Prince William made a rumpled appearance at a Welsh RAF base on Tuesday


Do you guys follow Derek Guy, the men’s fashion guy? He’s occasionally covered royal fashion – he’s a big fan of King Felipe’s style, and not a fan of Prince William’s style. I feel like Derek Guy should really dissect what’s wrong with William’s style these days, especially now that Huevo has a valet taking care of his clothes and putting together outfits for him. The valet has actually made things worse, right? It feels like William is stuck between two worlds – the bottom half is faux-trendy skinny-cut trousers and suede booties, while the top half is “Midwest banker in the 1980s.” The lack of structure, the rumpled sportscoats, the ugly striped ties, the moose knuckle… the valet needs to throw most of this sh-t into a cleansing fire and start anew.

Anyway, these are photos from Tuesday, where William did a rare public appearance not involving football. In fact, I’m sure he was told that he couldn’t *just* fly to football matches for weeks and nothing else. So he stopped by the Royal Air Force station in Wales, a familiar place because he used to be stationed there back in 2010 through 2013. Being stationed in Anglesey was actually why he proposed to Kate in the first place, I always thought – reportedly, QEII gave him an ultimatum that if he wanted Kate to stay with him in Wales, he had to propose. I think the RAF laid down the law too.

William was actually named the Royal Honorary Air Commodore last year, when all of the military patronages were shifted around by the new king. William got the patronage last August… and this is his first stop by an RAF base since then? I think so. The RAF got William a personalized coffee mug with his title, HRH The Prince of Wales. Back when he worked at the base, his personalized mug read “Big Willy.” Gross. Anyway, I genuinely believe this was some last-minute, thrown-together appearance so he could say that he did other “work” besides attending football matches.

Oh, he got to ride in a firetruck, I sh-t you not. Did he say “vroom vroom” in the big-boy truck?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.