Mail: Prince William’s ‘animated enthusiasm has won the nation over’


While I doubt my timeline is representative of everything being said about Prince William, from what little I saw, William’s presence at the EURO quarterfinal over the weekend was not well-received. The issue was mostly about his almost menacing energy as he watched the football match, and there were a few photos of William punching the air, photos which are now a meme. My point is that there were many negative tweets which got millions of views, calling out William for making time for football but not real work, calling him out for not being in the same country as his wife, and a lot more. But according to the Daily Mail, none of those tweets or callouts exist. According to the Daily Mail, “Prince William’s animated enthusiasm has won the nation over.” Ah, yes, “animated enthusiasm.”

The Prince of Wales has won over the nation with his boyish charm and fun antics this summer – a side to him most welcomed following a very traumatic year for the Royal Family. In just a few months, Prince William, 42, has lived through what many would call a nightmare, having endured the news of his wife, Kate Middleton and his father, King Charles’s cancer diagnoses. But his supporters will be happy to see that, amid his turmoil, the father-of-three has been able to let his guard down and show the public his jolly side.

At yesterday’s Euros game, the future king captured the nation’s hearts as he grimaced, cheered and punched the air with joy when England defeated Switzerland through penalties. Later on, his emotional hug with winger and man of the moment Bukayo Saka left fans impressed with his ‘enthusiasm’ as they loved that he was ‘not afraid to show it’.

Add that to a lively display of ‘dad dancing’ at Taylor Swift’s sold out London gig last month and a rare sight of him whizzing around Windsor Castle on an electric scooter this week – it’s safe to say Royal fans are enjoying the dawn of a brand new prince. Fans have taken to X to declare their excitement after witnessing this side of the royal, while many have lauded him for his relatability.

[From The Daily Mail]

I sort of feel sorry for the royalists sometimes, as they desperately try to put lipstick on this pig. William can’t even play along. He’s just awkward and lacking in rizz across the board. Also: I missed the photo of William “embracing” Bukayo Saka and greeting the team after the quarterfinal… those photos are not doing what Kensington Palace thinks they’re doing. William needs to keep his hands to himself.

We were congratulated by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales after Saturday’s #EURO2024 quarter-final win ????

— England (@England) July 7, 2024

England let down by hooligan skinhead fans again. Can anyone identify this thug?

— Matt Lucas HQ (@RealMattLucas) July 6, 2024

Awful how a few fans ruin it for everyone

— HappyToast★ (@IamHappyToast) July 7, 2024

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