with another round of stories about how Harry and Charles’s relationship is quite bad. Since then, Charles did name-check Harry in his Newsweek cover, and there was some belief that Charles was making some public moves to bury the hatchet. Now this:

After news broke over the weekend that the Duke of Sussex is pushing back against the Home Office’s decision to prevent him from paying for police protection when in the UK, it’s been reported that Prince Charles is keen for his son to visit his birth country with his family.

According to the Mirror, the heir apparent reached out to Prince Harry in the run up to Christmas, inviting him, the Duchess of Sussex and their children to stay with him on their next visit to the UK. The offer has been interpreted as a gesture of goodwill from father to son, signalling a deescalation of the tensions that reportedly emerged following Prince Harry and Meghan’s Oprah Winfrey interview in March last year.

Charles last saw the duke and duchess’s son, Archie, when he was just six months old, and has never met the couple’s baby daughter, seven-month-old Lilibet. A ‘royal source’ told the news outlet: ‘The Prince of Wales has been saddened that he hasn’t had the opportunity to spend time with his grandchildren, which he really does miss. He is a fantastic grandfather and loves playing the role immensely and it’s certainly fair to say he feels there is something missing from his life without the ability to get to know Harry’s children. This is something he is hoping to remedy which is why he made the gesture for Harry, Meghan and the children to stay with him if they wanted to, whenever they may come home for a period of time. In the meantime there has been a series of good natured and enjoyable calls between them all which is something the prince very much looks forward to.’

Another source described as ‘close to Charles’ said that he ‘has spoken to his son frequently in recent months’, adding: ‘He loves him very much, as he does both his children, and he looks forward to them being able to spend time together in the near future.’

[From Tatler]

It’s more like Charles wants credit for public magnanimity while being privately unwelcoming and treacherous. What in the world would Charles do with his “wayward” son, daughter-in-law and two young children visiting him? Charles would hate that. He’s not a baby person. IF the Sussexes visit the UK this spring, I have to think that they would either stay at a hotel, or maybe Frogmore with Beatrice and Jack? Who knows. That being said, I really hope they don’t even come. I hope they understand that they’ll just be used for all of these dumb royal storylines and they just need to keep calm in Montecito.

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Scobie: Prince Harry wasn’t protected because he challenged the system

Omid Scobie was on a tear this weekend! He was one of the reporters breaking the story about Prince Harry’s statement about wanting to pay for his own police protection. Scobie also closely followed the Prince Andrew situation for years, and Scobie has been one of the few reporters saying “wow, y’all treated Harry worse than a credibly accused sexual predator.” Scobie wrote his latest piece in the i paper, and you can read it here. He says that he had drinks with a Buckingham Palace aide the day after Prince Andrew “stepped back” from public duties in November 2019, and the aide claimed “he’s on his own now, he’s not our problem anymore.” Except, as we all know, Andrew was still getting money from the Queen, still plotting his comeback and he still had all of his patronages and his HRH. Here’s part of Scobie’s piece:

Finally removing her favourite child from the family business was no doubt a tough decision for the Queen – a rare moment where the monarch’s life as a public servant was forced to trump motherly instinct. But given the timing, let’s not pretend that this was the royal institution finally putting its foot down over the ninth-in-line’s actions.

Had Judge Lewis Kaplan dismissed Virginia Giuffre’s civil lawsuit last week, you can guarantee that the Duke would still be His Royal Highness. And there lies the problem. Andrew’s punishment was not because he failed to uphold the values that the Queen and members of the Royal Family strive to promote and live by. If that were the case, then the Prince’s complete lack of empathy towards the child victims of his close sex offender pal Jeffrey Epstein and false promises to co-operate with US law enforcement investigations would have been enough to see him booted out long ago. Instead, it was the threat to Brand Windsor and the family business that finally forced the institution’s hand.

For the public watching this saga play out, the ring of protection around Andrew has been confusing, especially when you compare his treatment to Prince Harry, who – love or loathe him – simply wanted to remove his family from an unhealthy environment.

There was no sympathetic support behind palace walls for the Duke of Sussex. Instead, he was publicly dragged over the coals and stripped of his every achievement and royal privilege before setting one foot out of the country. The royal establishment has long spoken of its need to reflect modern day ethics. But when the selfish behaviour of a pompous prince is quietly protected in a way that Harry wasn’t, simply because Andrew doesn’t challenge the system, it is clear that this is an institution whose moral compass is in desperate need of repair.

The Sussexes were forced to become 100 per cent self-sufficient after stepping back from their royal roles, but Andrew – though a short list of honours worse off – will continue to luxuriate in nearly all of the trappings of royal life. The Grade II-listed roof above his head in Windsor remains his, as does the taxpayer-funded £300,000-a-year security team that sources say the Queen will ensure he will not lose.

And though the Palace has been quick to point out that the monarch will not be covering his legal costs, it won’t like it when I point out that it is still the funds from the sale of Andrew’s £13m Swiss chalet, which the Queen helped to pay for, that will cover the massive bills for his defence against Ms Giuffre’s rape allegations (which the Duke denies).

…By continuing to support her son behind the scenes, I’m afraid that she also risks doing great damage to her legacy. While the monarch may have managed to keep calm and navigate the royal ship through a kaleidoscope of controversies over the decades, what lies ahead in a US courtroom could be the storm that capsizes it.

[From i news]

Scobie wasn’t ripping anyone apart and he wasn’t making any arguments which all of us haven’t made a million times already. And yet, it does feel notable. Like the start of something, the start of a larger reckoning and an authentic accounting of how Harry was treated versus how Andrew was treated and why that was. I would argue that there was a lot more to it than Andrew “doesn’t challenge the system.” Harry was pushed out – exiled, even – because he continued to choose his Black wife over his privilege. He chose growth, therapy, healing and his wife and child over being the convenient scapegoat and doormat for his brother, father and grandmother.

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Wootton: Prince Harry is terribly woke for caring about his children’s safety

I used to be kind of concerned that Daily Mail columnist Dan Wootton “spoke” for the general British sentiment for the royal family. But over the past month, Wootton has written some downright bonkers columns about JK Rowling (he’s pro) and Novak Djokovic (he’s pro-Djoker and anti-vaxx mandate). So now I just see Wootton for who he really is: a devoted right-wing fringe character who makes up sh-t constantly and has bad takes about everything and everyone. With that in mind, Wootton’s latest column is about Prince Harry and how Harry is seeking a judicial review about wanting to reimburse the taxpayer so he (and his family) can receive much-needed police protection when they’re in the UK. From Wootton’s column:

Weaponising one’s children in any intra-family conflict is unseemly and cruel. To do so when the victim is your 95-year-old grandmother who has spent her entire life devoted to public service is a despicable new low. And, make no mistake, that is exactly what the prissy and petulant Duke of Woke is doing, with his massive strop and ill-advised legal challenge over the UK government’s decision to refuse him police protection when in Britain because he’s no longer a working royal – by choice, remember.

In public, Prince Harry and Meghan are forever banging on about their love for the Queen. But like most virtue signalling, woketopian multi-millionaires, their woolly words are never followed up by good deeds. I believe the couple’s latest legal outburst amounts to nothing short of emotional blackmail. Because Harry is making it clear that if he doesn’t get his way, he will not bring his family to the UK, including seven-month daughter Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, who they named after Her Majesty (another woke gesture, for which they didn’t bother to ask her permission) but has never met the Queen.

In her twilight years, Harry knows all too well his grandmother cannot travel, so there is zero chance of her making a trip to their £11 million Montecito mansion, of which the Sussexes are reportedly already growing tired (of course they are). If Harry doesn’t get the security he wants, he is likely to attend her Platinum Jubilee celebrations alone, leaving Archie and Lilibet (sorry, the name still makes me cringe) back in California with Meghan.

That said, nothing comes close to threatening to withdraw access to his family altogether unless he gets his way. The problem for Harry is that, as ever, he has picked the wrong target. The Queen simply cannot and will not interfere in security decisions made by the British government, no matter how much she might personally want to see Harry. She knows that would not be appropriate or politically palatable.

[From The Daily Mail]

To be clear, at no point in Prince Harry’s statement did he ask for his grandmother (or any royal) to interfere in what seems to be an issue with the Royal Protection unit of Scotland Yard. His application of a Judicial Review is specifically taking it out of the hands of the Windsor clan, although I think we can say for certain that IF the Queen or Prince Charles specifically requested RPOs for the Sussexes, the Yard would protect Harry and his family. The Judicial Review is two-fold: determining that the Sussexes would need police protection and allowing Harry to pay for it (or reimburse the Yard) out of his own pocket.

Wootton seems to be arguing that there’s an implied threat to Harry’s stance, that if Harry doesn’t get “his way” (meaning, police protection), Harry won’t bring his children to meet the Queen. And Wootton thinks that’s terribly woke, to care about Archie and Lili’s safety, apparently. When really, Harry is justified in his concern. He’s simply saying that if it’s not safe for his family they won’t come. Harry is being forthright, everyone else is being manipulative and devious.

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