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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck went Instagram-Official on her 52nd birthday

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For months now, I’ve been dying for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez to recreate parts – or one specific part – of the “Jenny From the Block” music video. I also recently talked about how J.Lo and Ben really missed an opportunity to be cool, young and hip by posting some Instagram-official photos on their social media. Well… it was foretold by the prophecy. On Friday, Jennifer and Ben boarded a flight to Monaco (probably more like Nice, France) and on Saturday, they were on a yacht off the South of France. We’re probably only hours away from Ben rubbing and kissing her bikini-clad ass on a yacht, just like the “Jenny From the Block” video.

But that’s not all, as you can see! They are now Instagram-Official, on Jen’s IG. She was posting some hot photos of her hot birthday body and at the end of the photoshoot, she shared this hot/awkward shot of the kiss! And yes, this trip was for Jennifer’s birthday. That ass is 52 years old and it’s about to get rubbed on a yacht (honestly, it’s probably already been rubbed on a yacht during this trip, but we need it to happen in front of cameras).

Anyway, happy birthday to Jen and welcome to Leo Season. Bennifer on a Yacht = pure happiness and joy. They are amazing.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez celebrating her bday in Monaco

📸July 24, 2021

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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck are ‘Instagram Official’ because of Leah Remini

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One of the things I weirdly love about Jennifer Lopez is that she’s been friends with Leah Remini for decades. They’re such an odd couple for BFFs, but I think more of J.Lo for wanting Leah’s no-nonsense energy in her life. J.Lo is personified with a pink heart emoji. Leah has the personified energy of the skull-and-crossbones. Leah threw a big birthday bash for herself last month, and wouldn’t you know, her BFF came. And J.Lo brought her boyfriend. So now Bennifer is Instagram-Official.

I actually hoped that they would be Instagram Official before now. It just shows you that neither of them really understands the power they could have on Instagram especially. Like, if a month after they got together, they had posted a coupled-up Instagram with “remember us?” or “seventeen years later,” they both would have scored so many cool points. Instead, they’re both focused on old media – the paparazzi and pap stroll model, with leaks to Page Six, People Magazine and Us Weekly. It reminds me a bit of when George Clooney got with Amal – he did an old-media wife rollout too. Anyway, Ben and Jen are still missing from each other’s Instagram accounts. I hope they get on that soon. It’s cute that Leah was the first one to do it for them!

Here’s Leah’s Instagram. Her birthday party was very well-attended! She’s very popular. Leah should yell at Jennifer and get J.Lo to post some Bennifer photos on her IG.

Photo courtesy of Leah’s IG.

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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez are ‘madly in love’ & ‘the loves of each other’s lives’

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I had a sixth sense prediction that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s romance would be this week’s People Magazine cover and I was right! People decided to ignore the royal dramas and whatever else is happening in gossip. They know the Bennifer Revival is the perfect storm of feel-good fun gossip, nostalgia, a middle-aged love story and aspirational living (for real estate alone!). The cover story isn’t particularly revealing, it’s basically what we all know: Ben and Jen went from “casually seeing each other just days after her split with A-Rod” to “ready to settle down with each other for life.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are serious about their rekindled romance. A Hollywood insider tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue that the pair “are madly in love” and “the loves of each other’s lives.”

The couple originally began dating in July 2002 and got engaged that November before postponing their September 2003 wedding days before the date. They ultimately called off their engagement in January 2004. They were first spotted spending time together again in April.

A source close to Lopez, 51, and Affleck, 48, says Affleck is “very happy” with Lopez, and that “she’s wonderful for him.”

“They want to do everything they can to make this work,” adds a Lopez source.

Sources also tell PEOPLE that Lopez’s son Max and daughter Emme, 13, are “slowly getting to know” Affleck,” and that “everything seems to be running smoothly” as she house hunts in Los Angeles.

“Emme and Max are on board with starting fresh in L.A.,” says the Lopez insider, adding that the twins will also continue to spend time in Miami with dad Marc Anthony.

Of the connection between the Hustlers star and two-time Oscar winner, the Lopez source says: “Even though their split many years ago was devastating for Jennifer, she has never had a bad word to say about Ben. She believes that it just wasn’t meant to be then and feels like they’ve been given a second chance.”

[From People]

A lot of people are like “it’s wrong to introduce kids to new partners so quickly” but my take is that Jennifer’s kids probably disliked A-Rod anyway. A-Rod was and is a douche, and Emme in particular seems to like Ben. As for this “loves of each other’s lives” business… I mean, that’s pretty rough for their lovers/spouses/partners who came in between OG Bennifer and Revival Bennifer. That being said, Jen hasn’t looked this happy in decades, and Ben seems… content. I’m sure he’ll f–k it up somehow, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how chill he has been thus far.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck go for an evening stroll in The Hamptons

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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez really are house-hunting in Beverly Hills

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck go shopping with her kids in The Hamptons

In recent weeks, we’ve heard a lot about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez and their plans for their future. We’ve gotten sugary updates about how Ben and J.Lo are “fully committed to spending the rest of their lives together.” We’ve gotten some subtle clapback from Ben’s camp about the alleged plans to move in together, with Ben apparently wanting to maintain separate spaces for now. We’ve heard that Ben is a guy’s guy who loves to do his own thing, which J.Lo apparently loves and would love even more if they moved in together. Then, this week, Page Six had photos of Bennifer stuck in traffic:

Lopez and Affleck were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Sunset Boulevard Wednesday morning

📸July 14, 2021.


— bennifer tea (@jloaffleck) July 14, 2021

It was a cute vibe of Jennifer being so annoyed at the traffic and Ben being so calm. The way he’s looking at her is actually kind of hot too? I’m not mad! Apparently, in these photos, Ben was driving Jen back to her place when they got stuck in traffic. Which was probably the impetus for Jennifer saying “this is why we need to move in together.” Ben succumbed! They were seen & photographed yesterday looking at properties in Beverly Hills and LA. They are officially house-hunting.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck went house hunting in LA today.

📸July 15, 2021.


— bennifer tea (@jloaffleck) July 16, 2021

One of the properties they looked at is some crazy $63 million Beverly Hills mansion in “Billionaire’s Row.” So… it’s not just that they’re looking for a place together. They’re looking for a substantial upgrade. Ben has a home in Brentwood, near Jennifer Garner’s house, and he’s very much the “suburban divorced dad.” While Jennifer was Miami-based during her relationship with A-Rod, she’s always had a home in LA, and it’s a nice place too. But yeah, this would be an upgrade for both of them. Too soon? Or just right?

PS… CB just told me that Ben has a long history of house-hunting with girlfriends, he apparently did that with Ana de Armas and Lindsay Shookus. Maybe he’s just a Real Estate Guy and he likes to see what’s out there!

EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tour $65million mansion in search for perfect Bennifer love nest

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) July 16, 2021

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck go for an evening stroll in The Hamptons

Ben Affleck takes his kids and J-Lo's daughter Emme to Universal CityWalk

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Jennifer Lopez just realized that she’s ‘good’ on her own & ‘happiness starts with me’

Jennifer Lopez heads to the Country Mart with her family

Here are some photos of Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and some of their kids at Brentwood Country Mart over the weekend. This is one of Jennifer Garner’s favorite places – she used to get photographed there with her kids constantly, and those photos definitely helped with her image of “just a normal mom with cute kids and a garbage husband!” It looks like the Country Mart was one of Ben’s favorite places too. Anyway, summer of Bennifer pap strolls, enjoy!

One of the funniest things to come out of the Bennifer Redux is the interview J.Lo gave to Zane Lowe last week, where she said (among other things): “I want my people who care about me — because I care about them so much — to know that I’ve really gotten to a place in my life where I’m great on my own.” This from the woman who got love letter emails from Ben while she was engaged to A-Rod, then dumped A-Rod and was seen with Ben two seconds later. But sure, she’s “great on her own.” Well, Jennifer has even more thoughts about being “on her own” and how she realized she didn’t need a man. For real.

Jennifer Lopez is opening up about her happy life now. In a PEOPLE exclusive preview of the star’s chat with Apple Music 1′s Ebro Darden about her new Rauw Alejandro collaboration “Cambia El Paso” airing at 4:30 p.m. EST on Monday, she said she recently realized that she was “good” on her own and that “happiness starts within me.”

“Once I realized that, things [happened]. Things happen that you don’t expect to ever happen. Once you get to the point where you’re like, ‘This is not right for me, or this doesn’t feel good, or I need to make an adjustment here. This is not really about anybody else but me.’ Once you do that, stuff starts falling into place.” She added: “I think that’s how you should process this moment that I feel again.”

Lopez went on to say that her life typically bleeds into her art.

“It always shows up in the music,” she said. “Sometimes you have to change direction, even though that might be painful or it might seem weird to other people. It’s really just about who you are and what feels right to you, and that’s what it’s about.”

Earlier in the chat, Lopez admitted that “trying to grow and evolve and become more fully myself and true to myself” in the public eye over the past three decades has been a “journey.”

“My mission has always been to kind of put love into the world, love and beauty and art,” she said. “And that has always been my thing, and music and movies and all the things and how it manifests itself. But at the end of the day … I think when you do watch artists and you’re lucky enough as I am to be able to continue to do what you love for so long, you watch a life. You watch a life unfold in front of you and you watch a person really find their way.”

[From People]

I mean, in the larger sense, what she’s saying is a subtweet of Alex Rodriguez and not Ben Affleck. She’s saying that when she was Alex, she realized she would rather be alone than be unhappy with him for one more minute. That’s what all of this is about. That was a new experience for her, being so desperately unhappy in a relationship and genuinely wanting to be free, because usually she needs to be with someone no matter what. And so she’s saying that she wanted to be alone and then Ben came along and wanted to be with her again and that was the universe telling her that “it’s okay to be alone…because another dude is on the way.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spend the afternoon with their kids in Brentwood

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez go shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez go shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart

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Ben Affleck ‘is a guy’s guy and does his own thing, which J.Lo loves’

Ben Affleck takes his kids and J-Lo's daughter Emme to Universal CityWalk

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez continue to “blend” their families gradually. Just before Independence Day, Ben and Jen went to Universal Studios with Max and Emme, plus Samuel Affleck. Reportedly, everyone got along well and everything is fine. So it’s charming to me – yes, I’m using that word – to see Ben Affleck on dad duty and presumptive stepdad duty. Ben was out on Sunday with his youngest, Samuel. Emme Anthony was there too! Emme is the one with the blue hair, the little punk rocker. Ben was full-on dad mood, taking the kids out to Wetzel’s Pretzels and going along the Universal CityWalk. He seemed stressed but fine. Warm soft pretzels… whew, I’m glad I don’t have a pretzel shop close-by because I would need one every day. Surprised he didn’t take the kids to Dunkin Donuts. As for the longer-term prospects of blending their families, well Entertainment Tonight had this piece:

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are continuing to move forward in their relationship! A source tells ET that amid their rekindled romance, their “friends wouldn’t be surprised if they move in together and ultimately end up together.”

“They’re spending all of their free time together and making each other a priority. J.Lo falls hard and has certainly done the same with Ben again this time around,” the source says. “Ben is a guy’s guy and does his own thing, which J.Lo loves. He has his own life and is famous in a different way than she is and is not trying to compete with her by any means. They just support and love each other.”

“When Ben reached out to J.Lo, she was really excited at the possibility of them rekindling their relationship. J.Lo has always had a love for Ben,” the source says. “Back in the day, Ben broke up with J.Lo because he was overwhelmed by the constant media attention and fame that the relationship brought, but now they are in an amazing place and have really learned what works for them as a couple.”

The source additionally notes that Lopez and Affleck’s relationship “is not a big deal to either sets of kids,” adding that the little ones “aren’t super sensitive to the situation.”

[From ET]

While I know that “not all kids get along even if they’re the same age,” I bet the vibe between Max, Emme, Samuel and Seraphina isn’t that weird. They are close-ish in age and Emme in particular strikes me as an outgoing, confident kid who can make friends with anyone. As for moving in together… sources close to Ben told E! News last week that he’s not into that idea at all. He wants to maintain separate spaces. This feels like J.Lo telling him “I love that you’re into having your own space, you can do that when we move in!!”

Ben Affleck takes his kids and J-Lo's daughter Emme to Universal CityWalk

Ben Affleck takes his kids and J-Lo's daughter Emme to Universal CityWalk

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Ben Affleck is not ready to move in with J.Lo: ‘He’s very settled in his home’

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck go for an evening stroll in The Hamptons

Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez moving in together? That’s the question percolating through the interwebs this week for some reason. I mean, I get it – they went from “hanging out” to “we’re back together” in the space of about a week. They’re already vacationing together and flying around the country to spend time with each other. Jennifer is relocating from Miami to LA to be closer to Ben full-time, and she’s already enrolling her kids in LA schools. So are they moving in together or nah? Us Weekly says yes:

Getting serious! Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are ready to take the next step in their relationship, a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.

“Ben and Jen are spending almost every night together when they’re not working,” the insider shares. “They plan on moving in together very soon.”

“As far as Jen sees it, she and Ben have their whole lives now to set things up in a comfortable way,” the insider adds. “She intends to be an involved stepmom who’s there for Ben in that area, plus she’ll want him to make the same effort with her and Marc’s kids.”

[From Us Weekly]

There’s a big difference between “maintaining separate spaces and spending as much time as possible with your new partner” versus “moving in together and having one space for two people.” Even though A-Rod and J.Lo were engaged for years, they still maintained separate homes in Miami, because they were that rich and they could do it that way, and it was probably easier on the kids too. Which is why I kind of believe E! News’ version of events:

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have ticked many relationship milestones off their list, like meeting the parents and taking vacations together, but a source close to the Batman star exclusively tells E! News these two are holding off on moving in together.

“Ben is very settled in his home and it’s close by to his kids,” the source explains. “Jennifer’s house is also a place she likes being and is a good family home.”

The insider notes that their relationship is “going well as is,” so the pair sees no need for either of them to relocate anytime soon. The source simply says, “They are both back and forth to each other’s homes and live close enough that it’s not an issue.”

Moreover, the couple gets their fair share of time together, whether it’s on a staycation in Miami or going out to dinner with her two kids, Emme and Max.

While fate played a role in bringing her and Ben together after her split from fiancé Alex Rodriguez, a source previously confirmed Jen left her rental home in Miami so she could be closer to him. The insider said, “She is excited about a fresh start and pursuing things with Ben.”

And Ben is putting in the effort, too. In June, an insider said he’s “totally won the family over with his charm,” including her kids who “think he’s funny.”

[From E! News]

Yeah, if you can afford it and you’re not looking to press your young kids into a quick blended family, why not maintain separate homes for a while? I kind of enjoy the fact that Ben’s camp is shutting this down too, because it’s felt like J.Lo’s people have been the ones doing most of the talking in the gossip press. Ben isn’t ready to move in and he doesn’t see a reason to. He’s right.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck go shopping with her kids in The Hamptons

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck go shopping with her kids in The Hamptons

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.