Irina Shayk Kanye West

Irina Shayk is mad that people think she’s not still dating Kanye West…?

Irina Shayk is all legs while out with daughter Lea in New York City

About five weeks ago, Irina Shayk was in the South of France with Kanye West. It was their big, splashy couple debut, but there were some stories claiming that IrinYe had been happening quietly for a few months beforehand. Which makes me believe Kanye’s team wanted it out there, and they wanted Irina to play along and be his stunt girlfriend. It doesn’t even appear as if Kanye and Irina even spent any time together after their European jaunt, and when Kanye invited Irina to go to Paris Fashion Week with him, she was like “nope” and “let’s just be friends,” according to Page Six. That outlet said last week that Irina is 100% cooling down the relationship or whatever it was.

Us Weekly said much the same as Page Six, with a source telling them: “Kanye and Irina aren’t speaking quite as much anymore. She wants to remain friends and keep communication open, but she’s pulling back a bit….Irina does like Kanye, but isn’t ready for so many public appearances together all over the [world] for the coming months.” It definitely felt like Irina’s people were putting it out there last week that IrinYe is over. Except: long live IrinYe! TMZ says that they’re still happening?

Kanye West and Irina Shayk are very much in a relationship despite reports to the contrary, and rumors she turned down an overseas trip with him are nonsense … TMZ has learned. Sources close to the couple tell us they’re still dating, just as they have been for months, and recently spent the Fourth of July weekend together in San Francisco — and not in hiding either. We’re told the couple dined out together at the fancy restaurant, Mourad.

Afterward, Kanye took off to Paris for the Balenciaga show during Fashion Week. Page Six reported he wanted Irina to go with him but she declined — however, our sources say that’s not true. We’re told Ye hadn’t invited her because it was a quick business trip, he flew in and out of Paris the same day.

The Irina-free trip sparked speculation their relationship was “cooling off” — but we’re told things are as hot as ever.

[From TMZ]

Weirdly, People Magazine followed up on TMZ’s reporting, with sources in her camp telling People that not only is Irina still dating Kanye but she’s “so upset at the lies about her and Kanye,” and perhaps planning to take legal action to “set the record straight” that they are “very much still dating.”

So… what was Page Six doing last week? It felt kind of inevitable that there had been a cooling off period, but now Irina is coming out swinging that all is well? I don’t know what to tell you. None of this makes any sense to me, gossip-wise. Whatever.

Kanye West looks cheerful as he chats with friends after his church service

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Irina Shayk Kanye West

Irina Shayk & Kanye West are ‘cooling off,’ he invited her to PFW & she declined

Irina Shayk serves hot model waist and bright smile while out in NYC

Deuxmoi kept saying that Kanye West and Irina Shayk were quietly dating for months this spring, but IrinYe didn’t officially become a thing until June. That’s when Irina joined Kanye in the South of France for what looked like a whirlwind romantic getaway for his birthday. There were tons of hype stories about the new romance and honestly, it didn’t sound like they even knew each other that well. We haven’t heard much about them in a few weeks… and now we know why. They are “cooling off,” according to sources.

Did their relationship only last “fourfiveseconds?” Sources tell Page Six that Kanye West asked Irina Shayk to go to Paris for a couture show with him, but the gorgeous model and mom turned him down.

“She likes him as a friend, but doesn’t want a relationship with him,” says our source, explaining that the stunner said no to the trip in order to avoid the headlines. “She doesn’t want the association that they are dating, which is what would have run in the press if she showed up [in Paris with him]. It would have been another month of news saying that they are dating.”

The pair were first spotted together in Provence, France, in June to celebrate West’s 44th birthday, drumming up a flurry of headlines that they were an item. The last time they were seen together was disembarking from a jet in the US after returning from the France trip.

Our source tells us, “She went to his birthday party as a friend. There were 50 other people there.”

The insider also says that Shayk — who has a 4-year-old daughter with Bradley Cooper — is happy being alone at the moment.

“She doesn’t want to be linked with anyone right now,” says the source. “She is happy being single.”

West was briefly in Paris last week to sit front row at the Balenciaga Fall 2021 Couture show on Wednesday, but he dramatically wore a cat mask that covered his entire head.

[From Page Six]

Yeah, sounds like Irina thought it was good fun a month ago but now she’s like “eh, I have better things to do than be at Kanye’s beck-and-call.” Notice that they make it sound like Kanye and Irina haven’t really seen each other or spoken to each other that much in the past month, yet he invited her to be his plus-one at a Paris Fashion Week show? Yeah, he was just looking for someone to be his stunt girlfriend anyway. Irina is too good for that! Please. Anyway, happy for Irina.

This was Kanye at the Balenciaga show last week, the one he wanted Irina to come to.

Kanye West at the Balenciaga Couture Show!🖤

— Outlander Magazine (@StreetFashion01) July 7, 2021

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk pictured with little Lea in NYC

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Kanye West

Kanye West is suing Walmart over knockoff yeezy’s

I always wonder why Kanye didn’t sue over his amazing Yeezy Boost sneakers that pretty much everyone imitated. But he’s got his ducks in a row this time.

The rapper and designer filed the suit Thursday in Los Angeles saying Walmart has been selling fake versions of his bizarre-looking Foam Runner slides.

While most people agreed the shoe was ridiculous looking, they sold out immediately after they were released last year.  Likely because Kanye’s Yeezy brand sneakers have proven to go up in value over time.

Ye’s sneaker went for $75 and Walmarts are going for about $25.  Take a look at the comparison pics.  It’s a perfect rip off.  Kanye may be worth a billion, but Walmart has billions to lose, so go get that big retail Pablo!

Irina Shayk Kanye West

Irina Shayk & Kanye West ‘will date long-distance,’ he has no plans to move to NYC

Sexy Irina Shayk reveals her assets in a black laced bra!

As a Virgo, I hate chaos. I love order, organization and people behaving rationally and responsibly. But as a gossip-purveyor, I love chaos. I have to love chaos. I have to embrace celebrities and their chaotic messiness. And that’s how I think everyone should just come into Hot Vaxx Summer. Between the Bennifer Revival, the possible Jonny Lee Miller-Angelina Jolie redux, and the IrinYe thing, we just have to sit back and enjoy it. Yes, they’re all making mistakes. Yes, it will end in tears and drama. But let them do it! So, with that, here’s an update on Kanye West and Irina Shayk. They either started up a few months ago or a few weeks ago, and they’ve been on separate coasts since their three-day trip to France last week. Irina has been strutting around New York in a series of… um, eye-catching ensembles and Kanye is apparently in LA. That’s the way it will stay for a while too, I guess.

Kanye West is having a good time with Irina Shayk. After West, 44, was spotted strolling alongside Shayk, 35, in France, a source tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue that he enjoys his time with the Russian supermodel but that he has no plans of leaving Los Angeles. (She lives in New York City.)

“Kanye is doing well. He had a great trip to France with Irina. They will date long distance,” the source tells PEOPLE. “Kanye will continue to be L.A.-based. He has no plans to move to NYC.”

“His kids live in L.A,” the source adds, referring to his children with ex-wife Kim Kardashian – daughters North, 8, and Chicago, 3, and sons Saint, 5, and Psalm, 2. “He is very focused on business in LA too. He likes spending time with Irina though and plans to see her soon again.”

[From People]

I think that’s probably closer to the truth? Although I don’t think Kanye is even really LA-based anymore, he has a few homes in the LA area. He spends most of his time in Wyoming, where he’s (literally) building a dome to house all of his business ventures and music stuff. He comes into LA every now and then to see his kids, and for months, he and Kim Kardashian have been communicating through third-parties. My point? He’s interested in pursuing Irina but he’s got other stuff going on too.

Us Weekly’s update on IrinYe was more over-the-top. Us Weekly’s source claims “Kanye and Irina are in a honeymoon, lovey-dovey phase right now. They’re getting to know each other and having a lot of fun. It’s not serious yet, but they like each other a lot.” There’s also an emphasis on Kanye reaching out to Irina and not the other way around, which I also believe. I don’t think Irina pursues. She is Russian! She is the pursued.

Irina Shayk puts her model hips on display wearing a sexy laced bodysuit

Irina Shayk puts her model hips on display wearing a sexy laced bodysuit

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Irina Shayk Kanye West

Kanye West is ‘not thinking about more kids right now,’ he’s going slow with Irina

Kanye West and his family attend the Greater Allen AME Cathedral of New York for his Sunday service

Does anyone else legitimately wonder how Kanye West is doing? He had some really bad public breakdowns over the years, and his manic episode last year seemed to go on and on. I know people “blame” Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian-Jenners for all of that, but in recent years, the biggest exploiters of Kanye’s mental health issues were Jared Kushner and the Republican Party. I wonder if Jared and Kanye are still talking. I sincerely hope not. I also think Kim has been really worried that the divorce will trigger an episode with Kanye, which is why she’s moved slowly on the divorce and all that. But his relationship with Irina Shayk has to change things across the board, right? I wonder. For now, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Kanye has unfollowed Kim and her entire family from his Twitter. And he’s apparently “taking things slow” with Irina.

Kanye West has promised he’s “taking things slow” with Irina Shayk and “not looking to have more kids” but credits her for putting the “spring back in his step.” Earlier this week, the Stronger rapper was pictured beaming with the 35-year-old model after whisking her away for a “romantic getaway” in Provence, south of France, for his 44th birthday.

A source told The Sun: “Kanye is looking more like his old self again. The big smile is back and he’s got the spring back in his step again. He’s taking things slow with Irina and they are just enjoying each other’s company. They have a lot in common, both are ‘from the streets’ in terms of their interests and know a lot of the same people. Kanye’s not thinking about more kids right now. He has his hands full with his four children who are his entire world. He’s just getting back out there again.”

Meanwhile the Sun revealed yesterday Kim had been left feeling “blindsided and hurt” after Kanye took Irina to their “special place” in France, The Sun can reveal. It confirms The Sun’s story from last month that Kanye had moved on with Irina – but 40-year-old Kim has been left shocked and hurt by the hook-up, especially as it took place at her and her ex’s “special place”.

[From The Sun]

For what it’s worth, I don’t think Kim was blindsided at all. I think she’s known about it for weeks or months. Maybe she read about it on Deuxmoi or maybe she’s just been keeping tabs on Kanye through his team. As for Kanye not wanting any more kids at the moment… I wonder about that too. When we last heard from Kanye, he was in some kind of quasi-religious persona where he thought women were unclean and only good for birthing babies or something. Whew, I hope Irina understands how messy this could get in a hurry. Also: “from the streets” sounds like it came from a priggish British person who thinks “woke” is the ultimate pejorative.

Kanye West admits election defeat after receiving 60,000 votes **FILE PHOTOS**

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Irina Shayk Kanye West

Kanye West began ‘pursuing’ Irina Shayk several weeks ago: ‘She seems smitten’

Kanye West spotted back in Los Angeles visiting Golden Heart Ranch in Malibu

Irina Shayk and Kanye West were both photographed yesterday. Separately, on different coasts. Following their week-long vacation to the South of France, Kanye and Irina apparently flew back to the US on Wednesday. Irina went home to New York and Kanye jetted off to LA. Kanye was photographed at Golden Heart Ranch with some friends (possibly bodyguards). Irina was photographed wearing a boxy mechanic’s jumpsuit, unbuttoned down to her waist, with an exposed bra. She was out with her daughter Lea – she took Lea to a playground. Even though I genuinely think Irina is more low-key than people expect, I also think she’s enjoying this. She’s enjoying the Kanye story, and she’s enjoying the attention. According to TMZ, Irina and Kanye have been happening for months:

Kanye West and Irina Shayk were an item long before their romantic getaway to France … and the DMX memorial service was an early sign Ye was on the rebound. Sources connected to the new couple tell TMZ … Ye and Irina have been together for months, seeing each other as early as March. In fact, one of the new couple’s prior hangout sessions happened in New York City in late April, when Kanye was there for DMX’s celebration of life.

There were signs then that Yeezy and Irina were an item … she was spotted wearing a custom DMX memorial shirt before it was even in the hands of the general public. Remember … the custom X shirts were designed by Balenciaga and commissioned by the Yeezy brand, and Kanye helped raise over $1 million for DMX’s family with the profits.

Kanye rapped about her in “Christian Dior Denim Flow” saying, “I wanna see Irina Shayk next to Doutzen” — and she was also in his music video for “Power.” It’s a good bet, though, they’ve been doing a lot more than reminiscing about the old times.

[From TMZ]

I’m including a photo of Irina in the DMX sweatshirt, she wore it as a dress back on April 26. While Deuxmoi has been saying Kanye & Irina have been happening for the better part of a month, I’m suspicious of the timeline TMZ provided and I just… well, I don’t know. For what it’s worth, People Magazine had an exclusive on them too, with sources confirming that Ye and Irina “are seeing each other and that there’s mutual interest.” According to People’s sources, Kanye began “pursuing” Irina “several weeks ago” and he invited her to visit Villa La Coste for his 44th birthday. They stayed for three nights and the source notes: “she seems smitten….He invited her to France and she happily accepted. They are not officially dating but there is an interest from both sides.”

So the only thing to work out is their couple-portmanteau. What should it be? Karina? Irinye? Westayk? Shast? I think IrinYe is probably the best option.

Irina Shayk pays tribute to late rapper DMX by wearing shirt designed by Kanye West

Irina Shayk takes her daughter to the park after spending time with Kanye West!

Kanye West's new girlfriend Irina Shayk steals the scene in NYC!

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Irina Shayk Kanye West Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian likes Irina Shayk because, get this, Irina is very discreet

kim kids 2021

Irina Shayk and Kanye West are together. Deuxmoi broke the story, I’m pretty sure. Ye and Irina have been happening, reportedly, for a few months at least. I still don’t understand the logistics of it, but I guess it’s possible that Irina flew into Wyoming to see him, or he was able to fly under the radar to New York to see her. I don’t get them as a couple, but God bless. That seems to be Kim Kardashian’s feeling as well – for now, there’s no drama coming from her end and she wishes them well:

It’s NBD to KKW. Four months after filing for divorce, Kim Kardashian isn’t stressing about Kanye West’s romance with Irina Shayk.

“Kim knew that Kanye and Irina were dating,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly, noting that the Grammy winner, 44, and the model, 35, have “been quietly seeing each other for a couple of months.”

The budding relationship has the approval of the Skims CEO, 40, who was impressed with the way Shayk handled her split from Bradley Cooper. The Russia native and the A Star Is Born actor, 46, split in 2019 after four years together and share 3-year-old daughter Lea de Seine.

“Kim doesn’t mind because she saw how quiet and respectful Irina was after she broke up with Bradley,” the insider explains, adding that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star “wouldn’t like” to see her estranged husband move on with someone “who’s going to talk to the press.”

Us exclusively confirmed West’s rebound romance on Wednesday, June 9, one month after rumors about the pair surfaced. “Irina and Kanye have been spending time together and getting to know one another,” a second source revealed. “He’s always thought she was beautiful and they’re both looking forward to seeing where this goes.”

[From Us Weekly]

I’m sorry what? Kim “wouldn’t like” to see her estranged husband move on with someone “who’s going to talk to the press.” Kim literally leaks this sh-t to Us Weekly. She was practically writing diary entries for People Magazine. She has fully briefed TMZ and Page Six for years about her life, her marriage, her businesses and her body. But sure, Kim is happy that her estranged husband is dating someone discreet for a change!! LMAO. Here’s a tip, Kim: I actually believe that you’re not too bothered, but find another reason to describe why you’re not bothered. How about “Irina seems like a cool person and she’s a great mom”?


Photos courtesy of Kim’s Instagram.