Amber Rose, newly MAGA, will speak at the Republican National Convention


Back in May, Amber Rose sauntered down to Mar-a-Lago and posed for a photo with Donald and Melania Trump. Amber posted the photo on her social media and seemingly endorsed Trump for president. Which is weird, because eight years ago, Amber was very anti-Trump and she spoke out about how he shouldn’t be president and how he’s a racist idiot. But a lot can happen in eight years. Someone like Amber could fall into a toxic cult or have a major head injury or maybe she’s just so broke-ass that she needs to give a paid political endorsement to a rapist felon. In any case, the SlutWalk founder is scheduled to speak at this year’s Republican National Convention. A CNN reporter announced the news and Amber confirmed it:

RNC news: Amber Rose, a reality tv personality and model who shocked fans by endorsing Donald Trump for president earlier this year, is expected to speak at the Republican National Convention next week, a source familiar tells CNN.

— Kristen Holmes (@KristenhCNN) July 8, 2024


— Amber Rose (@DaRealAmberRose) July 8, 2024

Yeah. I can’t even imagine being this broke. I know she’s a mother to two sons and I have no idea if her sons’ fathers pay anything in child support (Wiz Khalifa probably does?) but damn, what a sh-tty thing to do for a check. I’m not even joking when I say that I would prefer to literally sell my body to strangers than endorse Donald Trump for money.

Incidentally, Rolling Stone just did an interesting piece about how the Trump campaign has brought Billy McFarland into the tent. McFarland is the con artist who “organized” the Fyre Fest, mostly by paying celebrities to promote the fake festival on their social media pages. The Trump campaign saw McFarland’s fraud and they just had to have him. Birds of a feather, like attracts like. McFarland has been using his connections to introduce the Trump campaign to random rappers and Black celebrities in the hopes of peeling off Black voters from the Democratic Party. This is absolutely based on a plotline on 30 Rock, but even 30 Rock’s writers could not come up with something this absurd.

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Amber Rose’s Instagram, Backgrid.