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Love It or Leave It: Demi Moore Looks Good

photo of demi moore ferragamo pictures, photos
This is what Demi wore to Thursday night’s Ferragamo Spring/Summer Runway Collection and VIP dinner in Los Angeles, and I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but she looks good. … Actually, no. She looks great, and it pains me to say so, because before I even saw this picture, my husband and I were kind of mocking her over breakfast this morning.

See, it was all toast and coffee and Carnation Instant Breakfast, and then we got to talking about how Demi’s this fifty-some year-old twit with the mentality of a fourteen-year-old girl (oh, you know, like … of her daughters, maybe?), and basically, it’s because she’s so rich and useless and she’s got all this time on her hands to just be a moron. But wait—that was my husband’s point of view, which I vehemently disagreed with. No, I think Demi’s the way Demi is because Demi’s got some serious issues, emotionally and possibly mentally, as well. We all know Demi’s history with substance abuse and how it dates back even to the eighties, so there’s stuff going on there that we can’t just blame on boredom, you know? Breakfast chat. Love it.

But hey! How about them legs, huh? Because those are some legs, guys. Legs for days.

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Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova Make a Pretty Team

Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova Make a Pretty Team | karolina kurkova adriana lima

Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova looked pretty for the cameras as they posed together at the IWC booth during the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) at Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland a few days ago.

How do you like their black & white and red hot looks?

More shots of these beauties next!

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Nicole Sullivan: “I just couldn’t get how moms like Jessica Alba lost so much weight so quickly”

Nicole Sullivan: I just couldn’t get how moms like Jessica Alba lost so much weight so quickly | hollywood moms beauty body image

The full story from US Weekly:

“I would flip through celeb magazines…and I just couldn’t get how these moms like Jessica Alba lost so much weight so quickly—and yet I couldn’t,” the actress tells Us Weekly in an exclusive interview at “The Real Women of Jenny Craig” event in NYC on Jan. 23. “They all lie and say, ‘Oh, I lost the weight running after the kids or breastfeeding.’ It’s not true!”

“I felt broken. I felt like an outsider in my own community,” she continues of her postpartum experience after giving birth to her son, Dashel, now 5. “There just are not a lot of overweight people in Hollywood. I felt like the jerk who couldn’t figure it out.”

The actress finally figured it out, she claims, when she signed on with Jenny Craig as its brand ambassador. “I had tried every other diet in the world and decided to give Jenny Craig a try. The first week, I lost five pounds and then lost an average of two pounds a week for 16 weeks. I lost 35 pounds total. It changed my life.”

Sullivan has since given birth to another son, Beckett, now 3. “When I look back to when I had my first son, I was unhappy. I couldn’t understand why the weight wasn’t just falling off. I wish I could have that time back. With my second son, I enjoyed the whole process of him being an infant more because I wasn’t mad at myself. When you are mad at yourself, you are mad at everybody. That’s the problem…. I may not look like [Alba], but at least I can keep up with other actresses now. I feel really good about myself.”

… says 42 year-old Nicole.

See more pictures of her next!

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Kate Upton’s Car Washing Commercial

Kate Uptons Car Washing Commercial | kate upton

Kate Upton is everywhere these days, and since the blonde bomshell is famous for her sexy image, a car washing commercial fits her best… even if she isn’t revealing her bikini figure.

Check out Kate’s new commercial for Mercedes-Benz CLA and share your thoughts!

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Surprise! Anne Hathaway is a Super B-tch

photo of katie holmes and anne hathaway pictures
Remember how Anne Hathaway used to make fun of Katie Holmes on SNL all the time? Because there’s apparently this back story to it, and the back story isn’t so nice. At least, for Katie Holmes. I’m sure Anne Hathaway is just happier than a pig in shit, because she’s the one who thinks she’s so much better than Katie in every possible way known to man.

Again, National Enquirer, because lately, I think they’re onto something, maybe:

The claws are out between the Batman babes after Anne Hathaway poked fun at Katie Holmes during a November appearance on “Saturday Night Live.”

During hilarious skits on the long-running late-night comedy show, Les Miserables star Anne skewered both Katie AND “Homeland” actress Claire Danes. And although she’s offiically offered a mea culpa to Claire — along with a bouquet of flowers — she’s conspicuously neglected to apologize to Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Katie.

“Anne and Katie are longtime rivals,” disclosed an insider. “Anne puts forth a very genial, friendly image, but she has a wicked competitive streak. She doesn’t like Katie because they used to go up for similar roles. Anne always felt lke Katie used her Hollywood connections through Tom to advance her career. And she constantly makes fun of Katie behind her back, mocking her former marriage and even her appearance.”

Anne also believes she outclassed Katie in their Batman movies. While she was lauded for her performance as Catwoman in The Dark Knight [Rises],” critics panned Katie, 34, for her role as the Caped Crusader’s love interest in Batman Begins.

“Simply put,” said the insider, “There is no love lost between Anne and Katie.” Anne, 30, hosted “SNL” for the third time on Nov. 10, and while she also spoofed Claire’s erratic character on the Showtime series “Homeland,” her mean-spirited mockery of Katie’s smile and mannerisms both infuriated and humiliated the actress.

And that was even Anne’s first roast of Katie — she also mimicked her during a 2010 “SNL” appearance! While Katie was good-natured the first time around, she’s apparently not laughing anymore. “It all comes down to the fact that Anne doesn’t take Katie seriously as an actress,” noted the insider. “And Katie’s gotten Anne’s message loud and clear.”

Ugh, this bitch, guys. This bitch. I don’t even understand why people love her so much. Yeah, OK, so she’s pretty. And she’s got a decent body, I guess. Truth be told, I think she’s a sub par actress, and I don’t even need to see ‘Les Miserables’ to tell you that. I’d rather watch ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and ‘Teaching Mrs. Tingle’ over ‘One Day’ any damn day.

Can’t we just keep it civil for Batman’s sake, guys? Come on.

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2012 2013 Ad celebrities Celebrity Fashion NSFW outfit Rihanna rihanna boobs Rihanna fashion Rihanna illegal Rihanna nipple ring Rihanna nipples Rihanna panties Rihanna sheer dress Rihanna thong Rihanna tits Rihanna underwear Tattoo

Love It or Leave It: Rihanna Doesn’t Even Care Anymore

A photo of Rihanna

Note: that picture up there is not the photo I want you to love or leave. That’s just my current favorite picture of Rihanna, and I thought it went nicely with the idea that she doesn’t even care anymore.

But honestly, she hasn’t cared for a long, long time. We all know that. It’s just that now she’s wearing sheer dresses that show off her thong and nipple rings.

It’s NSFW, you guys. Lady nipples always are.

A photo of Rihanna

Look, you can even see her tattoo! And the nipple ring and thong, of course. Can anyone explain this to me? Not her fashion sense, of course, because that will forever be beyond me, but how this outfit is, you know, legal.

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The REAL Reason Why Haylor Is No More

A photo of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

That caught your attention, didn’t it? Otherwise I’m sure you would have been like “another Taylor Swift story, are you serious?” But because this is the REAL reason why Taylor and Harry Styles broke up, you can’t resist, right?

WAIT. Don’t go yet! Even if you’re sick of hearing about Taylor Swift, you’ll want to hear this. I promise.

Ok, here’s the reason: Harry Styles is not circumcised. That’s it. He’s uncircumcised, and Taylor didn’t like it. She kept talking about his foreskin, and even after he “made it clear he had no intention of changing anything,” she “never missed the chance to poke fun or make a comment.” She even told him that he should get a circumcision. He ignored her at first, but then she brought it up one too many times, and he was out.

(By the way, this story is from the National Enquirer. There’s a solid chance this isn’t true. But don’t crush my dreams.)

This bitch. She would make fun of a dude’s junk right to his face, wouldn’t she? And she would also tell her boyfriend of two weeks that he needed to get circumcised. Just think about that. Just think about the gall that would take. Seriously, think about it. Maybe if you have a new boyfriend who happens to be in the same way, maybe just drop that line during your next date. Poke fun at it in the bedroom. See how it goes over!

But hey: this, this right here, is why I can’t quit Taylor Swift. If I didn’t obsessively read every single thing I can about her, then I would miss out on gems like this. And then where would we be?