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Queen Elizabeth is ‘feeling better’ & plans to go to Sandringham in December

Audiences at Windsor Castle

The photos of Queen Elizabeth in the dark green dress are from Wednesday of this week, the 24th. She once again did an in-person event at Windsor Castle, some kind of meeting with the Governor of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey. As we can see, she’s okay with standing unaided for short periods of time, and she doesn’t even have a cane in any of the Windsor photos recently. It’s been about five full weeks since the Queen’s mysterious hospitalization in October, and in those five weeks, images of the Queen have been carefully curated. It’s clear that she’s lost a lot of weight recently, and I have no reason to disbelieve that she did not strain her back in some way (which was the excuse for the Queen missing Remembrance Sunday). So… yeah, I still have no idea what is happening or why Buckingham Palace simply doesn’t do full disclosure about the head of state’s health. Now the palace is letting it be known that the Queen is “feeling better” and plans to host Christmas:

The Queen has told her family she is feeling much better and looking forward to hosting the rest of the royals at Sandringham this Christmas, according to reports. Concerns over the monarch’s health have grown recently after she cancelled a number of engagements, which included missing the Remembrance Sunday ceremony for the first time in 22 years due to a back injury.

Buckingham Palace said she made the decision not to attend the service at the Cenotaph in London ‘with great regret’ and was ‘disappointed’ to miss the event.

Now sources close to the Queen have insisted she is on the mend and planning to travel to her Norfolk estate on or around Friday, December 17, according to the Mirror. It will be an emotional few days, however, as it will be the first Christmas since the death of her husband, Prince Philip.

While a traditional train ride from London to Kings Lynn is not off the table, it’s expected she will instead take a helicopter from Windsor – a journey which takes around 50 minutes.

Her guests this festive season are said to include Charles and Camilla as well as William, Kate and their three children. Other royals including Prince Edward, Princess Anne, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, along with their respective partners and children, have also received invites.

A source told the paper: ‘The Queen has told everyone she is feeling far better of late and is very much looking forward to welcoming them for Christmas. Like many other families, this will be the first time Her Majesty can gather with her extended family after being kept apart for so long due to the coronavirus pandemic.’

[From The Daily Mail]

For a 90-something woman, I would honestly think that a train would be less “jostling” than a helicopter? Why are the royals obsessed with going everywhere by helicopter?? Just drive or take the train, especially if one is feeling poorly. Anyway, as I said… it’s been five weeks. Maybe she had the flu and didn’t want to tell anyone. Maybe she had Covid? Maybe it was something else altogether. I cannot for the life of me understand why they didn’t just say that.

Audiences at Windsor Castle

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, social media.