Violet Affleck speaks in front of the LA County Board to advocate for mask availability


Violet Affleck, 18, has been seen out wearing a mask for years. Covid is on the rise, in fact Kismet just got it a couple of weeks ago. Many of us are still masking and we appreciate the example Violet is setting, especially for young people. It turns out that she developed a viral illness in 2019 and that it informed her decision to continue to mask. Violet spoke in front of the LA County Board of Supervisors recently to advocate for mask availability, for cleaner public indoor spaces, and for not enacting bans on masks. A Twitter user posted a video her speech, and that’s below. She reminds me so much of her mother, Jennifer Garner, who has spoken both in front of Congress and the California State Assembly.

Violet Affleck… made a rare public appearance on Tuesday at a regularly scheduled meeting of the LA County Board of Supervisors.

During public comments, where residents have the opportunity to address the board, Violet — who wore a protective face mask at the public event — advocated for the expansion of mask availability and other important means of maintaining public safety, while also revealing her own experience with the long-term after effects of contracting a viral infection.

“I contracted a post-viral condition in 2019,” Violet revealed. “I’m OK now, but I saw first-hand that medicine does not always have answers to the consequences of even minor viruses. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown that into sharper relief.”

“One in 10 infections leads to long COVID, which is a devastating neurological and cardiovascular illness that can take away people’s ability to work, see, move and even think,” Violet shared during the board meeting, while explaining that it has hit vulnerable communities hardest across the country.

“To confront the long COVID crisis, I demand mask availability, air filtration and far-UVC lights in government facilities, including jails and detention centers,” she stated, “and mask mandates in county medical facilities.”

“We must expand the availability of free tests and treatment and, most importantly, the county must oppose mask bans for any reason,” Violet declared, speaking quickly to fit her message within the allotted minute-long timeframe. “They do not keep us safer, they make vulnerable members of our community less safe and make everyone less able to participate in Los Angeles together. Thank you.”

[From ET Online]

Having a serious illness like that really changes your whole worldview. I’ve had covid about three times and was tired for weeks despite being vaccinated and boosted. When I stopped wearing a mask for a couple of months earlier this year I got a GI bug (which could have been covid IDK). I now mask again in most public places, including larger gym classes and at the grocery store. I’m so lucky to not have contracted long covid, but I know people who have. Violet is right that long covid is debilitating and I would add that it’s not getting enough attention. At the very least, I hope mask bans are not enforceable in LA County. It would be great if they were not enforceable nationwide. I would assume that’s covered by the Americans with Disability Act. Good for Violet for advocating for public safety and for using her profile for a good cause. She surely knew how much attention she would get for speaking and it cannot have been an easy decision.

Violet Affleck holding it down at the LA County Board of Supervisors demanding mask availability, mask mandates in hospitals, and clean air in all government buildings including jails and detention centers. Go Violet! ????????

— Joaquín Beltrán for a Free Palestine (@joaquinlife) July 10, 2024

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