Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise’s son Connor changes his look

With so much attention paid to Suri, Tom Cruise’s daughter with Katie Holmes, few remember he has kids with his ex wife, Nicole Kidman.   Adopted when they were young, son Connor, 26, and Isabella, 28.

Little is seen of the two and word is Nicole never see’s them.  Much like Tom now never see’s Suri.

Back in April Connor showed off his fishing skills on IG and debuts a bushy beard.

Now he’s back on IG on Stories to share a cleaner shaven look.  Of course he wont resemble either Tom nor Nicole, but it’s always fun to keep up on Hollywood royalty.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is isolating for 14 days after MI7 crew members test positive for Covid

Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell spotted on the set of Mission Impossible 7 in Yorkshire

You guys, they’re still filming Mission: Impossible 7??? That is legitimately shocking. Tom Cruise and Paramount Pictures were bizarrely focused on filming the action film throughout the worst of the pandemic last summer, last fall and into the winter. The MI7 production was in Venice, Rome, Dubai and London throughout the last half of 2020. I remember reading stories in December 2020 and January of this year that the production wrapped? Maybe they just wrapped on the parts they were filming in the studios in London. It was back in December that the British papers got the leaked audio of Tom Cruise ranting at crew members for not wearing their masks properly while they worked inside. Following that rant, crew members quit that bitch and yet the MI7 production limped along. And now several people on the production tested positive for Covid and MI7 has halted production.

Mission: Impossible 7 has suspended production due to a positive coronavirus test on set. News of the shutdown was reported on Thursday, in a statement from Paramount Pictures.

“We have temporarily halted production on Mission: Impossible 7 until June 14th, due to positive coronavirus test results during routine testing,” a studio spokesperson told Entertainment Weekly in a statement. “We are following all safety protocols and will continue to monitor the situation.”

It’s unclear at this time how many people may have tested positive, or when production will resume. A representative for Paramount did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment. The news comes several months after an audio recording leaked late last year that featured Tom Cruise lashing out at crew members on the set of Mission: Impossible 7 over COVID-19 protocols being neglected.

The big-budget action sequel halted production in Italy back in February 2020 as the coronavirus outbreak began, but eventually resumed in Rome in October. Variety reported that the set was then shut down for a week in October after positive COVID tests.

[From People]

When I first read the news, I thought Tom Cruise was one of the people who tested positive and I was like “oh no he’s gonna be soooo mad about that.” Well, they aren’t actually saying he was one of the people who tested positive, but reportedly Cruise is “fuming” about the situation. Cruise has been forced into self-isolation for fourteen because he had somewhat close contact with someone who tested positive. Plus, Cruise is just fuming because this production is cursed and they’ve lost so much money in all of these testing and isolating delays. Cruise is going to spend the next fourteen days ranting into a pillow.

(P.S. At some point we need to talk about Tom’s sad bangs trauma, but not today.)

Tom Cruise and Hayley Attwell filming for Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell spotted on the set of Mission Impossible 7 in Yorkshire

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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People Mag writer calls out celebrities & publicists in a hilarious resignation letter


Sara Hammel may be my new hero. Hammel was, up until recently, an award-winning entertainment journalist working for People Magazine. Hammel had been working for People Mag for 14 years as a freelance writer, and she had covered some really big entertainment stories, like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Rome wedding. Well, after 14 years, she had enough. Enough of the celebrities, enough of their bats—t crazy publicists, and enough of the not-so-subtle changes with how People Magazine functions as an entertainment news source. So when Hammel resigned, she did so in a letter which is being called “bridge-burning” and “scorched earth.” And not only that, she made the letter public, so anyone can read it. Here you go:

Dear People Magazine,

I quit. It’s not me, it’s you. It’s been a wildly dysfunctional 14 years, and you’re an entirely different magazine than when we first got together. I swear half the current staff doesn’t know my name, despite my contribution to something like fifteen hundred stories in your celebrity annals, so here’s a refresher: I worked inside your London, Los Angeles and New York bureaus, covered breaking news in nine countries, and dealt with too many celebrities to remember (I know this because I was cruising through your archives recently and found my name on files I had no recollection of writing, and interviews with people I have no memory of meeting, like Ellen and Portia together, plus both leads in Nip/Tuck and that guy from Burn Notice). My first celebrity assignment for you was Spice Girl Geri Halliwell in 2002. My last was Robert De Niro in April 2016.

In between, there were memorable encounters galore, including making the gorgeous and empathic Mariska Hargitay ugly-cry (turns out she cries at like every charity-related event, phew), enduring an Oscar winner’s public bullying over an intimate dinner, facing a personal crisis at Tom Cruise’s wedding in Rome, getting basically, kind of spat on by a snotty J. Lo (okay, it was like a very wet pffttt in my general direction, really obnoxious), having fun with endless lower-key celebs like Rosario Dawson and Kyle MacLachlan and Michael Douglas, observing just how stiff and awkward George Clooney is around kids, insulting Sheryl Crow’s baby, and getting groped/harrassed by an A-list [omitted] performer in New York and Paris (that’s not to be flip—it was violating as hell. I’m still pissed I didn’t jab him in the balls with my pen).

This is just what the entitled stars and their bat—t crazy publicists put me and many other talented, hard-working reporters through. You people, as it turns out, are worse. Stupidly, we expect loyalty and support from you after years of service. We are naïve. Despite your nicey nice, glossy and chirpy veneer, some of us think of you more as the Leo DiCaprio of magazines, using up every beautiful model that crosses your path (“beautiful model”= “award-winning journalist” in this scenario), discarding them, and pretending you leave no wake behind you.

I’m oddly surprised my tenure here is ending not with explosive hatred stoked by a cold dismissal from an insensate behemoth (i.e. you)—a fate I watched ashen-faced friends and colleagues endure before my eyes during the Los Angeles bureau’s 2008 culling—but with a slow fade-out and a final venting of my gossip-weary spleen. Then again, that’s why I’m happy being freelance. I’ve survived something like eight rounds of layoffs where talented colleagues were bitch-slapped into oblivion and, I hope, will never give their nights, weekends, relationships and sanity again to keep up with an email chain about whether Jennifer Aniston is pregnant at 47 because of those tummy photos and what kind of mom will she be, when really she just had an extra burrito at lunch; but oh, wait, the rep says it’s just a rumor so there’s no story this week after all.

Read the rest in my mini-memoir. I will say, what happens after that is that my debut teen mystery, the one I spent my adult life making into a reality, but which, despite the schlock regularly featured in its pages and online, People decided to ignore—more to the point, they ignored me entirely—even after I toiled away for them for 14 years. They wouldn’t even give me a digital post that I wrote, sourced, and agreed to remove the name of my book from (LOL). That book is called The Underdogs.

I’ll leave you with the kicker: As I was crafting this letter, a Tweet came through from one of your top editors, Kate Coyne, crowing about her full-page People feature promoting her brand-new book, accompanied by a colorful screenshot. “Don’t ask how, but I got in touch with someone at @people—now I’m in the new issue. So grateful!” You should be, Kate. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Sara Hammel

[Letter via the NY Post]

That’s some good dirt! I want to know the identities of those two blind items: who is A) the Oscar winner who publicly bullied Hammel over an intimate dinner and B) the A-lister who groped and harassed her? I love all of the named shade too – while I love J.Lo, I have no doubt that she’s spat/phlegm’d on reporters. And I think the whole idea of Clooney being really awkward around children is HILARIOUS. Granted, I’m awkward with kids too, but I’m not George Clooney! As for the email chains about Jennifer Aniston’s burrito baby… that’s a very “how the sausage is made” story about editorial decisions, isn’t it? That People Mag reporters are email-chaining about Aniston possibly being pregnant at 47 is… sad, I think.



Covers courtesy of People Magazine.


Thanks to Cele Bitchy

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Tom Cruise reportedly hasn’t seen daughter Suri Cruise in more than 800 days


For years now, there have been stories about how infrequently Tom Cruise sees or speaks to his youngest child, daughter Suri Cruise. Basically, since Katie Holmes ghosted Cruise back in 2012, Tom has barely spent any time with Suri. You could say that he works a lot, which is true. You could say that Katie and Tom hammered out a hardcore divorce and custodial agreement, which would also be true. But Katie did leave the door open for Tom to spend time with Suri, but he just… hasn’t. And now the National Enquirer claims that Tom hasn’t seen Suri in 800 days. Sigh…

Tom Cruise is believed to have not seen his daughter Suri for around 800 days. According to a new report from the US, the 53-year-old actor has not spent time with his nine-year-old daughter for over two years – or 26 months – due to his involvement in controversial religion Scientology.

The National Enquirer has claimed that the Top Gun star has kept his distance from his child with ex-wife Katie Holmes, and that he apparently is lacking in interest in being part of her life. A source told the publication: ‘He doesn’t seem interested in being part of Suri’s day-to-day life. Katie does her best to be a hands-on mum but there’s no replacing her father. He hasn’t been seen in public with his daughter in over two long years – that’s a fifth of her lifetime.’

He has not been pictured with his little girl for well over two years, despite the fact he was frequently photographed with her along with Katie when they were still married. It’s thought that the long time between visits is down to Katie, 36, opposing Tom’s religion, and that members of the Church of Scientology want him to keep his distance from the negativity. A former member of Scientology, Marc Headley, also told the publication that his absence from his daughter’s life could have been down to Tom’s concerns over Katie’s family bad-mouthing the religion, of which he is the most famous member.

‘It’s possible Tom won’t see Suri because he thinks Katie and her family are speaking negatively about him and Scientology,’ he explained.

Tom’s representatives have previously denied such allegations, stating that he has seen Suri, but away from the public eye and behind closed doors. However, it’s also believed that the Oscar-nominated actor has been too busy with his work commitments to pencil in the time with her. The Hollywood star has been kept immensely busy in recent years as he has worked on several movies almost back-to-back: at present he is working on Jack Reacher: Never Go Back in New Orleans.

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Tom Cruise is ‘freaking out’ about Leah Remini, ‘he’s letting CoS discredit her’


Here are some photos of Tom Cruise last week in New Orleans, filming Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, the sequel no one really wanted. Tom has been very, very quiet recently. His silence has been especially notable given the explosion of Leah Remini stories in the past month. Leah was everywhere, promoting her tell-all memoir Troublemaker, which includes many, many stories about leaving the Church of Scientology in general, and many stories about Tom Cruise specifically. While a Scientology spokesperson has been swiping at Remini on the record, Cruise has yet to say anything about Remini or anything else. But now “sources” tell Us Weekly that Cruise has been freaking out.

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Leah Remini has nothing but respect for ‘ballsy’ Katie Holmes for leaving CO$

Sometimes I forget that not everyone has obsessively read up on Scientology, so I neglect to mention details that could be valuable. Such as the newish set of excerpts at Jezebel from Leah Remini’s book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology. Some of those excerpts — like the Tom Cruise hide-and-seek and cookie dough freakout and the alleged neglect of Suri as a baby — we talked about this week. But there’s also more stuff about Leah and Jennifer Lopez witnessing Katie Holmes leaving Tom at the altar for over 20 minutes. Katie looked distressed at a window right before she got married, and no wonder.

Leah also covers this week’s issue of People, and she has nothing but nice things to say about Katie Holmes now. Seriously, this is some genuine stuff. There’s also quite some back and forth between Leah and CO$ because they can’t resist trashing a former parishioner:

On leaving Scientology: “It wasn’t an easy thing to do. It’s about me being flawed.”

CO$ fires back:“It comes as no surprise that someone as self-absorbed as Leah Remini with an insatiable craving for attention would exploit her former faith as a publicity stunt.”

Leah replies to the CO$ reply: “I understand what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. It’s what they do. I was just hoping they’d be a little more imaginative.”

On Katie Holmes’ statement: “I now see how hard things must have been for her and I’m so happy to see her and her daughter doing so well. I feel a kinship with her as a mother who wants do the right things for their child. I went from being very angry with Katie Holmes while she was in the church because she wrote these reports, which my ass was handed to me for … Then she leaves and I thought, that’s a ballsy move … As a mother I respect what she did.’ ”

[From People]

Leah’s reply to Katie revolves around the latter’s vague statement of regret over how poorly Leah was treated for saying, “Get a room.” That’s such an offhanded comment. I say it quite often myself. You don’t even really say that sort of thing seriously, it’s just a way of coping with the grossness of a gushy couple’s uncomfortable PDA. Leah paid so dearly for that candid remark with her own money funneled into intense auditing sessions, but she can forgive Katie now. Whereas Tom Cruise will always be filled with delusions.

Tom Cruise

Leah Remini


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Tom Cruise was blocks away from Suri in NYC, still hasn’t seen her for 2 years

Tom Cruise

Going Clear didn’t hurt the Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol box office, so Scientology wins this battle. Most critics who watched the documentary in disgust still raved about Tom’s amazing stunts. He’s such a great guy, that Tom! After one week, this movie has earned $75 million in the US and $139 million worldwide. Now I’m even more disgusted than I already was with Scientology. Well played, David Miscavige.

In Touch has a new report that says Tom hasn’t seen Suri in two years. Their last pinpointed daddy-daughter visit is fall 2013, which is better than I thought. The last time we saw photos of them together was when Suri flew to London in November 2012, and Tom spent the weekend filming Edge of Tomorrow. Because stunts. Anyway, we recently heard that Tom wasn’t planning on seeing Suri even though Star made up their periodic story about him quitting the cult after gaining a conscience.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (which already happens with this story), I don’t think Tom will see Suri ever again. He’s still angry about getting called out for inviting a reporter to talk-up his daddy-daughter time and his showy pap walks. To Tom, suing a tabloid into oblivion makes him the correct party. Here’s the latest from In Touch:

Tom Cruise has not visited his daughter Suri in two years, In Touch magazine is reporting exclusively in its new issue. Tom recently spent three days in NYC and was blocks away from his daughter, yet still did not see her.

Tom “was just blocks away from Suri [in New York City] and he didn’t spend a moment of time with her,” an insider exclusively tells In Touch magazine. Adds one of his friends: “That’s the cold, harsh reality.”

Now, multiple sources tell In Touch magazine that it has been nearly two years since Tom has seen Suri in person.

In the early afternoon of July 27, both Katie and Suri were photographed out and about in NYC as Tom – just blocks away – taped The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon at 30 Rockefeller Center. “There was no connection with Suri that day,” says an insider. And during his three-day visit, he also made time to attend a special screening of Mission: Impossible at the Directors Guild of America, hit the red carpet for his film’s NYC premiere and tape The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, but nowhere in between was there a reunion with his 9-year-old daughter.

Tom has missed a lot of milestone moments, including Suri’s first day of school and her big move to California. “These are important moments in Suri’s life, and Tom wasn’t there for them,” his friend tells In Touch.

And Tom doesn’t want to talk about it. Multiple reports say his camp banned reporters on his M:I 5 promotional blitz from asking about his personal life. “Tom will never address the Suri situation,” says a second insider. “It’s not going to happen because it’s a no-win situation for him.”


Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise